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1 Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Data 30 November 2012

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First I would like to wish the Producer, Director, Main leads Barun & Sanaya and the entire crew a very happy and peaceful life as they have given such a wonderful series which makes most of the people to smile and forget their stress for some time.

I bet every person who watch this series will have their good time and we cannot forget the drama from our life. I would like recommend each and everyone not to miss this as you will every minute of the series.

Highlight of this series is the extra-ordinary chemistry between the leads the cute trouble making heroine and the cold arrogant hero, you can never ever say that they are acting and you could feel like Arnav and Kushi exist in your normal life

It's been 2 years the drama has ended but still no series replace this drama and the feel. Wish to see both Sanaya and Barun in Future together soon

It is rare that I actually like an Indian drama but ipkknd was genuinely good. It didn't roam of from the main storyline and the chemistry shared between khushi and Arnav was absolutely beautiful. I felt that this drama followed its storyline unlike other dramas and had a good balance between romance,comedy,and tragedy unlike other dramas which go on to a whole different direction and continue for years and make a whole mess of their dramas which is typical but ipkknd is not your everyday drama because it is special and beautiful and I would really recommend watching this.

Clearly the best romantic serial with amazing chemistry between main leads who I find to be the best looking male and female actor/actress. Wonderful acting. Beautiful characterization with love, caring and closeness within family members that is heartwarming. Beautiful background music and songs. A drama that is worth watching repeatedly. By far my favorite drama with none anywhere close to it

2 Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Number one serial I have ever seen Taarak mehta ka oolta chashma. The real natural comedy, The real fun. All the character each and everyone is amazing and superb. I love it. No one serial take place at this time. I have no words to say. Thanks Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma for laughing us. Thanks for a team. Keep it up...

A satirical serial. Even though there are actually just 2 or 3 weird characters, you'll surely enjoy watching this show. Some trademark reactions, trademark dialogues and trademark fun.

I love this show my whole family sits together to watch this show

This is the best T.V. show I have ever seen. Please vote this serial.

3 Qubool Hai

Qubool hai (season 1) is the best show ever. I don't know hindi much as I am an Australian but I have watched quite a few hindi shows before and trust me, this story of Asad and Zoya is unique and simply the best. An emotionally challenged guy with OCD and a chirpy, clumsy girl, full of fun, is equal to a perfect couple.
As I am writing this today, I remember each and every AsYa moments. Their fight, care, love, basically everything is GOALS. I have watched this show (season 1) 7 times and I am still watching it on Youtube. I even asked a few of my friends to watch it and now it's their favourite show as well! I would recommend this show(SEASON 1) to anyone who is a fan of romantic love stories. AsYa are the best couple in the world and when I say this I really mean it. I hope they make more shows like this. Trust me, this show is really worth watching. Give it a shot!

Awesome love zoya and the show is very light hearted...
Feel hood after watching the show.
Sum silent romance
Sum emotion makes this show perfect

Qubool hai made me fall in love with serials. Espescially love Zoya's character. And together with class acting, amazing dialogues, excellent background score, and so on, this ought to be number one.

This is an amazing show on Zee T.V.. Now you can watch the whole series of this show on Vodafone Live App. It is available on I-tune & Play Store both.

4 Diya Aur Baati Hum

I really enjoyed watching this serial and hope it encourage men to support their wives in achieving their dreams and women to support their husband in return at the same time.

A reality shown impeccably which depicts the dilemma of most Indian girls face to balance or even choose between her family and dreams.

I love the story and all the actors and actresses play their roles very well. I love their theme song as well.

Love the story and all actors and actresses play their roles very well. Love the song theme too.

5 Kumkum Bhagya

Quite a treat to watch. Sometimes the storyline gets dragged unnecessarily, but I can't blame the crew. It's a fabulous show! The actors are credible for their acting skillz, they seem naturals. It's like watching a rom-com. The dialogues are so well written. Still follow this show to date!

Abhigya ki nokjhok mujhe bht Pasand hai.or sriti is so sweet and cute . Shabbir is also cute .dono ki nok jhok dekhne me bht mja ata hai.

Awesome show. Has a great story and really great acting by the entire cast. Love it!

Unique love story.. Super acting.. This show won best actor beat actress best story and more.. Just love this show

6 Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai

The bonding between all the characters is amazing, from couples to brother in law - sister in law. All characters are portrayed really well, definitely a watch!

I love this show because it is really different than other shows. This drama shows the powerful bond and relationship 2 sisters have with eachother and face difficulties together.

Outstanding performances. EVERYONE will fall in love with Virika. The love between VirenJeevika is fantastic. The serial has a fantastic plot and it will make u cry sometimes. I LOVE this serial. - I hope for a Ehmmbh season 2

The bond between the sisters feel so real! Viren and Viraat are so hot too! Love the couples' sizzling chemistry and the funny moments!

7 Kitani Mohabbat Hai

The couple was amazing, had a fiery chemistry and a lot of cute scenes to remember them by. Arjun and Aarohi...a complicated love story which takes so many twists and turns but always arrives at its final destination. Watch it!

I think its d best serial ever made... Both karan kundura n krithika were best couple n fabulous actors too... Serial had a good story line n script and best part is its dialogues its romantic and funny too... Loved it... But ws little disapointe wit climax of season 2... But still its ma favorite... Love ya arjun n arohi

A great show full of sacrifices, loyalty and love. Arjun and Arohi share great on screen chemistry as well as off screen. Nothing can compare to to this ever! Greatest Song as well!

Honestly no matter how much I say it's good it's still not enough so I'm just going to say if you haven't watched yet, your messing out big times!

8 Comedy Nights With Kapil

The funniest and the best comedy show ever! And is WAY better than Comedy Circus! Kapil actually looks better than any actor and is a better actor too. But Siddhu is really annoying and he laughs at his own jokes which are not even funny. He is stupid, Siddhu, I mean. If Siddhu was removed, this show would be at the top of the list!

I not like this comedy show because in present this comedy show not educates the people to how we fight? , how we solve the problem. How we live in every situation. How we are proud of new Indian. More of the people like this show. I never object on this serial. But in my opinion, it is harmful show to the new young man like year -20 to 25 years old. So I request the kapil and siddu paji kindly that this show me kuch aisa karain jisse people ko apne desh ke prati sanskar ho. Thanks. Please not assume bad. It is my personal opinion. thankyou

Hate this show naa no one would say that. CNWK is a lovely show, really funny and very entertaining. This is a show where a family can sit together and have fun and the audience gets a chance to talk and meet their favourite stars

Even though these things happened I'll rate it 5/5 cause its firstly not easy to make people laugh and in such situations its not easy at all then too Kapil is making efforts salute to him #haters.

9 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh rishta is doing excellent again and un beatable show for last 4 years, how can you end this show

The best thing about the show is that it does not show any conspiracy going on between relationships.

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai should end immediately as it is nothing good anymore

The outstanding acting of Hina Khan made the show adorable

10 Pavitra Rishta

Pavitra Rishta was an ok drama for me overall. I would be hooked on and off by it. In the beginning Pavitra Rishta was amazing and it was a household name. Every evening my family would get together to watch this drama even on big days like thanksgiving and Christmas we would watch pavitra rishta. It then transitioned from generation to generation. The story got a bit hazy from time to time but it was ok to deal with. The love between asha and ritwik was wonderful and the same goes for ankita and sushant. It was a promising drama and it ended with mixed feelings but overall positive ones.

Because Pavitra Rishta is the story of a couple Manav and Archana Deshmukh and their families. Archana is an uneducated girl, who takes care of her family and thinks about them first. Manav is a mechanic, who alone earns and supports his family. Manav & Archana marry and then fall in love with each other. They face many bad circumstances, but their love and trust on each other help them to cross all the hurdles in their life. The show focuses on their journey and their Pavitra Rishta.

Pavitra rishta is most familiar show. This show understand the family relationship it was also roamatic show between two guy that is Archana and manav. This sreial to give the all new married guy thinking to survive good life with good understanding

It is truly awesome. I love it so much that I cannot afford to miss it even for a day. Please, how can I join ontv online to be able to watch everyday

The Contenders
11 Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

Started off really well. Followed it throughout its whole journey. Radhika Madan showed off her beginner acting skills quite justifiably. Great story but dragged.

This is my favourite serial this serial has something very unique from other flop serials

Nice serial but I do no they copied the back ground music from the film Aashiqui

This my favorite Drama in weak. Very different story from others.

12 Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani

Its just the best serial ever I have liked. Its not a short series ike hundred episodes nor it's a long dragging serial. Wuth a decent episode count of three hundred plus I just like how they portrayed love story of abhay and piya with out any un necessary turns and all. It's a must watch Hindi serial... Vivian gave his best to it

I think this the number 1 drama of India. Its story is amazing. I recommend this drama to every one. Its background musics are heart touching. I think every one should watch this drama. This is my favourite drama.

The most addicting show ever. There should be a season 2. I'm almost done with the show and my life is about to end. BEST ROMANCE EVER. Viven and Sukriti have done an AWESOME job. If you haven't watched it, trust me, your missing out!

Best addicting T.V. series for all teens, kids and adulys who are interested in vampires and their love must also watch twilight, it is a Hollywood film series but both are aweaome

13 Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara

I have watched all the episodes of this show. if I miss then I watch the repeat telecast. it is so cool and amazing. it is very much different from other serials..
i just can not forget about this serial. pankhudi always try to keep her family happy and chill. she had a deep relation with her husband adi. this is a story adjoining all kinds of phenomenon and interesting stories and that's why I have voted this.

It is an excellent show with a great plot. Actors are really amazing. I love it as they show all the issues which common families face during their lifetime. It is no natural.

Fabulous show! Always a Rajshri/Sooraj Bharjatya fan. Concept was extremely sweet, focused a lot on modern times but never forgetting values. Actors are just so adorable!

I like this show and good acting in the show hope to see more

14 Dill Mill Gayye

Best show! I never watched this show when it came out on the T.V. because we never had Indian channels then. But I want this show on the internet and it is very entertaining. Whenever I am free, I on my computer and watch it. I want to finish the show but I only have watched 132 episodes and there are some many episodes.

I wish that some directors come up with a show like this.
It is the best show on that has ever been made.
I hope that they make a show like this one because all the new shows are boring.
I liked the storyline for Dill Mill Gayye, how it was about doctors. It is the best show.

I can never love a show more than I love this one. The story about 5 doctors and their friendship and love. The best thing about the drama, other than the story line, is the couple Armaan and Ridhimma. They have a love that everyone can relate to and is so heartwarming and passionate but mostly feel good type of love. The love that armaan and ridhimma share is the one every girl dreams of and the one every boy admires. and what should I say about the story, the way these doctors connect to their patients is so real, so amazing. This drama is hands down the best.I have so much to say and yet no words to do that...

It is a very interesting show. I have never watched a show that was better than this. I hope they make a show like this one. It had a very interesting story line, for instance, how they are doctors. Other shows are pretty guessable. I hope they create a romantic and interesting show like this one.

I love this drama just because of shilpa anand karan wahi and karan singh grover hate sukriti and jennifer they are so ugly who I hate the most is jennifer I don't like her with karan shilpa is best best she is all time my favorite I can never forget her she is like my young sister love her too much we want her back on T.V. please comrback with daily soap please love you shilpa forever like aishwariya rai she is so beautifull she is my idiol I can forget her if anyone ask me who is your favorite bollywood actress firts AISH 2nd ZARINE KHAN 3rd Kajol that's it and debutants female 1.DIANA PENTY;Sunny leon;alia bhatt that's it GENELIA IS my favorite to like her to much she is the most sweetest actress ever her smile is so sweet

15 Geet

Love this show.This is the best ever romantic show .I even cry sometimes when watching this show.Drasti and Gurmeet makes the character of geet and maan alive.This show is heart touching.But this show has only 470 episodes,which make me very sad.I think this show should have gone on more.But even today this show is closest to my heart.

Geet was a good drama. The story portrayed was unique and not that typical and I felt that it either revealed or broke some boundaries of Indian beliefs which is why is drama was one of my favorites and it is pretty rare for me to actually enjoy and Indian drama throughout the beginning to the end and the chemistry between the two main actors was of course a plus point so overall I would recommend watching this drama if you want something a little different but than again love romantic comedies with a bit of tragedy.

Really great show! Makes me cry when I don't expect it because the actors are that great, esp. Gurmeet :D The background characters add to the show (like Dadi! Love her! ), and they're not annoying (except for the bad guys). Makes you think about essential philosophical questions (e.G. Can bad people be forgiven? What is love? Etc.). The transitions make sense, and they make sure that small details are taken care of. Great show, you can't help but smile when the main 2 are together, even if they're arguing it's cute :D Must watch! I'm surprised this isn't #1 or at least top 5, I'm guessing it's rigged...

I watched it many times and didn't get tired to watch it over and over. Specially the lead characters MAAN and GEET had just made perfect jodi, perfect chemistry of love. Their eye locking, silence, feelings potryal are so awesome that I can admit I didn't find such perfect chemistry in any other serial. Not a single scene in which they present can make one bored, it only can increase the heart beat

16 Madhubala

This drama was perfect for me in the beginning. The story was awesome and unlike your normal dramas. However after a while when rk deceived madhubala into marrying him genuinely the story got a bit hazy for me. It didn't engross me as much as it did in the beginning which is tragic since in had very high expectations from this drama and I loved it but oh well things happen but the drama was really good in the beginning and if you like the idea of romance,tragedy,revenge,and comedy, than this is a good drama for you

Love the intensity in thelove story, it is very different to other love stories as they show the extreme pain in their love story. Drashti is a fabulous actress and is amazing in emotional scenes and Vivian aka RK has amazing diologues which set the intensity to another level. Both actors have a great chemistry and I love them.

It is my favourite show. Amazing chemistry between RK and Madhu. Vivian Dsena is the hottest, cutest and most talented actor I have ever seen. Drashti Dhammi is no less with her beauty and bubbly nature. Great concept. Lots of passion and craziness which I absolutely love. I'll recommend it to everyone as it is trully unpredicatble and heart-throbbing!

This was so far the most interesting show I have ever seen. I really enjoy every bit of it.. mind blowing acting and the most talented actors... this is one of the best I think

17 Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

Very Good Serial. I liked Parichay Sharma's acting. He should try to take leading roles as hero rather than supporting or villain. He will really do good in romantic scenes.

The best lovestory I have ever seen.. Everything was so sober and innocent I just fell in love with raj and avni

Cutest love story I have seen

Very nice story and sweet

18 Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai

Best hindi T.V. show, hands down.
If only people would get over those stupid saas-bahu sagas and realize what our industry is capable of.

Amazing characters, good plot, kicking punchlines that will make you hold on to your seat and the cast takes it to a whole new level.

That is the problem, we Indians tend to curb towards unrealistic SaaS bahu serials. But we don't recognize such classic serials. Sad to see Such a golden show at such low rank. It should be the top.

Best Comedy Show ever produced in Indian T.V. Drama. I hope it never stops, waiting for Season 3. Why it stopped after Season-1 is still a mystery.

The best Indian series! This show is representative of what Indian T.V. is capable of. Sadly we are stuck with cookie cutter romance/saas-bahu/weird characterizations of Indian society.

19 Dil Dostii Dance - V D3

The friendship and fun between the actors look so real, watching this show just makes my day. Dil Dostii Dance is an awesome show that you should never miss.

Complete package of dance, love and friendship...Teens relate this show with their lives...

The cutest story of love friendship & dance. I can't stay without watching it. Love it so... much

Chemistry between the actors looks very real. It is worth giving 30 mins to this show a day

20 Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke

I like this show. It just great. And I like rachna so much, Kabir too, I hope this serial still for ever

A serial please off kar do I don't like this show... koi kahani nahi hain...

Please put this show back on T.V.

Nice serial ever to watch

21 Ek Hasina Thi

Like revenge?! Well this show is perfect for it! Sooo much drama with so many clever plans! Its one of my favorite show! Hated the fact that it ended but like everyone says every good things needs to end! So whatever shows are still going around aren't that best. Must watch this show! I can watch this show forever but I already watched it 10 times and I might start my eleventh time this weekend! Every move is a surprise and every steps you will find your emotions...

If anyone knows another show like this please recommend it to me... I really like this show and I want to watch all the shows that are like this! Wish that made season 2! I WANT SEASON 2 WITH THE SAME CAST! No one should've done better job as this cast... no one should be replaced because no one likes to be replaced and no one likes to watch a show where people are getting replaced... I want to watch more drama between Surya and Durga and I want to watch more romance in between Durga and Dev I WANT MORE EK Hasina THI! MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!

This show is absolutely perfect for people who like revenge but in a sly way. This drama never gets boring with something to look forward to, to each next episode! It is definitely a must watch!

I love this drama. It's not only wonderful show but really filled with lots of thrills & suspense... Hope more new serial will come in future...

22 Tere Liye

A beautiful love story that is way better than all those listed above except maybe Ye Hai Mohabbatein which is also an equally realistic and splendid one!

Tere Liye is the most power full love serial

Rocks! Nice couple. awesome storyline

It is the best serial of star plus ever.the show is rocking due to anupriya kapoor and harshad chopra. I have no idea how fast my heart beat when I watch this.

23 Balika Vadhu

Best serial I have ever watched.
Actors are amazing!
Very nice storyline.
Only serial which has covered 7 years (2000 episodes) of successfully journey.
Best best serial...

Got a nice momentum at first...but now that the story is over...why don't you guys just shut it are stretching it endlessly without reason...its been 7 years now and the the past 2 years...the serial has been going on for no rhyme or reason

Boring serial ever and going from really very long time.


Its not boring its nice drama

24 Jodha Akbar

Most deserving serial, and is SO TOTALLY underrated! I LOVE its awesome! the sets are borrowed from the song Leon On...which is topping on YouTube
beautiful costume/Jewelry/sets/actors

I've saw this show before. In my country, ANTV usually airs dubbed version of Indian shows however Indian shows aren't my cup of tea.

Jodha akbar serial is the first or second serial TOP 10 in all pages and I am really saw that in all pages...

Jodha akbar is a fabulous serial and the. best historical serial I have ever watched. Jodha
And akba chemistry is awesome and Rabat is too good.

25 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

I absolutely loved this drama. I don't watch it as often now since I watch non-Indian dramas to but yeh hai mohabbatein was a drama with an interesting plot and story behind it and it is the perfect family drama to watch and the actors do a great job portraying their roles and it is a promising show which can do even better in the future and possibly continue on hopefully without ruining the while gist of the drama.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is the best Indian serial I have ever seen...It is such a beautiful love story and lots of social issues are expressed so beautifully such as- divorce, infertility, re-marriage, custody of kids etc...The casts, story, dialogue etc are just tremendous...Especially I like Karan Patel's one liners most...They are just superb...

All the actors are doing brilliant job...Among them I love most Karan Patel, Ruhanika Dhawan and Anita Hassanandani...I also like Sangram Singh, Shruti Bapna, Ali Goni, Divyanka Tripathi, Shahnaz Rizwan, Raj Singh Arora and Kaushal Kapoor so much...Actually, in one sentence I can say - the entire casts are too awesome...

Last but not the least I have watched such a beautiful Indian T.V. show after so many years...It is not a typical Indian serial that is why I love it so much...

Serial which depicts the fallacies of modern day living - Divorce, remarriage, children from split homes, effect of molestation on the affected person and family. Karan Patel as the male lead is amazing at emoting and modulations, making you live the life of RKB the protagonist. The child actor Rhuanika lights up the screen and has done an amazing job.

Great show. Good Content. Made for mature audiences. Has the pace of an international show. Never expected an Indian show to showcase the pathos of infertility, divorce and its effects on children in such a sensible way

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