Top 10 Best Haagen Dazs Flavors

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1 Caramel Cone

15-30 seconds in the microwave softens it just enough to make all of the amazing flavors and textures even better. I have never been addicted to crack, but it must be similar. Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone is as close as I have ever come to an addiction. It is insane. I knew immediately after tasting that first spoonful that I was hooked. The skies opened up and my taste buds exploded from joy. I need to find others that share this insane addiction.

Oh, I am glad to see others agree! I only discovered this flavor a few years ago, and it was like, "Where have you been all my life?" at first bite. I think I am going out to get some now. Seriously. Hence my Google search for the best Haagen-Dazs flavor. Keep the dream alive, people.

2 Pralines 'n Cream

Best BY FAR - I've tried dulce de leche, vanilla, speculoos, salted caramel, macadamia, cookies and cream, brownie. Has a sweet syrup and generous crumbling nuts. The nuts don't distract though, they add sweetness. It's as if they're made out of honey!

Mm, the Pralines 'n Cream is by far my favorite! It is unbelievable, and the pralines in it are so good covered in a caramel coating. I absolutely love it. It is to die for.

Absolutely the most delightful, decadent flavor in the world! I have no idea what a praline is, and I couldn't care less!

3 Green Tea

I actually didn't care for this at first. Preferred other green tea ice creams I've had in the past. But then something clicked, and now I can't imagine a time when I didn't love this. The flavor and texture are sublime.

This ice cream is perfection. The texture is creamy and smooth. The green tea flavor is perfectly balanced, and this remains one of my all-time favorite Haagen-Dazs flavors.

Not for the people who like really sweet or tasty stuff, yet the subtle taste of skim milk with that aroma... It's a must-try!

4 Cookies n' Creme

Cookies n' cream is so fabulous! It makes my tummy feel like a wonderland. But after I eat it, I always feel grumpy because I'm on a diet. I just want to munch on a nice skillet sometimes because it complements cookies n' cream. Also, I enjoy shepherd's pie with red-eyed gravy. Peace and blessings from San Fran!

This was the best flavor! Bring it back! Why would they do us like that and take it away? Now I have nothing to look forward to when I want ice cream.

Cookies n' Creme is so yummy! The crunchy Oreo bits and the vanilla ice cream go so well together! Cookies n' Creme is just the best flavor!

5 Vanilla

Why does everyone blow off the classic flavors? I, for one, can eat vanilla ice cream all day long. Forget your cappuccino mocha chip with caramel drizzle ice cream, and flashback to your childhood with this nostalgic flavor.

The best vanilla ice cream available in the known universe. Try pouring root beer into a partially eaten pint, then spooning out the frozen skin that forms on the ice cream surface. It's so good I could cry.

My mom used to always buy Breyers vanilla ice cream... and it never quite did it for me. As a result, I was permanently turned off from vanilla ice cream. But recently, I tried this! And it's honestly the best vanilla ice cream out there.

6 Strawberry

I did not like strawberry ice cream until I tasted what real strawberry ice cream tasted like. When the creamy strawberry flavor hits your palate, the reaction is extremely impressive. One would never imagine strawberry ice cream can possibly taste like Haagen-Dazs makes it.

I've pretty much lost my taste for strawberry ice cream because none of it is as flawless as this one. Seriously, if you haven't tried this, you haven't had strawberry ice cream. It's so perfectly creamy, fresh, and filled with delicious, juicy strawberry pieces. Get it now.

7 Coffee

The Walmart near me is always sold out of this stuff, that's how good it is. I can go there in the morning and see 15 pints of Haagen Dazs Coffee, but by the afternoon it's completely gone while the other flavors are untouched. It's either really good, or there's one person around here who only eats coffee ice cream... Hmm!

I went on the Haagen Dazs site as I was so frustrated not to be able to find Java Chip. Well, they have a tool to look up by zip code. In all of Portland, OR, and bordering Vancouver, WA, there are zero stores that have this flavor. Amazing! Too sad.

So, Coffee is what I have now. It's the best coffee ice cream I've ever had. Haagen Dazs is the creme de la creme! The best ice cream in the world! If I was stuck on an island and could have just one food forever, it would be Haagen Dazs. Sigh.

8 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

The best chocolate chip cookie dough ever! After I tried this, I kept on craving it, but sadly Haagen Dazs Philippines closed. So I tried Ben and Jerry's and a bunch of other products that say cookie dough, and even tried to make one. Simply, nothing could beat Haagen Dazs' version of cookie dough!

I don't like any other ice cream company's chocolate chip cookie dough flavor. By far the best!

Absolutely incredible. The best ice cream flavor I've ever had.

9 Chocolate Peanut Butter

I try to limit how often I buy this since I will finish the entire pint in one sitting. I can only assume it's not available everywhere, so some folks have never had it. How else can you explain why it's not in the top ten?

Regular chocolate ice cream is delicious, but add in a smooth band of creamy peanut butter that hardens in the cold but still melts in your mouth... mm, mm, MM.

There are really no words to describe this. I have gained many pounds over and over again due to my addiction to this wonderful creation. Sinful!

10 Mango

We must protest the discontinuation of mango-flavored ice cream. We cannot allow them to do this to us. I thought perhaps it was a seasonal issue, and I patiently waited for the winter to pass. I just knew that my favorite flavor would be available this summer. Now, I am hearing talk of mango ice cream being gone forever.

Actually, the mango-flavored ice cream was the only reason that I paid the much higher price for Haagen Dazs. If I cannot get my favorite, then I might as well buy from any other company. They really need to consider the fact that the only reason I bought Haagen Dazs was because no one else had mango ice cream.

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11 Dulce de Leche

I literally go to another town to purchase it, as we don't have a store in my town (Nicosia, Cyprus). I bring it home almost melted, and I still do it because I'm in love with this ice cream. I knew I would absolutely love it, as I am a huge fan of dulce de leche and make it often on my own. This ice cream... This ice cream is my whole life. I could die after my first spoon, and I would be content with it.

This flavor is fantastic! The caramel-flavored ice cream is creamy and rich. You taste caramel with a hint of vanilla. There are swirls of caramel in the ice cream, and it really makes your taste buds go crazy. It's amazing.

12 Pineapple Coconut

It's exquisitely delicious. Little pineapple chunks. Delicate yet rich coconut flavor. And for some reason, I detect a hint of rum. I'm about to go get another pint. This is perfection.

Suddenly I'm on a beach with a coconut drink in Maui. The waves are crashing, the sun is setting, and my taste buds are dancing, knowing I can take home this bliss in a cup of ice cream.

No ice cream could ever be better. It is almost never available, but if we ever find it, I and everyone else I know buy all we can get. To all stores... why not stock more?

13 Vanilla Fudge

This was also my long-time favorite. I couldn't believe it when they discontinued it. Shall we start a petition to bring it back? (Unfortunately, it's all about the numbers, but maybe it's worth a try).

Plain Haagen Dazs chocolate is from heaven and is my favorite! But I would love to see the company bring back Vanilla Fudge - before the recipe gets lost or forgotten.

If this is the Vanilla Chocolate Fudge ice cream - definitely the best one that Haagen Dazs ever made. Needs to be brought back.

14 Caramel Biscuit and Cream

This is the best ice cream I have ever had. I try to find it everywhere I go. By far, I can only find it in Panama City, Panama. Please produce more!

This flavor is the only reason I haven't started smoking again. Thank you.

15 White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

This ice cream offers a truly balanced and decadent experience. The creamy white chocolate ice cream, the lovely texture from the truffle chunks, then the best part: the tart and sweet raspberry swirl. Should be number 1.

I am truly addicted to this ice cream! I love the combination of flavors. Each flavor stands out separately without overpowering the others. I eat one to two pints a week. Thank God, I work out.

A divine combination of white chocolate, raspberry swirl, and dark chocolate truffles. This is as close to a perfect flavor symphony as you can get. One of my favorites.

16 Bananas Foster

This flavor (Bananas Foster) is, in my opinion, the best damn ice cream in the whole world. I can't believe it's only ranked at #32. I would eat a pint of this every day if I could find it. It's very difficult to find, but when I do, I buy as many as the store has, usually 5 or 6. Love it, love it, love it!

Bananas Foster should be among Haagen Dazs' core flavors! In fact, they should make more banana flavors. That reminds me, Banana Split was very tasty too.

Love it! I wish I could find it more places.

17 Strawberry Cheesecake

This is the best flavor of Haagen Dazs ever. Green tea is amazing too, but Strawberry Cheesecake should simply be number one. It makes one feel like in heaven.

Absolutely delicious. I have to tell myself to stop over and over again when I've eaten half the tin.

It's maybe my favorite dessert. Period. So this has the potential to be my favorite flavor, too.

18 Pistachio

This was one of your best flavors and one of the mainstays for my grocery store trips to buy Haagen Dazs. The nuts were fresh and crunchy, and the taste was outstanding. Now, I really am so disappointed and kind of lost my interest in Haagen Dazs. This was the worst loss since the discontinuation of Sticky Toffee Pudding and Bourbon Praline Pecan.

Rum Raisin is good but recently tastes different, as though the recipe has been watered down. You've managed to lose my business.

I am allergic to chocolate. And yes, it is a bummer. I did not think that I could ever find another dessert that would truly satisfy me and make me happy. That is, until I discovered Haagen Dazs Pistachio. What a game-changer! I used to find it everywhere. Now, I have to search high and low. You can bet I will never stop searching.

19 Peaches & Cream

I've not seen it on store shelves in a few years either! I don't know why because it is by far the best peach ice cream out there. No one makes a better product, and believe me, I have tried nearly all of them!

I haven't been able to find this flavor in years. It's so delicious. Please, if there is anyone who knows where I can find Haagen Dazs Peaches and Cream in NYC, I will love you forever.

I cannot find it either. My absolute favorite... fresh peaches and sweet cream. Better than homemade!

20 Macadamia Nut Brittle

When are you going to bring this flavor back? I don't care if it's for a limited time only. I have a deep freezer now, and I would clean the shelf of it and store it in my garage! Please, please, please bring this back!

I can't seem to find Macadamia Nut Brittle anywhere. I have looked at about 20 different stores and no luck. What is going on? Are you still making this flavor? I need it really badly.

I recently tried macadamia ice cream and couldn't stop eating it. The best I have ever tasted. I heard a rumor it has been discontinued. What a shame. Bring it back, please.

21 Rum Raisin

I first bought it thinking I wouldn't like it very much (and therefore wouldn't eat the whole pint). Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how one views it, I totally loved this ice cream. I'm not a big fan of raisins, but something about the combination of the light rum flavor, the smooth, perfectly textured ice cream, and the chewy raisins is to die for! It's amazing. Pure ingredients…incredibly addictive.

I can't believe this is so far down on the list. This is by far my favorite, and that is saying something, considering all the awesome offerings. I actually learned about it watching a movie. The actress playing the lead role was always eating Rum Raisin ice cream. I knew I had to try it, and I have been buying it ever since.

22 Summer Berries & Cream

The best ice cream, I am so disappointed it's not available in my area.

23 Rocky Road

Just delicious chocolate ice cream with gooey marshmallow swirl and crunchy almonds. If I have it in the house, I eat the entire pint!

The marshmallows just complete it all! The chocolate-covered almonds also help the ice cream taste amazing! It's irresistible!

Wonderful to dig through the textures in a rocky road. Such delicious tastes.

24 Vanilla Chocolate Chip

I was eating one pint of Vanilla Chocolate Chip every day for two years. Then I moved from California to Jersey in early 2014 and could never find it again in the Northeast. I used to buy out the store every time I could find it when it started to disappear. I'm devastated! It was my favorite ice cream. Pure, simple, smooth, with the slight crunch of chocolate bits. I have refused to buy any other flavor or any other brand.

Please bring it back!

Unique flavors are fine. Many people like to experiment with new tastes. What is so sad is that the purists out here are now forced to go to lesser brands to get an old favorite - Vanilla Chocolate Chip. For a quality ice cream maker to no longer sell a classic flavor makes one wonder about who the new target customers are... So long, it's been good to know ya'.

25 Coconut Macaroon

This is absolutely delightful. However, the store only carries it occasionally, so I eat the pineapple coconut to keep me going until the store has the macaroon stocked. I have to admit I eat a pint of ice cream a day. It has to be the pineapple/coconut or the macaroon. It's my crack!

The very best coconut ice cream ever. The chewy chunks of coconut enhance the whole experience.

Run, don't walk. This is a limited edition. This ice cream is my FAVORITE.

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