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1 Adalind Schade

Like so many people can relate to, Adalind Schade's done some things she's not proud of. However she's a strong enough character to try to become better. Grimm is Adalind's redemption story.

'Cause after everything she's done an been through she's loyal to a grimm and in love with him. She's a sweet and loving mom and stands strong when she has to

Everything she does comes purely from love, she realizes her mistakes and owns them, she is very loyal, she love hard, deeply and completely, she is a great mom and is the best woman for nick

She even has a great sense of humour! She used to piss me off but I grew to love her!

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2 Monroe

I like everything about Monroe: He's a good friend, and lover. He's funny, kind, thoughtful, and always ready to help his unlikely Grimm fiend, Nick. He has put his life on the line more than once for Nick and Hank. His relationship with Rosalie is endearing. I enjoy watching them interact. His somewhat unkempt appearance, frumpy sweaters, and scruffy beard, is perfect for his character. Personally, never use the word "dude" when addressing someone, directly, but it works well for his character. He reminds me a little of myself, as he's always working to keep the darker side of his Blutbad/Wesen nature, suppressed.

Monroe has funny moments, hardworking, and a loyal friend. He's helped Nick and others many times and he is selfless. He and Rosalie had an awesome "Romeo-and-Juliet" love story that brought good story to the show

He's lovable, kind and funny, but also has a dark side which is kinda exciting.. He seems genuinely nice, wouldn't mind hanging out with him. Very handsome too

He holds the whole story together.

What is lovely about Grimm is the way very different people open their minds and hearts to eachother and he is the first to do this.

He provides most of the interesting historical information and makes it emotionally relevant to the present e.g. when they're in the woods looking for the Grimm Crusader's treasure and he talks of the peasants fighting feudalism.

He is the programmes moral compass.

Silas Wicher really can act, which helps, when bringing fairy tales to life.

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3 Nick Burkhardt

After all it's mostly about him and he does a good job being the grimm

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4 Juliet Silverton

She refused his wedding proposal, she never accepted him as a cop, then never accepted him as a Grimm, laughed in his face when he told her he loved her, went behind Nick's back to get Monroe and Rosalie to stop looking for a way to get Nick's Grimm back, betrayed his mother, trapped her and stood there with her super hexanbeast powers and did nothing while listening to Kenneth kill Nick's mom, tried to force Nick to kill Monroe, hit Rosalie, slept with two of Nick's enemies,would have killed nick if Trouble hadn't intervened, never apologized for what she did, when she came back took no responsibility for her actions

Well, she's not boring anymore. I like her character. It would be fun to watch them as a couple and not separated.

I can see the Nadalind fans are strong here with their delusional hate. I like Juliette because she was unselfish and put her friend's happiness over her own when she helped get Nick his powers back.

Difficult to watch her

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5 Captain Sean Renard

I dislike him, is a cowardly villain

Used Adaline's love for him to get her to do bad things, forced her to go after Hank, took no responsibility for that and pretended to be good finally he showed his true colours

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6 Theresa Rubel

She is a badass and one of the best characters on th show, she should be a regular.

She is a powerhouse and doesn't hesitate to do the right thing. She did survive even without knowing she is a Grimm.

She's badass and beautiful lady

7 Rosalie Calvert


8 Wu

He was working on another series, but now is in this turning it into a great show

He has the best sense of humor! I would love to see him more frequently!

9 Hank Griffin

I like this guy, is tough and is contributing much to the show

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10 Bud Wustner

He reminds me of a cute and timid, but with a rascal side, puppy. Love his character.

It has his comic point

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11 Kelly Burkhardt
12 Martin Meisner
13 Aunt Marie
14 Diana Schade-Renard
15 Angelina
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