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101 Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Ye

I love this show and the love is so strong.

102 Dahleez

Nice story... Please please it's my earnest request to the makers of the show not to let it off air.Awesome couple swadarsh.

Nice story...Its my earnest request to the show makers not to let it off air.Awesome couple swadarsh.

This serial is outstanding for ever such a amazing story and l love swadheentha and adharsh both of you and I miss you abhay

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103 Sasural Genda Phool

Delightful acting by all members of the family. One of my favourite serials

First time see such a good story about family bonding' very inspiring

Amazing and best comedy serial ever

Best hindi serial ever seen on television

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104 Dekha Ek Khwaab

Story cast all amazing. missing it a lot. Wish for season 2

After this I really wanted to be princess

I literally can't stop watching it again want SEASON 2!

I love this show

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105 Brahmarakshas - Jaag Utha Shaitaan V 2 Comments
106 Ramayan
107 Baal Veer

I am loving seeing it. The magic, the comedy and entertainment. I love baal veer in this dress very cool and his powers. Loving it

I love this show because it is telling us a message that always be true, always tell truth and believe in truth if you not do any of this you are getting punishment like montu is troubling good children and he is getting punishment by baal veer. Please vote this serial

This is a children show, but it's awesome!

Be honest with every one

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108 Nisha Aur Uske Cousins

Nice to see this drama.

Best one! Has romance, comedy, family, drama and much more!

Second season please

Best kabir and nisha they are awesome just badly need a season 2 with mishkat and aneri with a fresh start of their love saga

109 Bigg Boss

A very nice game show awesome...



I really donot understand what is happning

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110 Yeh Vaada Raha

Best serial ever

Realistic show. Awesome

Very slow actors

Survi and kartik is best couple

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111 India's Got Talent V 2 Comments
112 Kasamh Se

Love it but it would've been better if there's another season, it would've got everyone's interest.

The serial should have be in number one in the list no other uninterested serial in number one who stupid have done this list you have put one to twenty-five stupid serial kasamph se should have been in top

It would be better if prachi desai would have continued to do zis serial

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113 Ek Boond Ishq

Should end immediately. it is worst and irritating

It's a unique story

Awesome story niece couple

Nice story and cute couple

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114 Kayamath

One of the Indian best serials mom loved it

Storyline was amazing! The background music was amazing! Gives me the chills each time! Loved prachi! Loved michi!

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115 The Buddy Project

Describes what friendship is actually!

Its all about friendship

116 Rang Badalti Odhani

There love story is very passionate

Yaar nobodies yet voten for it quite surprising very good show love shaan

117 Adaalat

Awesome dude... but now its getting too dramatic, in the start it used to be really practical and logical, but now has become like any other typical Indian drama :(

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118 Thapki Pyar Ki

Nice story about Thapki, a kind girl struggling in her life just because of her little weakness of stammering.

#All in all a good show with excellent actors and nice characters.

I liked thapki old look she looked more prettier when the drama started

When is the next episode coming on YouTube

Manish goplani playing Bihaan's role is the best actor. Jigyasa Singh which is thapki is very talented. The storyline of the show is just fabulous.

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119 Ek Nayi Pehchan

Love Sakshi & Karan's blossoming chemistry.
It is such a different concept.

Really a good educating story which is very importan in this society (womens respect)

I am a huge fan of krystle as I have told you all in comments of ek hazaroon mai. I love to see her.

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120 Ek Mutthi Aasmaan

Best T.V. series ever. Very, very romantic need English subtitles though.

Superb serial I'm watching it in Tamil version due to exitement I started watching it in Hindi also., The love of raghav and kalpi so genuine very heart touching BGM Raghav., kalpi., kamala has lived their characters rather have given life to their characters

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