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1 Hebrew National

Best tasting and when loaded down with kraut and mustard, they can't be beat!

I am not really supposed to eat hot dogs due to the high sodium and cholesterol in them but when I moved from one side of town to the next, saw them there at a grocery store I had not frequented in years. I tried the jumbo dogs. The best hot dog ever in my opinion and I have had many of them.

Great hot dog. I tried them for the 1st time and they were great! I've tried a lot of other s, but these are the best that I've eaten!

Where can I buy them?

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2 Nathan's

There great

The best hot dog money buy

They have a distinct flavor that I just love!

Overall the best when grilled.

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3 Hoffman's

Grilled or fried, there is no choice but Hoffman's. When I was in the service, my folks would bring a few bags of Hoffman's Coneys and German Franks with them when they visited in Texas or California. By the time we got back from meeting them up at the airport, my Navy friends would have the grill fired up in the yard and be waiting for the barbque to start. While folks will claim sailors will eat almost anything, pity the poor soul that got between them and the first batch off the grill.

The best hotdogs you can get! I won't eat anything but Hoffman's. I now live in a place where I cannot get them locally, but I bring them back from my visits home as often as possible. I have even converted a few of my friends and neighbors!

The ONLY hot dog I will ever eat! Their hot dogs are simply the best and if you've never had a snappy grilled than I suggest you treat your taste buds to these fantastic sausages

Best dogs and coneys around. Known by the locals as Red Hots and snappy Grillers. Grew up on these. I used to have to have them shipped to me when I moved out of state!

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4 Ball Park

Love em

Ballpark by far has the thickest and the juiciest hot dogs on the planet

I have had every major brand and several of the smaller brands and I say ball parks should be top of the list followed by Hebrew National they are the best for frying, grilling, and boiling. If you don't know how to grill a hot dog don't knock the brand.

Disgusting, can't eat these. Why are they ranked so high? I like most hot dogs but HATE ball park.

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5 Salinetas Hot Dog

In Spain they Work On Hot Dog concepts that are really Good, use natural elements And very tasty

Among the best hot dogs in the world! Pure creativity and awesome presentation!

The best hoy dog of Canary Islands and the rest of the world

The best hot dogs in Spain there are terrific!

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6 Sabrett

Not even close to ANY other hot dog on this list! But, must have the skin on! And, for those on here that are so concerned with health issues of a hot dog in general, don't eat them, any of them! Try a salad instead. For me, someone who doesn't want to live forever...GIVE ME A SABRETT, brown mustard and sauerkraut, every day! "Ball Park" too funny!

The best!

Bronx born almost on every busy corner was a dirty water sabrett stand. I know people who worked at Hebrew national and after the tales I heard, I'll never touch one!

I am not a hot dog lover however my better half is, ergo I must occasionally eat a Hot Dog Sabrett is the only one I have tried with no after taste and I will eat two when they are served but will avoid any of the others listed and I have tried them all.

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7 Vienna Beef

Just the BEST

Vienna all the way!

Taste good cold, hot, grilled or boiled the best, my family is a Oscar Mayer family

Hebrew is in all the stores out west now but if years ago Vienna was in most stores here in Ca. I think many out here have never tried one? but if you have had a dog in the streets of Chicago at a dog cart you will be in for a treat and they are Vienna as well as being the best you have ever had!

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8 Koegel's

Their products set a high standard for taste and quality. Now that I live in Florida, Koegel products and snow are really the only things I miss about Michigan.

Great local brand to eat and I have over campfires

Pure genius of a product immaculate taste if I had to explain what it's like to eat a koegel hotdog I would say it's like taking a bite out of heaven! I want to cry when I take a bite because there just that good bravo koegel bravo

The best hot dog and bologna in the country. I have tried other brands since I now live on the west coast but nothing compares. I always bring back a small suitcase full when visiting Michigan to share with my family and put in the freezer until next trip. Very excited with the west coast promotion this summer, freezer stocked up again.

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9 Best's

What grocery store sells Best's brand hot dogs

Where can we find them?
Best by far!

Great tasting. Lower in sodium and other not good stuff.

Why can I no longer find this brand? It should be close to the top of your list..

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10 Oscar Mayer

Too me, Oscar Meyer is the best. But, I have not tried a Nathan's or Hebrew.

My wife likes the Ball Park wiener, but when they are grilled they blowup and look strange. Oscar Meyer tastes great and grill better than Ball Park.

In our family it is Oscar Mayer. They are the best on a open fire. We are a Oscar Mayer Wieners. Mary

Can't go wrong with the American Classic Oscar Mayer wiener. I love the ones made with chicken and pork best however.

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The Newcomers

? Kahn’s

Best hot dogs in Ohio & Pittsburgh area. I have relocated to the New Bern area in North Carolina and would love to see them expand their market.

The Contenders

11 Boars Head

Love the taste.. period

Make sure you buy the all beef or beef and pork with natural casing to get to get that snap when you bite into it. The taste really delivers, absolutely delicious.

Delicious any way you choose to prepare em!

Boar's Head is hands down superior to all others listed. That snap when you bite into dog is what it is all about

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12 Applegate Farms

BEST hot dog by far. NO nitrites!

Yum and guilt free.

Quality all beef; best flavor.


13 Kayems

The absolutely best.

Eat a Kayems foot long at a Rays game. Maybe the best I ever tasted.

Only hotdog that I will buy!

These are obviously underrated

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14 Hummels

Absolutely the best hot dog anywhere. You can only get them in Connecticut and the fact that a local hot dog is up on this list, tells you its that good.

Absolutely the best. Have tried every other hot dog out there, but none can top Hummel's. People go to the Northeast for lobster, but I go for a grilled Hummel's hot dog in natural casing and with mustard relish on top. Yum!

The best without a doubt

Hummels are what hot dogs are all about!

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15 Zweigle's

I am from Rochester and they are the best in the world. You can get them on line at New York Style Deli.
Cost is high but now and then they are worth it.

I've tried all of the other "best" hot dogs, including the ones down south. Nothing beats a grilled Zweigle's for taste.

Best grilled, skin pops or cracks, whites are pork and yummy.

Their White Hot (Poppers) are an absolute delicacy. The southern states need this brand, en masse.

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16 Hillshire Farm

The beef natural casing frank was discontinued in the late 80's or early 90's to my dismay. They were the best I've ever eaten

17 Miller's

Best hot dog I ever had!

Best for many years. Jumbo size fit Ball Park Brat Buns perfectly..

Leaner and tastier than all the rest,

Lance Sterling, expert

Best hotdog ever!

Best I ever had. In ct.

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18 Deutschmacher

So good there the best!

I can't find these anymore. Great taste, not oily. A delicious quality hot dog.

My favorite by far, Hebrew National a close second.

Great taste up front no bad after taste

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19 Sahlen's Hot Dogs

Best dogs ever!

Best hot dog now available at publix

You guys are all lost... The fact that this one isn't even on the list discredits this whole site.

The best hot dog I'm about to try

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20 Roessler's

Saw them being made,good stuff went in these dogs.

Very hard to find now! Blackies in Cheshire CT one the only places.

Remember Jimmys of Savin Rock?

21 Bryan Juicy Jumbos

They are (were) the best in the USA

My family loves the Bryan Juice Jumbo Hot dogs; however, we can no longer buy them in our area. I have written to the company a number of times yet the company continues to push the Ball Park hotdog, which in my opinion, cannot compare to Bryan. We wish the company would once again distribute the product to our area. There is not a better tasting hot dog than Bryan...

I have yet to taste a better hotdog than Bryans. Unfortunately Sara Lee bought the company and also owns Ball Park hotdogs. Sara Lee has discontinued distribution of Bryan Hotdogs just about everywhere in favor of the more profitable Ball Park.

Since I moved to dallas 3 years ago I have not seen Bryan's beef jumbos anywhere although it was the only brand I bought in Alabama. No hot dog can compare o Bryan's and the worst one I ever had was. Ball park. Awful.

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22 Dietz & Watson Natural Casing Franks

Dietz & Watson hot dogs taste great and snap beautifully.

The only hot dog brand I eat!

One of the best

23 Smith's

Love these dogs

Best hot dogs in Erie, PA.

Would be #1 if people knew about smiths

Natural casing, and great flavor!

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24 Wimmers Natural Casing

All Hot Dogs should be graded by this one.

The Best tasting I have ever ate!

I thought everywhere around the Us had these, moved out of Nebraska and have tried a dozen different types of hotdogs, all have failed to live up to the Wimmers natural casing, now bring them back from Nebraska on every visit.

Every chance I get I "import" an ice chest full from Nebr. To Ark. Solid and full flavored. Good on or off bun, cold or hot.

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25 Thumanns

These are tops! They also make corned beef that is tops too!

The absolute best crunch, with natural casing, cooked on the grill or heated in water.

Hard to find in the South but worth the hunt.

Best dog but cannot find them in the Carolina's.

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26 Usingers

Outstanding snappy wiener in natural casing.

Without doubt, best tasting, quality wieners available. Signed, Lifelong Milwaukee Area Resident.

27 Niman Ranch
28 Kowalskis

This is a Detroit area dog. They are natural casing and they are the best.

These are by far the best hot dogs. The one's with the natural casings are delicious. They give you that great "snap" when you bite into them. I can't believe more people didn't vote for this brand. Maybe they are regional...

Best in the lower peninsula, Vollwerth's best in the upper peninsula, both all meat no grease.

Best anywhere in USA that I have had.

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29 Caspers

Very famous in san Francisco bay area

Hands down the best

30 Wolfe's Neck

The best frank ever. They were acquired by other company & cannot find them anymore. Was told they were in Hannaford.

31 Bar-S

Best Walmart hot-dog

I perfer the texture of Bar-S hot dogs. Haven't tried many other brands besides ball park. I will stick with Bar-S.

They are the bomb! They actually are made of beef with some fat. M

32 Loeffler's

Nothing comes close to Loeffler's.

The 60 year old legend from Trenton, NJ. Also try their pork roll from the pork roll capitol of the world.

33 Hatfield

I've visited several Giant Grocery stores in the Harrisburg area just recently and they have discontinued this item. Was there a recall? specifically the Hot as well as mild (I prefer hot) Phillies All-Beef Sausages.


The best! Hands down

Tried Hatfield Beef Phillies franks. Suprised at how good. I don't like snappy /crunchy dogs or too garlicky dogs. These were good beegy flavor

34 Jordans
35 Schickhaus

Best griddle frank ever/ These were used as texas weiners. DELICIOUS!

Best Griddle Frank by far... Slow cook medium low heat on flat top grill and wait until the thick casing snaps open and becomes somewhat Crispy A Jersey Shore Favorite!

Best hot dog by far!

Best hot dog by far.

36 Abeles & Heymann
37 Kaspers
38 Farmer John's

The Dodger Dog! According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, the projected number of 2011 season hot dogs sold at Dodger Stadium was 2 million " establishing Farmer John Dodger Dogs as the leader in hot dog sales of all those sold in Major League Baseball ballparks.

Dodger Dog to the World Series in 5 games. They're bringing the Pepper and Mustard. Go Blue! Them Bums Are Back, Brooklyn/LA Scully #67.Dodgers 6titles7coming. Lil Jo in the house Ace¥~Duece¥⚀⚁"🌠⏰🍻🍰🍾🎉🎊🎉🎊

39 David Berg

None better.

40 Kirkland Signature


These are juicy the ones in the 3 pack I m not sure if they are the same as the 1/4 pound ones but they are juicy

41 Frank's

DUH - Clubberoni

42 Thompson's

Looking to buy whole sale for restarunt

Local hotdogs made in Jersey Shore, Pa. They are by far the best hotdog I ever ate!

You can still put four cases of these hot dogs in the overhead compartment. I'll be traveling 20 hour road trip to Jersey Shore, Pa for more yummy dogs the spring.
#1 dog in the country

43 Martin Rosol's

The best hotdogs ever!

Local brand in Connecticut ( New Britain ) is a very good dog,

44 Coleman
45 Kent Quality Foods

Kent Quality Foods from Grand Rapids Michigan will not back down from a taste or quality challenge verses any of these other suppliers. They make the best hot dog in the world.

Done taste test bet Nathan's hands down

46 Saugy's

Love them

47 Cher Make

Either their Stadium or Beef brands are better than almost any on you list. I do like the Hebrew and Nathans but there's not enough difference in flavor to justify the much greater price.

48 Eckrich


49 Daisy Brand

A great Chicago franchise, great hot dogs, and great deli meats!

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