Top Ten Best Eddsworld Episodes

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1 The End (Part 1 & Part 2)

I personally liked part 2 better. Seeing Tord with his left side all bloody made me shocked. The only episode I will watch, but it blew me away. I mostly just watched it so I could see the robot LOL. Tord looks cool in it

It made me cry because of my special Jon bean and now I'm emotionally attached to it! And anything emotion I love

That was the best. Its also the final episode of Eddsworld Legacy.

It was the best episode of all if it made me cry!

2 Zanta Claws

Edd gould is my cousin and I would support his show no matter what

3 WTFuture

What make you think your future self would not know where is past self will be hiding?

Operation Mega Escape 4! *drives out of garage in mini cars* hahaha

Watched it 100 at least

4 Movie Makers

Well, my favorite is really WTFuture, but this is a close second. Also it's zombeH attack. Zombeh, with an H!

I wish this was #1...

5 Zombeh Attack
6 Hello Hellhole
7 Spares

It's an amazing episode packed with great gags, awesome montages, ludicrous new characters, kickass music and a killer ending!

8 Fun Dead
9 Hammer and Fail

So very Funny, Edd: "matt go to the shop and get some nails"

matt at the shop: "what did edd want me to get? "

*has flashback* Edd in flashback"go to the shop and get EVERYTHING THAT ISn't NAILS! " hahahahaha

I think that's my favorite
Still can't get it why it's so underrated

10 The Dudette Next Door
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11 Zombeh Nation
12 Zanta Claws 2
13 Zombeh Attack 3
14 This World Of Edd
15 PowerEdd
16 Zombeh Attack 2
17 Moving Targets
18 Trick or Threat

Honestly matt is just dumb and looks in the one place where edd is never

19 Space Face
20 Ruined

*Walls close in and sand pours in*
Tord: "Can this get any worse? "
*Speaker comes in*
Speaker: "Sunshine and lollipops! "
Tord: "Son of a-"

21 Eddsworld Christmas Special 2004
22 Saloonatics
23 Mirror Mirror
24 25ft Under the Sea

I'm surprised that this is not on the list yet! This is one of the funniest ones! Very clever idea and I love how there camoflauges are just drawings on their air tank helmets! Laugh out loud! The only bad thing is that Tord left at the beginning of the episode. It's still great!

25 Space Face (Part 2)
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