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1 Ruby


Definetely the best song ever done by the Kaiser Chiefs, infact I'd go as far as saying one of the best songs in the world! - Tobzz

Yes one of the best songs of all time... Heard this back when I was a kid and fell in love with it... And I still listen to it... There's just something magical about this song... Every time I listen to it it takes me to that place you know... Pure bliss...!

Absolutely fabulous song. The song, the singer and the group. Everybody sings this and knows it. The best song in the world ever!

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2 I Predict a Riot

If this song had never have been made, there would definetely have been a riot! - Tobzz

Think this is an ace song and gets everyone up dancing and singing (or shouting, laugh out loud). Love it xxx

This song is ridiculously awesome. I was hooked the first time I heard it.

Probably the best song to listen to if you are feeling raged.

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3 Never Miss a Beat

This song is awesome, so represents the the life of an average teenager. It's awesome, can't get it out of my head... If more baptists wrote like this the world of music would be a better place

This song is amazing! Don't miss it's beat! - Tobzz

In my opinion, not as good as I predict a riot or ruby, but I just needed to say that "I want crisps"

This song is awesome and have nice, playable rhythm! - Stelphenom

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4 Everyday I Love You Less and Less

This song is called 'Every Day I Love You Less And Less' but for some reason every time I hear it I love it more and more! - Tobzz

Completely un-mainstream! (I'm not a hipster)
The intro has me tingling every time

I think it's okay 😐

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5 The Angry Mob

Amazing song. and without a doubt, THE best ending to a live track I've ever seen! Love the band! Love the album! Love the song! - jbbhammy

This song is second only to Ruby

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6 Oh My God

One of best songs of all time.

I think this is definitely the best Kaiser Chiefs song, in my opinion.

Love this song listen to it when I go on holiday

War zone. Get me home.

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7 Modern Way

Just in love with this song! It really makes you feel good about life and like getting up and dancing. It really deserves more notice!

The most 'Kaiser chiefs' Kaiser chiefs song, this isn't asking about there most popular or most famous song it's there best and modern way is it.

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8 Everything is Average Nowadays

This song may be called 'Everything Is Average Nowadays' but is certainly far from average! - Tobzz

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9 Heat Dies Down

I have really few songs in my favorite list without any deficiency and for sure Heat Dies Down is one of them. I can 't help listening to it over and over! Just get inside and enjoy!

If the heat in this song ever dies down I think I will die down! - Tobzz

It is the reason I listen to kaiser chiefs

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10 Coming Home

Heard it on the radio once, it got me straight away. Killer song, so glad I heard it because it got me into the Kaiser Chiefs.

It's their new best song with their new album.

This is the song that got me into the Kaiser chiefs. It's great and should be in the top five.

Fantastic, I'm surprised its not in the top ten at least

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11 Good Days Bad Days

This song must have been made on a good day! - Tobzz

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12 Little Shocks

References beer bottle sounds what not to love

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13 Problem Solved

One of the best songs from The Future is Medivel, 2011.

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14 Misery Company

Kaiser Chiefs are epic, this song was the one that got me into them.

This should definitely be among the top 5

This song is so epic when they play it live

Amazing song which will be on fifth album.

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15 Meanwhile Up In Heaven

As for me - this is the best ever song

Best song on the new album, give it time it should get up to the top 10

Amazing song, love the intro.

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16 The Factory Gates UListen to Sample
17 Addicted to Drugs UListen to Sample
18 Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning)

One of the best Kaiser Chiefs songs in my eyes, under rated and under played

Such an underrated song, should be in the top ten at least

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19 Thank You Very Much UListen to Sample
20 Retirement

Great song but it's the last 30 incredible seconds that really seal the deal for me. Deserves to be much higher up on the list than this.

One of my favourite Kaiser Chiefs songs, can't believe it's so low on the list!

How cn this be so low, truly underrated great here!

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21 Boxing Champ UListen to Sample
22 Falling Awake

This is from their latest album. Its an amazing song! Definitely worthy of being in top 5.

Amazing song that has me falling awake all the time


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23 Na Na Na Na Naa

This is the first song that I ever heard by KC. I knew I had to hear all the others after I heard this one. Thanks Kaiser Chiefs for making great music.

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24 Hole in My Soul
25 Listen to Your Head

This was released on the best of album called souvenir, guess that's why not many have heard it, if they had it would be in the top 5 easy

Love it, my personal favorite, but in any case should definitely make top 5

It deserves 2 b top 10

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26 My Life

This should be on top 10 at least! Great song.

This is one of my favorite songs

Best kaiser chiefs song ever

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27 You Can Have It All UListen to Sample
28 Ruffians On Parade UListen to Sample
29 Tomato In the Rain

The award-winning drama, based on a true story, of the worlds bravest tomato. From small beginnings in a local farm, to the presidency. An epic tale directed by 6 time Academy Award winners the Kaiser Chiefs.

Saw this in the cinema two weeks ago. Simply blown away by the stunning performances and would recommend to everyone to go watch

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30 Bows & Arrows

Love the meaning of this song

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31 You Want History

This song is underrated

I agree.

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32 Parachute UListen to Sample
33 Born to Be a Dancer UListen to Sample
34 On the Run

This song is underrated.

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35 Heard It Break UListen to Sample
36 Man On Mars

Great song from a great band

37 What Did I Ever Give You? UListen to Sample
38 Cannons

Love this song! Save our souls! Show us the way back home!

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39 Like It Too Much

Underrated song

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40 Time Honoured Tradition UListen to Sample
41 If You Will Have Me

I love this song.

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