Top 10 Indian (Bollywood) Movies

The master pieces of Indian cinema.
The most greatest movies that made Indian cinema great.

The Top Ten Indian (Bollywood) Movies

1 Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Best Movie Ever... with the best jodi in the world... I Just Love It, my favourite movie forever Raj & Simran/SRK & Kajol Forever

Awesome movie.. Really enjoyed it... Watch it, you'll definitely enjoy it... Have fun... - piyu

Here is the mainstream romantic, drama, comedy mixed lovestory.

It is the most running movie in cinema's. - Nadeem777

This is the only movie
That's share true meaning of love #srkwillbeback

2 3 Idiots

I think this movie should be in top 10 movies of all time...
A movie which has every thing in it...
Music masti comedy emotions and mst imp it teaches us something really cool,...
In a great way
1 of the best movie of all time...

3 idiots is a very funny and like a comedian movie! It shows what true friends will do to find another friend this is now completely true friendship and it shows even when you are out of college there are still people that remember you! I love this movie and it deserves 1st prize

All I could say is that the movie is based on a great plot. Honestly speaking, if it would been an exact copy of the novel 5 point someone, it would not be as good movie.

Everything perfect about this movie. Great job Mr Rajkumar Hirani,

Simply one of the best movies I have ever seen. Sholay and Rang de Basanti are the only others I can imagine voting for.

3 Sholay

How is Sholay not #1?

The entrance of Gabbar Singh was one of the most iconic scenes in Bollywood motion picture history. "KITNE ADMI THAY! "

3 Idiots was a lovely film, but Sholay is easily better.

1. Sholay
2. Lagaan
3. Mughal-E-Azam

Here is the most populer hindi movie. The sholey is a milestone and it Has the most popular bandit villain 'Gabbar Singh'. The dialogues of the film are still as populer as in 1975. It has angry young man amitabh bacchan and he-man dharmendra in lead duo as bad boys. The fact that made this film great and all time favorite is it's command over screenplay. Originely it is a remake of japanese movie 'seven samurai'. - Nadeem777

Indian version of Western film.
Gabbar Singh - Best ever villain in the history of indian cinema.
All the characters of film is unforgettable. Who can forget jai, veeru, gabbar, thakur, basanti, mausi, angrej ke jamane ke jailer, sambha, surma bhopali, even imam chacha,

You can watch this movie 100 times and still you never get bored.. Such an epic movie this is... Every character is famous even that character is just for 5 min... The greatest movie ever should be number 1

4 My Name Is Khan

excellent movie and this can make you understand lives of many

I cryed watching this movie yesterday, it was the 9th time I watching it, but it still feels like a new movie every time I watch this classic,

highest grosser of bollywood at overseas

It is the most beautiful film and shows the respect Muslims deserve, totally changed my perspective of mankind. I'm so happy and proud this film isn't based on anything! I just love the whole concept, an anytime classic! The other movies are also amazing but I can get tired of them! KJO is the best director after Yash Raj Chopra and is amazing. Even the cast is great and of course the 'golden pair'.

5 Kaho Na Pyaar Hai

What the hell going on... It should be the best movie rank... It was a blockbuster... Hrittik play a really nice part in the movie. He was awesome...

Kaho na pyaar hai is all time blockbuster movie. Hrithik Roshan showed his best talent in all fields. His acting war graceful and his dance war unremarkable.

An all rounder indian movie I have ever watched! It keeps you intact from start to the end. Awesome acting by Hrithik, Ameesha and all the crow. Best music. Fantastic locations. All is perfect!

Best ever Movie of Bollywood.

6 Lagaan

This Movie sets in the old english possesed india.
The story of a villagers who fight with english against tax that called "lagaan' with "cricket' a game that is uknown among them, But they play and win.
This is the first indian movie which made it's way to oscars final List. - Nadeem777

Really awesome, wonderful movie. The actors have acted so well that you feel like you are really in the movie.

All time favourite movie... Nice story.. It should be top 1 and nice acting by Aamir Khan

I had seen this movie just once when it was released but the best movie ever I was too small at that time but I know each and every seen n even all song with out a mistake

7 Mother India

The most strong role played by an 'Nargis'. She made her role Larger than life.
It has the one of the greates story of a woman's encounter with old indian village life. - Nadeem777


The greatest story of Mother And Sons' Relation in Indian Poor Village life.

Mother India is the best film in Indian film history because new generation don't have any idea to select the good movie

8 Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Wonder why it has been rated so low... SRK did a good work in this movie... The movie earned well on box office.. People still like 2 watch this movie... Yet on 22nd place is an insult to the movie.. I think the list should be upgraded and the movie should be given a better ranking... - Abhi526

Congratulation for successful movie

A Very very very very very wonderful movie...srk+kajol BEST jodi in the world!

Best jodi and best movie

9 Ek Tha Tiger

Salman is very best hero my name is salman

This is great movie

It's a movie of Salman Khan. I like so much

Salman khan is best ever

10 Rang De Basanti

The greatest bollywood film ever. Period. Excellent performances by all actors. Especially Aamir Khan and the debutant Siddharth. Wonderful direction by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra coupled with A. R. Rahman's beautiful music makes this a classic cult film for the youth.

The greatest, the best, and the most amazing movie ever made in this whole wide world.
This movie deserves to be #1. I can watch this movie continuously, whole day long.
Amir khan is one heck of an actor. AR Rahman rocks!

How can it be on number 15 it should be at number 1. Awesome movie... No one can beat this... All time favorite movie for me. - krisheema

The greatest movie in terms of coinciding the present and past events together. The movie carries a very important lesson for every youth in our country.

The Contenders

11 Koi Mil Gaya

This is the best movie for kids.

This is my first movie that I had seen and all time my favourite

I like hrithik acting & all thing

It is nice movie

12 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

The first bollywood movie I ever watched it was AWESOME! Still though wonderin y tere naam dint av a higher place on this list :(

Greatest movie with greatest star cast

Best family drama movie of India

Thi is very sweet movie

13 Mughal-E-Azam

Nothing to say if you seen this movie, it takes 9 years to make this classic masterpiece and 1 billion of that time (100 billion of today).
This movie has the most beautiful scenes, strong and awesomely perfect dialogues and above of all great prithvi raj kapoor, dilip kumar(Tragedy King) and beatiful madhubala like actor and actresses that made their role larger than life. The most powerful part of film is its dialogues, direction, Cinematography and song "pyar kiya to darna kya". Definitely a great movie. - Nadeem777

One of the only old movies I can watch. - VictoriaJusticeFan

Beautifully spoken and sung in Urdu. Urdu dominates Bollywood. Not Hindi.

One of the best movie all time

14 Jab We Met

the best romantic movie ever!
Shahid Kapoor is the brilliant actor and dancer!

No doubt "Jab We Met" deserves the 1st place! - irinakouzmenko

Not only a love story but a story with messages, how to take things in life and how to come out of the miserable situations... How aditya comes out of his miserable, suicidal situation...

The couple looks fantastic... Also the story is very sweet and has no dark side... It tells us to find the positive in life but not just live on it but work hard for it. Also it is family friendly and can be watched by all age groups...

Boring... Just wasting of time..

15 Rowdy Rathore

This should be in the first with five stars

Akshay is always the super star

Akshay is always boss

One of the Bollywood many talented actor.

16 Taare Zameen Par

Because a thought provoking movie with a cast that doesn't overact or try to copy someone else doesn't get in the top 10. Because a movie that reveals true issues going on in India must be beat by glamorous hero-style films with little substance and poor effects and meaningless dance numbers.

How Can you miss this one... Great movie by aamir khan

This is the only movie that has ever made me cry.

This should be higher up on the list. The actors were great and the movie had great meaning to it. I cry each time.

17 Dabangg

The best desi action movie

Because it hasn't lots of fighting it is EPIC!

King of movies

The best Movie I have ever seen

18 Udaan

Really great movie, Great job done by the little boy and also by ronit roy. I you have not watched it, watch it right now...

Every one should watch it

The best story, music, lyrics, acting, cinematography till date.

Speechless... A truly Bollywood masterpiece.

Really excellent! Freedom is the best thing of the world after LOVE!

19 Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

This was a hilarious movie about marriage and living life to the fullest. I loved the acting of Ali Zafar and Katrina Kaif. Hell, I even enjoyed Imran Khan's character - and THAT'S saying something.

Ali"s performance is fabolus

Great movie
Specially ali zaffar performed superbly

This was a punishment given to me by my friend on the name of movie treat.

20 Namastey London

One of the best. Story as well as songs everything about this movie is awesome.

I lv this movie

Awesome movie... It should be in top 5

Best move I seen ever

21 Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!

It is the best movie acted by salman khan

Best of all romantic movies

This is the best movie of salman khan

Best movie of bhaijaan.

22 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Mammootty's great performance

It's a huEble performance a completely unfortunately unforgettable story ever

23 Zindagi Na Milege Dobara

Amazing, fabulous, fantastic movie.. Superb acting by farhan.. I love him in this movie.. Watch it.. Have fun..

Awesome movie. I can watch it everyday. It surely desrves to be in top 10

Amazing Movie! With loads of beautifu scenes in the background! Spain is a God Damn beautiful country and thi Movie has proven it!

This movie should be in top 5...this is class. Best movie I have ever watched in my life all the actor's did a great job...

24 Sairat

I am fan of sairat so much..

Best marathI film in Indian history,

Greatest movee of india


25 Hum Saath Saath Hain

Love this movie... a very nice family movie... if people like watching family drama kind... then this movie is best.

Best family movie of Bollywood.

Fabulous it is

Salman rocks as always...

26 Lootera

The ending of the movie is moving.i cryed for half an hour after watching it.
I wonder how it's not in top 20!
For the 1st time, sonakshi sinha showed her varsatility through this movie.

I Loved this Movie, I can relate this movie to my story obviously in a different way of Lootera.

Awesome movie.. after many years I finally got a masterpiece.

Beautiful film with a lot of soul.

27 Guide

The story of a young man who encountes with the ugly truths of beautiful world.
This movie has greatest music of indian cinema with beautiful actress waheeda rehman. - Nadeem777

Best Bollywood movie of all time without doubt

Story acting by all actors and music best

Certainly the Best of Bollywood

28 Singham

Best movie Ajay is great better then salman - jaswantsinghinda

One of the best action by original angry young man ajay devgn.

How the hell this is on 28? at least it should among top 20

The best actor ajay devgan

29 Raja Hindustani

Good film

30 Don: The Chase Begins Again

It is a remake of 1978 blockbuster Don... Nicely done by SRK and don't forget farhan... Very talented and amazing director - Vaibhavpbh

31 Don 2: The King is Back

EXtreme Suspense, thrill the best in bollywood... And SRK rocked again

It is my favourite movie.



32 Vivah

Well :) :) Just please find time to watch the movie and u'll understand us, Shahid Kapoor's supporters and fans all over the world - irinakouzmenko

Love the shahid amrita chemistry the most cutest jodi of Bollywood

The best couples Shamrita! Rajshri with their patented family entertainment! Awesome acting by everyone! And the best part is all the characters are so good in the movie that you feel like watching it again and again! Its tough to find such good people in real world! I personally have seen this movie for more than a 100 times...

Nice & Real Life Story

33 Bombay

One of the finest musical movie

34 Pyaasa

Gurudatt's classic that is a milestone.
A story of a desperete poet. This movie top this list because it is the most perfect movie in etire indian cinema, it has some awesome songs like "Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai", "Jinhe naaz hai jind par wo kahan hain". - Nadeem777

This is very best movie

Shahrukh is reak hero.

This movie teaches never to see any thrash content movie and learn something with lyrically uff songs and nasheele aankhein of guru dutt

35 Dhoom 3

Worst movie ever... !

I don't understand why it is listed here instead of the worst movies list.


It is the best movie of my life

36 Dhoom

John abraham shines... Better than Dhoom-2 - Vaibhavpbh

John Abraham Rock for this movie... style every

It rocks!

37 Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

Awesome movie its comedy r extraordinary

Musical, comedy, act

38 Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Best movie by Rajkumar Hirani. Re-introduced Gandhi and "Gandhigiri" to the new generation. Much better than 3 Idiots. - ankitagoswami

Gandhi and Munna. Never thought that would happen

39 Anand (1971)

An amazing masterpiece which tells a man how to laugh even in your deepest sorrows. How can someone ignore this movie. This movie was way too good then any present films.

Top rated Bollywood movie on imdb deserves to be in top 3 at least

This movie is a masterpiece of class acting. Why is it so low on the rating?

Sad that it's so down, most of them didn't watch it. No doubt best movie

40 Bodyguard

Fight, Commedy, Action... Fantastic Movie ever I seen

Salman the superfast

Agina salman nice I love you

41 Dangal

I think that this is a inspirational movie and it should be a blockbuster becuse it has a great moral to the story and it is a true one and all other aamir khan movies have been successful and should stay like that because he has a really good sense of acting.

Best movie ever in the world. A film could not be made better than this. Very successful movie. Deserves to be on #1

Brilliant movie I have ever seen thank you very much aamir khan

Respect for women thanks amir khan

42 Wanted

This is the fastest movie ever this brought up action movie in bollywood again mind blowing entertaining film

This movie is turning point of salman.

Awesome film

All movies of salman r superb

43 Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

a little sarcasm, a little stupidness and a whole lot of fun and romance - jamil_don

Ranbir is the best

Very good movie it is one of my favorite movie, story is simple but the film is awesome, it was ranbir kapoor's first highest collection movie 65cr it beated wanted

44 PK

Awesome and shows the ignorance of people

Best movie of the Bollywood

Superb movie... Nice story

It is the best movie I have ever seen! Do not know why Indian people hate it.

45 A Wednesday !

Neeraj pandey the best director of the 21 century. We really don't need cheesy item songs and nonsense jokes. All we need is good story and team of good actors to make a good movie. And this movie definitely proves that.

A Wednesday is the best thriller ever. it is far better than big budget Indian cinema.

Well, supreme & awesome thriller. Fresh

41 what It deserves to be in Top 3

46 Punjab 1984
47 Chak De! India

Best acting done by SRK in a non romantic film. He deserves credit!

Shahrukh khan gives unparalleled performance. I cannot find any better film than this one if I want to watch again. All the new comers were also great. Fantastic movie!

It is the best among the best

History in the world movies

48 Chokher Bali

My favorite film... Ever seen

49 Aashiqui 2

This movie is awesome...end made me cry a lot...o love favorite...

Mind blowing film with superb acting

Its a good and musical movi I like it very much. Thanks

It's the best movie in the Indian...aditya Roy kapoor plays tremendous role in it

50 Deewar

Angry young man turns in to gangster.
Greatest story, Greatest Dialogues, Greatest Screenplay, Awesome Roles written by writer duo salim-javed. - Nadeem777

Number 1 movie Indian history. very good movi

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