Top Ten Best Kinds of Cookies

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1 Chocolate Chip

Yeah, I could go for a chocolate chip cookie right now. It is so darn good you would want to ask for more! The best part, of course, are the chocolate chips, which is probably also the main part of it. But anyway Chocolate Chip Cookies rule! I love these kind of cookies!

Good old fashioned classic chocolate chip cookies are the most popular cookies in America. You really can't go wrong with a with a sweet, warm, fresh baked, chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate Chip cookies is my favorite type of cookies. They're totally delicious and scrumptious and it's a beautiful classic and vintage type of cookies, invented in 1937.

I myself am a baker and I have to tell everybody that chocolate chip cookies are gooey, chocolaty coins of YUMMINESS! The top tens is spot on with the # 1 cookie, that's for sure...

2 Oreo

There is boxes of these galore at home oreo rock and make sure you have yar glass of milk trust me these are the best cookies of all muck better than chocolate chip.

Try putting them in the fridge and then dipping them in cold milk! You have to wait a while for them to cool down but WORTH. IT.
Seriously, try it.

I can finish an entire pack of them in 5 min, and I love the cream. Yummy stuff, you know?

Put it in the fridge and dip in ice cold milk before eating, a total "hm" moment

3 Sugar

Delicious. I could eat these non-stop! I prefer these over chocolate chip because when I eat too much chocolate I get thirsty, but that's just me.

Best food cookie ever the taste amazing I just hope I had a big stash of them.

I love baking them because they are easy to make and fun to decorate

Can stop eating can stop eating can stop eating so yummy. That I will eat it every day.Forever I will eat it if I get a lot.

4 Snickerdoodles

"This reminds me of a warm cozy fireplace and cup of hot cocoa in the winter. And in the summer, they're pretty good with Pink Lemonade. Try one, and you'll eat an entire tray."

I love snickerdoodle cookies! They are on of the best, in my opinion, cookies EVER! They are so good and are addicting! You just can't have one!

Snickerdoodle cookies are delicious and in my opinion the best. Anytime I get the chance I chow down on these cookies. Now I want some.

Yum, yum. Best cookie ever. Far better than oreo. Y no.3 on the list

5 M&M

Always grab them off my kitchen counter once I get home

These are my favorite, along with chocolate chip.

Always a good type to have anytime

These are best served from Subway..

6 Peanut Butter

One of my all time fave best served with a glass of milk

Now go get yourself some jam cookies!

So good. Sweet and crunchy and sugary.

My grandma makes the best

7 Chocolate With White Chips
8 Oatmeal

I can't stand when people ruin these with raisins, so gross.

Especially the frosted oatmeal cookies! Either way oatmeal cookies are delish!

Plain yet very very tasty!

My favorite cookies.

9 Fudge Stripe

These are so good that I usually eat half the pack

10 Mint Chocolate

One of my favorites

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11 Oatmeal Raisin

OMG! So Good 🤤 loads of people think it has got a bad reputition compared to the other cookies but not on my watch! If there was a cookie land I'd make this one miss queenie!

Chewy and naturally sweet. Great with spices.

A lot of people hate raisins but I LOVE these

YOu can eat so many and not feel like crap

12 Gingerbread

Too fast to catch
if caught big rewards

Best cookies for chrismas

13 Cinnamon

Cinnamon cookies is delicious! The warm, cozy, and mouth-watering taste of cinnamon cookies is just perfect!

The secret is in the deliceous frosting

Best belvita cookies in the world

14 Peppermint
15 White Chocolate

Why isn't this number 3? These cookies are delicious in my opinion,

I know what you're gonna say. It's just cocoa butter! Oh, please.

These are like the most sassiest cookies EVER!

16 Chocolate Orange

Something sweet with a kick!
The orange gives the kick and the chocolate gives the sweetness to make this collie flavour very tempting! =^~^=

17 Nutter Butter
18 Cinnamon Chocolate Chip
19 Thin Mint

So much better then chocolate chip! I mean, seriously?

They're the luckiest cookies you've ever tasted!

Thin mints is the bomb!

I love thin mints!

20 Macaroons

Not to be confused with macarons.

21 Lemon Thins

There so good there on of my top 5 favorite cookies

22 Fig Newtons
23 Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

How is NOT in the Top 10?! Let alone the Top 5!

Best of both worlds!

24 Macadamia
25 Ginger Snaps

If you dip these in tea, and let them go soft then they are sooo good!

Cookies with a soul. Probably

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