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1 Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang

I need a doctor isn't even rap its pop definitely not his best

This song got me addicted to rap. The beat is pumpin and snoop and dre's flow is so smooth. It's like this and like that and like this...

Best song ever

this song is so cool. it makes me nod my head always. and it is in gtasa soundtrack! dr dre is really cool.

2 Still D.R.E.

All time great... The instrumental is great, the lyrics go with the beat.

Better than Nuthin' but a Bad song

Should be number one. I think if people listened to this instead of what the number one is they would see that this song should be number one instead

One of the best hip hop songs ever

3 Forgot About Dre

How the hell is I Need a Doctor on top? The beats are nothing compared to this song and the songs his album "2001" were what made him well known beside "The Chronic. "

Dr. Dre and Emin3m together are unbeatable I thinck this song should be #1

The lyricism of this song, is great, original storyline of the rap, love it. - roblist

Best producer + Best rapper = Best song

4 The Next Episode

this song is the best song of 2001 and 2002 should be no. 1 by far

2001 came out in 1999 not 2001 or 2002. And the best song on it is forgot about dre and what's the difference - Thicc_Neeson

Its just too good to be 5th, each verse got an awesome introduction with is of course followed by classic rap at its best. Dre hands down shines here.

This is #1 no two ways about it... the sample he took is on point, nate dogg kills it and the whole thing just works, this is the best song dr dre has ever produced, not by a mile, but its still at the top...

The song is real speaks about liven life a certain way it hits hard that's what makes it awesome dre knows something bout it

5 F*** Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')

Dr. Dre even took on eazy e in his day, truly a living LEGEND

This is Dre's best song. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are truly a lethal combo together!

I can't describe what this song makes me feel every single time I listen to. Incredible!

Not even in the Top 5? This song is one of The Best that Dre has ever written... The lyrics. The beat. Even Death-row... they all show descriptive emotion in this song and how they felt about Eazy-E and Ruthless. Not to mention its also one the most Iconic diss tracks of All-Time. So yeah, 5-Star rating track.

6 California Love

Dre and Tupac, awesome song, I'm shocked that its not in the top ten. I mean, when the best producer and the best rapper make a song, its got to be awesome... This song is also considered one of Tupac's best songs, listen to this song and you'll love it

The best! The bass in this song shows the reason there is Beats by Dre!

This song is one of the best songs by 2PAc. Not to mention Dre doing his thing. Both 2pac and Dre did their part better than most people could, both in his day, and in our day

Tupac and dre the world's best rappers, west coast forever, eazy e, snoop, ice cube are west coast nigaz

7 I Need a Doctor

So bad

This song is awesome Eminem and Dre did real good on this song should stay on top and Skylar grey makes the song even better

Eminem skylar grey and dr dre tear it up in the video ROCK ON

HELL YEAH! Amazing. Such a good song, I listen to this basically everyday. Definitely one of my favorites. I will always listen to this song. Amazing!

8 What's the Difference

This is an amazing song. It should be number 2 behind still dre. What's with I need a doctor? That song is probably dre's worst song.

His 4rth best song after still, nuthin but a g thang and forgot about dre

This song has such a sick beat its ridiculous. It also has so many legendary rappers in it. This should be at least top 5

A touching intro with Dre paying tribute to the D.O. C and eazy-e and then Xzibit rips up the track with his straight up west coast verse, and then Eminem comes in and blows up the song with funny and perfect flowing rhymes.

9 Let Me Ride

This is totally underrated. Should be at least in the top 5 tracks

Easily a top 5 Dre song to listen to in your car. The smooth bass guitar line combined with a steady drum beat and heavy synthesizer for the chorus alone make it an instant classic.

Definitely one of his most underrated after Lil Ghetto Boy.

Annoyed that only three songs from the chronic are in the top 10. If I could I would remove I need a doctor and replace it with lyrical gangbang. There are a lot of great songs on the chronic, but then again all his albums are good.

The beat at the beginning is great good lyrics and cool music video should be on before I need a doctor and kush anything with dr dre and snoop dogg is great

10 Deep Cover

Grand Theft Auto san andreas anybody?

A true classic

Song gives me chills every time I hear it. Dope lyrics and beat

First of all the example is very bad cause of the voices and it didn't get to the music part.


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11 Xxplosive

You kidding me? Forget best Dr. Dre songs best song of all time!

It ain't a hit if Nate Dogg ain't on it - Mcgillacuddy

Such a good, chill, almost psychedelic track. - MaxAttack333

Amazing songs

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12 Keep Their Heads Ringing

I think that it should've been in the top 10

I think this should've been 1st

Best dre tune by a mile

Great song, amazing lyrics, can't say nothing anymore

13 The Watcher

Sick beat, spot on lyrics. Fresh songs from the 2001 album that prolonged the gangsta rap scene which almost died with the deaths of Tupac and Biggie.

Best dre song, definitely should be higher on the list

The lyrics are simply great and the rhymes are flowing with the beat.

Really only # 17 should be like 6th

14 Guilty Conscience

I agree with most of the top 10, but this song has to be up there too. Eminem and Dre are both great and it's just a great song overall.

One of Dre's best songs. Tells an interesting story.

I love this type of way of rapping its really cool needs a bother video like this one!

Dude, why is this #17? This song is one of the best. Not THE best, but definitely not #17.

15 Lil' Ghetto Boy

You know dr. Dre is a good producer and such a good rapper with good connection when he can use a sample of donny haddaway in a song and make it so master!

It's his most meaningful song and the flute sample is amazing!

This song hit the nail on the head

This song is just awesome

16 Natural Born Killaz

Ice Cube + Dr Dre for the first time since NWA disbanded= A GOOD IF NOT GREAT SONG

A very intense, scary song. Not for the faint of heart, but brilliant through shock.

17 F*** the Police

Original song that's lit

Is it a pretty popo

The greatest n.w.a song easily.

18 Kush

Love the beat, amazing song, just like Dr. Dre! You can't find any better of a songs it is just so great it's insane!

Great Beats. Akon and Snoop Dogg did great along with the best of the rappers: Dr. Dre.

I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. beat I love this song so much. "I Need a Doctor" sucks. Dre rules!

One of Dre's best songs. I'm not saying it should be in the top 5 or anything, but Dre, Snoop and Akon are all really good and it deserves a top 10 spot.

19 Express Yourself

Awesome song with a beat sampled from charles wright who originally wrote this dope beat. This song has a funky free flowing beat that I can't get enough of. Should be higher on the list.

"This one should at least be in the top 10. It was the song that put Dre on the map"

Best NWA song for dre!

Love the rawness of his voice! instant classic! should be higher on the list

20 Crack a Bottle

Awesome song, nice lyrics, nice beat. What else can I say? I love this song.

Eminems song = His album...

21 Bitch Please II

Not just best by dre but with Eminem nate dogg 50 and xzibit its just kick ass

Beats so dope, and em's verse paying homage to snooop from the original is hilarious.

22 Old Time's Sake

Great em & dre collaboration that is reminiscent to forgot about dre

I really like this

It's technically an Eminem song but awesome none the less.

23 Alwayz Into Somethin'

Dope song. Ohio players loop rides well with impeach the prez.

Great song, I first heard on Grand Theft Auto v.

24 Chin Check

How can a song like chin check be so low rated? Its N.W. A song. It should have higher position.

25 F**k You


People are missing out if they haven't heard this

Players anthem

26 Deeez Nuuuts

One of his best beats. Deserves at least top 10. Grossly underrated!

Absolutely whopper instrumental! Makes you really want to go lowriding into the sunset


27 Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat

This song is the most underrated of all time! This song is incredible!

You don't know dre without listening to this sick ass beat

Why isn't this on the top 10

This song is the most underrated of all time!

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28 Encore

Ha! Stupid admins (? ) it's MM song! Ok... Let's put Eminem - My Name Is (He's in it too... ) in this list...

Don't forget Business I can clearly see Dre and Em in that music video - germshep24

29 Imagine
30 Hello
31 Been There Done That

Explains all his greatness in just 6 minutes or so.

32 Bitch N*****

Classic ass song you bitch

33 On the Blvd.


34 Game Over
35 Medicine Man
36 Darkside/Gone
37 Bitches Ain't S***

This song is really dope
The beat is so smooth and has flow

38 The Message

What a song! Thanks for this moment RIP Tyree

A song in the form of a letter to God about Dre's deceased brother. This beat is so fresh and is provides nice change of pace to Dre's usual intense and gangsta influenced lyrics. Truly a beautiful song and a work of art

Great beat produced by the one and only Lord Finesse!

Very sad and deap song, shows you an entire different side of dre

39 Talking to My Diary


Brilliant song. Great album as well.

An instant classic on Dre's Compton album - Mcgillacuddy

Dr Dre spits great verses in this song and the beat is amazing

40 A N**** Witta Gun

Definitely underrated

41 Bad Intentions

Love Dre best rapper and NaS beat

42 Loose Cannons
43 Something Like That
44 Satisfiction
45 The Wash
46 Big Ego's

Should definitely be at #15 your right beat is awesome same as lyrics.

Great beat, deserves to be in top 15 at least

Fantastic beat and lyrics

Goosebumps at 0:24

47 Murder Ink

Are you kidding me, this song is dope, it should be on top 5 if not first.

48 Deep Water

Dre working with Lamar, previous generations best producer working with this generations best rapper, couldn't get better

One of the best beats I have ever heard. Also one of the best Kendrick verses I’ve ever heard.

49 Animals
50 Some L.A. N*****

His best by far, so many amazing rappers in it, best verse goes to Time Bomb or Xzibit - vizual_prophet

So underrated

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