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1 Make Me Wanna Die

It's a song that people can connect to. And I believe that's what makes it so fantastic, that is apart from the fantastic vocals, the catchy beats and touching lyrics

This is a very good song with meaningful lyrics and great riffs that, combined make you trully feel what momsen feels when she is singing it.

Heard it first on the track list of "KICKASS" movie... And never stopped thereafter... The best rock song sung ever by a female..!

Has to be number one, in fact I'd go as far as saying it's the best Rock song of 2010.

2 Just Tonight

I can't stop listening to this song! This song is amazing and has some meaningful words when you listen carefully, I just love the song in general. Its full of emotion and you can relate to it/. This song is perfect as is the band!

So full of emotion! I really really love it.
Especially when she is singing it live... you can feel how she really means it

Totally awesome song I had listen it! Truly a meaning full song that can touch the heart!

I think it's the best song of the pretty reckless. Lyrics are very meaningful and it's a beautiful song

3 Under the Water

I cannot explain how meaningful is this song to me, the essence of Taylor Momsen is can tell a tragedy and make it real. Not all the time one find someone who can actually share agony but she did it. In some way you can feel that she's trying to get free from some kind of curse.

Truly beautiful! Under the Water is the reason why I'm still alive and the fact that a song with so much emotion can make someone feel understood and stop someone from ending it all is enough to call it one of the best songs by The Pretty Reckless. It's so dear to me that I even have the lyrics tattooed on my arm for all to see.

Oh guys come on. This song must be at the first three. Ok, I understand if just tonight is ahead of it but this songs lyrics&melody are much better than miss nothing&make me wanna die. It is a great rock song and it is original and it is painful. However, maybe it's because this song isn't as popular as the others...

My suppose to this song is veryfication code of log to substance the redemption. So liberty already have undone decisions of country at all. And this will make difference with unconditional useless forgotten in the space

4 Miss Nothing

I love this song so much! It's got the strong bass, Amazingly played drums with the rhythmic guitar and don't forget the awesome lyrics made and sung by the fabulous Taylor Momsen.

I could listen to this song all day and not get tired of it, the chorus alone makes this song all worth it.

This song is so meaningful and its surely shold be at first. Man withis song I feel like I am free.

I love this song, face song in the whole world except for maybe My Medicine by The Pretty Reckless

5 Going to Hell

Honestly I think is their best song. The lyrics, the vocals, the guitars, the riffs... Everything makes this song awesome. Thank The pretty reckless for bringing back Rock and Roll!

The first song I ever heard from this band, I found them by accident I was a fan from then on and Taylor in that video man she was smoking hot!

A great rocking song from start to finish. Gets the message out from the get-go "Father did you miss me..."

Love it so much. First song I heard- and isn't it so true?

6 House On a Hill

This song has such a powerful message it had me shaking when I first listened to it, It shows how the world is falling apart and how we should at least try and change what is happening now before it's too late.

God this song should be number 1! The lyrics are so powerful and inspiring, her voice is so emotional and it has the power of calming me down every time I'm mad or sad. Good job Taylor!

My favorite song, I was literary shaking the first time I listened to it. It makes me feel someting that not all songs do and, for me, this one should be the first one. it is emotional and amazingly sung.

This song is a masterpiece. It gives me chills every single time I hear it. The lyrics are amazing and Taylor's voice is PERFECT

7 You

This song, is really sad when you listen to the lyrics. When I 1 heard it I didn't even give a chance since it sounded like one of those cheesy slow boring songs, but its actually really good feels like there describing the way I feel

My favourite song from The Pretty Reckless, very meaningful song. So beautiful, I listen to it in the nights when I'm in bed depressed, when I miss someone or when I've had a bad day and this makes me think a lot about everything.Simply Amazing as the band!

"You" is an absolute gem. It's such a surprise such a heavy rock band would be able to put out such a sweet and beautiful ballad. Taylor's voice shines like a diamond, so smooth and so sweet. Again, this is the same woman that sang "Going to Hell" and "Why'd you bring a shotgun to the party? " How does her voice soud so smooth here! This song always makes yme wanna cry and smile at the same time.

This song is so amazing and beautiful. I feel like she's not trying so hard in this song. It's simplicity makes it all the more great.

8 Heaven Knows

This song is the first song I've ever heard by these guys and it's so catchy and should be in top 5 at least! Its awesome

I'm 50 years old, pretty reckless is an awesome band! I'd put her up there with Ozzy! Rock on girl!

Why is this here? I love TPR and I think this is one of their better songs. Please give it a listen! You won't regret it

I love this song more than my most favorite idol! This is amazing! Should come in top 5

9 Since You're Gone

Great break up song, really empowering girl power!

<I've been looking for a new direction anyway.. >

10 Kill Me

This is such an amazing song. The instrumental and Taylor's voice are just completely and utterly orgasmic to be quite honest. I love it so much.

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11 Zombie

I just love this song! I mean, the lyrics are so true... When I heard this song and knew the lyrics... I just love it and I feel so identified (sorry my bad English)

It's the perfect apocalypse song! Besides Monster though (The Automatic)

Every time I'm pissed or simply feel like a zombie this song right here is the one I rock out too

Nothing can beat this

12 Light Me Up

One of my favorite songs from them. It's a song about being yourself, accept who you are and the way you R. I just love it!

13 My Medicine

What? This song deserves a place in the top 10... it's the very first song I heard of the pretty reckless and I've been hooked up with the song since then.. infact I'm listening to this song right now and I'm typing along with the rhythm of this song.. ;).. laugh out loud..

This song is so damned sexy.. Well the pretty reckless in general. But somebody mixed my medicine. Just listen to it

Amazing song, great lyrics, vocals and backup! This definitely is one o my favorite songs!

How could this song not be number one, I don't get it. my medicine's the greatest song so far!

14 Factory Girl
15 Nothing Left to Lose

This is no doubt the most beautiful of all their songs. I catch myself singing it under my breath, getting weird looks from everyone around me for singing so passionate while we're like, going over homework or something in class and I know I enjoy this one more than any of the other songs, though they're really great too, especially Under the Water, He Loves You, and Kill me. I love their music so much! Powerful lyrics (at least in the songs I like) and seriously fantastic music in all of their songs. I'd recommend this particular song to anyone though, even people who usually don't listen to this type of music. That's why I think this song is best. It still has that funky beat and interesting strong lyrics, yet it's "normal" enough for anyone to enjoy it. Great song. If you haven't heard it, look it up ASAP!

This song gives me chills. Though, all songs of The Pretty Reckless are flawless, this one means a lot to me personally and it expresses all my emotions at some point. I guess everyone has a someone they don't want to lose or they are nothing without.

This is honestly the greatest song I have ever heard in my life... It deserves so much more. I balled my eyes out the first time I heard this masterpiece

This is the first song that I've heard for The Pretty Reckless And I just Love it.. This should be #1

16 Follow Me Down

Simply amazing. Honestly my favourite song at the moment. This deserves to be higher. It just sums up the band so well.

Just one of their best songs. I can't wait to hear their second album Going to Hell, it will be amazing.

17 Far From Never

Should be number 1

18 Only You

This song is everything that a TPR song should be. Bone crushing intro riff, breathtaking vocals, and the emotional bridge. Strongly suggest you give this song a listen, it has a very unique electronic mixed in with the intro riff sound, and can be very moving at some points in the song.

The first song I've ever listened to by Taylor, It has a nice touch of beginner feel.

19 F****** Up World

20th? Maybe I should listen to The Pretty Reckless more often.

People need to see the music video for this!

Many could say it is too pervy. It is. But it doesn't matter since is so good

I love this song my god!

20 Everybody Wants Something From Me
21 Panic

Ahmazing, I seriously think this song shoulda been on the cd don't get me wrong the ones that did mke the cut are also good but this one shoulda at least been a bonus track or sumthinn.

Best song ever. I'm so addicted to it.

I'm so addicted to this oh my god, I can't even... TPR is such an amazing band

22 Absolution

One of my all time favourite songs in general, not just by The Pretty Reckless. It's a rock masterpiece and should be #1

Awesome Play it over and over again Rocks.

Why is it so low? Must be like #1 or #2 at least

True rock and very sexy

23 Hit Me Like a Man

This one I heard the first. Acoustic. Loved it so much. Just can't resist. Really worth listening and enjoying every single sound.

Hit me like a man... And live me like a woman... =I want your perfectionXD

24 Goin' Down
25 Sweet Things

Hey there little girl, come inside I've got some SWEET THINGS
The drums and the guitar combined with Taylor Momsen's breaktaking vocals make this their best song. I understand why it's not in the top ten though. A lot of people haven't listen to Going To Hell yet

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