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61 Naagin

It's such amazing serial. It is full of revenge, romance and drama.

I think naagin is so adventures serial

The beat drama ever


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62 Balika Vadhu

Boring serial ever and going from really very long time.


Best serial I have ever watched.
Actors are amazing!
Very nice storyline.
Only serial which has covered 7 years (2000 episodes) of successfully journey.
Best best serial...

Got a nice momentum at first...but now that the story is over...why don't you guys just shut it are stretching it endlessly without reason...its been 7 years now and the the past 2 years...the serial has been going on for no rhyme or reason

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63 Choti Bahu

This was basically one of my childhood shows! Me and my mom would watch this every single day without missing even a second. Couple was pefff!

I just love the chemistry of jodi... and its one of the bets serials in that time. Infact it's my first Hindi serial and It still brings that intensity of magic in me.

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64 Swaragini - Jodein Rishton Ke Sur

Best serial ever I saw

Very nice serial

Very good story about love, trust and betrayal even amoungst blood family members.

It is a good serial

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65 Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai!

This a Perfect show describing an Indian

The best comedy serial in television

This is best comedy show, in television..

This is best comedy show, in television..

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66 Yeh jo Hai Zindagi
67 Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan

It's very awesome but it's too short and quickly finished...that's why me upset

Its very nice the best serial ever but they could have made it longer

We want to see season 2 with same cast

This show was the best! I didn't like how it ended so soon :( the cast rocked! The friendship rocked!

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68 Just Dance V 1 Comment
69 Hitler Didi

"This is my favorite serial. I just loved it. I liked how they played role"

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70 Suvreen Guggal

Suvreen guggal is the best show I have ever watched I really love it it is great

71 DID
72 Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne
73 Ulta Pulta
74 Nukkad
75 Maharana Pratap

Best Indian kid actor! -Faisal khan! Plus costumes have been amazing, especially of the soldiers

We get inspiration from Maharana pratap

Very very superb marbles serial

It's very nice show...i like his...

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76 Office Office
77 Sadda Haq

Very interesting and great chemistry between lead pair!

I like this drama very much it is the best for students

The Best for college students.

Is has an amazing story.keep watching it everyone I am sure U will enjoy it.

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78 Crime Patrol V 3 Comments
79 Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

Its very awesome friendship and cute love story. I like this serial very much.

Nice. Show for new generation

Best romantic moments, feels real and there is a want for more..

Best hindi serial I have ever seen. Everyone in the serial are amazing!

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80 Kahiin to Hoga

Hey guys I don't understand this, how can an all time hit romantic and internationally popular show like kahiin toh hoga in 78th place. Looks like you all guys are interested in shows which came after 2010. Its too bad you guys haven't watched it yet. I think it should be placed in top 5.

My all time favorite, Still watch this show. chemistry between rajiv and amna was awesome.

Chair is just so hot

The best serial. I wish to watch again sujal n kashish together

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