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21 Nation of Wusses

New song from their latest album. Amazing beats, clear bass, engaging tempo... Overall, a highly recommended listen

22 Now Is Gold

Unbelievable. My favourite one after Bass Nipple.

The incredible drop at the end is one of legend

23 Elation Station

This track is so soothing and chill. It starts beautifully, and slowly turns funky, and then back to soothing. Its great, and possibly one of my favorite songs.

Love this soft sounding track. Feels like floating in the air.

24 Smashing the Opponent
25 Jeenge

Please listen to this track because not only should it be in the list up should be high on this list - espyorkshireman

26 Tasty Mushroom
27 The Messenger

Builds up very nicely. Simply fantastic, it is definitely in my top 5

28 Never Mind

This songs needs to be more higher in this list!

Such a great beat. Download it and check it out

One of their most underrated songs... you could really dance or trip out to this

29 Muse Breaks

Awesome song! They made a good remix out of the original one.

Impossible this song is not in the list!

30 Vicious Delicious

No question about it, this song has the best build up of all songs ever made. Makes me sweat every time I listen to it!

I would like to say thank's to all my friend that they had released an actual a delicious and, I like it too's

Hmm how can pink nightmares be higher than this?...i worry about music tastes when I see things like this... - espyorkshireman

Unmatched build up and perfect party music

31 Franks

It should be in the top tens

One of the best psytrance song ever made

Cabooom! Oh yes, 2nd best for me! After saeed

32 Killing Time

I've never heard anything like this song before, and I can't find another Infected Mushroom song like it. If you can, please tell me... I want more like Killing Time!

I created the list and personally I LOVE THE VOCALS in this song!

This one should be in the top 5.

One of the best songs by infected mushrooms.

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33 Special Place

Surprisingly mellow. Surprisingly not.

One of my favorites, I love the voice

34 The Pretender

My favourite electro song

35 Savant On Mushrooms

Those vocals... And I love both Savant and I'm :P

36 Artillery

First hear to this and make your rating... Amazing work.. You can hear to this all day long... HEAVY WEIGHT must be 1 and SAEED must be 2...

How come its at 28. this tracks has go lots of rage within

Very rocky ending! Must be higher in this list!

Must be much highet, jenious song

37 Wanted To

I don't know why this song isn't on the list. This song introduced me to Infected Mushroom and I think it's the best one I've heard out of them, one of the reasons is about at the 0:54 min mark there is a purely awesome sounding voice in the background and right after is a wicked beat.

Should be higher...simple as that - espyorkshireman

This should be in top ten

38 Illuminaughty

Illuminaughty is one of my favorite songs from Converting Vegetarians.
It has a very good beat to it, and the vocals compliment it perfectly.

The females voice it's so powerful for all those who enjoy intricate music try this out

A very underrated track

39 Never Ever Land
40 Disco Mushroom

Always loved the percussion in this!

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