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Great Station!

I listen to The Rock Casserole every week, best show, on the best station on line.

Love this station it's a great way to hear bands that aren't played on mainstream and are yet to be signed love their work

Great station, love everything they play.

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2 Hi On Line Radio

Top Radio Station, Thanks from Leipzig...Sven

Great! Thank you!

Great station. Maximum focus on audiophile quality

The best there is! Music lovers must hear this!

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This website is fabulous. My favorite without a doubt! - tarot_contralto

It is the best and has a grate verity

The predictions are perfect

It's everything you'd want.

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Last. Fm 's Metal Genre collection is awesome, they use to keep records from classic metal artists as well. Also here you can rate and vote your favorite music.. Also free mp3 download is available. And I love the appearance of the site.. So overall it's the best for me.
Good work, guys. Keep your site up and running, best wishes. - Nord666

Does it work with any music?

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6 Size Radio

Amazing playlist, who is rony?

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7 Triskelion Radio

This radio station is free and broadcast with a DJ 24/7. They also have a chatbox where you can talk to other listeners while listening. You request songs, greet family and friends to the Dj on board. More Power to you TriskelionRadio.

TriskelionRadio is the official radio station of the Tau Gamma Phi and the Tau Gamma Sigma Fraternity. They have 800,000 members all around the world. It's 24/7 party-party with TriskelionRadio

The BEST way to connect with my fellow brods and sis... This serves as our bridge to one another, we may be far apart from each other, but with this site, our TRISKELION RADIO, we feel that we are just link away to be with one another, ONE TAU GAMMA, ONE RADIO... BEST RADIO... MY TRISKELION RADIO! Aribba... Aribba... Arriba...

By the way, I REALLY DO LOVE MY DJ... DJ_ANNE...

I am a student and when I come home from school, I always listen to Trisekolion Radio. It is my companion whenever I study at home and I have developed friends there even though I have never seen anyone of them in person. TriskelionRadio is addictive. Watch out guys or you can get hooked.

Its my family radio, 24/7 can chat with my brod/sis all over the world.. They entertain me so much, good sound and music.. We can request song and greet AND it's open for all.. Goodluck triskelion radio keep up.. Long live! Arribba...

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8 SomaFM



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9 Top Rock News Radio

Is the best Rock 24/7 internet radio station live - rebelca

100 % ROCK & METAL CLASSICS and new releases very nice radio station.. I love this station!


Excellent radio station! ROCK & METAL

THE BEST! 24 /7 365 days only rock & metal!

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its amazing, easy to use and I would choose it over pandora. you can get it on blackberry as well. fast streeming and costomizable stations!

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? AirFM

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11 Radio Shaker is the coolest radio portal out there and missing from this list!

I found cool radio stations on RadioShaker that I wouldn't have clicked on if I was on a regular radio portal where the are working based on lists. check out eilo. Org if you love electronic music. chiao Klaas.

13 DIM - Deeper Into Music
14 Live365

So much choice. A favorite of mine.

How has this one been left out? It should at least be number 3 behind Last FM and Pandora anyway!

15 A1A IRadio Network

The Best of my favorite music

Great music, not too many ads. and it's free!

17 Spotify
19 Digitally Imported
20 Lala
21 Rock Rage Radio
22 Radio Paradise
24 Lapaloop Web Radio


25 iHeart Radio
26 Tunein Radio
28 Music City Roadhouse
29 Nederland.FM

Best station for electronic generas.

31 3WK Underground Radio
32 MOG

Rock music for life

34 RadioMetro.FM

Online radio from Bangladesh, Broadcasting HD Songs :-)

35 SongsPK

Free mp3 songs download here

36 RJM Radios

I prefer it the most. - mrtopten

38 Radio Sentidos

A.K.A. - All Rock 'n' Metal Online Radio

40 Jango

Jango is free and has very few commercial interruptions, in fact, none on their iOS or Android apps. You can create stations based on artists or genres and they promote independent artists making music discovery one of their forte.

It allows unlimited skips though I rarely do that because their music selection is fabulous!

41 Sumo Radio
42 Scouting Radio
43 Laza Radio
44 113FM Route 66

Excellent for Classic Country and Honky Tonk. - Britgirl

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