Top 10 Best Guitars

I am ranking these by how nice and awsome they sound and how well you can play them.

Personally, I like the Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul Standard...well, because I own one. But these are just my opinion on these.

The Top Ten

1 Stratocaster by Fender

This guitar was picked because of how light it is in your hands, the squeaky, screaming sound, and the poularity of the guitar

mostly used for rock and a little part of metal

Best instrument ever made in the history of Rock, Blues and Jazz. Your fingers automatically run, jump on the neck. When you play it, music overflows within yourself.

Most iconic guitar ever in my opinion. Everyone from beginners to pros use the stratocaster

This is the most retarded list anyone would ever possibly imagine

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2 Les Paul Studio by Gibson / Epiphone

I think that the Les Paul is one of the best sounding ROCK guitars, and a great rock icon - guitar101

A nice heritage cherry burst with humbuckers is the essential rock and roll rig

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3 Telecaster by Fender

You can distinguish a telecaster tone between a million guitars. It is very unique and beautiful. Every great guitarist once used a telecaster and I am proud to own a tele

Fun to play, sound unique, comfortable body and neck, make a easy way to love music thru an instrument, first pick for a beginner, in my opinion

4 SG by Epiphone / Gibson

Awesome guitar, neck heavy, but still great sounding for blues, rock, punk, classic rock and many more. Not as popular as the Linkin Park, but in my opinion better and should be more popular

this guitar was picked because of it's popularity, style, and both thick and sceaming sound.

Mostsly used for Rock and Classic rock

5 Les Paul Standard by Epiphone

This guitar was chosin because of it's thick balzy sound.

mostly used for blues, rock, and metal

6 Warlock by B.C. Rich

this guitar was picked because of it's metalic sound, style, and popularity ONLY to metal genre lovers

mostly used for METAL... if you didn't know that, you are stupid

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7 Les Paul Standard by Gibson

this guitar sounds smoother and easier than the Epiphone version of the LP Standard, but this dosnt have a Pick guard

the Epiphone LP has a Scratchy sound and the Gibson LP has a smoother one. So pretty much, they are both the same, but the Epi. LP has a Scratchier sound and a Pick guard and is made in China And the Gibson LP is made in America with no pick guard and a scratchy sound

8 Explorer by Gibson
9 Dusk Tiger by Gibson

REALLY good guitar
I think that it is similar to the Gibson Robot guitar
Like, it tunes it's self and lights up and all that crap
Gibson THINKS this guitar is their best model
I think it's a peice of crap

10 Flying V by Gibson

The flying V. The most legendary rock guitar ever. What else is there to say?

The Contenders

11 Fernandes Stratocaster

Cheaper then a fender and just as good

12 Firebird X by Gibson

It's so awesome! It feels so light while playing. It's the most comfortable guitar I have seen. You can play really fast on it! - winner333

13 ES-335 (The Dot) by Epiphone
14 PRS Custom 24

Awesome tone and unique voice.

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15 Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR

You got your emg's, your 7th string for metal, and your awesome floyd rose. Amazing guitar

16 Les Paul Junior by Gibson

A complete work horse. The Les Paul Junior, equipped with it's P90 pickups punch beautiful, crunchy rock tones through a bands sound. The guitar is versatile, solid, reliable and simple; all adding to the sheer simplicity and beauty that is the Les Paul Junior.

17 RG Series by Ibanez
18 Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci JPXI

This is the guitar that will make you forget every guitar you have ever played in your entire life. Period. Splendid sound and full of power with unimaginable ranges of styles and flexibility. Awesome.

19 Gibson Melody Maker
20 Jackson JS22-7
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1. Les Paul Studio by Gibson / Epiphone
2. Telecaster by Fender
3. SG by Epiphone / Gibson



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