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1 It Was a Good Day

This is without a doubt in the top ten greatest hip hop songs of all time. This song is deep in the sense of gangsta rap, it kind of reminds you of Stan - Eminem, Dance With the Devil - Technique. It has a good story, it gives you the feeling of relief than takes it away, because it is very rare that there is a good day in South Central L. A. and Ice cube made a song about that. The Predator is the most overshadowed Ice Cube album of all time, it is also his best piece of work! - robertoantonioortuso

Great cheerful lyrics, everybody has their own best lyrically brilliant song, that everybody likes e. g. Stan - Eminem, Dance With The Devil - Immortal Technique, Changes - Tupac & Juicy - Notorious BIG. This is Ice Cubes song, A great laid back flow, with intense lyrics and a great storyline featuring an original topic. This is a more lighter side of ICe Cube. Ice Cube is definitely one of the greatest MC's of all time.

Awesome song, awesome videoclip, Ice Cube is a veteran of West Coast Hip Hop, and this song proves it!
His lyrics are possibly the best!

"It Was a Good Day" is definitely Ice Cube's best song and arguably one of the greatest rap songs of all time. His flow, lyrics, and wordplay paint a clear picture of what would be Ice Cube's perfect day. The beat, sampled from The Isley Brothers' "Footsteps in the Dark", gives this song a relaxed, easy-going vibe. "It Was a Good Day" was the song that got me first hooked into rap and it's easily Ice Cube's best and most memorable song. - rapaddict97

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2 No Vaseline

If this is a massive hit on Death Certificate then it must be saying something! This song has some rough lyrics!

One of the most lyrical songs of all time, from the greatest Hip Hop album of all time. It is full of amazing songs.

This along with Hit Em Up are the two greatest diss songs of all time (also Real muthaphukkin gs)

This was the baddest of battle raps in its time, the messages to Ruthless Records were off the hook.

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3 Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It

This song definitely Needs to be among the top 3, If you don't place this among top 3 den you ain't really a ice cube fan

This is a a great song, Ice Cube really makes it one for listening to

This song has to be in top 3, the beat and lyrics are just SICK, as compared to even You Know How We Do It.


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4 You Know How We Do It

Listen to one everyday everybody loves this song

This song gous hard everywher

One of the greatest ice cube songs I have ever heard

This song is way better than modern rap music my friends listen to! - DynastiSugarPop

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5 Check Yo Self

The best party song ever and it is also Ice Cubes most famous hit, before Why We Thugs came out

I love the rhymes and lyrics on it and esp. the part after "chickety-check yo self"

Best song ever after this was a good day

I prefer the original, but the instantly recognisable beat of the message does indeed suit the song.

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6 Hello

Hectic song, it has hectic written all over it! The whole war and peace vol 1 and 2 are pretty underrated albums and classics!

If you don't like the hook. I don't know whats wrong with you mate. Ice Cube's best work but it could also be considered an N.W.A. track with both Dre and Ren in it

Great beat, nice chorus, legendary rappers in the game, awesome album etc!

Ice Cube's verse on this song is by far one of the best verses I've ever heard on any song, EVER. Cube's verse alone shows you how lyrical he really is.

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7 Why We Thugs

The greatest Gangsta West Coast song of all time! Ice Cube nows all the techniques of how to make a great gangster song, HE HAS BEEN DOING IT FOR 27 YEARS!

WOW! This song is so good, it has a nice beat which had been used in many remixes and such, like Real Thugs by Eazy-E, Tupac and Ice Cube. This song should be number 1, just listen to the lyrics so good! By the way I am listening to it right now =)

This song is the greatest rap song evah! And HE WROTE IT! Ice Cube is a legend in the game and deserves respect whch he already has, also a fine actor, But this song goes off, I love it how he is better than most rappers nowadays!

This song is just on another level. The beat hits hard and Cube's flow is flawless

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8 Go to Church

Go To Church is Ice Cubes definite Prime song! Along with all the songs from Laugh Now Cry Later, which is better than all the other Ice Cube Albums! Los Angeles California is the place to be!

One of the greatest singles Ice Cube has ever released and was a big hit in the mid 2000's! It had Lil Jon and Snoop Dogg as well!

Wow! This song is so d0pe! The true definition of a gang$ta song. Ice Cube is the G of rAp and $o much better than others, 50-cent is ma second fav!

Badass song snoop nailed it.

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9 You Can Do It

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This was always played in the dance clubs back in the day. This song has to be more popular than #20.

This song is so mainstream. Put it lower. Other songs are more deserving of the 10 spot

One of my favorites most def

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10 Once Upon a Time In the Projects

This is probably one of the best songs of Ice Cube. He is the best rapper.

This Comes from Ice Cubes first album. AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted. Cube came from the ghetto and he's telling us what it is like in the ghetto. This is an classic no doubt.

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11 Ghetto Bird

His best song along with "It was a good day."

Should be top 3 easy! This songs perfect for Grand Theft Auto SA & Grand Theft Auto 5.

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12 Friday

Your song is amazing ice cube your my favorite rapper thank you right now for making me happy

One of the hardest beats in existence, dope lyrics as usual, can't be faded

I love this song, it makes me happy

Awesome song

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13 The N**** Ya Love to Hate

I think this should be in the top 10! Comes from Ice Cubes first album AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted. Ice cube knows people hate him for leaving NWA. People love to hate on him that's what Cube talks about. He is proud of it and I think this song is underrated

This has to be top 10. The rhythm is classic and Ice Cube destroys verses from top to bottom on this. - Mcgillacuddy

This is my favorite song by him

Top 5 track right here

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14 $100 Dollar Bill Y'all
15 Wicked
16 Natural Born Killaz
17 I Rep that West

I agree. Album and song are both dope. Cube always reps that West. No Country For Young Men is also a track from the same album, and is just utterly insane.

It's from his album I am the west it's an ill album and great song from cube

The lyrics are great and the beat takes this song to an other level. Ice Cube reps that west! Best song of the decade!

This is probably his best song. He goes so hard, it's unbelievable.

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18 A Gangsta's Fairytale

Best fairytale I ever hear

Best rhyme ever

Dope ass cut. Cube is most definitely the greatest mc there is.

So you Know Fairy tales right? All fake and its fantasy.
Well Ice Cube made a fairytale that is real and comes from the Streets his reality.
This song is Ice cubes reality come to life.
You can say it's a Gangstas Fairytale.

19 Smoke Some Weed

Men it's the best song of Ice Cube specially if you've been high.

In my opinion the best song from Ice Cube!

It is the best song of ice cube if yosmoke weed so

is better

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20 Steady Mobbin'

The simple and "steady" beat goes so hard; with Ice Cubes perfect lyrics, this song should be way higher on the list.

"This song is a top notch story telling song. Definitely top 5."

How is this not on the list already?

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