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1 Jailhouse Rock

I think this should definitely stay at number 1 because it's such a cool song. A very great dancing hit!

The beginning of a the rock evolution

Awesome - RW700

That's a great Elvis Presley song. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

2 Suspicious Minds


Amazing! Just had to vote for this one because I cannot choose between "Jailhouse Rock" or "All Shook Up" and I love this song as well. Classic one that everyone seems to know

Just a great song. That extra fade in and out at the of the song is just brilliant. Just when you think your joy ride is over, he hits the gas one final time. By far the best song he performed live.

The best but where is can't help falling in love with you!

3 Can't Help Falling in Love

good song

This song makes you fall in love with ELVIS!

First song I ever learned to play on the piano. LOVE IT!

All time classic, absolutely beautiful and it will never be forgotten

4 Hound Dog

Even though Jailhouse Rock was the song that introduced me to The King, this one was the one that made me fall completely in love with this artist. I also really like Heartbreak Hotel, but nothing can compare to how classic this song is. - Skuller

I just love hound dog so MUCH!

It should be 1st because I watched a video that said hound dog was the best song the was voted from the Elvis Presley fans

One of the best song of king elvis

5 Heartbreak Hotel

Best elvis song is don't be cruel but this is second

Gordon Lightfoot, John Lennon, Keith Richards, Robert Plant, George Harrison, Elton John ��" they told that this song changed their lives.

I love this song

6 In the Ghetto

This song is timeless and still applies today...

It is the better heart warming song ever.

This one is a lovely song. Clearly reflects how criminals are born as helpless children. No one's a terrorist by birth. Hunger changes everything. Lovely way, lovely melody and the great voice of the King, Elvis.

Such a realistic story with such a good words and music.. Who can not be effected this song?

7 All Shook Up

Uh-huh. - Britgirl

Even if I'll never have a fraction of the singing voice Elvis had, that won't stop me from always singing along to this amazingly giddy song which perfectly captures the feeling of being in love.

His voice is amazing no matter what he sings, but this is my favorite with the rest of his songs tying for second place.

His first number 1 hit in England and his best song ever! This song got me into Elvis when I was 14

8 Blue Suede Shoes

All time favorite Elvis song! Very catchy!

This is a great cover song - Ajkloth

Would be #1 on this list if it was indigo suede shoes.

I'm singing it right now!

9 Love Me Tender

One of the best Elvis songs in the world such a beautiful ballad

I love that song

Should be No2. Especially eith the line
Do you casse in the mirror and eor

Love me tender should be number 1. Espcially with yhe line. DO YOU CASSE AT YOUR YOR BALD HEAD AND WISH you HAD HAIR VERSION.
Laugh out loud

10 Don't Be Cruel

Love it. if I remember correctly, my mother had bought me hound dog. never paid attention to the other side. I was 6, didn't care. just played hound dog. then don't be cruel was being played on the radio. I asked her to buy me that. turns out, they were flip sides, and still have 2 45s of hound dog/don't be cruel

Love the beat! Best beat of all of Elviss songs.

Ahhh such a cute song <3 I smile whenever I hear this

La canción favorita de Elvis

The Contenders

11 Burning Love

number 1

One of the best songs I've ever heard from Elvis. Peru loves Elvis.

A great song that should at least have a spot in the top ten. Truly remarkable.

At least it should have made the top ten top 5 for me

12 Always on My Mind

My absolute heartbreaking favourite

Full of emotion - maybe should be number 1.

Elvis sings this with emotion in his voice, I believe he was singing this to Priscilla,

It is very full of emotion and I can't stop listening to it

13 A Little Less Conversation

This song is amazing it deserves to be within the top 5!

This song was one of the first songs I heard of Elvis, by far his best, definitely deserves to be in top three

This is a great song. A must have for any fan like me. Always has been my favorite - Beatlesboy9

Always been my favorite Elvis song! - beatles5

14 Return to Sender

Great song!

15 Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Just awesome! "now the stage is barren... Witn emptiness around me... If you wont come back to me.. Ill rig the curtain down... "...

Great song,reminds me of teenage life in college

Beautiful song, also the laughing version is good too, shows Elvis humour, his laugh was infectious.

This is the sexiest song I think he does!

16 The Wonder of You


Fabulous song, number one in the UK in 1970.

This is a really good song it should be number one

The wonder of you is the perfect wedding song

17 Kentucky Rain

My mom says it a big hit in KY

Most powerful and full of emotion

Definitely one of my favorites. Love the ups and downs in the music.

Just got to be the best

18 (You're The) Devil in Disguise

So catchy. Also great in Scorpio Rising.

Good song(funny)

19 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

I did this song in my 5th grade musical... Great memories.

20 It's Now or Never

How is this all the way down here? Should be top ten what

I have to say this because it was the very first Elvis record I bought, I have bought many since but this has to be in my list for that reason

It should be at top ten

21 If I Can Dream

This is one of the most powerful songs Elvis ever did. This should easily be top ten if not too five. Name another song (besides An American Trilogy) that Elvis did that was powerfully and so meaningful vocally.

I favor some of Elvis' other songs, but voted for it mainly because I want this song to be higher. What a phenomenal message that needs to be spread in today's generation!

This is a fabulous song, full of emotion by Elvis.

His best song ever! What passion in his voice and delivery. He is the King of R&R...

22 Viva Las Vegas

Viva las vegas, it's song for playboy. too hot too dance for this song

Its the most amazayn song ever its so brilliam phenomeniall extrodinharry and fabulouis! :_)

23 An American Trilogy

This is one of the most heart wrenching but yet one of the most heart warming songs of Elvis.. BUT only he could sing it like this..His voice is so beautiful

Fantastic. Best song ever to be sung live.

Wonder of music

His single most epic and emotional song he has ever produced. Must be in the top ten, just listen and you'll see.

24 A Thing Called Love
25 Moody Blue
26 That's All Right

With this, Elvis left his calling card to the world... And what a mighty card that was! - yianang

Should be on the top 10 at least... It invented rock and roll... GREAT

The song that more or less invented rockabilly.

27 Promised Land


28 My Way

Just listen this song.. and you will know

29 Little Sister
30 Good Luck Charm

What! This song was as good as don't be cruel should be at top 15

31 Blue Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas songs - Ajkloth

One of favorite songs

32 She's Not You
33 Mystery Train

It deserves a lot more votes. Probably my favorite song from my favorite Elvis era, the Sun Records era. One of the strongest rockabilly records I've heard. - Gg2000

Best Elvis track ever

Best of the great SUN records

What the hell?!
This song is my favorite one, the whole feel is just brilliant. Unbeatable

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34 A Mess of Blues
35 Blue Moon

Beautiful, haunting, way ahead of it's time, this remains one of the most affecting tracks of an illustrious career

Amzing vocal

Best cover of the song. Elvis voice is perfection for this melody.

36 Tutti Frutti
37 You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
38 I Can Help
39 Don't
40 Steamroller Blues
41 How Great Thou Art

Elvis was very religious believe it or not. His favourite music was gospel. I love to hear him sing this particular one.

Really, really, really good

Best Gospel song by Elvis.


42 (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame

Best song he has

Man that's very underrated

Very underrated

This in my opinion is elvis's best song ever

43 Down In the Alley


44 Stuck on You

Great song to announce he was back from the Army.

45 His Latest Flame
46 Pocketful of Rainbows
47 Power of My Love
48 Wooden Heart

In Girls girls girls, must here

49 Marguerita


50 King Creole

Listening to this in the radio now, awesome! - wolphert

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