Best Female Singer in the Philippines


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121 Marchan Corowan
122 Julia Clarete
123 Lyca Gairanod

I love her voice and even if she were very young she can sing like a 24 yrs. Old

124 Darlene Vibares
125 Ima Castro

One of the best singer but I don't know what happen to her..

126 MYKA
127 Telesa Marie De Torres V 1 Comment
128 Roxanne Anongos

She is a good singer because of his thunder voice. She is also a poetic singer.

129 Marian Rivera Marian Rivera Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes, known professionally as Marian Rivera, is a Spanish Filipino commercial model and actress, best known for her roles in Marimar, Dyesebel, Amaya, and Temptation of Wife.

She ain't really a singer but guess what she made two dance album which both has reached platinum record plus she recorded a dance hit "sabay-sabay tayo". Nevertheless one of the most beautiful face on earth.. (funny not as a singer though)

2008 Marian Rivera Dance hits - Gold Record Award
2008 Marian Rivera Dance hits - Platinum Award
2008 Marian Rivera Dance hits - ASAP Platinum Record Award
2008 Marian Rivera Dance hits - Double Platinum Record Award
2009 Marian Rivera Retro Crazy - Gold Record Award
2009 Marian Rivera Retro Crazy - ASAP 24K Gold Award

I can't believe she made it on the list.
That's a bonus for you Marian, a beautiful, highly successful and award-winning actress.

Dapat 'kaw nasa #1 spot eh kasi sobra kana namamayagpag sa buong pilipinas!

130 Julia Abueva

Versatile and experienced global singer, dancer, T.V. & Theatre actress, model, pianist, guitarist, athlete and full time honor student at 17.

131 Ayen Munji Laurel

She can sing she can act she can dance and a very kind woman

132 Lougee Basabas

You gotta be kidding me 98 in your list. She is at least in the top ten. You got to give props to a woman that could rock the the ax!

She is definitely a top ten. The woman has a great voice and she is has a lot of sex appeal to boot. Y'all don't know talent!

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