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61 Some Nights
62 If I Were a Boy

This performance was AMAZING. Unique brought emotion and something real to this song. It was so sad and I can't stop listening to it. It should definitely be top 10!

Love sad song maybe I was boy role playing

This performance was amazing, it should be #1.

This made me cry it felt so real should be no1

63 Baby, It's Cold Outside

My absolute favourite Christmas song. I love it so much I even listen to it in the summer!

64 Don't Speak

Love break up song make me cry don't like Kurt Blaine together break apart

65 Don't Stand So Close to Me / Young Girl
66 4 Minutes
67 One of Us

Full of emotion. It was performed in the episode "Grilled Cheesus". It was just great, without any eccentricity. The cast was simply dressed, with white shirts. Plus, some of my favourite characters sound awesome in that song ( Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Tina! )

68 Animal

Love this song Kurt got sassy face l like it and Blaine great dance move

69 It's Time
70 When I Get You Alone
71 Bills, Bills, Bills
72 Livin' on a Prayer
73 Like a Prayer

Great Song. It's One Of Madonna's Songs - mneilan

74 Jessie's Girl

RIP Cory.. Best song

Love is song make me so sad Finn Hudson secret crush on him

75 Cool Kids
76 Hey Jude
77 Survivor / I Will Survive

Two of my favorite Glee characters (Santana and Mercedes) unite their incredible voices in a remarkable mash up!


78 Smile
79 Sweet Caroline

sung by puck, such a good singer! - ad1182

80 My Life Would Suck Without You

I thought the song was one the catchiest songs in season 3. It's hands down one of the best.

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