Best Female Singer of Japan

Solo artist or leader vocal of a band, if she has a career in Japan and you think is the better, put her here.

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OH yeah! go go go YUI.. I alwayas play your song Rolling star hehehe... love it.!

YAAY! Yui's the best ever! I love you, we all love you! Your fans will be waiting for you anytime everywhere forever!

Yui is the best... you always in my heart... go.. go.. yui... I will always love you... you forever...

Tokyo - SokphannyTith278

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2 Utada Hikaru

I love her I think she should be number one :)
I relay loved her songs with Kingdome heart, witch is a awesome game by the way

When she sings in english, she sounds better than some famous singers who are fluent in english! She's really gifted

Utada Hikaru Is The Best In The World!
I Think No One Japanese Singer Can be Compared
You Rock!

I Love her since I'm 13 yo!

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3 Nana Mizuki

Unlike SOME (not all! ) of the people listed in the Top 10, Nana can actually SING her butt off, and I don't mean lip-syncing concerts, I mean 3-4 hours long live and even through fatigue she can still sing in pitch! She can sing MULTIPLE genres, unlike some people who can sing 1, or maybe 2(Gasp! ) She's known as a seiyuu singer, which is kind of like Disney singers in the USA, people look down them as never being as good as mainstream, but she has what it takes to break that barrier! And so far she is on her way!

Nana Mizuki, a seiyuu (voice actress) and as well as singer; I'm glad to say that she's a great example for people who aim to be a singing artist. Throughout her entire career, she has never lip-sync, again I repeat, NEVER. This can be proven because you can hear her breathing in her live performances and even in her CD recordings. She shows true talent, despite her growing age and and experiences as a child. The dance choreography along with her vocal singing range and multiple genres, shows her fans, that again, she's got true talent. She deserves more and therefore should be in the top 10! (If you haven't seen her live performances, heck, go to youtube this instance! )

Shes amazing unlike some people listed (not all), she can actually sing, and pretty damn well, and her voice has tonality as well as versatility, she doesn't sound the same in every song, her voice acting ability really pays tribute to it, and she can sing multiple genres, not just generic jpop


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4 Atsuko Maeda

Will always support maeda, although graduated of akb48

Kawaii achan! She is nature and have a aura of idol in herself

No mather what happen with atsuko maeda I will always give my support to her. I'm your big fans from Indonesia.

Beautiful and sweet idol

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5 Ayumi Hamasaki

Listen to her song, her voice is more than amazing...

Ayumi sounds amazing. Her voice can carry such high notes and her voice has a special ring to it. Another thing is that her songs always has amazing music videos to go with them and she always looks beautiful in those as well. Ayumi is the best singer ever. Her songs send the best messages, especially the song Dearest.

Ayumi is my star!
I love you so much
You are so cute

Ayumi can sing like hell. She is a QUEEN. No body matches her.

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6 Mika Nakashima

Her beautiful, deep and strong sort of voice is extremely pleasant to hear. Just by hearing her songs, you could easily know that she sings with her heart. Her vocal should be considered as fresh and rare since cute and sweet vocal is being too mainstream in this industry. In other words, her vocal could resembles the rarity of voice in this industry. Apart from that, she is very gorgeous, stylish and cool in appearance. She has a very good sense of fashion. Her English is also good which gave her the potential of being a Japanese artist that shines in the west. For me, she's being a perfect Japanese female artist. She should, would, could and will be on the top.

She is the first Japanese vocalist which I completely fell in love with. Her voice is so vulnerable and even though I can't understand her word for word, her voice really has no language barriers. Definitely the best out of all the rest!

Beautiful, sassy, cool, intriguing quality in her appearance. Very versatile music style. I love Mika Nakashima.

I love her voice

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7 Lia

Why is Lia ranked so low?! She has a goddess-like, incredible range, and conveys so much emotion in her songs. Most of all, she sings BEAUTIFULLY live! Please support this amazing singer, and raise her rank!

Lia is a like legend in J-pop. Even though I don't understand her lyrics at all, she just makes the song sound amazingly impressive. Her voice is strong and graceful, I don't understand why her rank is is so low. I LOVE LIA.

I love Lia..Her lyrics had a deep meaning of life...

I am not a hard fan, but the voice is just a angel... in live performance, she can you make cry or thrill at to levels of absolute star... no more words

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8 Tsukiko Amano

She has solid voice. And it sounds so good!

Tsuki-sama is not just a singer, but an artist.
Her lyrics are able to touch a heart deeply and softly.
Her melodies can make you float and find yourself in the clouds.

I love all her songs! Is a very complete artist

An awesome voice paired with awesome songs!

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9 Origa
10 Kashiwagi Yuki

She's the best! I always play her song before going to sleep and after I wake up! Her voice is like an angel

She have beautiful voice :) I always fallin' love when she start to sing. She's really beautifull

Yuki is a Queen! Beautiful and Talented

No doubt about voting yukirin because she is my oshimen and my inspirations for my life

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11 BoA BoA BoA Kwon is a singer born in Korea that became popular in Asia. She is known for singing in many languages, including Korean, English, and Japanese. She also is a professional dancer, as well as performer.

She's Queen of Pop! She's an awesome singer and judge, why, at that young age, she's already a mentor for aspiring singers like in Kpop Star! She has that scary charisma which just makes her image more fit for a celebrity her level...

I first fell in love with her japanese song "brand new beat" and she really has a beautiful voice and also good at dancing. I still like her until now, and I still enjoyed her songs either it's japanese or korean, upbeat or ballad.

She is the most beautiful girl in the world, prettier than the girl they say is the most beautiful girl in the world.

To be honest, I fell in love with BOA with the first song I heard from her. It was amazing and I've never stopped listening to her songs since.

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12 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Pamyu Pamyu is great! She's not only incredibly popular (along with Nishino Kana and AKB48 as the top females in Japan) but worldwide she is a sensation! Kyary is different, cute and you just can't help but fall in love with her!

Her music is very sweet

He style is great and I believe that it reflects on her work so much!

She's amazing and sweet.

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13 Kana Nishino

Her voice is so nice! And I really love the song best friend if you listen to it you'll fall in love with kana she's just amazingly talented

I fell in love with Best Friend for the first time, though up until now I can't reach whole notes of the song

Have a nice day is such a nice song. Though I am an indian, I love japanese songs and I love your voice

She is my favourite singer ever
I love her voice

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14 Haruna Ono

Just check-out for yourself how amazing this vocalist/guitarist is plus she definitely got the looks and could dance well too.

With her unique vocal and with a strong hint of rock in it.. Rare indeed.. And on top of that she's a good guitarist too.. Being a lead vocal with guitar isn't easy and plus at Pop Rock genre..

Haruna is perfect! and we must remember that she had a problem with her voice, and now she sings like nothing was happen, I love her

Her voice is very unique and I love it!

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15 Crystal Kay

Crystal Kay's J-pop music is very elegant and definitely a catchy song.
The way she sings is something I have interest of along with other J-pop singers. Her voice is like a crystal. And, she's one of my top favorite J-pop singers.

Awesome and beautiful, made the purchase, not got a clue what most of the words mean but it's a pleasure listening to her...

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16 Minami Takahashi

Do the best for me!

Brilliant! Not only having work as AKB48 member and having a solo debut, but also as the 48group manager!

I love her so much... Especially in Anime (Conan in Detective Conan)

I'm very like her personality, and her hard work. she's dorky,funny, thoughtful,and an amazing young leader for a large group her so much...
she has deep voice really suit with "mikigata" song, her new song "girls talk" so attractive and energetic. definitely, she need more song like "girls talk"...

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17 Watanabe Mayu

She's is cute and lovely. She's the best actress and dancer. They call her Mayuyu Queen. She's have a cute voice and she's is the best Japanese idol in my opinion. She must had to be 1St top cause she is Cute Japanese idol of all.

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18 Namie Amuro

Namie is the Queen of J-Pop! She has awesome dance moves and her vocals are amazing. She is one of favorite singers!

She's amazing and her voice is sexy

She is the best in the world! I know what I'm talking of. Just lovee her! She should be #1 here! She is my favourite star for ever. Her performances are so energetic and you just can't believe that she can do this all alone.

The one and only queen

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19 Yuko Oshima

Yuko is great idol and best singer for me

Yuko is so beautiful and has an amazing voice!

Always my oshimen, fabulous voice, beautiful, good dancer, everything you can imagine

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20 Chihiro Onitsuka

This human being is a special one. I am not japanese. Dont't know the language a bit, though watched a lot of anime. So not sure if my words count or not. To me if a singer can give birth to songs like "Gekkou" "Infection" "Innocence" then She should be recognized as a great artist not only in japan but through all over the world.

She has one of the strongest and most beautiful voices I have ever heard. Her songs move me so that I almost get teary eyed. She can sing so many different genres too. She is truly a wonderful singer.

Noting her great works in the many Anime series I have watched, I have grown to love listening to her. So bright yet her singing voice is at the perfect pitch. Very unique with lots of spirit

Just my favorite!
When I sung edge for my friend she cried.. I love her voice as I can sing her songs just like her too..
Great songs! Viva!

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