Top Ten Best Eddsworld Episodes

Eddsworld is a flash animation series check it out on YouTube, newgrounds or the Eddsworld website.

The Top Ten

1 Zanta Claws

Poor Zanta, all he wanted was to replace Tord.

2 Movie Makers

Very funny, the how to get free chocolate vid is awesome, SPACE CATS! - dragon13304

Well, my favorite is really WTFuture, but this is a close second. Also it's zombeH attack. Zombeh, with an H!

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3 Zombie Attack
4 The End (Part 1 & Part 2)

That was the best. Its also the final episode of Eddsworld Legacy.

Best and first eddisode I've ever watched.



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5 Hello Hellhole

I loved their personal hells X3

6 WTFuture

rock I love Tom In there he's really funny and my favorite there is tom and edd and finally Tord who loves gun

Operation Mega Escape 4! *drives out of garage in mini cars* hahaha - dragon13304

Operation Mega Escape 4 Woah technolagy - BraixenBreak

Future Tom: U know that laser u took to the face?
Tom: Yeah
Future Tom: Cancer


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7 The Dudette Next Door
8 Zombie Nation
9 Zanta Claws 2
10 This World Of Edd

The Contenders

11 Zombie attack 3
12 Spares

It's an amazing episode packed with great gags, awesome montages, ludicrous new characters, kickass music and a killer ending!

13 Zombie Attack 2
14 Hammer and Fail

So very Funny, Edd: "matt go to the shop and get some nails"

matt at the shop: "what did edd want me to get? "

*has flashback* Edd in flashback"go to the shop and get EVERYTHING THAT ISNT NAILS! " hahahahaha - dragon13304

I think that's my favorite
Still can't get it why it's so underrated - Idiot244

15 Fun Dead

It has 9 million views. what IS THIS 17

This eddisode was perfect!

16 Space Face

This one is so funny :3

17 Moving Targets
18 Space Face (Part 2)
19 Eddsworld Christmas Special 2004

I laughed so hard at the beginning:
Tord: "...Shut the hell up, Bob! "
Bob: "Now I'm sad! "

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