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1 Two is Better Than One

I have to thank youtube recommendations for finding me this amazing song 3 months ago, and the first thing I asked myself after the song was over for the first time, "why haven't I been listening to this all this time". People reading this - recommend this song to all your friends, do your part - spread the talent.

I so love The Great Escape but this song has a lot of feels in it especially when Taylor started singing. It's just...different. Very beautiful that sometimes I don't wanna listen to it because I'll definitely end up crying at some point because of memories. And seeing so many good Boys Like Girls' songs here, I'll absolutely binge watching YT music videos to them!

2 Thunder

This is the best song ever had had I ever heard from them. This was officailly the first song the band had ever made and sang together. The song really smoothens the mood every time I play it and it is really fun to sing along with as the lyrics are quite fascinating. They way they sing the song is really awesome. This should be on top on number 1

One of the best songs by boys like girls.. I don't know why this song is not on the top.. This is the absolute greatest song ever by Boys like Girls. The song has such great passion and if you look up the music video competitions for it on youtube there are some truly great interpreation of the songs., overall I absolutely I love it

3 Love Drunk

This song is just plain awesome. Is there any other way to describe it. Pure love Can you ever not love Martin Johnson and Boys Like Girls. Especially with Ashley as well. Both of them together is heaven. I'm in love.

This is the best song ever. I can listen to this over and over again and never get tired of it. All of their songs are amazing and all of the lyrics are really good and inspiring.

Love this song so much It's awesome! "I used to be love drunk but now I'm hungover love you forever... But now it's over! " Best chorus in a song ever! Very meaningful song.

4 The Great Escape

Awesome song and very inspirational for me... I love the chorus-it's amazing-and I'm just speechless about the lyrics... The lead singer is awesome and has a really beautiful voice and his pronounciation of the words is very good because some bands have vocals who say the words some way that cannot be understood unlike Boys Like Girls... God, I'm lovin' this band... Keep rocking' Boys Like Girls

Oh come on dudes, we all know this song deserve to be in the top spot, the chorus... Is just perfect just like pizza and fries, the way the vocalist sing it, the drums, guitars, and the lyrics are good and catchy, this is a type of song that can make you rip open a couch and eat it...

5 Be Your Everything

Out of all the songs that they have made this I think is the best that they have made. I know that they have made a lot of really good songs but I feel that this one is the best. I ecspecially the part of the chorus were they sing: ill be your shelter, ill be your storm, ill make you shiver, ill keep you warm what ever wether well baby I'm yours, ill be your forever ill be your fling, baby ill be your everything.

The best songs ever by boys like girls... Amazed that it did not topped the list... It Kills all other songs in the list. This is the best... Everyone should at least give it a ear. You just cannot help loving this song! Then come back and vote it up!

6 Hero/Heroine

Most romantic love song out there. Taylor Swift said this is her most fave too. The lyrics, Martin's voice and everything... it is so pure... I would like this song to be played in my wedding, seriously... vote for this!

Love this song! Most romantic and heart-touching lyrics!
Be sure to vote for this one as it definitely shows the song-writing talents of this sensational band!

Lyrics are so sweet, and the whole tone of the song is awesome. "Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin? "
No one can deny that Martin's voice is so angelic and pretty

7 Heart Heart Heartbreak

This is one of their best songs! I can't believe it's lower than Hero/Heroine! This deserves to be so much further up!

8 Five Minutes to Midnight

Everyone should at least give it a ear. You just cannot help loving this song! Then come back and vote it up!

This and The Great Escape are the best songs they've ever released.

Last night I listened to this song nine times straight lo0o0o0ve it!

9 She's Got a Boyfriend Now

Brilliant song... Definitely one of Boys Like Girls best, the music is awesome and the chorus comes with a bottle of adrenaline, Must hear and MUST VOTE

10 Heels Over Head

Best song ever BLG are amazing for making this one. Thank you martin, Paul, john and brain for being boys like girls.

The vocals are beautiful and it's so catchy. It's fun, too.

How the hell is this song not in the top 3?

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11 Chemicals Collide

How is this song not on here yet? I LOVE IT!

12 On Top of the World
13 Contagious
14 Crazy World
15 Learning to Fall
16 Leaving California
17 Stuck In the Middle

You're just like sitting on a lazy sunday afternoon and surfing through new Boys Like Girls songs on youtube. And in the middle of boggling your head over differential calculus, THIS SONG starts playing. And suddenly, there are goosebumps on my hand and there's chills running down my spine, and somehow, at that moment, my entire universe snaps back into focus. That moment. That song. That feeling. BOYS LIKE GIRLS.

WOW! I was listening to Crazy World (album), and this song really caught my attention. I feel like I'm talking to my ex, who recently broke up with me, and I'm trying to explain to her that someday we'll wind up back together.

18 Up Against the Wall

The BEST song I have heard from them. The chorus is so raw. It shows how truly helpless someone can feel when they get played in a relationship. Even after this person broke his heart, he still "can't deny [their] eyes." This person ruined him, and he's powerless. His heart is shattered. He was betrayed. This song shows vulnerability in love. This song is so underrated and really deserves to be higher up. I've yet to find another song that captures this concept so well.

This in my opinion is their best song! It deese raves to be number 1., funny story how I found this song. My gym teacher would always plays music while we run and do our warm ups an this was playing

19 Holiday
20 The Only Way That I Know How to Feel

This song really tells you how you fee. Went straight to my head when I heard it. Just amazing!

21 Someone Like You
22 Go

Come on! This song is so meaningful and sweet! It's super touching also! Vote this one up!

This song is so touching. Listen to it. The instrumentals are nice too! A different feel to boys like girls! :) enjoy!

23 Dance Hall Drug

Amazing song of an amazing album (the first album I ever owned) and why is two is better then one at 1 it's the only B.L. G song I don't like!

This was one of the first songs I ever heard by them and I think that it should be higher up. But that's just what I think.

This song is amazing! Why isn't this up in the top 10?

24 The First One

Why isn't this included? This song is

25 I Lied
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