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1 The A Team

GREAT, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, HEARTFELT, AMAZING! So many words come to mind when hearing this song.

Ed Sheeran is so TALENTED and this song is AMAZING! Just WAIT and he will become a new SUPERSTAR. EVERY song in his new album is just OUTSTANDING. He needs to be known a lot QUICKER I LOVE HIM!

I like this song cause there is a lot of feelings behind this song. Also the way he plays the guitar and you could feel the emotions being felt in the song

I love this song

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2 Give Me Love

Honestly this is my favorite song. Ed Sheeran's voice says it all, and this song is truly heartbreaking.

This is my favorite song of his! Really catchy and beautiful at the same time :) Should be number one!

The most amazing song out there!
A magnificent Voice...

The sound of this song alone is already a reason to regard it as one of the most beautiful songs ever written. On examination of the lyrics and their deeper meaning, the listener feels his desperation and desires, through both wordplay and vocal power. The song relaxes me, filling me with a rather juxtaposing sense of both happiness and melancholy. Ed Sheeran himself has said that this is one of his favourites to perform, demonstrated by the passion in his voice and his repetitive lyrics signalling his desire for the song to continue indefinitely rather than ending.

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3 Thinking Out Loud

This song does NOT deserve such a position! What the hell is wrong with the people out here?! This song, sung by this phenomenal man just took my breath away! Ed Sheeran sings songs that make sense and really make you FEEL. I love him. This deserves to be in the top 5. Voters, PLEASE vote!

A really really amazing ballad and anyone not being moved by it has never really loved someone unselfishly.

Ed is such an amazing talent. I am so glad that I have lived long enough to enjoy such a gifted artist. His lyrics are not only thought provoking but can carry you right into the story and can touch the lives of so many that can see themselves as a person that has been involved in many of the story lines. Thinking Out Loud has a special meaning to be since I am 70 and I have lived through everything the song is about. I hope all of you can live as long and 1 day look back on this song and have it bring out the same type emotions I feel when I listen to it.

Best music in my opinion

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4 Lego House

This song deserves the number 1 title along with A Team but I like this song better. Great intro amazing chorus and outstanding song.

Such a great song and just a little bit better that Drunk and The A Team! It also has a fantastic video clip that featured Rubert Grint in it. This song will really grow on you and

I just recently discovered this artist. I think his voice and song writing is amazing, first time I heard this song it made me cry briliant song

When I first heard this song, I thought it was eh, but then it really grew on me and is now one of my favorites

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5 Photograph

This song should seriously be in the top 3 list. It's so touching and the tune makes you cry for no reason. And don't forget the lyrics "so you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans... For me to come home" this reminds me of my current relationship and how it's slowly coming to an end and we finally end up in each other's memories and hurt in the inside and crying behind our backs:, ( I love you Ed Sheeran

This song deserves to be number one, all of his songs deserve to be number one!

This song should be ranked higher. It's a very heartwarming song that never fails to make you emotional. This song always brings up memories and I can guarantee that anyone who has ever listened to it totally loved it! It always makes me tear up.

Oh you can fit me inside the necklace you got when you were 16
Next to your heartbeat where I should be Keep it deep within your soul.
Wondering how this is not in the top 5.

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6 I See Fire

I remember seeing the second hobbit movie in the cinema and soon as it was over I stood up to leave but this song started playing in the credits and I immediately sat down. - wolphert

Why in the world would you think of leaving in the first place? You should always stay for the credits if you enjoy the movie.

I never knew he sang a Hobbit song! And those r me favorite movies! GO MIDDLE EARTH

By far his best song. Give it a couple of months and it will be at the top of this list!

This is the song that led me to Ed. It is because I like Middle-Earth.

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7 Castle on the Hill

My personal favourite of all Ed's songs bringing back happy memories of carefree days spent with my mates as a youngster growing up in the sixties and seventies. Some of those friends have sadly since passed on but that just makes this song and the memories it evokes even more poignant to me. Thanks Ed. You are a great songwriter.

Who thought that this deserved to be the 14th best song Ed Sheeran has made. Literally 2% of all Sheerios think that this deserves to be the best of all time. Wow. This song is upbeat, but it is not about love or getting back at someone. It's about enjoying your childhood and reflecting on the great times you have with your friends. If you think about your own lives you will tear up like I did.

This coming of age tale is about Ed Sheeran growing up with all his friends and enjoying his childhood. He portrays it in a way that makes it relatable to everyone and takes you back to the good ol' days. The first time I listened to this I cried it was so touching.

Not just his best song ever, The best song ever.

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8 Kiss Me

THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG EVER! Ed Sheeran is an amazing artist he inspired me to write music, this song speaks to me so much and I always shed a tear every time I hear it because it is so. Beautiful, I recommend this song to EVERYONE! It is beautiful, touching, and truly brilient!

First song that made me shiver and gave me chills in my spine listening to it. I so love this

I find it so hard to choose my favourite Ed song, but this one captivated me from the first time I heard it. It's beautiful both lyrically and melodically, and I love how it showcases the male's vulnerability and desire to be loved rather than the girl's. So beautiful.

This song makes think of that special person and makes me feel all of those crazy emotions that come with it. His voice goes from soft and beautiful to more rough and powerful and back to a sweet falsetto. The pure talent in his singing in combination with amazing lyrics... I get chills every time.

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9 Drunk

Love this song mix of singing and rap and has such a great beat, and sticks in your head and you can link with it, and relate it back to your own life. The video combines seriousness and humor. My favorite ed sheeran song

Love this song vote this one up should be number 3 or 4 amazing song should not be so low down

This song is my second favorite song! Grade 8 is my favorite

Actually, Ed is too awesome for me to pick just one song, so I have my top 3: Drunk, You Need Me, I Don't Need You and Give Me Love. I voted this one because it was the lowest on the list - it should definitely be higher!

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10 You Need Me, I Don't Need You

This song is the best song in my opinion. The live version is what got me into listen to his music. A very unique song and fun to listen, not even how badass the name of the song is

This is an amazing song by Ed Sheeran. I really think it's his best and personally, I love his lyrics, they have some serious aspects and he puts them together so rhythmically!

It is easily most underrated song ever

He raps, he sings, he writes - he is AMAZING!
This song proves it and is my favourite ❤ best way to close a concert!

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11 Shape of You

It's my favorite song with a strong melody

It's great song my favorite

It's my favorite

Best one

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12 Perfect

Would you not love someone to sing this to you? How romantic, and honestly, even if you don't like romantic songs, it could apply to anyone! One of the best songs out there.

Man Ed Sheeran is the best music artist of all time. This song proved that again. Perfect will be my favorite song forever.

Beautifully constructed and exquisite emotion. I adore this romantic masterpiece.

Heart touching.

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13 Everything Has Changed

I love this song... Just love it.

He has a great Voice. I like him

Such a nice catchy melody. It's calm nice and beautiful. Best song! Love you ed

Without Ed Sheeran this song will not be a hit.

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14 Don't

I don't understand how this got rated lower than the others! This is one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard! This song is one of the best it deserves to be at least top three. I love it so much it is my second favorite song of ed sheeran, it is so awesome. Please vote for this song.

Great song

This song is one of the Ed Sheeran songs I like. This is EASILY my favorite Ed Sheeran song. I don't see why this is at 12. I really like Sing too, which used this same style. I hope he takes his music in a direction more like Don't and Sing, but also keep some of the more slow, heartfelt songs.

This song gonna be on top 5 like right away. His song is too perfect. The beat & his pasion say it all in this song

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15 Sing

Love this song so much!

I can't help but dance around to it. I don't even like pop music, but the guitar is so funky and his voice sounds great up high.

Great song. I love the different type of techniques used in the music and beats. simply awesome!

This song is just insanely amazing! Gets me hooked.

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16 Autumn Leaves

Brings me to another world

Words can't describe my move for this song. It is so sad and beautifully written. Thank you Ed Sheeran.

This is the most beautiful song of Ed Sheeran

This song made me cry when I listened to it. It holds so much meaning to me and hurts my heart every time I hear it. It definitely deserves to be in the top 10!

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17 Cold Coffee

This is my absolute favorite song. The feels for this song is too real. The emotion that Ed pours into this song is felt throughout the speaker. Singing about pleading for a way to try to save a relationship, asking is counterpart what he can do to make her happy and love him again "tell me how to fall in love the way you want me too." This song so under appreciated but although this being a rather sad sing I can't help but feel butterflies every single time I play it. This song should have definitely been top five on this list.

This is just one of the most authentic songs I've ever heard. Even from the first time I heard this song, I felt that special "warmth" that Ed's songs give. Really love how his acoustic style can give so much peace to your mind yet overpower you with an urgency that stirs your blood with so many colors and emotions. Like each note doesn't strike as simply a note, but rather a shade, a feeling, a comfort. His songwriting is very accessible and that's what I find very enjoyable, the realism and connection that is in his voice and music.

Literally my favorite song ever! :) It's absolutely lovely, I only wish I could see him sing this live one day, Ed is truly an inspiration

I can't go about my day without listening to this songs twice in a row. Although it's a number 13, it deserves to be in the top five. Truly AMAZING song. :) Its very calming and relaxing too

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18 Small Bump

Such a sad story, but beautiful story
... He is so lyrically talented
.. Just listen to the song carefully

When I 1st heard this song it almost made me cry! I love the lyrics and think he's great-so's the song

This song can't possibly be 8th It has to be above 5 it's so emotinal and meaninfull xx

This song is so beautiful, it has so much meaning to it. It's so different from other songs these days, and I think that's an important quality to have in a great song. When I listen to this song it brings out so much emotion, I actually cry almost every time I hear it.

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19 Galway Girl

All of the Irish-ness in this song makes me way too happy.

It shoul be number 1

Best Ed Sheeran song! Deserves #1 spot! The music is so groovy... Lyrics is too good. He's nailed it with this singing!

I love Galway Girl! It is my #1 Ed Sheeran song. It shouldn't be #53. I say it should be #1.

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20 Bloodstream

Can't get enough of this song. Love it so much. An edgy and high energy song, love especially the live versions.

The music is just fantastic, and emersive, and pulls you into a trance and is both anxious and calming in it's entirety

This is an edgy, high energy song about a guy coping with a lost love by using hallucinogens. In his altered state, he is not aware of when the drug has taken effect--thus the call for someone to " tell me when it kicks in." The song desperately needs a remix as the album version with all the soft instrumental adds of the studio lost the energy of Ed's live version with the loop pedal. Listen to the 2015 BRIT Awards Show version. Mesmerizing!.

I don't really understand the meaning of this song. But it doesn't matter. Hear it once and you will know its amazing. Ed sheeran shows once again just how powerful his voice is. This should at least be in his top 20

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21 All of the Stars

Yea. U will knw the meaning of this song if you've watched TFIOS!

This beautiful piece is what made me read the book. I was thinking that perhaps I could understand the song better if I read it. Almost cried when I first listen to it (also the first time I watched the video). So many feels, so many emotions from this song. Ed Sheeran is absolutely AMAZING!

There are certain songs that connect with you instantly. There are some singers whose songs you can relate to completely. Ed's All of the Stars slips in seamlessly into this. And add to that Hazel's and Gus's story. There is just one word for it: MASTERPIECE

This is song is just too too beautiful! How is it so down here? This is undoubtedly my most favourite Ed sheeran song! I don't tire of hearing this at all on the contrary I have been loving it more each time. So much of emotions involved and his voice is just amazing.

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22 Wake Me Up

Not only does this song make me giggle it makes my heart leap, Ed is just amazing and I wish more people could see it. Wake me up is just beautiful and displays what I love best in Ed, his ability to write kick ass songs.

I like this song because although people go through difficult times with their partners and their relationship, ed displays the thoughts and true feelings inside once she or he leaves.. And realising that its just the silly little things that he misses the most. This is a great song and would recommend this to anyone!

Its amazing so touching would like to hear more songs like this unbelieveable how he can write such good lyrics lots of love ed!

This is a truly beautiful song which expresses such exquisite and beautiful feelings. Passionate. I love this song very much. It deserves to be #1. This song specifically, particularly conveys the heartfelt and sincere feeling everyone would want to hear. Ed Sheeran, you're the man!

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23 Afire Love

Exceptional song. Exceptional

Full of emotion lyrics were amazing the story make me cry

I'm really surprised how its #30 on this list. This is not just my favorite ed sheeran song, its actually my all time favorite song. Everything about this song is just perfect. The lyrics, his voice, the music, the way he pours his heart and soul into this song. Words can't really discribe how much I love this song. And no matter how many times I listen to it, I'm never really gonna get enough of it.

The whole album is just amazing, I cried when I listened to this song. I just absolutely love it.

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24 Tenerife Sea

This in my opinion is one of the best love songs ever

You look so wonderful in your dress/ I love your hair like that/ the way it falls on the side of your neck/ down your shoulders and back... AMAZING!

"should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it's enough for me. Cause all that you are is all that I'll ever need" are by far some of the most beautiful lyrics I have ever heard in my life.

Amazing little known song on his latest album, X. Very beautifully written and played. Good job Ed.

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25 Nancy Mulligan

Best song ever!


26 U.N.I.

Best song. Easily! (Pain is only relevant if it still hurts) so full of imagery... a masterpiece

How tf is this so low on the of my all time favorites❤

One of my favourite quotes of his! "And I don't waves of missing you anymore, they're more like tsunami tides" Ed is amazing!

How is this only 13? I love this song!

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27 Be Like You

Great song, one of my favourites by far!

This song deserves more recognition, easily one of Ed's best work, lyrics have a very deep meaning and it's a very catchy tune, listen to it right now!

I love this song (this describes maybe 60% of the girls at my school) especially when he says "I'll stop eating food" and "Darling don't be nervous" and "I did this on purpose" because it means so much to me and I'm glad someone else understands what my friends are going through.

It's such a nice song with very peculiar chorus lyrics. The whole songs just seems so 'Ed Sheeran'. It tires together well.

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28 Lay It All On Me

Most underrated but the best

Beautiful Song! All there is to say!


29 One

"Everything changes but we'll be strangers if we see this through"

This song puts me to sleep when I got too many things in my mind. So peaceful, so relaxing, truly beautiful. Ed's voice here really calm me down..

It is so soothing, so beautiful. The song gives a clear illustration of the perfection in his voice. This song deserves to be among the top 10 at least.

I love this song so much, can't wait to here the released version

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30 I'm a Mess

By far my favorite song of x, grabs you from the beginning, I love how the song is growing little by little and the way in which the vocal range extends. Simply amazing

Ed Sheeran really should've released this as a single. It's underrated and just an amazing song.

This song is so terrific I could blast it on my headphones all day

It's just a great song and it's so catchy, I just leave it on repeat all the time

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31 Billy Ruskin

Very different than his usual

32 Skinny Love

This song has three versions and ed makes his so different and refreshing. Well done to Bon Iver for creating the great song as well

It's really different from the other versions.. Cool and emphasizes the meaning of the lyrics

33 Supermarket Flowers

This song hits on so many different levels of sadness. Ed Sheeran's take on grief resulted in a powerful, heartbreaking and genuinely eye-watering song

Beautiful, made me cry

I'm not saying that this is Ed's best song, but I just can't stand seeing it being rated 27... The first time I heard this one I was sitting in class, and every time he got to the first chorus I started sobbing. Since I didn't want to cry in class I had to pause and try again to keep my emotions in check, gave up after the fifth attempt. I'm getting off track here but the point is that this song is just so absolutely gorgeous and it should be treated as such.

I'm not saying that for me, personally, this is Ed's best song so far, but that's exactly what I'm saying.

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34 Homeless

Its not a homeless life for me, its just I'm home less than id like to be. Wow. What lyrics.

27! R you guys serious? I'm sure most of you hadn't heard this song..
It has great beat, makes me dance every time.. Just listen 2 it once & you'll understand

This song is just so much fun! I love listening to it, because it just gives off good vibes!

One of the best songs ever!

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35 Sunburn

The most underrated Ed Sheeran song.

This one is SO good, I absolutely love Ed and all his songs but this one is very particular... I can't believe it's not higher! Probably because less people know it since it's only in a former EP or the deluxe edition of +... But anyway, go listen to it guys!

It's such an amazing song. It should deserve to be the best song of Ed Sheeran. He's so amazing! He sings so good and writes bloody awesome lyrics!

Love it! I don't care if this is "poor comment quality" the song is good and that's all that matters!

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36 Quiet Ballad of Ed

It pains me to know that not many people have heard of this song. This song is so encouraging, and it helped me through a lot. This song paints a picture of horrible darkness, and then washes that scene away with the line, "I'm doing better." This song helped me through my battles with depression and anxiety. I truly love this song.

This is an amazing, beautiful song. It means a lot to me and so many people, but not many fans have ever heard it. But it deserves to be in the list of his best songs.

This is the most beautiful and inspiring song I've ever heard, and it's not ranked higher because nobody knows about it. Go check it out.

37 Grade 8

Love grade 8 so much I'm always singin it laugh out loud ;P

Love this song its one of my favorites!

This song is one of Ed's best. The sound is so original and different from all of his other music. This song needs to at least be in the top 5, honestly.

Grade 8 has a great beat and it's really catchy. It's my favorite song by him. I love it.

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38 Take Me to Church

I thought that the song could not get any better but then this happened!

39 Wayfaring Stranger

Gosh, the list of people who have done this song is so long and varied. It's such a credit to Ed that, at his age, he's even heard of this song much less done his own version of it. I kind of like it done in more of a folk version myself, but I will give Ed credit for presenting it in a different light. It brings a whole new audience to artists like Emmylou Harris, John Gorka, and others who have done this song. This song tells you that Ed's influences are wide and varied.

This is my newest favorite song for Ed Sheeran, this song may be old but I still LOVE IT! Its very awesome, My first time to see him beatbox, and sing in a very high tune. This song is very amazing

This song is just wonderful, it let's his choir boy self shine through however it doesn't comprimise his fresh edge. I LOVE YOU ED!

It is just an amazintg song iloved sheeran I could just listen to it all day everyday. The way he layers the lryics and everything is just amazing and it is beautifully writen

40 One Night

He's such a clever lyricist and this song is just a perfect example of that.
It's a shame this song didn't get as much coverage as the others. Its awesome!

This song has so much love in it... So many emotions filled in it... It's just amazing! Absolutely wonderful! And it shows how much a girl can be loved and that guys don't just use them all for sex but can actually love them and through this song it shows how you can show your love through the tiniest and simplest of things.

His best song, and that's a bold statement seeing as how all his songs are just perfection, Ed is a musical genius and he might as well be one of the greatest singer song writers of our time

Its just so amazing! I'm actually surprised that he's not brought this one out yet!

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41 Gold Rush

Definitely one of the most underrated of his songs. Gold rush has an upbeat vibe to it and after first listen you would think it was a number one hit. Give it a listen, you wont regret it.

This song is really up beat and catchy. My favorite Ed Sheeran song but its often forgotten. It should be way higher.

This song is amazing and actually my favorite of Ed's, it should be higher up on the list!

26?!?! This song is amazing and so catchy and definitely deserves top 10

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42 This

My favorite song of all time, this shall be my wedding song! I love it so much, ed sheeran is such a talented guy! My idol of all time!

ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITES OF HIS. This song is amazing and his voice is perfection. The lyrics have so much meaning.

THIS SONG IS PERFECTION. I cannot even describe my feelings.

Aww this is a lovely song about heartbreak...

43 Little Bird

Beautifully written
Absolutely love the song and him
It definitely should be higher than 14.
Such a sweet song...

The song has a nice tune with lovely lyrics. It has many beats that really tie in well together.

Definitely one of Ed's Better Songs. Beats out Wake Me Up for sure. Lyrics are on point and the melody is sweet.

This song feels like the beginning of Spring. Imagine the first warm sunny day after a long Winter, this song captures it perfectly.
Super easy to listen to, sweet sweet lyrics, and really nice rhythm. Love it!

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44 Little Things

Little Things tells a girl she is beautiful no matter what. I think that's why everyone I know loves this song. The first couple of times I heard this song I cried. It's so emotional but amazing.

It gives confidence to a girl, which makes it my favourite.

I absolutely LOVE the song! I think this should be first!

This song made girls stop cutting themselves, so it has to be number one!

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45 Drown Me Out
46 The City

Can't believe that this isn't higher on the list! The beatboxing in this song really makes it... Not to mention the awesome chorus. The whole thing is just awesome!

This is my absolute favorite song ever!

Town boys goes to city= this amazing song

47 Little Lady

It's so real. I had goosebumps the entire time. That's how you know something is wonderful, when you get goosebumps and you can tell it's heartfelt.

The message behind this song is just so raw and holds such truth it was surreal to listen to. Beautiful lyrics and song

48 Dive


Yep, how he builds the chorus on this one is awesome

I just want to sing that chorus along, awesome

Love how the chorus builds

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49 Yellow Pages

Yellow pages to me is the best. This song inspired my great friend and I to write songs just like this. Because of this song we were also inspired to take on the x factor. Yellow pages rock!

Not bad at all... You did a great job...

50 London Bridge

His voice just amazes me and without his addition the song would be incomplete

Wow not just my favorite Ed Sheeran song but my favorite song overall

His addition to the song is lovely!
He has such a beautiful voice...

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