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41 The Legend of the Black Shawarma

Amazing lyrics with sheer perfect beats. Infected mushrooms nailed it


42 Trance Party
43 End of the Road
44 Facing

The last 3 minutes of this song is epic! One of the most underrated and not much known Infected track. Released between B.P. empire and Converting Vegetarians albums.

45 Shakawkaw

This is one of the best infected mushroom songs, I believe it's not in the list because it's not known enough...

This is the first song I heard from them, and still consider it the best. How could you forget it? :O

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46 Spaniard
47 Evilution
48 None of This Is Real
49 Psycho

You hear it inside your brain. No ears, just brain.

Raw track from their first album! Love it! It's a classic!

50 I Shine
51 Slowly

Damn, at 6:15 in this track I wanna hop around and punch stuff while smiling. It has such a strange combination of vibes.

This song is so underrated, it's quite possibly one of the most well rounded pieces of music from them.

The most epic techno song of all time!

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52 Send Me an Angel

I love this song! I may nit understand what the hell they're saying but it carries such a good beat though!

53 Stuck In a Loop
54 Blue Swan 5

Even better than Heavyweight!

55 Nutmeg

Easily one of the best and freshest electronic songs to come out in years.

56 Drop Out
57 Pink Froid

One of the most well produced Infected Mushroom songs. Very good Pink Floyd tribute, that electric guitar is phenomenal and gets so emotional. Definitely a touching song and as a new one, I hope becomes a classic in coming years,

58 Where Do I Belong

This piece of music is awesome. It has meaningful lyrics (pretty catchy), a great beat, and a really positive feel. It never fails to make me smile. Great to unwind to, or just to rock the house.

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59 Change the Formality
60 Acid Killer

I think that this is the most underrated Infected Mushroom song. Anyways, it's my favourite.

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