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1 Shake Me Down

Ok I'm so sick of EVERY top ten songs list having their most popular song at number one. Every band, green day, papa roach, Metallica, Coldplay. No way in hell is Ain't no rest their best song. It's a good song, but it doesn't compete with Shake Me Down.

Shake Me Down is art, beautiful lyrics that captivate, telling a story about the lead singer when he was caught on his drug addiction, the energy in the song and the emotion of his voice make this song truly their best song.

This song actually tears me up a little. The lyrics are excruciatingly beautiful. And the beat is just so cool. This song is just perfect; it really is. The chorus is just the best I've heard.

I happened to come across this song a few days ago, It rocked me!, This song seriously should be on TOP in TOP 10 List, 1 must be a Fool to not vote this song listen to it for a tremendous experience!

I love This song.

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2 Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

These guys are very talented artists and true Rock Stars in their own right. I vote this song #1 because this song put them on the world map, and for true music lovers, this is the song which initially made many of us immediately think; "wow, this song rocks and who the hell are these guys? " It was around the same time I started seeing the most beautiful girl in the world, or at least top 10, and she was from Colombia. This was back in July of 2009 and Cage the Elephant were relatively unknown, or not recognized yet my the masses for their ability to compose such masterful music. Ms. Columbia and I attend their 91X Show which was part of the Street Festival in downtown San Diego, where Cage The Elephant played in the back of the park at the Padres Petco Park. We got there 5 minutes before they started playing, and there may have been 50 people there, tops. When they appeared on the small stage (if you could even call it a stage), we casually walked right to the front of the stage, ...more

Listen carefully. This is humanity in a nutshell. Cage has summed it beautifully with a catchy tune and upbeat tones. God bless his soul.

This song set the borderlands scene perfectly, lyrically charming simply great this song just makes me thing of the desert.

This song is crazy and it sounds like some awesome music being recorded by rabid racoons

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3 Come a Little Closer

Seriously shows the potential of Cage the Elephant's latest album. The lyrics are fantastic and the song has great meaning as well.

Shake me down is obviously the best.this song comes 2nd and it is super duper awesome.

This song is 2nd to shake me down if you aren't stupid and like real music

After months of listening to this song non-stop, I'm still in love with it

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4 Cigarette Daydreams

It isn't even close. This song is by FAR their best. It seems so much more sincere than most of their material. It has a great soft opening and kicks in at the perfect time, it has great refrains and the lyrics are meaningful, relatable and deep. This song is mesmerizing and gives you that feeling inside that you can't explain. It tugs at the corners and makes your heart ache in such a beautiful way. Amazing song.

There is no way this song is 6th. Shake Me Down - Good but not good enough for second... It gets boring after time. Ain't No Rest for the Wicked? Sure, you can probably relate to it, but music-wise? Not the best. Come a Little Closer? That's pretty good, but still. I've long since deleted all the top 3, but this one still remains. By far the best song. Great lyrics, mesmerizing music, and just all around awesome.

I'm in love with this song honestly. As every Cage song has a story behind the song this one was about Matt and a certain heartbreak. Lyrics are well written and the strums of the guitar on this song quite literally tug at my heart.

This is by far the best cage the elephant song till date, no way this deserves not to be on the top of the list,

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5 In One Ear

Definitely the best song of the band, the perfect mix of punk and classic rock... A combination of Zeppelin and Sabbath, and with the band's punk attitude in the lyrics. Great dynamics, lyrics, guitar, bass... Just an all around great song.

Ain't no rest for the wicked got me to take a look at this band (borderlands, don't judge me), but this was the first song I took a look at afterward and it completely sucked me into the band. It has good pace, wonderful lyrics and has that glorious punk mixed with indie sound. This song is the "sound" of this band.

It's a real rock anthem. It's one of those genuine rock songs about being a rock band and doing it for the music. The bridge is the best part of the song, building up tension until the climax of the song.

This is the best song by far

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6 Back Against the Wall

It's scary how good the lyrics to this song are. Everyone can determine their own meaning from the lyrics and relate to it. Amazing!

Epic lyrics that everyone can draw their own unique meaning/realization from the song. I actually had an epiphany listening to this song for the first time. It was DOPE

This song should be much higher than #4 and if you at least listen to the beginning then you will be instantly hooked like me when I first heard this song

I can't stop listening to this amazingg song! I love it!

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7 Aberdeen

Although it's a new song, it takes me back to the 90s, when Grunge was a very popular genre. Seeing as that Aberdeen, Washington was where the most famous Grunge band of all time started: Nirvana. Great song, great band, I love this song!

Very meaningful song. Also great music video. Very sad

This just beet out back against the wall for my favorite song



*uncomfortable breathing noises*

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8 Telescope

I get that this isn't a hit single top song, but it deserves much more recognition nonetheless. This is one of the most beautiful, rawest, most punch you in the face songs that I've ever heard. When they're screaming/chanting the bridge before the last chorus, my whole life flashes by my eyes and everything makes sense. This song just sounds and feels so IMPORTANT. The lyrics, the riffs. The passion.

This song is an anthem. It's one of those songs where even if you don't hear the lyrics, you get the song because of the rawness and passion. It's like they're screaming the entire song right to you, and it's beautiful.

One of the best songs EVER by anyone. Brings out so much emotion. I never get tired of hearing it and I listen to it repetitively.

The lyrics are so unique and addicting, it feels nostalgic but yet also very melancholy. It tells a story and I would say this is their best song.

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9 Around My Head

Punk rock vibe, beautiful sound. I listen to this song anytime, and the music video is hilarious.

Great song, catchy corus


10 Spiderhead

I just don't get how this could NOT be in the top 10. Not their best, but definitely top 10.

The dynamics of this song, the lyrics (especially "I am the one you left for dead"), and everything just really leaves me wanting to replay it. The unpeeled version of the song is just amazing too.

Cage the Elephant managed to take basic chords and turn it into masterpiece.

I love this song so much it has such a cool sound to it

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11 Lotus

Incredible, even better if listened to directly after tiny little robots, since it starts off where that one began.

The song overall just has an excellent feel to it.

12 Right Before My Eyes

This song makes you think about your own control of life and the things that happen in it. The world cannot be predicted and it will hurt you a lot of the time but this song helps realize that when everything else around is failing and nothing is going right, there is always music and it won't ever leave your side

My favorite song by them, the lyrics mean so much.

I personally like the acoustic version even better

Love the rhythm and the lyrics perferct song

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13 Trouble

I think this will be the big one on the new album when it is all said and done

Great song! Gets better each time I listen to it

This is my favorite song of all time

Exactly my kind of music!

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14 Cry Baby

Best song off the new album - PeterG28

15 Halo

By far my favorite cage the elephant song

This song is awesome should be #1

That song is REALLY AWESOME! It's my favourite of cte atm

Good jam

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16 Take It or Leave It

One of the best songs on the new album! These guys have an energy that is missed on many bands, they rock!

When I listen to this song "WOW". Wish I was in front of Matt so I can take him with me.

Such a fantastic song deserves top ten

Oh man that lyrics!

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17 Hypocrite

Should be Top 10 one of the BEST!

Absolutley top 10

18 Rubber Ball

I listen to this whenever I need to be reminded that although I don't know my purpose, I know that I have love in me and that as a human I need to share it with everyone. I don't know it's just special to me. a really remarkable song

You feel the lyrics vibrating through your bones.

19 Drones in the Valley

Most underrated cage song second to portuguese knife fight.

Really like this song

Short, but cute song! ♥ With Tinny Little Robots shows what's wrong with system. I ♥ you guys for this song, please make more this like drugs songs!

20 Soil to the Sun
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