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1 Price Tag

Jessie J is one of the most talented artists of 2011. This song has a wonderful message that people should recognize. B.O.B also does a great job in the song with his verses, but the real standout is Jessie J and her chorus.

It's beautifully amazing. I love it! Please do songs like this more often. I really love her songs and music videos. She's such a good artist. I only wish all artists could be as awesome as her. And B.O.B. rocks!

Awesome song! It has awesome lyrics and a nice message that the world is after money, sales, and shopping. But money cannot buy happiness! Awesome message! It has a nice beat and a nice tone!

2 Domino

I absolutely love this song. I am going to record it on YouTube if I can. It rocks and is really catchy. I'm loving every minute of it. I know it by heart and have a good dance routine for this too.

I'm also thinking of doing a makeup tutorial. I've got everything. Jessie J is the most talented woman ever. I have everything from DVDs to some of her clothes.

This is her catchiest and greatest song since Price Tag. The chorus and the beat blend extremely well together, making this a really fun and catchy track from the wonderfully talented Jessie J.

3 Nobody's Perfect

Great, it's really good. I like the album.

I really liked this when I heard it. I was totally astonished! I never knew this would be such a great song. It took my attention and hooked me in. I can't believe how good it is!

If anyone ever thinks they can beat mastering music like a certain pop queen called Jessie J, well, let me tell you now... it ain't happening! Carry on making the world a happy place!

This is one of my favorite Jessie J songs. I really liked it. I think it's really underrated and should have more attention. I love Jessie J too, obviously. Brilliant song.

4 Do It Like a Dude

Her best song ever! It's awesome! It's cool! What else..? It's so Jessie J! It's original! No other woman has ever done a song like this! It's perfect. The beat is sick! The lyrics are sicker!

Love Jessie J and all of her songs are great. I think it shows that women are tough too and that some men are sexist and think girls are weak.

I like the song! It's original and it gives another point of view from her. It's different from the other songs I know! I love it! Yeah!

5 Who You Are

Absolutely beautiful. I love how Jessie J's voice conveys raw emotion, and it never fails to make my heart ache. I think it sends an incredible message as well. There's nothing wrong with who you are.

This song is so beautiful. It's very powerful and has a deep meaning, and her vocals are flawless. "Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing, it's okay not to be okay." It's Jessie at her best.

This song makes me well up every time I hear the first few seconds. It's so emotional, one of my favorites, and her best slow song by far. Really, truly beautiful, just like her.

6 Who's Laughing Now

The song is just incredible, with amazing lyrics that I think are relatable to most people. I love Little Jessie as well. She's so talented! The song is just perfect. I think everyone should hear it.

My very favorite song! An anthem for victims of bullying! I could listen to this song over and over. Obviously sung deep from the heart and has a lot of deep emotional feeling!

Such an awesome song. It has a great beat and a strong message for everyone who has ever been bullied. If someone puts you down, try not to listen to them because who knows who you can become?!

7 Laserlight

Best party song and it reminds me a lot of Titanium by David Guetta and Sia. It has to be number one, but it needs to be in the top tens.

I think that this song is amazing. It's definitely Jessie's best song. The tune is catchy, and you can hear the effort she's putting into it. Whenever I hear it, I want to dance. This song should be in the top ten.

I love this song, I love the video, I love all of Jessie J's songs, but most of all, I love Jessie J! X

8 Wild

"Wild," "Sexy Lady," "Conquer the World," "Gold," "Unite," and "Magnetic" are extremely underrated in my opinion, especially "Wild" from Alive. Not dissing the other songs, but the Alive album is extremely underrated. I feel it's much stronger than WYA.

What?! Why isn't this in the top 10?! It is a magnificent song and really catchy. I mean, how can it not be in the top 10? It is so upbeat and makes you want to dance. This definitely should be in the top 10.

This song is better than good. It is epically amazing. I love you, Jessie! Also, I like the way she has sung the song while she's bald. I think it's sweet!

9 Mamma Knows Best

I love this song because it is so upbeat. I could literally listen to this song all day long. You should listen to Aanysa's version. It is amazing as well!

It is really great and has a good rhythm, but this one is just my favorite! I L.O.V.E. it. It's really catchy! It's the best in the world!

My favorite song of hers, hands down!

This song showcases every aspect of her vocal ability, and the beat is completely sick! Love it.

10 It's My Party

It's My Party is the best song in the world. Everyone should vote for this song. It should be number 1 on the charts. How can it not be in the top ten?

Price Tag was released ages ago, but It's My Party was released in the summer. Although she has released new songs since, it's still amazing. I love Jessie J.

This is a great Jessie J song, and I think it should be rated higher.

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11 Masterpiece

If this song is not the best, then I do not know what is. I have been addicted to it since the first time I listened to it. Great lyrics and even better tune.

I just love this song. Her amazing vocals along with the piano bring to life the beautiful lyrics. It is completely flawless.

What! This song should be in the top three! The beat, the rhythm, the lyrics. I mean, this song is just the best!

12 Flashlight

This song inspires me so much to keep going because there are people who are there for me, and I should not give up. I need to stand still and be the best I can be. Plus, it's from my favorite musical movie: Pitch Perfect 2.

It's just perfect and magical! Jessie J is an inspiration to all of us.

I watch and listen to other people singing along to Jessie J singing this song on YouTube. It is really great to see other people and Jessie J singing together. I strongly suggest others look at these on YouTube.

13 Rainbow

It is an awesome song and has a great message to light up and be happy with your life like a rainbow and a pot of gold.

It's so upbeat and happy to listen to. Nearly all of her songs have a good message to them! Shows that she's been through quite a lot!

This song is one of my favorite songs. She sings 'Rainbow' with so much energy.

14 Abracadabra

Jessie J is really passionate, and this song really brought out another aspect of her voice. I thought that the song was very, very good and that she is very inspiring.

15 Thunder

This song is amazing. Her vocal range is astounding in this song.

Such an underrated song! Just watch her sing it live!

16 Burnin Up
17 Repeat

This song is awesome! I like David Guetta's beats in this song, and Jessie J sang so awesomely! Nobody else could've sung it like her. This song should be up in the top 10. Anyway, I adore this song.

This is Jessie J's best song. It isn't very popular, which is why it's here, but I know Laserlight is nothing compared to this one.

18 Bang Bang

This is Jessie's highest charting song in America, peaking at 3. It has been certified 2 times platinum for selling over 2,300,000 copies in the U.S. In the UK, it was her first number 1 in three years and became her third number 1 there. It has been certified platinum in the UK for selling over 600,000 copies.

Vote for this now!

My favorite! How is this so low? Ariana and Jessie's powerful voices together are the best. And the lyrics are so sexy and fun! "Anybody could be good to you, you need a bad girl to blow your mind!" Perfect!

19 Sexy Lady
20 L.O.V.E.

Such an underrated song. It deserves way more attention along with Laserlight!

21 Stand Up

This is her best song and her proudest. I love it because it makes you want to be happy and you can't help but feel amazing. Love Jessie xox

22 Big White Room

Her voice is so beautiful in this song. When I hear the song, I really can feel the emotions she's trying to convey. I got goosebumps.

23 Loud
24 Party in the U.S.A.
25 Sexy Silk

Excellent rhythm and beat. Love it!

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