Best Female Singers of Japan

Solo artist or leader vocal of a band, if she has a career in Japan and you think is the better, put her here.
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YUI is the best example for singer that have perfect criteria, first she was beauty, polite, good song-writer, even she could did an actress job, like her movie in Taiyou no Uta.

She is best japanese singer of course

Well my 1st Japanese song that made me the follower of Japanese music was of yours
And I still can't stop listening to it whenever it comes in my play list!
Well that song is "AGAIN" just love the chorus and the vocals... just love all your songs... Just wish to attend any of your concerts live... hope you support Indian fans

Yay! I am on the top of the world because Yui is number one! I love her songs and her lyrics! She is just To good! She is also very cute and her voice is to cute! I love all of her songs I've heard so far! Esp; Cherry, Life, Rolling Star, Again, Tokyo, To mother, Rain, Summer song, GLoria, simply white and more! Laugh out loud!

Yay! I'm the HAPPIEST that yui's on the top! I'm a Bangladeshi and yet I love yui's songs! There is not one yui song which has not touched my heart! She can relate her tune with her lyrics and speaking of lyrics, I have not seen anyone make as awesome lyrics as Yui! KEEP Rocking the world YUI! Laugh out loud! LOVE YOU YUI!

2 Utada Hikaru

I was first introduced to Utada when I played Kingdom Hearts and have listened to her ever since. She was the first Jpop singer I had ever listened and continue to listen to. She introduced me to a whole new world of unforgettable music and I cannot wait for her new music that is rumored to be coming out soon. (For those that aren't familiar with Hikki I'll list some of her best songs in my opinion: Japanese - Beautiful World, Sakura Nagashi, Hikari, Passion, Final Distance English - Animato, Exodus '04, Kremlin Dusk, Apple & Cinnamon, and all versions of Sanctuary)

Utada Hikaru Possesses Passion and versatility unlike any other. It is one thing to be fantastic at what you do, but it is quite another to be able to do so much fantastically. She takes you from modern pop culture to otherworldly sanctuary and few people on this planet can do that. - Mystsofvoid

I love Utada she is very talented and musically gifted... She can speak English and Japanese fluently and sounds good singing both! I hope she comes back to the United States!

I first listened to this artist around 2007, while living in Japan. I have to agree her music, voice is unpararell. She truly is gifted singer, especially when she collaborated with Western singers!

3 Nana Mizuki

Nana Mizuki, a seiyuu (voice actress) and as well as singer; I'm glad to say that she's a great example for people who aim to be a singing artist. Throughout her entire career, she has never lip-sync, again I repeat, NEVER. This can be proven because you can hear her breathing in her live performances and even in her CD recordings. She shows true talent, despite her growing age and and experiences as a child. The dance choreography along with her vocal singing range and multiple genres, shows her fans, that again, she's got true talent. She deserves more and therefore should be in the top 10! (If you haven't seen her live performances, heck, go to youtube this instance! )

Unlike SOME (not all! ) of the people listed in the Top 10, Nana can actually SING her butt off, and I don't mean lip-syncing concerts, I mean 3-4 hours long live and even through fatigue she can still sing in pitch! She can sing MULTIPLE genres, unlike some people who can sing 1, or maybe 2(Gasp! ) She's known as a seiyuu singer, which is kind of like Disney singers in the USA, people look down them as never being as good as mainstream, but she has what it takes to break that barrier! And so far she is on her way!

Nana Mizuki is the best person to deserve this award. She is flawless in her lives and she has such a large vocal range! She has the best songs out there and is so charming and beautiful (which that should be a big contributer to her seiyuu work as well as in the music industry. ) She takes everything to the top notch and is very interactive with her audience when it comes to her lives. GO NANA!

Nana is the best singer of the 21st century! She has a powerful yet mellow and soft voice! Her songs are super amazing, "Secret Ambition", "Suichuu No Aozora", "Nostalgia", "Aoi Iro", "Eternal Blaze", "Window Of Heart", "Mugen", "Phantom Minds", "Preserved Roses"... All are wonderful! And of course, she is a really gifted and lovely seiyuu! Her voice is so fantastic and precious! Not to mention that she is very pretty with a super adorable smile!

4 Lia

Lia is a like legend in J-pop. Even though I don't understand her lyrics at all, she just makes the song sound amazingly impressive. Her voice is strong and graceful, I don't understand why her rank is is so low. I LOVE LIA.

Why is Lia ranked so low?! She has a goddess-like, incredible range, and conveys so much emotion in her songs. Most of all, she sings BEAUTIFULLY live! Please support this amazing singer, and raise her rank!

My soul your beats and Toki O Kizamu Uta are just the most emotional and saddest Japanese song ever! I don't understand why she is so low on the list :'(

I love Lia..Her lyrics had a deep meaning of life...

5 Origa
6 Atsuko Maeda

Acchan'll be the next "real" singer at Japan with her aura! Love her so much because of her voice, and ofc, her experience and her effort to be an Idol. Vote her, and you'll make a chance for someone to be a "real" singer

She's little flower that blossom beautifully..
And loved by many people..
Her fans always support her in her path after graduate from akb48..
Acchan is acchan as always.. Her idealism still the same when the first time she join the grup..

No mather what happen with atsuko maeda I will always give my support to her. I'm your big fans from Indonesia.

Acchan is my favorite singer because she was sing since 2005. I love her because she inspired my life.

7 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

She's very very talented, my favorites are actually many of her songs especially fashion monster. She has a really great voice and I'd love to see her one day! I think she really does deserve to be number 1 because she really seems very nice and makes the world so much different and I've listened to others of the tops and I still stayed on Kpps side I think she has so much talent! Watashi wa saizen o kitai!

Pamyu Pamyu is great! She's not only incredibly popular (along with Nishino Kana and AKB48 as the top females in Japan) but worldwide she is a sensation! Kyary is different, cute and you just can't help but fall in love with her!

Unlike other artists, if you love one of her songs, you'll love all of her songs, hard to believe but it is a fact!

She has a great sense of style and her style always reflects her works!

8 Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi sounds amazing. Her voice can carry such high notes and her voice has a special ring to it. Another thing is that her songs always has amazing music videos to go with them and she always looks beautiful in those as well. Ayumi is the best singer ever. Her songs send the best messages, especially the song Dearest.

From her first debut until now, she has given me so much things to learn.. I have read about her past and follow her from 2007.. She always try something new and make it better than ever.. Her honesty make me totally in love with her song and herself to as a fan.. XDD

Ayumi Hamasaki is my favorite ever since I was on my first year of high school. (I am now 2nd year college) I'm a singer also and every time I sing her songs I can't keep up with her super high pitch

Her gorgeous voice can't be beat, the only person who comes close to her is Utada Hikaru. Ayumi has made some of the most magical songs of all time my favourite is 'No More Words".

9 Elisa

She has natural singing voice like no other.

Singer of Realism and Soba ni Iru yo from Kakumeiki Valvrave... I also love The Invisible Message in Hayate no Gotoku Heaven is a place on Earth... I also Love Hikari^^...

10 Kana Nishino

For me she's the best japanese singer . Her voice is so nice, beautiful and the melodiest and the way she sings is so cool. And l wish she would me more famous and be the best the first song I heard from her voice was - "HAVE A NICE DAY" . l love her voice!

Best Friend, Dear, Motto, Sayonara Her voice is one of the best I have heard. crystal clear high ringing resonance and sincere soulful R and B. Love her sky high falsetto. Weepingly beautiful at times. Very bittersweet but can also be really happy like in Moshimo. Deep emotional resonance with such a high pitched natural delivery and great vocal range smooth transitions up into the high registers.

Kanayan is the best especially in R &B.. I really love her voice. Her way of performing is also exceptional. She proves herself as a star every time she sings in acapella. Lovelots kanayan... She's too natural to show herself scream and get scared even while taping, showing who she really is and that makes me like her more... Go kanayan. Continue to soar high... I hope to hear more of your voice... Kawaai kanayaann!... Daisuki!

Kiss and Hug is currently my favorite song. Kana is such a talented singer; she is so able to convey emotions through her voice, it's really wonderful. Her songs are always so sweet, as well. Such a pick-me-up ^u^. She truly is talented ~.

The Contenders
11 Kashiwagi Yuki

She's the best! I always play her song before going to sleep and after I wake up! Her voice is like an angel

Her voice is very beautiful and she is pretty girl.

Yuki is a Queen! Beautiful and Talented

No doubt about voting yukirin because she is my oshimen and my inspirations for my life

12 Haruna Ono

With her unique vocal and with a strong hint of rock in it.. Rare indeed.. And on top of that she's a good guitarist too.. Being a lead vocal with guitar isn't easy and plus at Pop Rock genre..

Just check-out for yourself how amazing this vocalist/guitarist is plus she definitely got the looks and could dance well too.

Haruna is the best! Powerful voice and real rock band vocalist.. I love her voice and when she play the guitar.. Very wonderful, yeah. Rock on Haruna senpai..

Haruna is perfect! and we must remember that she had a problem with her voice, and now she sings like nothing was happen, I love her

13 Aimer

Nothing came close to aimer if you talk about uniqueness. Maybe except Yuki Isoya. She sang through her heart and her live performance is so beautiful in every aspect.

She is very humble and shy person. In beginning of her career, she doesn't show her face because she want people to pay attention about her voice not her face.

Due to her parents' influence, she was surrounded by music from a very young age. She began composing songs with the piano and guitar and began writing lyrics in English. At the age of 15, she lost her voice from an unfortunate accident; however, as she recovered, she acquired her distinctive husky voice.

I think Aimer's voice really captivated me the first time I listen to her. There is just something special about the way she sings, and how it totally captures you. When you listen to her sing, it feels like you are in your own world.

Her voice is full of contradictions. Gentle and strong, sweet and harsh, cool and warm, light and heavy. I think it is difficult to find other singers with such uniqueness.

Haunting, soul and heart piercing voice. So unique powerful, yet tender and husky at the same time. I love many japanese vocalists, but Aimer just blows me away.

She breaks stereotypes. Not your regular, cutesy, high-pitched Japanese singer, but sings melancholic and heart-rendering songs with her husky, rough voice. I love how she doesn't sing your regular love songs, but all her songs have a special meaning behind it.

14 Ayumi Hamazaki
15 Aoi Teshima

Why she is not in 1#? Have any singer greater than this legend?!

16 Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal) Suzuka Nakamoto, born 1997 in Hiroshima, Japan and known as Su-Metal in the kawaii metal-band BABYMETAL. She is a Japanese idol, singer and model. Suzuka is represented by the talent agency Amuse, Inc. and has been a member of two musical groups formed by the company: Karen Girl's and Sakura Gakuin. more.

With 10 years of professional singing experience when she just turned 20, Suzuka Nakamoto has a tremendous career ahead of her. She can easily outsing 90 percent of people named in this entire list. With a incredible amount of body of work already under her belt at 20, she will keep growing bettering herself, honing her craft.. soon turning all detractors into believers as she is without a doubt one of the great emerging names in Japan's music industry. Already a huge star, she will only get bigger and brighter.

The girl is 18 and kicking ass left, right and centre. She was good at 15 as it is but her growth as vocalist since then has been phenomenal and a pleasure to watch. Can't imagine how she'll turn out when her voice matures even more. Might as well just hand her the title of Queen of Japan. She's already regarded as Metal Queen by 'the One'

Her rise to become one of the greatest vocalist from Japan is inevitable. At 22, she already has 12 years of experience. I, as a fan, look forward to her growth for the next numerous decades as she fulfill her destiny and reach new heights. Please look over her warmly. Please look upon her warmly.

Su metal is the best for me.. She is a great full anergy on stage I like it

17 Tsukiko Amano

Tsuki-sama is not just a singer, but an artist.
Her lyrics are able to touch a heart deeply and softly.
Her melodies can make you float and find yourself in the clouds.

Tuki is very good artist.
Her singing is deep and it is sad and intense. But, nevertheless, warm, gentle, friendly.

I love all her songs! Is a very complete artist

She has solid voice. And it sounds so good!

18 Lisa

She manages to bring a smile to my face no matter which song I am listening to! The emotions that you can feel from her resonate with you, just listen to any of her songs! The fact that a good number of her songs are used as anime openings and closing themes should speak for itself. LiSA is an amazing live performer! She is a great inspiration and she captures the hearts of those listening to her!

Best J-Pop singer ever! She's a huge favorite for me considering she's sung songs for anime such as Sword Art Online, Fate/Zero, and The Irregular at Magic High School! I've also seen a video of her singing Shirushi, the ending song for the Mother's Rosario arc for Sword Art Online II, live in front of many people. That's right. Live! I'm glad she has a list of her best songs on TheTopTens!

LiSA is is a Japanese singer-songwriter from Seki, Gifu and is signed to Aniplex under Sony Music Artists. LiSA made her major debut in 2010 singing songs for the anime T.V. series Angel Beats! As one of two vocalists for the fictional band Girls Dead Monster. She performed at Animelo Summer Live in August 2010. In April 2011, she made her solo debut with the release of her mini-album Letters to U. Her single "Oath Sign" is used as the opening theme to the 2011 anime Fate/Zero. Her single "Crossing Field" is used as the opening theme to the 2012 anime Sword Art Online. Her single "Träumerei" is used as the opening theme to the 2013 anime Day Break Illusion.

LiSA's songs are truly inspirational and filled with emotions. As you listen to her song, you can feel her emotions flowing. Not only that but in her concerts, she can be so emotional that she can break down in tears along with some of the audiences. I personally experienced it and she should at least be in the top 10.

19 Minami Takahashi

Brilliant! Not only having work as AKB48 member and having a solo debut, but also as the 48group manager!

I love her so much... Especially in Anime (Conan in Detective Conan)

She is the best I love he so much
AKB's leader is so perfect

When She still AKB48 member she always call as The Suberi Queen... But I think she kind cute to tell a unknow story... I like Minami because she a hard worker person.. :3

20 Watanabe Mayu

She's is cute and lovely. She's the best actress and dancer. They call her Mayuyu Queen. She's have a cute voice and she's is the best Japanese idol in my opinion. She must had to be 1St top cause she is Cute Japanese idol of all.

My number 1 idol

Shes the best and cute

Mayuyu daisuki!
I love all her songs...
the best AKB48 member for me...

21 Kokia

she's just an amazing talent who sings from her beautiful heart and soul with a gentle power that overwhelms anyone who can hear her.

I was working my way through this list liking some whilst others were not really my taste.I then reached no 32 and even though her style isn't what I am into her voice enchanted me and trapped me under its spell.It's so beautiful with so many levels and the emotion just oozes out of it.I would love her to sing an old Scottish folk song.Her music is not something I would listen to every day but whenever I do (its already on my music player) it will lift my day to a higher level and spread beauty into the darkest corners of my life.

I'm not critiquing her songs or popularity, but vocal abilities. She's one of the best female singers ever. Find songs with her singing with no music and you'll be convinced.

Lol shoudn't KOKIA be 1#?! It's her abillity and technique which is very good tried to attempt to break world record longest note. her lives are 10 times better! als her studio lives,
Ave Maria?! Il mare dei suoni?! Fate?!
Check her lives on tudou
Type in kokia concert. Or kokia moment for de studio version, your welcome

22 Namie Amuro

She is the best in the world! I know what I'm talking of. Just lovee her! She should be #1 here! She is my favourite star for ever. Her performances are so energetic and you just can't believe that she can do this all alone.

I suppose her music might be taking a wrong turn, but she'll always be my favourite artist. I hope she back tracks a bit with her genre or at least the English.

Namie is the Queen of J-Pop! She has awesome dance moves and her vocals are amazing. She is one of favorite singers!

Her song 'Come' leaves a deep impression in me. Once again, thank you Inuyasha for introducing another amazing singer to me.

23 Mika Nakashima

Her beautiful, deep and strong sort of voice is extremely pleasant to hear. Just by hearing her songs, you could easily know that she sings with her heart. Her vocal should be considered as fresh and rare since cute and sweet vocal is being too mainstream in this industry. In other words, her vocal could resembles the rarity of voice in this industry. Apart from that, she is very gorgeous, stylish and cool in appearance. She has a very good sense of fashion. Her English is also good which gave her the potential of being a Japanese artist that shines in the west. For me, she's being a perfect Japanese female artist. She should, would, could and will be on the top.

Mika should definitely be #1. Her beautiful voice is the very definition of silky smooth. Her ballads are unmatched by any other singer.

Mika Nakashima has the Rare and Raw Voice hardly found in Jpop industry, and she's able to sing different genre of songs fr. Jazz, Rock to Ballads...

She is the first Japanese vocalist which I completely fell in love with. Her voice is so vulnerable and even though I can't understand her word for word, her voice really has no language barriers. Definitely the best out of all the rest!

24 Bonnie Pink

So beautiful in her soft, folk-like rhythms. She is like the Japanese version of Suzanne Vega or Frente!

25 Misia

Personally I think she is definitely one of the top 10 Japanese female vocalists.

She's definitely one of the best Japanese singers.

For me, Misia is the best singer in Japan.

She's great. With a high- powered voice.

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