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1 The A Team The A Team Cover Art

Just Amazing... Well written songs... Wonderful Lyric... Deep Feelings felt... Heart touching words... Touched my soul with this song... This is one of the greatest songs I've heard so far for a long time... Thanks that there are still singers who sang meaningful song these days... And belive me.. There are so few... So congratulation... Wish you all the best inthe future continue with the great work yu are doing...

What a beautiful The video made my eyes water the first time I saw it. I love this song. Whats even better is how realistic it is. Most songs nowadays just degrade women and talk about crap. This song describes stuff that happens everyday. It's so sad, the video is very sad. Ed Sheeran is a very talented man.

I love this song so much it's the song That just makes you think about life so much more. Like the song just says so much And talks about all the struggles that maybe a person is also going throw I just adore the song and I will never forget it because it's about something other then all these other artists that just sing about things that don't even make sense thank, god for Ed sheeran.

It showed the best out of Ed Sheeran. The song is amazing and he sang it with a lot of emotions. When I heard the song, I could literally feel the emotions he was feeling. Also, the tune was very slow and perfect for the lyrics. The song is just so indescribable. It's like my favorite slow song.

2 Thinking Out Loud Thinking Out Loud Cover Art

Ed is such an amazing talent. I am so glad that I have lived long enough to enjoy such a gifted artist. His lyrics are not only thought provoking but can carry you right into the story and can touch the lives of so many that can see themselves as a person that has been involved in many of the story lines. Thinking Out Loud has a special meaning to be since I am 70 and I have lived through everything the song is about. I hope all of you can live as long and 1 day look back on this song and have it bring out the same type emotions I feel when I listen to it.

I am 71 and have collected all kinds of music since the mid fifties, many recordings which I still have. I count many love songs among my favorites. This is perhaps the best I have ever heard which has completely amazed me for two reasons; hearing it so late in my life and coming from such a young man. Thank you Ed Sheehan for this wonderful gift. Love truly is evergreen.

This song does NOT deserve such a position! What the hell is wrong with the people out here?! This song, sung by this phenomenal man just took my breath away! Ed Sheeran sings songs that make sense and really make you FEEL. I love him. This deserves to be in the top 5. Voters, PLEASE vote!

I always look forward to hearing a song by Ed Sheeran because I know it will be inventive, will have outstanding lyrics, be sung well, and will be honest and heartfelt. I also really like that Ed doesn't have to resort to profanity or anything like that. If you are truly talented, you can just speak from your heart.

3 Lego House Lego House Cover Art

Lego House is far better than A Team. It's lyrically superior and just down right beautiful to listen to because of the depth of the emotion in Ed's voice. I fell in love with this song more and more when I hear and I now I put on repeat. The sentiments in the song are utterly heart melting. The things ed's voice does to me. My other favorite that's not on here is sunburn, such a brilliant song.

I am OBSESSED with this song! It's just a bit better than a few f the other songs in my opinion, and my friends and I find certain lyrics rather funny. The video (ft. Rupert Grint) is also pretty cool. The emotions in the song are beautiful if you listen and Ed just sounds amazing. It's such an amazing song, it melts my heart and I can never just listen to it once! I assure you, if you like Ed Sheeran, YOU WILL CHERISH THIS SONG. To me, it's nearly sacred.

It's such a cute and heart warming song. Not only is it sand by the completely adorable Ed Sheeran, but the video includes the completely adorable Rupert Grint! This was a dream come true because I am a CRAZY Ed Sheeran fan but also a HUGE Potterhead. The song in my opinion, is definitely, Mr Sheeran's best work. *. *

This song is better than The A Team & Give Me Love. The A Team might be too dark for first-time listeners, and Give Me Love is a bit too long as a song with a length of 8 mins. Lego House is just right and Ed Sheeran does a fantastic job in this song in all aspects.

4 Give Me Love Give Me Love Cover Art

The sound of this song alone is already a reason to regard it as one of the most beautiful songs ever written. On examination of the lyrics and their deeper meaning, the listener feels his desperation and desires, through both wordplay and vocal power. The song relaxes me, filling me with a rather juxtaposing sense of both happiness and melancholy. Ed Sheeran himself has said that this is one of his favourites to perform, demonstrated by the passion in his voice and his repetitive lyrics signalling his desire for the song to continue indefinitely rather than ending.

I honestly believe that this song trumps the A Team in every way. Give Me Love is a more classic Ed Sheeran song, as it has some ballad elements and simple but elegant lyrics about loving someone and wanting to be loved. His vocals are on point and the rhythm of the song is captivating, and the structure and buildup of it is phenomenal. This is by far my favorite song from one of my favorite and most respected music artists.

His voice is so desperately wanting in the song, and you can really experience the pain behind the repeated words 'Give me love'. You start to get entrapped in his hoarse, raw voice and start to want to be loved as well. It's not one of those songs which you have to be in a mood to listen- it PUTS you IN the mood of heartwrenching dedication, grueling desperation, and utter want for love. Favorite song of his, absolutely a must on your playlist

I think its abut everyonen awesome but everyone of hid songs arefreaky awesome and you can tell that he loves to sing. He shows so much compassion and puts his heart and soul into each and everone of them. I have ask god to please please let me see him sing in person just one time in my life before I die. I pray and pray and pray that I will get to. Ieveryone of his song moves me in away I can't describe. I only love one other singer in world that touch me in same way that was conway twitty.

5 Photograph Photograph Cover Art

This song should seriously be in the top 3 list. It's so touching and the tune makes you cry for no reason. And don't forget the lyrics "so you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans... For me to come home" this reminds me of my current relationship and how it's slowly coming to an end and we finally end up in each other's memories and hurt in the inside and crying behind our backs:, ( I love you Ed Sheeran

I think that this song may not be his best lyrically, 'cause the a team, I see fire and autumn leaves are way too good, but in terms of the composition and feels, photograph excels. it actually tugs at heartstrings and though I've never been in such a relationship, I can relate to it by juxtaposing it with fictional relationships. this one will never be forgotten and will pass the test time, I hope..

This song is so amazing because it explains that when you love someone, no matter how far they are they will always be in your heart and you will always remember them, even if they can't be with you time will never erase your memories and that's what you can hold on to when you miss them and you feel like you can't bear it anymore.

Photograph by Ed Sheren made me cry because it reminds me of my older brother who is far away. On the part that is says "wait for me to come home..." I cried because my older brother is coming home next month in August and I can't wait for him to come home. by the way I am 9 and my brother is 20 but my brother is fun he gets me a lot and he is the best.

6 Castle on the Hill Castle on the Hill Cover Art

Who thought that this deserved to be the 14th best song Ed Sheeran has made. Literally 2% of all Sheerios think that this deserves to be the best of all time. Wow. This song is upbeat, but it is not about love or getting back at someone. It's about enjoying your childhood and reflecting on the great times you have with your friends. If you think about your own lives you will tear up like I did.

My personal favourite of all Ed's songs bringing back happy memories of carefree days spent with my mates as a youngster growing up in the sixties and seventies. Some of those friends have sadly since passed on but that just makes this song and the memories it evokes even more poignant to me. Thanks Ed. You are a great songwriter.

While I am a fan of Ed Sheeran's sad songs, there is nothing like Castle on a Hill. It is his most dynamic song. You can listen to it with a smile or a frown on your face. This song grows with time, which is why it's his best song. As you get older, you will have more and more to reminisce upon.

The imagery of the sweet perfume of the mountain grass reminds me of vacations I spent in the Swiss mountains, and it makes me cry every time. Maybe I have a prejudice based on memories from when I was younger, but I sure as heck can still vote for it. This song is amazing.

7 I See Fire I See Fire Cover Art

Ed Sheeran, like every other pop star of this era, absolutely sucks. Every single one of his songs are only ever about love, making his music unimaginative and unoriginal, just like every single other pop artist. I mean seriously, doesn't anyone ever get tired of listening to the exact same subject for every single song they ever listen to? But with I see fire, Ed was given the chance to write about an extremely good topic, one a hundred times better then a love song, so inevitably, he'll come up with a pretty good song. A song about middle earth will be better then a love song any day. I do, however, deeply regret that a poor quality pop artist was chosen to write a song about the greatest fantasy story ever, while there are so many other amazing artists who deserved to put a song on the end credits of the Hobbit way more the Ed, there are a whole lot of other artists who would have made a much better middle earth song then Ed.

In every movie you always think: ugh the credits. Then you walk away or shut off the movie. But the people who stay get to listen to some of these amazing songs. This is an example of one of those songs. This song is beautiful, amazing, and definitely belongs with the movie. Honestly if I didn't listen to this song would've never discovered Ed Sheeran and all of his amazing songs. But this one will be my favorite.

"I See Fire" is a song in the credits of one of my favorite movies. Who wouldn't sit down and listen to this beautiful song. Their really is something about that song that's amazing. It just me feel someway that I can't explain. It will always be one of of my favorite songs and should be played on the radio. It really should be at the top of the list.

This song is just amazing, it captures the wonder of the movies that keeps people coming back, and with the guitar and violin paired with the haunting rawness of his voice, it definitely demonstrates the feeling of the situation of Smaug in the movie. It also reminds me of why I love The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

8 Shape of You Shape of You Cover Art

Not a bad song, but compared to Don't, Photograph, The A Team, Thinking Out Loud and Supermarket Flowers (My favorites), It doesn't stand a chance.

Seriously no.23? This was one of the top most song for more than 20 weeks...This was one of the best song I ever heard..Great lyrics, awesome music!

This song is the most overrated from the new album. Castle on the Hill has better lyrics and its just way better.

This song is incredible. It is such a shame that Stormzy didn't actually surprise the people, he ruined this song. Stormzy utterly ruined it, and now I am so mad...

9 Don't Don't Cover Art

My all time favorite song out of a long list of favorites by Ed Sheeran. He has the ability to make sure that you have to stop and listen to the words of any song he sings. I love many different types of music but he is my favorite artist right now. Don't is the epitome of how I felt at the end of a bad relationship. It may be personalized to him but it has the ability to be relatable to the "I was cheated on" situation. Please vote Debby R.

This song is one of the Ed Sheeran songs I like. This is EASILY my favorite Ed Sheeran song. I don't see why this is at 12. I really like Sing too, which used this same style. I hope he takes his music in a direction more like Don't and Sing, but also keep some of the more slow, heartfelt songs.

I don't understand how this got rated lower than the others! This is one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard! This song is one of the best it deserves to be at least top three. I love it so much it is my second favorite song of ed sheeran, it is so awesome. Please vote for this song.

Guaranteed to be top soon. This song has a catchy beat, Ed's irresistible accent and a lot of emotion displayed. It tells such a sad story about a relationship that went wrong because of loss of commitment.
Best song ever by Ed Sheeran.

10 Drunk Drunk Cover Art

Actually, Ed is too awesome for me to pick just one song, so I have my top 3: Drunk, You Need Me, I Don't Need You and Give Me Love. I voted this one because it was the lowest on the list - it should definitely be higher!

Love this song mix of singing and rap and has such a great beat, and sticks in your head and you can link with it, and relate it back to your own life. The video combines seriousness and humor. My favorite ed sheeran song

This song is for broken hearted people that hungers for love.. They let drinking and other bad habits entertain them to forget the feeling of not being loved for a while.. It's a great song

It is a perfect mix of fast and slow and has a feel good vibe attached to it. I love this song! I keep waiting for this song to come in my playlist. Favorite.

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11 Everything Has Changed Everything Has Changed Cover Art

Such a nice catchy melody. It's calm nice and beautiful. Best song! Love you ed

Without Ed Sheeran this song will not be a hit.

This song is just beautiful. Two amazing singers, wonderful work

He has a great Voice. I like him

12 Kiss Me Kiss Me Cover Art

This song makes think of that special person and makes me feel all of those crazy emotions that come with it. His voice goes from soft and beautiful to more rough and powerful and back to a sweet falsetto. The pure talent in his singing in combination with amazing lyrics... I get chills every time.

I vote for this song because it has so much feelings, emotions, lyrics are beautiful and song is really passionate... I think this song is the best Sheeran's song along with Give me Love. I'm really glad that I discover Ed Sheeran because his songs are different than other popular today songs.

It was the 1st song I fell in love with from Ed Sheeran, not only can I sing this song days on end but it always has a meaning to me when I listen to it. Kiss Me is my ultimate favorite song - I always end up singing along to the song & I can recognize it real quick if I where to ear it, love love love.

It's a song filled with a passion only true love can experience, no matter the age of the person. A kiss completes the feeling of love to its fullest which lingers in the mind and heart of the one giving the kiss and the receiver of the kiss. It leaves an impression that can't be removed!

13 Perfect Perfect Cover Art

Why I hate music criticism nowadays: beautiful songs such as this are crushed to pieces by being on the same album as an overrated #1 hit, I.e Shape of you. This also happened to Beyoncé (Formation) and Ed with his previous album, all you heard was Thinking Out Loud when every other song on the album was better. Same with this one with Shape Of You, and the album Is hate for that one song. Fair? I think not. This also attracts hate towards the artist for a few amount of songs being overrated and overplayed. Rant over

The title speaks for itself. The sound of the violin is pretty and soothing. This will be my future wedding song. It's also a hit from the heart and it tugs mine and other people's heartstrings. It's one of those songs that gets stuck in my head. It's just very catchy and pretty meaningful lyrics. The song is also romantic. It's a song that makes girls want to swoon. It's a beautiful sweet love song.

The violin is pretty in the background. This will be my wedding song. The title speaks for itself. This song makes me have the feels. It tugs my heartstrings and it's a hit from the heart. The song also gets stuck in my head. The lyrics are simple and meaningful and easy to remember. It also touches my heart and I love his honey coated soothing voice.

Woah, woah, woah, WOAH! I think the word I would describe it is BORING! I liked it at first but then when it started playing a million times, I was like, hail nah. But on the other hand, there are a lot of overplayed songs so...

14 You Need Me, I Don't Need You You Need Me, I Don't Need You Cover Art

This song is just amazing! I know it isn't like the usual Ed Sheeran's sad and slow songs, but the talent he shows in this one deserves more than just number 8! Amazing rhythm and speed when he gets to the last verses, vote!

If any of you think Ed doesn't sing fast, think again! This song is very up beat and is really fun to sing along with. The lyrics are amazing and I can't stop listening to it! It's very trendy, it's worth the money if you purchase it on iTunes

Polysyllabic rhyming, the rapping is good, how can the record people say he is a bad rapper? He reminds me of a British white male Lauryn Hill, great voice, can rap. One of the best British rap songs in my opinion.

This is an amazing song by Ed Sheeran. I really think it's his best and personally, I love his lyrics, they have some serious aspects and he puts them together so rhythmically!

15 Sing Sing Cover Art

The first song I have heard of Eds... actually of all things when he played it on Britain's Got Talent & it immediately caught me & stayed in my head... not that I usually like this sort of "soft artist". I am now listening to both his albums + and x and appreciate his young and fresh talent.

I can't help but dance around to it. I don't even like pop music, but the guitar is so funky and his voice sounds great up high.

Great song. I love the different type of techniques used in the music and beats. simply awesome!

This song is the best song in the world! Ed Sheeran rocks plus my mum is going to see Edy boy next month.

16 Cold Coffee Cold Coffee Cover Art

This is just one of the most authentic songs I've ever heard. Even from the first time I heard this song, I felt that special "warmth" that Ed's songs give. Really love how his acoustic style can give so much peace to your mind yet overpower you with an urgency that stirs your blood with so many colors and emotions. Like each note doesn't strike as simply a note, but rather a shade, a feeling, a comfort. His songwriting is very accessible and that's what I find very enjoyable, the realism and connection that is in his voice and music.

This is my absolute favorite song. The feels for this song is too real. The emotion that Ed pours into this song is felt throughout the speaker. Singing about pleading for a way to try to save a relationship, asking is counterpart what he can do to make her happy and love him again "tell me how to fall in love the way you want me too." This song so under appreciated but although this being a rather sad sing I can't help but feel butterflies every single time I play it. This song should have definitely been top five on this list.

I believe this is Ed's best composition. Great Lyrics and commercial music that pleases the ear. Great easy listening to harmonic progressions!

I can't go about my day without listening to this songs twice in a row. Although it's a number 13, it deserves to be in the top five. Truly AMAZING song. :) Its very calming and relaxing too

17 Autumn Leaves Autumn Leaves Cover Art

This song is so touching. When I listened to it for the first time, I couldn't believe the way my tears were coming out, even if I wanted to hold them back. For me, doesn't matter what posotion it gets, this song is simply beautiful and every work of Ed is awesome. A truly artist and musician.

This song made me cry when I listened to it. It holds so much meaning to me and hurts my heart every time I hear it. It definitely deserves to be in the top 10!

It's a beautiful song! A beautiful ballad with amazing guitars and such a delicate touch to it. Ed Sheeran is just amazing!

Words can't describe my move for this song. It is so sad and beautifully written. Thank you Ed Sheeran.

18 Galway Girl Galway Girl Cover Art

Best Ed Sheeran song! Deserves #1 spot! The music is so groovy... Lyrics is too good. He's nailed it with this singing!

I love Galway Girl! It is my #1 Ed Sheeran song. It shouldn't be #53. I say it should be #1.

All of the Irish-ness in this song makes me way too happy.

A little odd, I know... But this song always makes me so happy.

19 Bloodstream Bloodstream Cover Art

This is an edgy, high energy song about a guy coping with a lost love by using hallucinogens. In his altered state, he is not aware of when the drug has taken effect--thus the call for someone to " tell me when it kicks in." The song desperately needs a remix as the album version with all the soft instrumental adds of the studio lost the energy of Ed's live version with the loop pedal. Listen to the 2015 BRIT Awards Show version. Mesmerizing!.

This is my favorite Ed Sheeran song because it makes me feel incredible every time I hear it. You've got the beginning with the interesting calmness, then the chorus adds piano and then the insane ending that builds up slowly with the synth and then the low piano and ends softly with just his voice

I don't really understand the meaning of this song. But it doesn't matter. Hear it once and you will know its amazing. Ed sheeran shows once again just how powerful his voice is. This should at least be in his top 20

What? How is this not number 1? This is probably my favorite song by him, he puts so much emotion into it. Oh, and his live performance of this at the Brits

20 All of the Stars All of the Stars Cover Art

This beautiful piece is what made me read the book. I was thinking that perhaps I could understand the song better if I read it. Almost cried when I first listen to it (also the first time I watched the video). So many feels, so many emotions from this song. Ed Sheeran is absolutely AMAZING!

This song is not just a song
Its an emotion!
Whenever I listen this emotion it makes me feel like my love of the life has left me and gone very far
I can't get enough of this song
You guys should move it up at no. 2 even on no. 1
And in the future I'm definitely gonna sing this song and upload my version on YouTube

This is song is just too too beautiful! How is it so down here? This is undoubtedly my most favourite Ed sheeran song! I don't tire of hearing this at all on the contrary I have been loving it more each time. So much of emotions involved and his voice is just amazing.

There are certain songs that connect with you instantly. There are some singers whose songs you can relate to completely. Ed's All of the Stars slips in seamlessly into this. And add to that Hazel's and Gus's story. There is just one word for it: MASTERPIECE

21 Afire Love Afire Love Cover Art

I'm really surprised how its #30 on this list. This is not just my favorite ed sheeran song, its actually my all time favorite song. Everything about this song is just perfect. The lyrics, his voice, the music, the way he pours his heart and soul into this song. Words can't really discribe how much I love this song. And no matter how many times I listen to it, I'm never really gonna get enough of it.

This song, (unlike many other songs) comes from Eds heart and into our ears. I lost my grandfather to Alzheimers and this song gets to me every time. This in my opinion is the best Ed Sheeran song, and to anyone who hasnt heard it, I strongly recomend that you listen to the song and pay attention to each little things he says. It wont disapoint

This song is beautifully written. The first part of the song Ed dedicated it to his late grandfather who suffered from Alzheimer's twenty years before he passed on. And he also talks about the love his grandparents shared. It's beautiful and heart wrenching

The strings are triumphant as he reconciles himself with his granddad's death by acknowledging someone other than himself. Best way to end an album and to pay tribute to eternal love.

22 Tenerife Sea Tenerife Sea Cover Art

First song I learned on guitar; fell in love with a girl in my Lit class and was dying to somehow tell her how I felt - then I heard this! I ran straight down to a charity shop and bought a guitar, worked day and night and tried my best to do it justice for her - shame I couldn't sing for toffee but she thought it was sweet! Special girl, needed a special song; thank sweet Sheeran for this gem. Awesome tune :-)

The way he plays this live takes you makes it so easy the event of this song playing out, he just plays with such love and care painting a beautiful picture in my mind of a boy falling in love at first site.

You look so wonderful in your dress/ I love your hair like that/ the way it falls on the side of your neck/ down your shoulders and back... AMAZING!

Amazing little known song on his latest album, X. Very beautifully written and played. Good job Ed.

23 Nancy Mulligan Nancy Mulligan Cover Art

Best song ever!

24 U.N.I. U.N.I. Cover Art

One of my favourite quotes of his! "And I don't waves of missing you anymore, they're more like tsunami tides" Ed is amazing!

I absolutely love this song it should be higher up on the list in my opinion.

Best song. Easily! (Pain is only relevant if it still hurts) so full of imagery... a masterpiece

This song is amazing, it should have a higher rating!

25 Wake Me Up Wake Me Up Cover Art

I like this song because although people go through difficult times with their partners and their relationship, ed displays the thoughts and true feelings inside once she or he leaves.. And realising that its just the silly little things that he misses the most. This is a great song and would recommend this to anyone!

This is a truly beautiful song which expresses such exquisite and beautiful feelings. Passionate. I love this song very much. It deserves to be #1. This song specifically, particularly conveys the heartfelt and sincere feeling everyone would want to hear. Ed Sheeran, you're the man!

Not only does this song make me giggle it makes my heart leap, Ed is just amazing and I wish more people could see it. Wake me up is just beautiful and displays what I love best in Ed, his ability to write kick ass songs.

I love Ed Sheeran. Most people would vote for The A-Team. It takes a true fan to love this song. This is Ed sheeran. The wonderful poet he is. I really love this song. Along with all of his other ones.

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