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81 Holden Caulfield - The Catcher In the Rye

Make room for the antiheroes of young adult fiction

82 Eureka - Teardrop
83 Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way (My Immortal)

She's wonderful in all the worst ways; a typical Mary Sue to the point of appearing satirical. Whether that is intentional remains a mystery.

84 Sirius Black


85 Sam Temple - The Gone Series

Very courageous and selfless. Leader of the FAYZ. His power of light is really cool too. - Dylaphant

Sam would beat percy jackson in a fight if they wernt near water - DZCool10

86 Xander King - House of Dark Shadows

He did much more than Harry Potter and Katniss. All Katniss did was fight people to death and fell in love with Peeta. Harry Potter was just in bad luck, and didn't do much either.

Now Xander on the other hand, saved his Grandmother and his Mother from being stuck in other time era's being enslaved. He also saved his brother, his dad, and many more people.

This guy is the best young adult character.

87 Shuya Nanahara - Battle Royale

Haha I love Shuya and all but Battle Royale isn't a young adult book. It is very, VERY, mature.

88 Bella Swan - The Twilight Saga

Here's my question for Stephanie Meyer. Why create such a horrible character and then publish it. That is like a crime and you know when there's a crime there is a guy to arrest her. Well at least I know someone who likes Bella or something the trash can where Bella belongs.

I look up to Bella because she shows strength even in the toughest points of her life. She is a beautiful and strong character and I think that Stephanie Meyers outdid herself creating her.

In agree Bella sucks I curse Stephanie Meyer for sharing this horror

No offense to Stephanie Meyer but... take this back please. Take back the horror you have made the world suffer.

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89 Uriah Pedrad - Divergent

Uriah is pretty cool, to be honest. One of my favorite Divergent characters.

90 Valkyrie Cain - Skulduggery Pleasant Series

More people need to know about the wonder that is Valkyrie Cain. Honestly, the sarcasm, the quips, the wise-cracks? How could you possibly NOT fall in love with her? *Unless Skulduggery Pleasant is your first true love of course :")*

You may not have read this series but this teen is AWESOME. What with her being a bad ass, elemental magic-user, violent, sarcastic, funny DETECTIVE and beater-upper of bad guys, definitely deserves a place on this list

I love skulduggery pleasant

Why is she so $@£*^ low?!?!

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91 Ren - Tiger's Curse

Do I have to say more? I didn't think so.

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92 James Abernathy - Swirly Cat 3
93 Oberjarl Erak - Ranger's Apprentice
94 Christian Grey - Fifty Shades of Grey

Is this young adult fiction? I wouldn't even dream of touching Fifty Shades of Erotic Twilight Fan-Fiction.

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95 Greg Heffley - Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series Greg Heffley - Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series
96 Wesley Jefferson Lincoln - Beautiful Creatures
97 Rhine Ellery - Wither
98 Will Cooper - Slammed
99 Vasilisa Dragomir - Vampire Academy
100 Sam Henry - Catching Jordan
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