Top 10 Best Maroon 5 Songs

Maroon 5, the pop rock band that has been entertaining music lovers for over two decades, has created some of the most memorable hits of all time. From their debut album "Songs About Jane" to their latest releases, they have consistently delivered chart-topping hits that have left fans in awe. With Adam Levine's soulful voice and the band's infectious energy, Maroon 5 has captured the hearts of fans worldwide and continues to be one of the most popular bands of our time.

Their discography boasts of numerous hits, each with its unique sound and style. From upbeat pop anthems to heartfelt ballads, Maroon 5's music has something for everyone. With so many great songs to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down the best of the best.
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1 She Will Be Loved

Such a classic. One time years ago my mom turned the station and this was on and then she changed it and I yelled at her for that. (Then she changed it back)

This music was playing in 2004 when I broke up with my boyfriend, when he said: she will be loved, it was like a message, I would find love. I met my real soul mate later and married.

This song was beautiful and heartwarming. I loved it from the first chord! My friend told me she will be loved because I was very emotionally hurt for a reason at the time and I just stopped crying then she sang me the song. She is my best friend ever. Love her to pieces. I want to help her now because shes facing issues, so ill tell you this you will be loved. There's someone out there, and you will be loved

By far the best maroon 5 ever. Back in the day of their debut album, songs for Jane, when they had heartfelt lyrics and one of the best sounds in the world. In my opinion they have evolved sadly into less of an emotional band with songs like "pay phone", but this song is an absolute classic.

2 This Love

I'm probably one of the biggest Maroon 5 fans, or at least in the top 100. This song is by far my favourite song on any of their albums and overall. It has such meaning and is so deep in emotion as it really shows Adam's relationship with Jane. Also, there is a great variation of instruments used in 'This Love' which adds to the creativity and awesomeness in this song. Well done Maroon 5.

This has to be the most iconic song M5 has. I have loved it since I was very young. Out of the entire Songs About Jane album (if not more), this has to be the most recognizable and one of the greatest songs they have came out with. This love with Maroon 5 has taken its toll on me, but I wont say goodbye... Anymore? Oh, I'm just not as good as them. But I love this song! I sang it to my mother when I was trying to tell her what CD I wanted... My first CD.

Maroon 5 at their finest. Great vocals and a great beat make this song not only one of the best Maroon 5 singles but also one of the best songs music can offer. Not to mention the many high quality renditions this tune has.
Overall, fantastic work! A classic, no doubt!

One of my favourite songs of all time. Only second to She Will Be Loved on Songs About Jane. Showcases the band's original sound before they headed in a more pop direction. Dedicated this song to my ex girlfriend.

3 Payphone

I'm at a payphone trying to call home, all of my change I spent on you, where have the times gone, baby it's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two? If happy ever afters did exist, I would still be holding you like this, all those fairy tales are full of sing love song, I'll be sick

aah so satisfying, catchy, good, and not to mention it has meaning. The first time I listened to I was like... "woah" maroon 5 is getting better and better. Wiz khalifa also adds a nice rap twist into it, creating an epic break-up song. I know it's new but this song is better than Moves Like Jagger. Like seriously, that's like the only maroon 5 song I hate.

I love the song, Love the lyrics, Enjoy the music Video as its borderline funny while being a semi serious message too. Also Why would those Cops sudden turn against Adam when he fought back against the robbers.. what did he do wrong!

He wrote this about his relationship with Anne V and it couldn't be more beautiful. It is upbeat and thrilling, signifying how exciting their love was while it lasted, juxtaposing it to their sad ending. Very few sad songs are upbeat. This is very special.

Some of the best lyrics you'll ever find, a great beat, and a very cool melody. I love this song, and could listen to it all day. Adam has a great voice, and really makes this song, one of the best from Maroon 5, though She Will Be Loved isn't bad either.

4 Moves Like Jagger

The song is amazing that would easily catch the attention of many people. The beat of the song is catchy, the lyrics are seductive to listen to and Adam Levine's voice makes the song complete and perfected. To make it better, Christina's voice grounds it with the near-ending climax of the song. Moves Like Jagger is a very addicting song.

I am a huge maroon 5 fan... I love most of their songs but this song is my favourite by far. I love the way it is sung with or without christina. The tune is brings the smile to my face, and makes my shake it and show my moves like jagger. I've got them moves like jagger!

No doubt about it: Moves Like Jagger tops all the others off. The beat is awesome and I love the part where it goes 'And it goes like this. ' I am disappointed that this isn't number one. It really is the best, and you know it.

Moves Like Jagger is an amazing song... I was in love with it the first time that I'd heard it. The vocals in it are amazing, and Christina's collaboration in it it's magical! The remix including Mac is also good.

5 One More Night

I play a volien and can play one more night. This song rocks and pAyphone. Also moves like a jagger. But this is my favorite song one more night. Adum leave you rock I think your very cute and sexes. I want to marry you. I love your tattoos they make me smile. Peace out! I love you maybe we can go on a date someday. Your my favorite band!

This vote is so close between Daylight, and Payphone, yet One More Night gets the vote, the words are so amazing, and he is so convincing when he sings them. I wait to hear Maroon 5 on the radio switching stations till I find them. I love that voice.

I somehow feel addicted to this song. It has been on my playlist since the time of its release. Definitely falls in my top two all time favourite song by m5, the other being 'payphone'. And the video was disgustingly good. It got me hooked.

! This song has got to be in number 4! Adam Levine's beautiful voice tops it with the catchy tune. This has gotta be there best song!

6 Misery

This song should be top 2. Either in front of or after She Will Be Loved. Either way, I don't understand why Payphone and Moves Like Jagger are in the top 3. They are just pop hits, and don't have much meaning in them, at least not as much as some of Maroon 5's other songs, like This Love, or like Won't Go Home Without You.

This song is great when my friend play it in his phone then I said I like that song can you play it again then I download it on my phone then I always play that song for several times I really like this song maybe "Misery" is in first haha just joking!

This song is really talking about Adam Levine getting his life hurt and broken up with his girlfriend and he must've felt hurt in his music video and its hilarious and weird. VOTE.

This song is so awesome because it uses computer generated sounds, but still makes it sound good. Maroon five is probably my favorite band in all of pop culture, even though they aren't really pop

7 Harder to Breathe

Good god. 12. Why do people have such horrible taste in music? 3 songs above this one are horrible (the ones I have actually heard) One More Night wasnt that bad, She Will Be Loved was soft and kinda boring, Payphone is TERRIBLE. And Daylight is so boring. But this was amazing, very funky like Maroon 5 songs should be, and rock driven.

Best song ever. To be honest I had almost forgot about it but hen I heard it come on the T. V and then I remembered just how me and my twin sister used to love this song. Can't get it out of my head and could listen to it over and over.

Harder to breath is a great rock break-up song. Adam's voice is great and hits every note perfectly. The lyrics describe an intense break-up just like one should be. The guitar really rocks the awesome beat. This is a beast song.

This song is amazing. With the guitar and vocals. Maroon 5 at their best! It takes its roots back to rock unlike the pop stuff they do now

8 Won't Go Home Without You

Great song that reminds you that there is always a chance for redemption, even when you f-up. Good vocals, melody is strong, instrumentals are smooth. Maroon 5 is one of the best bands of this generation without a doubt.

The video is so sad I heard the name of the song, and I knew it would be great! Absolutely brilliant, hands down, maroon 5's best song! And that's a big deal, because they've got a lot of great songs! I adam

Maroon 5 has a lot of great songs but the truth and emotion in these lyrics combined with an amazing instrumental that mirrors the greatness of The Police has to make this the best song by them.

This song and "She Will Be Loved" are Maroon 5's best. Can't believe anything post-"Moves Like Jagger" is ranked above this! People need to listen to more old Maroon 5 along with their newer songs.

9 Sunday Morning

This song has such great vocals, beat, and lyrics. Sunday Morning just has a vibe that makes me happy. It shows what love can do and how people are longing for great times w/ lovers. Adam also hits great notes that are perfect with the beat.
P.S. to all the people saying that I miss the old Maroon 5, this song and also Moves Like Jagger (With Christina Agulara) & Payphone (With Wiz Khalifa) are boss songs. They both showcase talent of Maroon 5!

This song is amazing, it helped me through a relationship. It showed me that times get tough, but that I need to remember the good in the relationship and not the bad. It focuses on the little things of the relationship: fighting over covers, waking up next to the one you love, it's their best song.

Excuse me, how is this song only #8? The lyrics and melody are so catchy, and it has this jazzy blues feeling to it. This is a CLASSIC Maroon 5 song, and yet I see that Payphone is #2? Don't get me wrong I love Payphone too but Sunday Morning deserves an even higher ranking.

Amazing song! I love the tune of this song and quality and richness of adams voice. One of the best songs by maroon 5. Tops all other songs I have heard. It was released a long time ago and is still popular. Should definitely be in the top 3. Best hit by maroon 5.

10 Animals

This is a new song, just watch it creep up this list. Massive shame if it won't. This is the best maroon 5 song I have ever heard. INCREDIBLE. Even at the start the lyrics kick in. Incredible song, works VERY well with the lyrics, just KILLS. 34th is too low WAY too low. I hope when people are reading this it is higher.

When I came to the list, I was hoping to see it at the top. But it's this low, it's a shame! This is a new song. He might sound like a stalker, but the lyrics are beautiful in their own way. As for the music and tuning... Well, it's THE maroon 5, of course its awesome and kickass. Maroon 5 all the way!

What is wrong with you people seriously #11 It should be top 5. This song made me fall on love with Maroon 5. My fan girling started with this song since this song came out, I can't stop saying I love maroon 5! I love maroon 5! But mostly Adam Levine!

Even though this song and it's video is kind of creepy, it has a great and catchy chorus, a great guitar part and a good beat, along with being unique for being so dark sounding.

The Contenders
11 Maps

This song should be #1, or at least in the top 5. I've heard this song over a thousand times (more than any song I've ever heard) and I"m still not tired of it. It's just so enticing and touching. Great lyrics and amazing tune. A great song for whatever mood you're in. I really hope this song goes way up the chart.

Well, in my opinion, this song should be second after animals. Its just so catchy! When I heard it for the first time, I kept singing it for days, and I still am. It's lyrics also are kinda cool, and the "map that leads to you-u" part is just so cute! Love yah maroon 5!

I know this one a kinda predictable in some ways but I do not care. the way the song flows and goes into the chorus is brilliant and awesome and I love this song a lot for how fun it is to listen to and jam to while walking or in a vehicle its just a likeable song

My favorite song, hopefully will be in top 5 once its been out longer. Deserves better than current place. Very catchy and also can be a little relatable, which is nice.

12 Makes Me Wonder

This is the first song of Maroon 5 (now my favourite band) I've listened to! This is the song which turns me to become a Marooner! Just listen to this song, you can't resist tapping your feet down the ground, I'm that sure! I still love this song so much! This song is meant to be in top5 as it is listed so low! The song is so perfect! Drums, percussions, lead-rhythm-bass guitars, keyboards, arrangements are at best! My other picks are- Nothing Lasts Forever, Shiver, Give A Little More, Wake Up Call, It Was Always You, Sunday Morning, Just A Feeling, Tangled, She Will Be Loved, Maps, Animals, One More Night, Daylight, Lucky Strike, Wipe Your Eyes, Wasted Years, I Won't Go Home Without You, The Sun, Through With You & Payphone! But I chose this masterpiece! This song always "MAKES ME WONDER" 🎶

Well, the video makes absolutely no sense but the vocals are awesome. I tried doing this for a talent show belive me everyone loved it! It's got such good vocals and I love the tune. I could listen all day and still not get sick of it. Singing this is an ultimate test and sounds awesome! Go ADAM!

Probably one of the best songs ever. So upbeat and the beat makes me want to dance! I hope Maroon 5 keeps making songs like these.

Can't believe this is on Number 13. This should be No. 1. Most epic song by M5! Good lyrics AND Good tune. Awesome song by one of my favorite bands!

13 Wake Up Call

I think this song should be on the top 5. The music is very entertaining and full of emotions. Who agree with me, hands up!

What the hell! This song should trade rankins with misery! In this song Adam kills the cheater who cheated with her girlfriend

I think people should get the lyrics of this song, otherwise it would not be at number 10.

This song should at least be in the top 5 its one of their best works and Harder to breathe too. Its original M5 wich I enjoyed not this bubble gum pop M5 we have now

14 Love Somebody

Payphone, one more night, maps, Animals, in your pocket, feelings, moves like jagger, daylight, SHOOT LOVE, and love somebody should all be at the Top 10. But people just don't know how to vote seriously.

Very emotional, very relate-able, I feel like it should be in the top ten for sure. Also certainly one of the best from Overexposed. Oh well.

I really want this song to be higher, I listen to it every single day. #1? It's close to there but we can make it all the way, make it all the wa-a-ay!

This song deserves to be at third position! Awesome voice modulation, epic lyrics, a must for a music lover!
Give it a try people..!

15 Daylight

Every Maroon 5 album has that one song that attempts to be the peaceful, slower, down to earth song that intends to speak to you.
Songs About Jane has She Will Be Loved.
It Won't Be Soon Before Long has Won't Go Home Without You.
Hands All Over has Out Of Goodbyes.
This album has Daylight, which I think actually breaks the mold. I think it has a lot of heart and depth put into it, unlike something like My Heart Is Open.

This is an awesome song and deserves to be in top ten. This song is very important to me and reminds me of the best night of my life. I love this song and strongly feel for this song. Maroon 5, awesome job with daylight!

Guys this song should be 1 or at least no. 2
It has the lyrics which brings your feelings back to life. If you haven't heard this song yet, it's about the emission, the feelings you would have when you have to leave the person you love the most for a long time, doesn't matters who they r the lyrics fits to any personers you love (except one line) and in the end of the song you can hear sound of a closing door which PERFECTLY ends this song and might give you goosebumps

This song touched me so deeply. It's a fantastic song, his voice is amazing. And It was my favourite song from the first time I heard it.

16 Never Gonna Leave This Bed

This is SUCH an amazing song! Not only are the vocals and lyrics incredible, but it also has an amazing bass pattern. It's been my favorite song of all time ever for the past year. I can't think of a better artist than Adam Levine that could pull of the high notes, Mickey was awesome with bass, Jesse has amazing keyboard as always and Matt and James were on point (like always too). This song is one of the many many reasons M5 is so amazing!

Somehow I never heard this song until the Pandemic was around and in the summer of 2020 I discovered this amazing hidden Gem of a song and I've listen to it so many times since becuase its got so much in it that I enjoy it sounds great, chorus is fun and it gets you moving around too. Adam's Voice is great with it too. Only this I wish is this song got more overall attention from the radio or internet.

Top 5 rare you crazy it should be in top 3 this song is amazing! This is the song that made me love MAROON 5, vote for this song people! And how can harder to breath be better than this songs :S or even makes me wonder :S you'll make me wonder by voting that song so people vote for this song!

Adam said this song was his favorite, due to the melodic vocals and innocent, desperate lyrics- and come on guys! Can you blame him? As much as I love other songs like She Will Be Loved and One More Night, this song will forever be carved in my heart as my personal favorite...

17 Must Get Out

The awesome one! Best maroon 5 slow song ever...
It kills me when he sings " This is not good bye she said, it's just time for me rest my head"..
Its just so attached to my love, the girl who ditched me is always the same, Maroon defines in their songs..
Way to go Maroons, and thanks to you Adam for your such god gifted heart drilling voice...

Words cannot express how much I adore this song! Goodness. The chorus just killed it. My itunes count says that I've played this for 46 times haha This city's made us crazy and we must get out. I love their slow songs but this one's the best

All the Songs About Jane Songs should be in the top 10, but this is by far their greatest song ever. Newer songs like Moves Like Jagger and Payphone don't capture the same emotion as Must Get Out.

This is by far their best song. A catchy chorus and heartfelt lyrics beat Payphone and Moves Like Jagger by far.

18 Shiver

Possibly the best maroon 5 solo ever. Better than anything else in their discography

Great song! It's understandable why it's in 41st place, though.

Great song, so catchy.

19 Sugar

It may not their there best (my favorite is Pay Phone), but it's the one that most deserves to be ranked higher. I mean it made it in the 1B+ club on YouTube come on!

People have a need to vote for whatever's oldest because sentimentally they like it the most, don't get me wrong, their old songs are so good. but best song wise, sugar hands down tops them all

This song is great! I believe more votes can upgrade the rank... because I think most of people love this song!

Great song, over 1.7 million views on YouTube. Throughout the whole song I witnessed beautiful voice of Adam Levine!

20 Give a Little More

This music is amazing. Maybe one of their best music. But the their best video music/ music is she will be loved of course. Moves like jagger is good too. I saw their perfomance on Rock in Rio Lisboa yesterday, it was their first time in Portugal and the concert was amazing.

This song is a total eargasm! First song in forever that just really makes me want to dance. Misery is a close 2nd. Most of the better ones are ranked near the bottom.

Like the "rive" of this song. It really gets you up and moving. Adam Levine's voice is superb on this vocal.

21 Through with You

This song is so real to me. Makes me think a lot about myself in relationships and how hard it must be sometimes to be with me.

So deep and dark. These is how all Maroon 5 songs should look like.

By far the best

22 Stutter

My god this song is incredible. Underrated, but so damn beautiful, so catchy, so sincere - it has that rare quality of being something you can feel deeply, and also something you can hear casually. Jeez, this should 100% be top 10 - no, scratch that, top 5! 10/10, Maroon 5!

This song should be 5 instead of 15, everyone needs to vote this song up to the Top 10! I mean seriously this song is awesome with just listening to it one time you'll fall in love with it

For all of you that have only heard the mainstream Maroon 5, you have to listen to this song! It's super underrated! Absolutely AMAZING SONG!

This song is unbelievably catchy! How is it not in the top ten?

23 If I Never See Your Face Again

Rihanna and Maroon 5 melded very well on this song.
The chorus is great, and the bass makes me dance.

This song has catchy lyrics and amazing music. It should be in top 5.

An awesome combination yu could think of! Rihanna and Adam...

Great song! The bass was so cool!

24 Back at Your Door

I've listened to Maroon 5 for roughly a year before discovering this song and I was having a hard time to fully grasp how they were able to write this distinct and "vintage sounding" masterpiece. From the noticeably moving melody and vocals to the more subtle sounds of the band and orchestra, this takes you to the core of a desperate and broken man's atmosphere. As to why it hasn't been recognized as much as shallow catchy tunes like Love Somebody? I will never know.

The melody to this song is amazing. It's an absolutely beautiful maroon 5 song. Super underrated, try listening to it!

This song is one of Maroon 5's least popular songs, but by far one of the most beautiful.

Actually the most beautiful maroon 5's song. It's so underrated. My mom loves maroon 5 and she also says this song makes her hert warm:'

25 Lucky Strike

! Come on people! The music in this song is so great. You need to listen to it and then vote this song the best. How can you not? Lets take this song to the top!
It rocks
Can't get it out of my head
It so god!

You got me so high and then you dropped me! Love that song. It's not that popular but we could make it. Such a cool up beat sound and rare to find in the radio. Really awesome!

Guys - this song should be top 10, without a doubt. Have you HEARD it? That bass, those drums, and those incredible vocals. This song was my JAM for so long.

How can this no be in the top 3? Its awesome! Your such a motivate got to get ya away so sick of saying yes sir yes sr. Ya such an instigator gotta play the game saying that's her that her

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