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1 Chocolate Chip

Which is what cookies are. Every other one is called a biscuit.

Chocolate Chip cookies is my favorite type of cookies. They're totally delicious and scrumptious and it's a beautiful classic and vintage type of cookies, invented in 1937. - SpinelliFan

Good old fashioned classic chocolate chip cookies are the most popular cookies in America. You really can't go wrong with a with a sweet, warm, fresh baked, chocolate chip cookie

Yeah, I could go for a chocolate chip cookie right now. It is so darn good you would want to ask for more! The best part, of course, are the chocolate chips, which is probably also the main part of it. But anyway Chocolate Chip Cookies rule! I love these kind of cookies!

2 Oreo

Oreos taste amazing! Finally somebody agrees with me on this!

There is boxes of these galore at home oreo rock and make sure you have yar glass of milk trust me these are the best cookies of all muck better than chocolate chip.

Try putting them in the fridge and then dipping them in cold milk! You have to wait a while for them to cool down but WORTH. IT.
Seriously, try it.

I can finish an entire pack of them in 5 min, and I love the cream. Yummy stuff, you know?

3 Sugar

I love baking them because they are easy to make and fun to decorate

Best food cookie ever the taste amazing I just hope I had a big stash of them.

Can stop eating can stop eating can stop eating so yummy. That I will eat it every day.Forever I will eat it if I get a lot.

Delicious. I could eat these non-stop! I prefer these over chocolate chip because when I eat too much chocolate I get thirsty, but that's just me. - Absolite

4 Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodle cookies are delicious and in my opinion the best. Anytime I get the chance I chow down on these cookies. Now I want some.

Yum, yum. Best cookie ever. Far better than oreo. Y no.3 on the list

"This reminds me of a warm cozy fireplace and cup of hot cocoa in the winter. And in the summer, they're pretty good with Pink Lemonade. Try one, and you'll eat an entire tray."

Like em, don't love em, don't even ask what will happen if you love em

5 M&M

Always grab them off my kitchen counter once I get home

Always a good type to have anytime - Randomator

These are my favorite, along with chocolate chip. - Gg2000

Awesome cookies!

6 Chips Ahoy

I love so much that I will go to the store and bring my wallet and buy 3 packs

I prefer the chewy type. - Randomator

Only the chewy ones but good

Me: maybe just one more...
(100 cookies later...) - Haumea

7 Peanut Butter

One of my all time fave best served with a glass of milk

Now go get yourself some jam cookies! - ListerBlister

Underrated for sure - Randomator

So good. Sweet and crunchy and sugary.

8 Oatmeal

Especially the frosted oatmeal cookies! Either way oatmeal cookies are delish!

I can't stand when people ruin these with raisins, so gross.

My favorite cookies. - Thebestuser

it sucks

9 Chocolate With White Chips


like snow

10 Mint Chocolate

I love mint chocolate chip because it feels really good in your body and mint is very healthy for you thank you this is Avery coming at
you bye bye

One of my favorites

Minty goodness


The Contenders

11 Gingerbread

Best cookies for chrismas

Too fast to catch
if caught big rewards

12 Oatmeal Raisin

Yeo it need to be higher.. with the raisne n oats goodness how cna you not resist

Chewy and naturally sweet. Great with spices. - hortenzia89

A lot of people hate raisins but I LOVE these - Mcgillacuddy

YOu can eat so many and not feel like crap

13 Cinnamon

Cinnamon cookies is delicious! The warm, cozy, and mouth-watering taste of cinnamon cookies is just perfect!

The secret is in the deliceous frosting - ListerBlister

Best belvita cookies in the world

14 Fudge Stripe

These are so good that I usually eat half the pack - purpleyoshi98

I love these - Randomator


15 White Chocolate

I know what you're gonna say. It's just cocoa butter! Oh, please. - ListerBlister

Why isn't this number 3? These cookies are delicious in my opinion,

They're delicious!

I. Love. These.

16 Chocolate Orange

Something sweet with a kick!
The orange gives the kick and the chocolate gives the sweetness to make this collie flavour very tempting! =^~^=

17 Chocolate Chip M&M cookies

Come on these are like some of the tastiest cookies out there. They just melt in your mouth and the M&ms are a delicious combo with chocolate chips.

18 Nutter Butter

so good


ya amazing

19 Peppermint

Very Minty

20 Cinnamon Chocolate Chip


21 Thin Mint

So much better then chocolate chip! I mean, seriously?

They're the luckiest cookies you've ever tasted! - ListerBlister

Thin mints is the bomb!

Girl Scout style!

22 Lemon Thins

There so good there on of my top 5 favorite cookies

23 Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

How is NOT in the Top 10?! Let alone the Top 5!

Best of both worlds!

24 Fig Newtons

I love these!

25 Macadamia
26 Ginger Snaps

Cookies with a soul. Probably - ListerBlister


27 Pecan
28 Milano

One of the best, if not the best cookie out.


29 Samoas (Girl Scout Cookies)

Coconut, caramel, chocolate all in one delicious cookie! The best cookie ever! Yummy!

Yeah, they've got a nice ring to it. - ListerBlister

30 Macadamia & White Chocolate

My all time favorite!

Underrated cookie

So scrumptious!

Orteil's favorite! - ListerBlister

31 No Bake
32 Raspberry and White Chocolate
33 Lofthouse

Honestly, this should be in the top ten! Have you ever tried these things? They're addicting! Heck, I'm on my fourth one as I'm typing this. And for those of you who don't know what lofthouse cookies are, they are the super soft, fluffy, crumbly cookies with good icing and sprinkles that you can find at almost any grocery store. If you haven't tried them before, go eat one right now!

34 Coconut Tuile
35 Danish Butter

Much better than any of the other ones. The box usually comes with different variaties too! How awesome is that? Love em'! NOMNOMNOM

36 Cantuccini
37 Spritz

A Scandinavian cookie but very buttery and tasty. Love to have them at Christmas time.

38 Dutch Stroopwafel

No human in life has ever resisted this Dutch Cookie!

If it ain't dutch, it ain't much - ListerBlister

39 Russian Teacup Cookies (Snowballs)

These little balls of dough. Covered with delicious sugar and powdered sugar. Good with coffee or frosting. Makes These Delicious Cookies The Best!

40 Oatmeal Butterscotch

First of all, the best cookies are made from scratch, not out of a package in the store. Not sure why so many people are saying Oreos are the best. And when it comes to homemade, oatmeal butterscotch cookies are hard to beat!

41 Nilla Wafers
42 Thin Oreos
43 Strawberry Newtons
44 Vienna Fingers
45 Maple Cookies
46 Ringo
47 Pavesini
48 Pan Di Stelle
49 Jaffa Cakes


50 Chocolate Oatmeal
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