Pakistan Army


I'm not a Pakistani but still I believe Pakistan has the bravest and the most courageous army in the world, there is no such country which can fight Pakistan, no army in this world can compete Pakistani army! India knows if they fight with Pakistan they will ni longer be on the world map! Keep it up Pakistan - French man

Pakistan Army is in fact the bravest. It has survived war against major countries who were fighting together, against this nation. Many other countries might have been destroyed. It is ready to do anything to protect its nation. Even if it means giving up all of their lives. They have saved most of their people from many drone attacks carried out by a particular country. And most recently they tried to save the children involved in the Peshawar School Attack by risking their lives. They were informed a bit late at the Pak-Afghan border and remained unsuccessful. Even though, it was an act of true bravery, that they went in the school and tried to save as many children as they could from the Taliban, even though they knew they were too late.
And I'm not just saying that because I'm a Pakistani. I'm saying that because I genuinely believe it.

There is some reasons why Pakistan army is called the bravest army. This is why Russian president once said that " if I had Pakistan army and Russian weapons I would conquer the whole world" why not Indian or American soldiers?

Pakistan Army is second to None. It's the spirit, courage and will to fight which makes a soldier fight and die. Mere technology is not enough, you have to place your foot to conquer any place. The status of training and efficiency is evident from past years military forces competition results in which Pakistan stood unchallenged.

Pakistan army is world bravest army in the whole universe, am Pakistani and Pakistan will be the super power of whole world

I am not from Pakistan but still feel that they are really brave

Pakistan army is the best because they do not believe in modern weapons or tanks. They fight for the Islam and for their homeland. I think this is the biggest reason. And most importantly their backbone is the Pakhtoon tribes who always have their distinct position in Pak army.

I believe Pakistan Army world tough Army in the world. The won this title in the US competing with 90 other countries in the world.

Pakistan Army is world's bravest Army, its so far better than Indian Army... And I am proud to be Pakistani...

My opinion is that Pakistan has the only power to win the wars against terrorism and terrorist countries like India, israel and usa. These are the enemy countries of the world. World has come to know that these countries are not in the favour of peace but to hurt innocent people as they did many many times in past. So only Pakistan is the country who can defeat them very strongly in the future and with the help of Almighty ALLAH there is no power who can defeat Pakistan.

Not only in combat but also Pakistan army has proved itself in UN peace keeping missions and performed exceptionally in national disasters. And currently active in counter terrorism efforts in country. They can even run the country as evident by history.

Hey Guys Have You Seen The Latest Report No One In The Whole World Have Such An Army Like Pakistan They Stay In Ice For About 29hours No Else Could Make That haha We Pissed Every Army haha

War is not matter of weapons only, but the spirit and courage is a keen factor to decide. Pakistan army is the most bravest and spiritual army across the globe. If it come to the solidarity of Pakistan, they will proudly sacrifice their lives to defend the soul of their mother land. Love you Pakistan and Pakistan army.

No army in this world is match for PAKISTAN ARMY

Yes... No doubt about Pakistani armed forces...

India can be destroyed in a matter of hours if our army will attack. if you (Indians) are so brave then why did you not defeat Pakistan in the war, you had the army but not the spirit. If Pakistan thinks that the world is blind then you are wrong because Pakistan is the only country to fight the Taliban with out USA help.

One of the best army of the world

Pak Army is one of the best and bravest army of the world... Wars are not only fought with weapons they are fought with spirit and bravery... Love you Pakistan

What makes someone brave is how they do something that seems impossible and listening to our hearts and doing the right thing guns, tanks, rifles don't make a person brave someone who is brave will do something that scares you but you do it anyway.

Pakistan army is the best army in the world because it fight with true spirit it loves its country its people the only thing which stands between Pakistan and its enemies is Pakistan army

Pak army have the most brave soldiers rather whole nation is brave and the people who are saying that Pakistan are the supporters of terrorism just kick there ass

Message to India: Look throughout history small armies overcoming large armies, if you seriously think your country is stronger than Pakistan, you have to realise Pakistan still exists after 70 years and their people are very proud & nationalistic who have defended their land for thousands of years against many great empires I find it very hard to believe any army can defeat the Pakistanis on their own soil they are very brave people I have witnessed it for myself.

You won 1965 war well I know Pakistan illiteracy rate is high but now I see how high it is only you say that and dream you won the war no one in this world agrees including your friend China as matter of fact both land and air force was not in position retaliate your men ran showing there back and few dropped there gun surrendered you should read or listen to some Pakistani experts who actually speak the truth and I have respect for them

Yeah, Pakistan army is the bravest and I m sure it will keep on its first position throughout the world as far as Pakistan is on the map of the world. Pakistani soldiers are brave, love their country and almost has no fear of death. this is the main point in the Pakistani army which has brought them to the first position in the world

Certainly one of the best. Good air force, and the fact about what our country is going through so much at the moment, it's the army that is keeping it as balanced as possible.