Top 10 Gospel Singers of All Time

Rating the best gospel singers of today. From gospel music's golden age to its enlightment period of toady.

The Top Ten

1 David Phelps David Phelps David Norris Phelps is an American Christian music vocalist, songwriter and vocal arranger, who is best known for singing tenor in the Gaither Vocal Band.

Although all the tenors that sang in TGVB were very talented, David has outshined them all in my opinion. The richness and diversity of his voice is unmatchable and his devotion to the Lord is unmistakable as he shares his God given gift of music and believe me, I grew up in a musical family and I know good music when I hear it.

David's anointing simply flows, when I'm down I listen to the words of worship God has richly blessed you to share his love through your music not forgetting all the singers of the past singing with Bill and Gloria I wish you guy were in Goa, India I tried purchasing your Videos but could not, as they are not available.

There are many many talented singers in the world but not one of them holds a candle to David Phelps. David is everything wrapped into 1. He has a range that takes your breath away. He holds notes so long that leaves you sitting there in amazement wondering how is that possible? You feel the spirit of God flowing through David as he sings. The words that David puts on paper and the musical arrangements that go with those words leave no doubt that he has clearly been anointed by God above to bring his ministry to as many places across the globe as possible. I cannot tell you how many times tears have streamed down my face simply because of David's amazing voice along with the words he has written, along with the music he has written for it, along with the musical instruments he had arranged to be used, along with the back up singers he has chosen. It quite overwhelming! He is a perfect roll model to his children. He is a loving husband and father. There couldn't be a more humble and ...more

Truly blessed by God!

David Phelps is #1, the best, no one can compare to David. He is the #1, the Best of the Top10 Gospel Singers of All Time. With David's great and awesome tenor voice, he could make the rafters ring. David uses his God given talent, his voice and singing to praise God, he gives God the glory and through his songs he tells others about God, Jesus Christ. Thank you David for being a true and sincere Christian. I love to hear you sing and I love your humor and smile. May God bless you David always and also your wonderful family. I love you and you're still so good looking and sweet and kind.
David you are and always will be #1 and at the top!

2 Sandi Patty

Is there any there choice BUT Sandi Patty!?! Truly the "Voice" of Christian music. Beautiful person, blessed with incredible gift, amazing entertainer and always giving back. The first concert I ever attended was Sandi Patty in 1986 (Let There Be Praise tour), the ticket was a gift from my grandmother. Over the years, her music has continued to be part of my spiritual journey. Often times, the only way God could speak to my heart was through her music "In Heaven's Eyes). I still say no ones rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" comes close to Sandi's. Last year I had the pleasure and honor to meet my "spiritual mentor" at a concert and do her makeup. I work in T.V. /Film production as a makeup artist/hairstylist and was so delighted to be able to share my gifts with someone that has shared hers with us. Truly a blessing. Sandi is #1, top of the list, best of the best, class act in my book.

I know a lot of people are talking about the performer "sandi Patty. However I want to talk about the genuine person behind "The Voice". I met Sandi back in 1992. This concert was in St Louis Missouri. When I was meeting her for the first time I was so nervous since this was the person I love listening to on my cassettes. However she put me very much at ease and even had a autograph picture waiting for me. She told me that if she is ever in my area look her up and she will try to make every effort to make sure I can see her backstage. Well let me tell you that she is person of her word. I have met her several times backstage since then. Each time a little more of her awesome personality comes out. She is very humorous person on and off stage. I feel honored to know such a great Christian Musician. I am also a Music Minister for a Methodist Church and where ever I go I am always talking about the musician/friend named Sandi Patty. Sandi is truly one of a kind person and so blessed to ...more

The first time I heard Mrs Sandi Patty like everyone else was when she sang The Star Spangled Banner for the reopening of The Statue Of Liberty loved her voice. The next time I heard her sing was after my father had three strokes and I didn't know how to pray with the way I felt my radio was on don't remember the station but her song ( In Heaven's Eye's ) came on and calmed my fears and God heard my heart felt prayers. I've never seen Mrs Patty in concert until this past April when I got to go to see her in Carnegie Hall she is just breath taking when she walked out, when she started to sing I was taken back. I found peace and went on with a sound mind. To me Mrs Sandi Patty is and always will be the Greatest Christian artist there ever been. She is #1 with me! Never met her but I don't need to her music not only brings me close to God and Jesus but to Her as well. Love Her very much, Thank You Mrs Patty for every thing you have done for me, more then you'll ever know you are Heaven ...more

Heard Sandy when I was just a young woman and her voice stirred something deep in my spirit. She has the most incredible range and power, yet can sing so softly and sweetly. She sings with great passion and no one, can sing "The Star Bangled Banner" quite like Sandy! All three of my children have grown up hearing her music. I even took my youngest daughter and her school mate to see Sandy in person when she made an appearance in Atlanta. Sandy's voice is truly a Gift from God! When I'm feeling spiritual drained, I listen to Sandy's voice via Pandora on my cell phone! Her rendition of "How Great Thou Art" or "Upon This Rock" lift my spirits immediately. She is a blessing to all of us and should hold the honor of #1 Gospel Singer. She IS THE BEST!

3 Keith Green

Best gospel singer

I agree. If we're talking about those who made gospel songs into radio play, beginning the move of contemporary Christian music being played and sung outside of church then we are certainly talking Keith Green.

He's long been gone but the message of his songs lives on..

Keith Green's For Him Who Has Ears to Hear belongs to the top 3 albums that shaped the modern Contemporary Gospel Music. Your Love Broke Through (written by Stonehill) and You Put This Love to My Heart are timeless gospel rock classics.

4 Michael English

Michael is one of the most anointed singers I've had the privilege to see and hear. His ministry is unlike no other. I've sat there and watch as it seemed you could see the anointing dripping off of him. His humble heart and openness about his life's story makes him such a tremendous minister of the gospel. I've heard many say that their lives have been changed thanks to Michael allowing God to move through him to reach people who otherwise have no hope. My own life was changed when God led to me Michael's music and his life's story. Being raised in church all your life doesn't mean you have a grasp on what grace and redemption are all about. Thank God I learned to live under grace and by God's mercy I walk with Him daily. Michael's ministry stands alone. God has a special anointing on this man to reach lost and hurting souls. His heart is for ministry and it's been a privilege to be allowed to witness it. God bless you Michael English.

Hard to be a Gospel musician without the anointing of God...Michael has that and has humility to go along with the talent God gave him. And life handed him some lemons at one point and he moved thru it with the blessing of God. Everyone in this list has talent but it takes God to make them touch the lives of people thru the instrument we call vocals.

I think Michael English is one of the biggest hypocrites that I've ever heard sing. He can sing right, but he is so fake he hurts me just to watch his phony love for God and his singing partners. If he's not the voice in the spot light, he's not interested in song are singing. If Michael is as much a real Christian and believer behind the stage as on stage, he needs to get saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, if he's not fooling me, I know God is not fooled, for by their fruits you shall know them. That's not me judging, that's God word already judged Michael, a goat sounds almost like a lamb, but their life and spirits are different. Michael English is in the wrong calling, he needs to try his luck with someone like Toby Keith, where he can live the life he really wants to live, and be the child of the wicked one that he surely manifestes.

When Michael sings, he tells a story with his whole being. He has a true anointing of God. His voice takes me to places which no other singer has done before. I feel that he brings me into the presence of God. Because of Michaels openness, when he is singing, I and others I have talked to go through the same feelings and emotions he is going through. God has worked through Michael to bring many including myself back into Gods open arms. He has an amazing voice and is an encouragement to all.

5 Don Moen

Exceptional gospel singer. A household name all over d world. Even here in Africa. He sings with his whole hear and soul.

I wonder how people rate gospel musicians. Is it just by voice, but not by life and impact in the Christian fold. Don Moen should definitely be in top ten. He has impacted life all over the world and I've not heard any bad record of him tarnishing the name of Christ. Why should we be encouraging people who are not born again but singing gospel songs.

His songs are so powerful with the presence of God

Don Moen is an exceptionally heaven-gifted worship leader whose anointed songs immediately stirs a soul in longing of his maker.

6 George Beverly Shea

One of the best

To place Whitney Houston above George Beverly Shea demonstrates either a shallow knowledge of Gospel throughout time or a complete lack of knowledge as to what Gospel Music is.
Shea has sung before more people than anyone in history. He holds 10 Grammy Awards. Lived to be 104 because he walked with God, not dope.

To my ear he is the best of all times and may be forever

Best for how great thou art

7 Yalonda Adams

Yalonda has been in gospel music for a while, and she keeps getting better.

Yolanda Adams is the greatest to ever do it!

Yolanda is the best ever, when she sings, victory, I feel every word in that song.

Yolanda Adams is the best for making Becoming and new single be still

8 Chris Tomlin

I can relate to his songs and he's a true Christian. it was kinda sad to see Whitney Houston in the Top 10 of Greatest Gospel Singers when she did not influenced me to come to God. She's a great singer, that's true but for me being a GREAT GOSPEL SINGER is all about INTRODUCING THE POWER OF CHRIST AND SALVATION THROUGH MUSIC. Aand Chris Tomlin is the one.

I like its content(deep inspiration and great move)

My greatest male gospel singer. You are the best and may God continue reviewing his messages through your songs Chris.

Greatest song writers of today

9 Steve Green

Incredible tenor with millions of albums sold, over 30 years of ministry and tremendous international outreach/

Amazing voice, just as good as Phelps. Has a missionary heart, very strong Christian brother

Should be #1 on this list!


10 Donnie McClurkin

Just listen to him sing the old hymns and you will know what I mean, especially Holy, Holy, Holy. Just a pure, sweet voice with a large vocal range (from the highest range of Baritone to the Highest Range of Tenor). He is without the Best Male Gospel Singer of the past two decades.

Best in everything

He is the best singer or minister of all times.

Brighter day tjo its killing me keep it up


The Contenders

11 Ron Kenoly

Anointed and powerful

I love this guy and is one of my favorite gospel singer.

Awesome uplifting praise from him

He should be in top 10!

12 Larnelle Harris

This man's voice is so very powerful. I am disappointed to see many individuals here whose heart was not filled with what they sang. This man is not one of those. His love for God is clear. He should be further up.

You meet the Lord behind Larnelle’s eyes when he sings

How Larnelle is not in the top is mind boggling. Any of you try singing with him note for note and then youll get it. There's a reason he sung duets with Sandi Patti on I've just seen Jesus and more than wonderful. he's the best male vocalist in gospel.

13 Rich Mullins

From the first time that I ever heard Rich Mullins, I was moved by his music, and by the words that he spoke in his songs. However, when I think of Rich Mullins, I think of a man who could have walked around in haughty clothes, shoes made in Italy, $100.00 hair cuts, and living in some regal manor, in some uppity, highbrow, gated community. But Rich couldn't be defined by riches. He was often barefoot, wearing shabby clothing, and in need of a hair cut. His home was more like a hut than a manor. His pride was left where it belonged, it was in God. He died too soon for us who are still living on this earth. He was, and still should be, a spiritual inspiration, but, although our spirit is willing, our flesh is weak. Our eyes and hearts ogle at the world when we should be ogling Heaven. Rich was different. He was humble, and he dedicated his life to the good works rather than the consumption of the worldly goods. Still, God took him in His perfect timing. Many people sing the songs of ...more

Nobody comes close to Rich Mullins. He was an inspired, humble and rawly honest person, musician and singer. He was also the best lyricist. Most of all, he lived the life he preached in his music and that's the ultimate compliment.

No one was or currently is as real as Rich Mullins.

14 Sonya Isaacs

Beautiful voice with an endless range.

Very nice singing!

Hi you are great singer will you be going on the concert tour circuit anytime soon I would love to hear you sing in person sometime thanks steve Williamson Pinckneyville illinois

15 Carman Licciardello

Amazing takent and annointing

16 Kim Burrell

She should be # two because her riffs and runs and testimonies through her music tells you how anointed her singing is

This young lady is blessed with the potential of singing. I truly believe that she is doig what she was made to do

Kim Burrell has been truly anointed by God.

Kim Burrell has an range like no other. My opinion is in the past she was not given the credit that she deserved do to her size. Queen Burrell is a beautiful individual inside and out. She is down to earth and anointed.

17 Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia Jackson has been dead for almost 50 years and still is known as the undisputed Queen of Gospel. Her voice was anointed and she is and always will be number one for me. Not only did she sing Gospel but you can tell she truly loved the lord with all of her heart.

The queen of Gospel

Even in 2019 Mahalia Jackson's songs are still most black churches favorite songs are sung through out the year by someone.

Mahalia Jackson was a true Gospel singer all the way through! She should be #1, not Aretha. Mahalia never sang songs like :"Freeway Of Love", "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman", "Who Zooming Who", "Jumpin Jack Flash", Dr. Feel Good" and oh, Mahalia never sang "Touch My Body" at one of her concerts!

18 Paul Wilbur

The best Messianic worship leader ever.

One of best classic gospel.. Great of all kind

19 Jason Crabb

The ministry of Jason through his music is unparalleled, his voice is incredible. he is a godly man with a voice given to him by God. Many have been touched through him by Christ.

Jason is a Grammy award winning vocalist and multiple DOVE Award winner including ARTIST of the year and MALE VOCALIST of the year.

His songs touches everyone from through the fire to please forgive me he shows God's true love

He's the real deal

20 Isaac Joe

One of the best music composer and motivational speaker in South India.

21 Michael W. Smith

Mike is absolutely the best. I'm always impressed the way God use him with worship ministry

He is by far the best gospel singer, I love his music and think he is the best tool GOD has used to demonstrate HIS love to us, I am always so blessed when I hear his music and know that GOD uses people for HIS kingdom

I really think Michael W. Smith is one of the best gospel singers, I love his music.

He is the best he sings with power and can also play de piano whiles singing. He is the best

22 Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Elvis Presley was an American musician and actor. Known as "The King" He was mostly known for his number 1 singles including "Heartbreak Hotel" "Hound Dog" "Jailhouse Rock" "Love me Tender" Elvis debuted in the movie "Love me Tender" and focused less on his music and continued that way. more.

Elvis was the greatest gospel singer ever, amazing grace, somebody bigger than you and I. Nobody sings gospel as good as this man.

Elvis was the BEST! He really was a gift from God. Something and I mean something just came over him when he sang gospel. You can hear it and see it. He knew every gospel song that was ever written. Lets not forget he got 3 Grammies for Gospel music. Sure do wish he was still with us...

What can we say? His Hand in mine, How great thou art and He touched me. Just listened to those albums and you will see the man deserves even better than number 8! To me he is tied with Mahalia...

Elvis Presley was an unbeatable Talent. Only uneducated people can deny that. His Gospel songs always were deep, touching and very emotional. His vocal always sounds phenomenal - Irina2932

23 Darlene Zschech

The woman with the spirit of GOD

She's got an amazing voice.

You are a great woman of God.

She's the great leader and the best songs writer and inspiration singer filled with the power of God. I love her may the Lord blessed her and her family In JESUS name.

24 Vestal Goodman

The most beautiful voice I've heard in my whole life

Not top ten? Go back and rethink this please... You need to listen to this lady sing "I'd do it all over again"... And "Searching for the city"... She is an icon

If you don't think Vestal was a good singer you don't know talent.

Love Vestal. When she sang Gospel songs tears would run down her face like the Holy Spirit really took over. Amen

25 Isreal Houghton

Now her is a Man of God that has taken the Word and made it alive in song. He brings youth and classical Gospel style together. The Gift God dave him is more than I have seen with any other artist.

He has a true love and heart for God and it shows in his music. I can feel the anointing God to minister to the people of God. May God continue to bless him and his family.

Think his blood flows with music...

My favorite kinda music, fresh, and just makes you wanna worship the KIng.

26 CeCe Winans

Yes! She can sing the alphabet and I would be ministered too!

Cece winans is the best singer in gospel. In fact I'm listening to her song right noe you are loved, you should listen to it! It's so amazing. GOd has touched her heart

She is QUEEN of Gospel my #1 favorite lady in the world she must be 1

I have been a fan and watched her mature into the devoted godly woman she is. I love her voice, her style and her witness!

27 Shirley Ceasar

yes shirley you are a woman of god and I love your music. - egillaxelsson

I think Shirley Ceasar brings the gospel back to the pepole and I think two of her best songs are heaven has a plaground and no charge she is a very good singer and I think her songs lift people because they lift me. That's why I think she is the best gospel singer so I think she should be the first one on the list of gospel singers.


You were my all time favorite singer back in the 1960s when it really mattered to me in my life I always went against my parents we always disagreed when it came to listening to great black gospel songs back in the day you are still the best ever keep up the great work my friend will you be having any new concerts coming up anytime soon thanks steve Williamson Pinckneyville illinois

28 Vanessa Bell Armstrong

There is absolutely no one else like Vanessa Bell Armstrong. I love the runs. Her control is absolute. Her voice is amazing.

Totally "awesome"

29 Aretha Franklin Aretha Franklin Aretha Louise Franklin (March 25, 1942 - August 16, 2018) was an American singer, songwriter and pianist. She began her career as a child singing gospel at New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan, where her father, C. L. Franklin, was minister.


Great singer my whole family love your musics and the way you sing it brings the spritual and grace to us.

because you are legacy to all the people and I love your music. - egillaxelsson

She is such a beautiful person and I'm so glad she's making soul/gospel music. She is an incredible vocalist and I just admire her.

30 Marvin Sapp

One of my FAVORITE gospel singers, I can feel the annointing whenever he sings

Sings with conviction, love his songs, and his character is respectful, as a child of God is required to be.

Anointed man of God he can sing. And lead a worship service.

Marvin is one of the best. His vocal performance is unbelievable

31 Sinach

If this woman had half the opportunity the American gospels had, we won't be having this argument. She makes me cry in my dreams and real life at the same time. She simply ministers the holy spirit on the listener

She's simply phenomenal and her music blesses me so greatly!

When it comes to the best of holy spirit inspired song its just sinach.. She has a way of bringing the atmosphere if worship and praise to people

I am in the same global ministry as Sister Sinach, Beautiful woman of God, graced minister, she ministers not just sings.

32 Karen Clark Sheard

I agree, her voice is phenomenal. She has an incredible range. Her "Finally Karen" album should be considered the best gospel album ever. I love 90s Karen more than today's (the modern) Karen. I pray she bring that era back. She can whistle too.

I believe she is because she is my favorite singer and she can sing real good. And all of her music I her I think it got sum to do with mea in mi life and how I feel inside and outside.

I am amazed Karen Clark Sheard has not been voted number 1 considering this is a vote for best Gospel singer.

Karen Clark is the best hands down. Nobody come before here because she sings like an angel laugh out loud

33 Fred Hammond

From jazzy gospel, to all out worship fred Hammond packs in the spot at number 9.

The gift of God is without repentance big up, represent the kingdom.

Fred Hammond is simply one of the best to ever do it.

Fred. Hammond voice is a gift like other gospel singers but Fred can sing a dirty rag clean and a awesome testimony

34 Daryl Coley

Why is this even a debate? Daryl sung every note; every octave; falsetto; staccato; legato; his riffs, runs, rolls and long held notes were impeccable and unmatched. If you are an up and coming singer, it's your duty to find out if you can REALLY sing by comparing what you can do to what he has already done. No disrespect or put-down to any other SINGER but this debate is over.

Others LEARN from Pastor Coley! Enough said. If one were to ask other singers on this list who influenced them - MY FAVORITE SINGER that people like Rev. Cleveland, The Hawkins, Pastor Kee and others called upon when they want it done RIGHT & WITH ANOINTING would make the list more than most others. Just Google his a capella offerings - you'll join the friendly argument with my son and I in Baltimore. Daryl Coley is one of the best! Even as good (in MY opinion -better :-) ) as his favorites: "The K's - Burrell & Clark-Sheard".

Just the most gifted and anointed singer I've ever ever heard. Love you Daryl and thanks for your gift of sweet songs of praise. No one else compares to your style and talent. Your in a class above the rest.

My opinion? Go check him out! He is not the most popular... But anyone with the ability to hear should notice it! YouTube it!

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35 Kari Jobe

She is one my favorite worship artist.. Has God's word in every song - paasadani

Should be number one on the list her songs speaks to you, I got to know God through her song "Steady my Heart" her self titled alubm and "Where I find you" helped me connect with God! A healing voice

An amazing singer and true Christian worship songs God bless and love you Kari.

She has an amazing voice and you can feel Jesus in her every word

36 Andrae Crouch

Andrae is by far the number 1 gospel artist of all time/he changed gospel music, and took it to an other level. Plus God gave him the talent baby. As long as they do Gods work what does it really matter anyway. God bless them all.

Gospel artist and composer of all the classics "Take Me Back" "My Testimony" half the songs sung in a Black Gospel church on any given Sunday were written by him!

Andrae Crouch is the father of modern day Gospel Music. His music is still listenable and playable to this very day. His compositions are being sung all over the world fro well over 4 decades!

What I love about Andrae Crouch is his simple and humble spirit. Some Gospel Singers are performers and should be in showbiz. Worship and praise to God is all about humility, modesty and of course, the majesty of God - NOT SELF!

37 Rance Allen

If his vocal ability is unmatched... Which it is... & this is the top SINGERS of all time... Bishop Rance Allen not being number one frauds this list. People like Marvin Sapp... Marvin Winans (who should definitely be on here)... J Moss (who should be on here) are on record saying he's the greatest singer. Kirk doesn't belong on a singing list... I don't see Rev. James Moore... Darryl Coley is definitely top 10... I really don't understand your criteria.

An unparalleled technique, a very unique, deep vocal tone and so much soul and power. Rance Allen is the king of gospel singing.

Vocal ability unmatched. Should be number one if vocal ability is the primary factor.

I think Rance is God gifted and should he should be ranked higher than #15, but to each his own. I could listen to him sing all day everyday.

38 Kirk Franklin Kirk Franklin

I think his the best

He is excellent, he has a wonderful spirit and he is filled the holy ghost, he has a true gift of music from God and he really has the word of God and knows how to use it especially when it comes to ministering through his music, he really touches my heart anyway.

He is my mentor when it come to gospel songs, even am using his life is in your hand as my ring tone now!

He's a great Singer. My church sings his song all the time. Keep doing what your doing!

39 Samsong

He is the best

40 Mary Mary

These are some SANGIN SISTAS

Yes Lord! They are the Best!

Mary mary are the best singers because they have power in their voice.

I love Mary Mary's music! They are amazing!

-Candance Shay

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41 Amy Grant Amy Grant


Amy Grant is a pioneer of Contemporary Christian, in the Gospel Hall of Fame and continues to touch hearts over 30 years later. Love her concerts!

The best singer of ANY genre in ANY era. PERIOD.

One of the best singers of all time.

42 Frank Edwards

He is the most inspiring and talented gospel artist I've ever encounter.

He is adorable when it comes to vocal exhilaration, a true gospel blessing

He is a man send from God

He is my music father, I was inspired by him

43 Dottie Peoples
44 Detrick Haddon

He's the best a like all songs he;s voice is the best he is first classic for me he's top one for me that look god is in him a feel he's words a feel god power he's voice is superman

He writes the experience music life challenges he brings it home. He brings it all in the lyrics

His voice is like hearing from Jesus... Enough said!

A legend in the making.

45 Benny Hinn

Pastor Benny Hinn is a truly anointed man of God, his songs of worship is really touching and full of anointing. His strong relationship with The Holy Spirit really makes his songs to be so powerful. I personally believe that with the incoming of the third Pentecost wave, he will truly used by God to make "Unlimited Miracle". Jesus bless him

He has worship songs a like so much. Especially his pianist.

Ps. Benny is truly one of kind... Praise God for true worshippers


46 Dorinda Clark Cole

Dorinda is the legendary "Rose of Gospel Music". She has paved the way for many gospel and secular singers. Her supersonic scatts, smooth runs, and raspy tone contribute to her unique style. She is known as the "jazzy" sister of the legendary Clark Sisters. Dorinda's voice is a multitalented mezzo soprano voice!

Wonderful, anointed, powerful, and dynamic woman of God. Gospel's rose she can riff, run, and scatt at sonic speeds. She truly is one of gospel music's greatest singers.

Dorinda is just amazing all round, choir director, preacher, human being and singer her ministry is real and touching

The message of Jesus in her music. It is anointed totally. I love her voice absolutely. She is one of my favorites!

47 Le'Andria Johnson

She is extremely new and is already taking the gospel industry by storm with her powerful vocals. She is very original and her voice as well as vocal style is needed in this day and age. The mix of traditional and contemporary sound that she brings is what is attracting people and is something even those outside of the gospel industry will notice and appreciate.

I personally think LeAndria is probably one of the best vocalists in the world. She has sincerity, passion, vocal skill and ability, and most important an intense love for the Lord as expressed through her music.

Simply pure gospelitic-soul sound. Pitch perfect. Harmonically excellent.

48 Guy Penrod

An amazing voice and a sincere dedication. He doesn't add performance, he doesn't need to! His beautiful voice does it all! And his smile and his eyes radiate his love for pure Gospel music.

Love the country style Gospel tones of Guy's beautiful voice. His true love of Jesus shines through his whole being. Whenever he sings he praises God, no performance just a real true Gospel Singer. His voice is unmistakable even within a group.

Guy has a beautiful voice and the ability to blend with any group. He has large vocal range. His belief in God is so evident in all that he does. I have never seen him "performing" instead of praising God. His sincerity always shines through.

His Love of God shows in every song he sings. Guy praises God in all types of Gospel Music; whether it is Southern Gospel, Country Gospel or Contemporary with his beautiful voice. The best gospel performer of all time!

49 Elbernita Twinkie Clark

Elbernita (Twinkie) clark is queen of the organ, song writer and leader of the legendary Clark Sister, she is a two times Grammy award winner and one of he living anointed Queens of gospel and a real lady

Twinkie Clark is a legend. She has wrote almost all The Clark Sisters Biggest big hit she also is a two time Grammy award winner. Know for creating the unique sound for "The Clark Sisters" called the clark sound she is a musical inspiration to gospel and secular singer and has been crownd the Queen of the hammond B3.

The true Clark Sisters. Twinkie can sing, compose, and direct gospel music.

Twinkie and her sisters paved the way from upcoming contemporary gospel artists. She represents our church (the church of God in Christ) very well

50 T. D. Jakes
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