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1 Caramel Cone

15-30 seconds in the microwave and is softens just enough to make all of the amazing flavors and textures even better. I have never been addicted to crack, but it must be similar. Haagen Daz Carmel Cone is as close as I have ever had to an addiction. It is insane, I knew immediately after tasting that first spoonful, that I was hooked... The skies opened up and my taste buds just exploded from joy. I need to find others that share this insane addiction.

Definitely my favorite ice-cream

Easily the best ice cream flavor in the entire supermarket case! And this from someone who loves all ice cream. Everything in caramel cone balances is impossible not to like this flavor. It has been a favorite for a while now.

Oh I am glad to see others agree! I only discovered this flavor a few years ago, and it was like, "where have you been all my life! "at first bite. I think I am going out to get some now. Seriously. Hence my google search for best Haagen Daz Flavor. Keep the dream alive, people.

2 Pralines 'n Cream

Can't seem to but this for love nor money these days...I am missing it terrbly

Mm The Pralines 'n Cream is BY FAR my favorite! It is unbelievable and the pralines in it are so good covered in a caramel coating... I absolutely love it.. It is to die for

Just tried Pralines 'n Cream yesterday -now it is my favorite flavor of Haagen. Thanks for the great flavor.

Absolutely the most delightful, decadent flavor in the world! I have no idea what a praline is, and I couldn't care less!

3 Green Tea

Tastes good after anal

My husband went to get Pralines and Cream and came home with this one instead... At first I was disappointed, but WOW! We did anal

I actually didn't care for this at first. Preferred other green tea ice creams I've had in the past. But then something clicked, and now can't imagine a time when I didn't love this. The flavor and texture are sublime.

This ice cream is perfection. The texture is creamy and smooth, the green tea flavor is perfectly balanced and this remains one of my all time favorite Haagen-dazs flavors.

4 Cookies n' Creme

Cookies n' creme is so friggin awesome!
you can taste sweet vanilla and crunchy
oreo cookies at once!

COOKIES N CREME IS THE BEST FLAVOR IN THE WORLD! I can't believe it's number two, not number one! It is the yummiest ice cream I have ever tasted! I hate the number one flavor! Caramel Cone is way worse than this awesome flavor! GOO COOKIE!

Cookies n' creme is so yummy! The crunchy oreo bits and the vanilla ice cream goes so well together! Cookies n' creme is just the best flavour!

This was the best flavor! Bring it back! Why would they do us like that and take it away? Now I have nothing to look forward to when I want ice cream.

5 Vanilla

“Vanilla is considered the best ice cream flavour, and Haagen Dazs helps proves that point”

The best vanilla ice cream out there so light and creamy but its not heavy like other vanilla ice creams

The best Vanilla ice cream available in the known universe. Try pouring root beer into a partially eaten pint, then spooning out the frozen skin that forms on the ice cream surface. It's so good I could cry.

Why does everyone blow off the classic flavors? I, for one, can eat vanilla ice cream all day long. Forget your cappuccino mocha chip with caramel drizzle ice cream, and flashback to your childhood with this nostalgic flavor.

6 Strawberry

I'm heartbroken the store said they have discontinued strawberry ice cream. It is the only one I eat and it is the one that sells the quickest at stores I've been to. When the grocery store has it on sale it is the first to sell out. Why would they discontinue this. I'm from Toronto Ontario

I think they'd be crazy to discontinue this. It's one of the three big flavors. Also, because it's amazing.

I DID NOT like strawberry ice cream until I tasted what real strawberry ice cream tasted like. When the creamy strawberry flavor hits your pallet, the reaction is extremely impressive. One would never imagine strawberry ice cream can possibly taste like Haagen Dazs makes it.

I've pretty much almost lost my taste for strawberry ice cream because none of it is as flawless as this one. Seriously, if you haven't tried this, you haven't had strawberry ice cream. It's so perfectly creamy, fresh, and filled with delicious, juicy strawberry pieces. Get it now.

There is nothing better than ice cream that has juicy delicious strawberries. The strawberries are the best part and it makes it so yummy.

7 Coffee

The flavour is so pure, clean, authentic, and creamy. The ingredient list speaks for itself.

The Walmart near me is ALWAYS sold out of this stuff, that's how good it is. I can go there in the morning and see 15 pints of Haagen Dazs Coffee, but by the afternoon it's completely gone while the other flavors are untouched. It's either really good, or there's one person around here who only eats Coffee ice cream... Hmm!

Clean taste. Not too strong on the coffee flavor, not too light. It's the only flavor I eat. Love those tiny cups they come in also, perfect size for me!

One of the best, it’s creamy and soft. Gives a beautiful tiramisu like flavor. All time favorite.

8 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

The best chocolate chip cookie dough ever! after I tried this I kept on craving for it but sadly haagen dazs Philippines closed... so I tried ben and jerry's and bunch of other products that says cookie dough and even tried to make one. Simply nothing could beat haagen dazs' version of cookie dough!

Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is definitely the BEST because you have pieces of chocolate and pieces of smooth rich sweet chewy biscuits. If you don't like this flavour, you must be mentally retarded or something because Chocolate Chip Cookie is the best.

I don't like any other ice cream company's chocolate chip cookie dough flavor. By far the best!

It is very popular here in Iceland and this flavor is often sold out in grocery stores

9 Chocolate Peanut Butter

My absolute favorite. The texture contrast between the ice cream and peanut butter is perfect.

Why is it that so many times I go to the story and the CPB is sold out? Why? Because it is the best

This ice cream is the best. Same as the other person wish there was a bigger container. This is the only ice cream I like to eat.

I try to limit how often I buy this, since I will finish the entire pint in one sitting. I can only assume it's not available everywhere, so some folks have never had it. How else can you explain why it's not top ten?

10 Mango

Mango Rocks! The chunks of Mango in the Ice Cream are Delicious and they go perfectly well with the ice cream. The ice cream is smooth and flavorful and it smells delicious too! If you have not tried Haagen Dazs Mango, you should because I haven't tasted any mango ice cream better than this!

We must protest the of mango flavored ice cream. We cannot allow them to do this to us. I thought perhaps it was a seasonal and I patiently waited for the winter to pass. I just knew that my favorite flavor would be available this summer. Now I am hearing talk of mango ice cream being gone forever. Actually the mango flavored 'screem' was the only reason that I paid the much higher price for Haagen Dazs. If I cannot get my favorite then I might as well buy from any other company. They really need to consider the fact that the only reason I bought Haagen Dazs was because no one else had mango ice cream.

The best ice cream ever made hands down specialty if you let it melt a little it gets very creamy I used to buy it every day but know it's hard to find don't know if the flavor was discontinued if it was then is a shame.

I loved Butter Pecan but once I tasted Mango I was hooked. Now I cannot find anyway and was told it is discontinued.

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11 Dulce de Leche

Simply the best, should be higher. The combination and burst of flavor in your mouth is amazing! I eat the entire pint without noticing it! If the store has Dulce De leche I don't even look at the other flavors.

This flavor is fantastic! The caramel flavored ice cream is creamy and rich. You taste caramel with a hint of vanilla. There are swirls of caramel in the ice cream and it really makes your taste buds go crazy. Its amazing.

Hands down favorite, its so creamy and rich, & the Carmel swirls oh my gosh. I always have to stop myself fron eating it all. Dulce de leche should definitely be higher on the list.

I literally go to another town to purchase it, as we don't have a store in my town (Nicosia, Cyprus). I bring it home almost melted, and I still do it because I'm in love with this ice cream. I knew I would absolutely love it, as I am a huge fan of dulce de leche and make often on my own. This ice cream... This ice cream is my whole life. I could die after my first spoon, and I would be content with it.

12 Pineapple Coconut

Buy ther six at a time and have hooked my friends on it. If you ever discontinue it you will have most of Georgia in an uproar.

It's exquisitely delicious. Little pineapple chunks. Delicate yet rich coconut flavor. And for some reason I detect a hint of rum. I'm about to go get another pint. This is perfection.

Suddenly I'm on a beach with a coconut drink in Maui; the waves are crashing, the sun is setting, and my taste buds are dancing, knowing I can take home this bliss in a cup of ice cream.

Best combination ever. Fresh, sweet, delicious. It is simply perfect. The coconut is smooth and the pineapple chunks make a great pair. You have to try it.

13 Vanilla Fudge

Yes lets seriously start a petition to bring that vanilla fudge back

This was also my long time favorite...I couldn't believe it when they discontinued it - shall we start a petition to bring it back? (unfortunately it's all about the numbers $, but maybe it's worth a try).

Just checking to see if it was back on the shelves-lol! Lots of fudge tangled in with heavenly Vanilla ice cream.

I totally agree it's been years since its been swept of the shelves or freezer for that matter but every time I'm in the section I still check to see if it's back lol

14 White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

The very best I buy it whenever I can. Try to make it last as long as I can also

This ice cream offers a truly balanced and decadent experience. The creamy white chocolate ice cream, the lovely texture from the truffle chunks, then the best part: the tart and sweet raspberry swirl. Should be #1.

I am truly addicted to this ice cream! I love the combination of flavors. Each flavor stands out separately without overpowering the others. I eat 1-2 pints a week. Thank God, I work out.

Amazing and will never go back to any other! Well, maybe I will try another, but this one is perfect for my taste, my friends and grandchildren as well!

15 Caramel Biscuit and Cream

This flavour is the only reason I haven't started smoking again. Thank you.

I am in love with this flavour, the best yet

It is crunchy and addictive

This is the best icecream I have ever had, I try to find it every place I go, by far I can only find it in Panama city Panama, please produce more!

16 Bananas Foster

This flavor (Bananas Foster) is, in my opinion, the best damn ice cream in the whole world. I can't believe it's only ranked at #32. I would eat a pint of this every day, if I could find it. It's very difficult to find, but when I do I buy as many as the store has, usually 5 or 6. Love it Love it Love it!

This flavor is complete heaven

Bananas Foster should be among Haagen Dazs' core flavors! In fact they should make more banana flavors, which reminds me Banana Split was very tasty too.

Love it! I wish I could find it more places

17 Macadamia Nut Brittle

I can't find my favor Macadamia Nut Brittle anywhere. Is it still being produced?

I live in Hong Kong, and I use to be able to find this easily...but not anymore, does this flavour dicontinued?
I love this flavour, vanilla base ice cream with pieces of macadamia nuts covered with caramel..great combo of sweet, salty & nutty.

The crunchy, nutty, caramely, sweet/salty, buttery, yummy goodness of this flavor makes it the best ice cream EVER created!

When are you going to bring back this flavor? I don't care if its for a limited time only. I have a deep freezer now and I would clean the shelf of it and store it in my garage! Please please please bring this back!

18 Strawberry Cheesecake

This is the best favor of Haagen Dazs ever. Green tea is amazing too but Strawberry Cheesecake should simply be number one. It makes one feels like in heaven.

Absolutely delicious. have to tell myself to stop over and over again when I've eaten half the tin...

I wish this would come back permanently.

It's, maybe, my favorite dessert. Period. So this has potential to be my favorite flavor, too,

19 Pistachio

Pistachio should truly be in the top 5. It is so creamy and delicious. We LOVE pistachios. We are all hooked on it. Please don't ever let this one go. !

I love pistachios so much and the natural ingredients bring out the natural buttery nut flavor. Truly the best.

Absolutely nothing better. The level of perfection is... Ah. So nutty, buttery, refreshing. Positively addicting.

MY FAVORITE! I love the way it is not so sweet like all of the others! It has a buttery taste that makes you swoon!

20 Peaches & Cream

I've not seen it on store shelves in a few years, either! I don't know why because it is by far the best peach ice cream out there. No one makes a better product, and believe me, I have tried nearly all of them!

I cannot find it either. My absolute favorite...fresh peaches and sweet cream. Better than homemade!

I haven't been able to find this flavor in years. It's so delicious! Please, if there is anyone who knows where I can find Haagen Daz peaches and cream in NYC I will love you forever!

21 Rum Raisin

I can't believe this is so far down on the list. This is by far, my favorite, and that is saying something, considering all the awesome offerings. I actually learned about it, watching a movie... The actress playing the lead role, was always eating Rum Raisin Ice Cream... I knew I had to try it, and I have been buying it ever since.

This is by far my favorite flavor. For months I haven't been able to find it in this the Dauphin /Cumberland County areas immediate area. Is there a particular reason?

I wish I could get this amazing flavor in a size bigger than a pint but I can't find it anywhere. Hands down best ice cream I've ever had.

Rum Raisin is my favorite. It is difficult to find in the grocery store, however. I guess I am not the only one who really likes this flavor.

22 Summer Berries & Cream

Delicious! I never really liked ice cream much besides the occasional chocolate chip but after tasting this... I LOVED ICE CREAM

The best ice cream, am so disappointed it’s not available in my area.

23 Rocky Road

The marshmallows just complete it all! The chocolate covered almonds also help the ice cream taste amazing! Its irresistible!

Just delicious chocolate ice cream with gooey marshmallow swirl, and crunchy almonds. If I have it in the house I eat the entire pint!

Wonderful to dig through the textures in a rocky road. Such delicious tastes

Over the top best of the lot. The almonds crunch makes this fab favorite

24 Vanilla Chocolate Chip

I contacted them and they told me they discontinued because sales were low. I am so disappointed. My favorite flavor. Vanilla Chocolate chip is a classic! I started a petition to bring it back. They said if enough consumers complain they may bring it back. PLEASE SIGN AND HAVE EVERYONE YOU KNOW SIGN IT TOO!

Unique flavors are fine; many people like to experiment with new tastes. What is so sad is that the purists out here are now forced to go to lessor brands to get an old favorite- Vanilla Chocolate Chip. For a quality ice cream maker to no longer sell a classic flavor makes one wonder about who the new target customers are... So long, it's been good to know ya'.

Vanilla chocolate chip, my favorite. So hard to find in the stores. When I find a store that has them I buy all of them just to make sure I don't run out. Heard a rumor this flavor was discontinued, I hope it's just a rumor. No other brand comes close in comparison!

I was eating 1 pint vanilla chocolate chip every day for 2 years, then I moved from Calif to Jersey in early 2014 and could never find it again in the NE. I used to buy out the store very time I could find it when it started to disappear. I'm devastated! It was my favorite ice cream; pure, simple, smooth, with slight crunch of choco bits. I have refused to buy any other flavor nor any other brand.


25 Coconut Macaroon

This is absolutely delightful however the store only carries it occasionally so I eat the pineapple coconut to keep me going until the store has the macaroon stocked. I have to admit I eat a pint of ice cream a day it has to be the pineapple/ coconut or the macaroon. It's my crack!

The very best coconut ice cream ever. The chewy chunks of coconut enhance the whole experience.

Run don't walk. This is a limited edition. This is ice cream is my FAVORITE.

I tried this today in the 1 serving cup and it is extremely delicious!

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