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1 m.A.A.d city

Honestly you can tell when rappers really went through the darkest that society has to offer, and you feel it in this song. He doesn't just screw around like Tyler, the Creator (his music has a time and a place). He really creates a picture in your head and that's a great accomplishment for a modern-day rapper. Which he wasn't such a sell-out workin with ASAP, Drake, and 2 Chainz laugh out loud but that's irrelevant.

That first verse almost choked me with its intensity.
And the final verse simply and plainly blew my mind. - JoLeKosovo

The flow is perfected on both beats! This may not be his best song but it should be in the top 5! Both kendrick and MC Eiht have a sick verse and flow. I love the G whistle at the end, it give the song such a west coast feel!

This has everything you could possibly want in a record. Dope beat, great production, A+ lyrics, storytelling, conscience, metaphors, a great hook, a great feature verse, every thing. You can turn up to this, you can be angry listening to this, you can play this at parties, but you can also draw inspiration from this record. Perfect.

2 Swimming Pools (Drank)

Didn't particularly care about it when I first heard it, but then I heard it again and again and again and again X infinity... Still listening, love it! If you are here to find inspiration for a Kendrick Lamar song to listen to, I would definitely recommend you hear it.

It might be more Trap influenced and it sounds like a party anthem but it's actually a song about how alcoholism and peer pressure affects someone. - DarkBoi-X

Its just an amazing so that should be more recognized for what it is. The workmanship and time that went into this masterpiece shows his dedication and love for music. Plus its fun

One of the greatest rappers out today.. Hands down

3 Hiiipower

Kendrick bodies this beat. Lyrics are amazing as usual but he really connects with a lot of today's issues in society. Metaphors are great as well, they actually work with the song unlike pointless metaphors thrown in by other rappers to get spins

Might be the best rap song of the past decade, in my opinion, it's definitely up there. So deep, an incredible beat, good performance as a whole.. It's just amazing. - cwhiteford

In this song he shows that he is one of the best young rappers at the time and one of the best to come, sick beat and sick flow but he also addresses topics that other greats like pac looked at, just his best watch the video and you'll understand

This was kendrick's breakthrough showing us what he was and still is capable of. It's one of his most underrated songs he's ever written. If you never heard of Kendrick Lamar before and are interested in what he's like, I would strongly recommend giving this track a listen.

4 Money Trees

Best Kendrick song and an amazing verse from Jay Rock. Best song on the album.

I love everything about this song. It's rhythm,flow and its message.

Deep track, explores the effect of monetary value in human society through creative flows and great instrumentals not to mention a touch of genius from Jay... Simply amazing

Everything is great... Great instrumental, great meaning/lyrics, great flow, great guest verse by Jay. Considered best rap song of 2012 by many. Up there with swimming pools. - aashim.aggarwal

5 Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst

This song is filled with so much emotion! Very heartfelt and lyrically beautiful! Definitely needs to be higher on the list!

This song is so beautiful. When I heard the reprise of the sinner's prayer from the beginnning it just all came together

Honestly, this should be number 1. This song is amazing and heartfelt. - Yesyesyesyes

Has any of you voter deeply contemplated the true import of the second verse of Sing About Me? Truly phenomenal storytelling I must say.

6 The Blacker the Berry

It was really tough for me to choose which Kendrick Lamar song is the best, since they're all pretty good, but I have to say that "The Blacker the Berry" is his best song. In this song, Kendrick just lets everything go and you can just hear and feel his emotions. I don't think any other rapper, even Tupac, has expressed their emotions better than Kendrick did in this song. The beat, Kendrick's lyrics, and his flow all combine to make this masterpiece of a song. He addresses the topic of racism very well and also reveals it's hypocritical nature. - rapaddict97

By far one of his deepest songs he ever written. Talks about how racism/hate is not one sided concept and its hypocritical to think that it is so, because we all partake in it. One of the best songs of 2015.

Probably his best song to date. So much depth and passion in his lyrics that speak about so many issues... The song is straight fire.

Has I be his best song. The message he expresses is incredible and has such a good rhythm throughout the entire song.

7 King Kunta

First time listening you'll be like what? But it grows and grows every single listen until every time the song comes on you can't stop moving.

What I like about this song is that it is different to the hip hop we hear today. Its beats is almost a bit jazzy. Catchy lyrics as well

This is where we see Kendrick going back to his roots. He goes back to the old west coast style of hip hop where they focus on a funky beat instead of a beat based off of bass. If you're listening to the song, and you don't immediately start dancing, you're doing it wrong.

This is such a weird song, but also one of the easiest to enjoy once you listen to it a few times. I used to hate it, and now it is one of my favourite songs of all time and definitely my favourite by kendrick. This gets my vote

8 A.D.H.D

His flow and what's he's talking about his AMAZING

If you really listen to this song you can picture what is going on in his head it's a great song that tells a story

Easiest song to understand what his saying goes with the beat.

Great production + amazing lyrics!

9 I

Depressed and down in life but a wrote a song about depression that can pump your blood and make you happy. Simply genius

Y'all know this starts with "Who's That Lady" by the Isley Brothers... I love how he reworked it--- genius...

Not even a fan of Kendrick but this song is something the industry needs more of. As someone who plays bass... I really appreciate the way he flows over such a great bass line. Complete art, deserves more respect in regards to talent and the message it sends.

This is probably one of the most positive hip hop songs. Instead of rapping about doing illegal drugs, and things like that he makes a catchy song, telling us, "I love myself". You don't find much rap songs like this one. - yaygiants16

10 Alright

I could talk for hours about how genius this entire album is, but this is my favorite track. The production by Pharrell is amazing, and makes for one of my favorite instrumentals in hip hop history, and even with all the darker lyrics that Kendrick writes, this song always brings me up every time I listen to it. And it has one of the catchiest choruses I have ever heard in a song. And the music video is brilliant. - Mard

Lyrics, beat, vibe. What song has better connections between these three than this very song. This song ain't alright. It's amazing

This is the best song on To Pimp A Butterfly

Alls my life I had to fight! - 9713524179

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11 Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe

One of the greatest lyrical song oat. The storytelling is beautiful + the ending is legendary

Helped me out of a pretty bad place mentally, should be higher

Yes this is the song

Song is amazing and should be number 1

12 DNA.

I am completely addicted to this song. His flow in the second part of the song is incredible. The beat gets me pumped, and the bass, especially in the second part is insane. - rallermus

Best track from Damn. It sums up his life with a perfect beat and the gimme some ganja is actually important as it symbolizes his struggles with marijuana smoking.

Kendrick wears his heart on a sleeve with a fierce intensity that we have yet to see from him. I think this is his best work.

That one part where he just starts going off is unbelievable

13 Humble

The people who say this should be at the top 10 or even 3 have only listened to DAMN and not his other songs - Yesyesyesyes

Out here roasting Drake, Big Sean and others. Really great song and music video

Best song of 2017. Right up there with California dreamin' and castle on the hill

Why is this song so low? This is a masterpiece.

14 U

One of the most intense and emotional hip hop songs of all time. Kendrick is more than a rapper here : he's an actor. - JoLeKosovo

A song has never made me cry as much. I never listened to it fully until recently because it sounded weird but once I did it was so worth it because the last 2 verses relate to me so much.

Hardest hitting track on TPAB, amazing storytelling and beatswitch.

Arguably Kendrick at his most emotionally potent, featuring a smooth backing track with a lazy brass accompaniment, contrasting with a broken hotel raido and Kendrick's pained accusations levied against himself. Deeply personal yet incredibly relatable, it is a must listen for anyone who has ever hated themselves and those who want to understand the depressed mind.

15 Backseat Freestyle

I just want to say that the snare in this track is possibly one of the best snares I've ever heard. The EQing gives it such a satisfying "pop."
Other than that, this is a great song. Kendrick has a great flow, and the lyrics paint the perfect picture of his younger, more arrogant self. - Atham

Dude he kills this whole song.

Great song with great lyrics which is every song.

Even though its different from his normal lyrics, it goes into the mind of a 16 year old kid over a fire beat.

16 How Much a Dollar Cost

Good beat matches with the fantastic story telling of Kendrick. This is why he'll be the best rapper - DarkBoi-X

This song has an amazing story to it. It talks about how everyone should treat everyone with respect regardless of who they are. The song conveys the story of a homeless man asking Kendrick for a dollar at the gas station. Kendrick denies the man who actually turns out to be Jesus Christ.

If you really follow Kendrick's lyrics on this track (as you should for all of this genius's work) then there's no way your spine didn't drop to 0K at the end of that last verse. Damn near turned me into a religious man.

I'm not religious but the message this sends is important. Kendrick is very critical when it come to moneY and he explains very well how important it is to be selfless.

17 Cartoon & Cereal

This song is number 1.

1 cartoon & cereal
2 money trees
3 the recipe
4 high power
5 bitch don't kill my vibe
6 rigamortis
7 adhd
8 swimming pools
9 keisha's song
10 ignorance is bliss

Best Kendrick Song this far. Replace "Poetic Justice" with "Cartoon & Cereal, " Good Kid M.A.A. D City becomes a classic.

It's a classic just the way it is. Cartoon & Cereal doesn't need to be an album cut. It deserves to be a stand alone track. It has its own vibe and doesn't fit in with the album's narrative. - Lasvegasxavier

Why isn't this in the the top ten

This is top 3 for sure. Too many people just bump with his new stuff when he has just as good if not better songs from back when he wont as popular. Great lyrics, and I love the flow of the verses!

18 Rigamortus

He just goes in and doesn't stop with an intense trumpet beat playing in the back of his amazing rapping

Amazing rapping by kendrick bodies the awesome trumpet beat perfectly amazing song

Bangin beat + Crazy beat= straight fire.

Lyrically this song is easily number 1, not through his story but purely sentence and word structure.

19 Poetic Justice

This should at least be in the top 8 why is it down here

Great lyrics, flows with beat

I concur, Poetic Justice has a great flow, rhyme scheme, lyrics, and feel... And feel is the most important part of music.

One of his best songs... This isn't even slept on, it's just known as one of his best lol, why is it so far down?

20 Wesley's Theory

My ultimate favourite song from Kendrick Lamar! Such a great beat and flow. So underrated; should be a lot higher

Like a sugar coated alright Uncle Sam to Lucy love them both

This track is hella slept on, should be WAY higher

This is the beginning of he story that lamar tells in TPAB and it is incredible. Every time you listen to this, each beat, each verse grows. This is perfection and needs to be in the top 5.

21 Mortal Man

I'm sorry, I think there was a glitch in the system. This is as #35, but it really needs to be #1. The admin will hopefully fix this in the future. - Alpha101

This is one of the most important songs on To Pimp a Butterfly. He is questioning his fans loyalty and he is literally interviewing Tupac on this song! And later he explains the reason for the title of the album. Deserves to be in top 10 at least.

Definitely the most poetic, truthful, and important song ever by kendrick. questioning the loyalty of his fan as the main theme. along with every other theme compressed in this one song, along with the Tupac interview. very surprised no on e has voted for this

The message is simple, are you believing in Kendrick's integrity or are you going to abandon him and turn on him when things get bad?

22 XXX.

Likely my favorite song ever. Such a strong message and great flow.

Yesterday I got a call late from my dog like 101. Said this song was badass. I listen. It was badass.

The middle verse is the hardest thing I've ever heard, easily his most emotive and raw track.

Amazing beats, U2, great message. What more could you ask for?

23 These Walls

One of the best songs about sex. Mostly because of that Funk influenced beat and the fact it's more or less surrounding sudden fame and when a rapper can't handle it too. - DarkBoi-X

This song isn't much of a rap joint, but it's groove is electrifying. Love the vocals, commentary, and instrumental. Very underrated

The most beautiful and intricate song on To Pimp A Butterfly, a masterpiece in itself.

Kendrick at his softest

24 Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils)

Absolutely one of the best songs on Section.80. The first time you hear this song, you need to listen again. The beat is inspiring and the lyrics are brilliant.

Should be at least number 10. This one had a great beat and great lyrics (just like all of his songs)

The second of the two singles from Section.80, this one is underrated and has a good beat and great lyrics from Kendrick. - cwhiteford

I don't know why this song is so underrated. it is for sure top 3

25 The Recipe

This was actually the first time I ever heard Kendrick Lamar, and a good one at that. With a feature of Dr. Dre, Kendrick and Dre produced California Love Part II with this one. - cwhiteford

This song is really nice...i like the girls voice is the background..kendrick lamar is awesome

Was gonna vote for Black Boy Fly which is too low, but this is also low, WAY TOO LOW!

Wow. I didn't think dre would work with Kendrick on the same track. A nice break from the lyrical depth and just a chill song

26 Duckworth

This is the best song on damn by miles and miles. It leaves everything else in the dust. The production is flawless and cornrows kenny's storytelling is at its potentially best ever. The only reason it's the least popular song on the album is that it isn't a banger like humble element or DNA. - Thicc_Neeson

The beat changes are absolutely amazing and go so well with the lyrics

The best song on damn easily with fear creeping up behind it

This should end up in the top 10, probably Kendrick's best storytelling song along with great production and end to the album. Also, TPAB needs more songs in the top 10 - HipHopAintDead

27 Ignorance is Bliss

Best rap song of 2010.

Kendrick is the best rapper alive. This song has the most amazing flow and beat. Should be top 10


Love everything about this song, both lyrics and beat, for sure should be top 10

28 Momma

Simply outstanding, gives me chills.

If you want to know who Kendrick Lamar truly is, listen to this song. - killthehype

29 Element

Why would you vote for this if you wanted DNA or HUMBLE?

Such an amazing flow with this song. Probably my favorite over Humble and DNA

One of the best songs on DAMN.

I wanted to see dna or humble on this list s I voted for this

30 Black Boy Fly

He does a great job of letting the production do a little more of the talking in this track, as in the production being a little more descriptive here, he had the perfect balance of lyrical depth and descriptive production. Kendrick is one of the best lyricists of all time, and simply tells it like it is, with emotion, but without hatred or prejudice.

Anyone who voted for anything else obviously hasn't even listened to this. It's unbelievable. It has real meaning that I can relate to. It's about making it big & getting out of poverty. Also it has great lyrical skill.

Seriously amazing song. Whole album is amazing. Wayne and Drake and Nicki need to get out because Kendrick is this generation's best rapper by far.

This is the greatest song ever comment please I love it - Tiad

31 Keisha's Song (Her Pain)

Honestly one of the greatest rap songs of all time in my opinion, this song should be used as an example as to why rap is the greatest genre of music because it is so real and so sad at the same time with a great flow (as is usual by Kendrick)

Deserves top 10. Chilling production, insane flow, extremely vivid poetry until he hits you with the ending. Beautiful.

One of the best songs that Kendrick has ever written. Based off of Tupac's Brenda's Got a Baby.

"Nothing really matters, so she hit the back seat
Cause Rosa Parks never a factor when she making ends meat."

The whole story behind this song is too meaningful to acknowledge

32 The Art of Peer Pressure

How is this not higher on the list? This is an incredible track. Kendrick's ability to story tell is crazy and we get a very vivid narrative delivered perfectly by Kendrick. Gives a great insight into Kendrick's younger years growing up in Compton and the gang life atmosphere he was surrounded by.

A great story told by a great voice. Amazing lyrics which make me wanna keep listening. Once the song ends you want to know more about the story. It is also very pleasant to listen and it has a lot of musicality. I doubt that Lamar has produced better songs than this one.

The story just resonates with me so much. The storytelling is amazing, the beat is chilly and the flow is perfect. Probably my favorite Kendrick track, though it is hard to choose just one favorite from his discography

Kendricks storytelling is on display here, and it is amazing. 2nd just behind Stan for best rap storytelling. You are instantly hooked in, as Kendrick puts you in the midst of the chaotic experience. One of his best.

33 Love Game

This track is absolutely amazing. Both artists go in hard, using lyrical skill whilst also telling a (somewhat humorous) story throughout their verses.

First Kendrick song I heard Eminem and k are dope

... Wow... , that's all I had to say of this song

I gotta say, for a song with Eminem and Kendrick, on the Marshall Mathers LP 2, this is actually pretty underwhelming. It's not bad by any means, but nothing about it makes me want to go back to it. - WonkeyDude98

34 F*** Your Ethnicity

Best Kendrick Lamar Song In My Opinion: It's Kendrick's Love Letter to fans, with raw and impactful lyrics and instrumentation. The Music is catchy, and gets me in a state where I am ingrosed in this brilliant piece of music. The Piano and Drums are a fantastic combination, with a wonderful small chorus which is amazing to hear after each verse. This song never bores me, and it is always so satisfying to listen to. Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper of the modern era, and I assert that this is one of his pieces which sums up his amazing career.
You can be from anywhere, and Kendrick will accept you and let you freely enjoy his music and engage with his lyricism.
Thank You for this Song Kendrick Lamar, you deserve all the praise you get for your masterful music.

.. My details be in retail... Closely second to hi power for me

The piano in this is so hard hitting, better than any kick or snare! The offbeat piano breakdown part way through the first verse is so introspective too, really helps drives the song's message home. This is a top 3 song

I love this song. The beat to it is so mellow. And Kendrick killed the verses.

35 Pride.

Underrated masterpiece in my opinion.

This song has the beat that makes you feel the need to Freestyle!

Favourite track on DAMN.

Kendrick best song should be top ten at least

36 F****n' Problems
37 All The Stars

And he does it again... - Undistinguished

so gppd

38 Love

So chill. This song got me into DAMN

The lyrics and the music is trippy and soothing.

Someone pick it up and put in top 10,it deserves.

A song couldn't be so perfect.

39 Loyalty.

One of the best songs off of DAMN. Kendrick delivers some bars about the crooked society and also features nice vocals from Rihanna - LabelGod

40 Collard Greens

Love this song to death. Cool beat.

Love the beat, he kills his part


41 Vanity Slaves
42 Good Kid

The most slept on track of GKMC. This song has Kendrick analytically break down his Compton surroundings as a good kid would. He understands his gang affiliation is wrong but he feels a need to participate anyway because the pressure around him is too overwhelming. This track sets up the banger mAAd City which follows it perfectly, it is almost as if Kendrick goes from a analytical thinker in this song into a reckless & rage-fueled teen in the song mAAd city. Every single verse has a very thought-provoking point as well. For example, Kendrick makes an analogy to the red & blue blinking of cop lights and to the Blood & Crip gangs of Compton, both of which are very different but are the same to him because he is a young black man who these parties are frequently victimizing. Take some deep lyrics that are well performed and a fantastic hook from Pharrell Williams and you have this remarkably underrated Kendrick Lamar masterpiece.

Agree with the first guy + his flow in this is unbelievable

So slept on. Greatness here.

So Great and Underrated - Glauberson

43 The Heart II

Kendricks mostly lyrical song, he puts A LOT of heart into it!

That was Kendrick spilling his heart, he shows how he's changed

This is really the best song he talks about being in the game but forever on gods side an his passion for music..

To me, one of the best hip hop songs ever. By far his best song.

44 Compton

This is so god damn good!

Wow this is so far in the list... this song reminds me of good ol' 90's rap. Should be in the top 5

45 Complexion

great song

46 Untitled 07 | Levitate
47 Faith
48 Fear.

This song is easily one of Kendrick's best. The verses are interesting and captivating. The first is effective in it's relatability, as most people experience fear of their parents growing up. The next verse is the darkest on the whole album, with Kendrick explaining why his fear of death at 17 is typical. The last verse goes to his current self, summing up the insecurities that he built up throughout the album. The structure of this song is amazing. And the hook and beat just add to the perfection of the song, matching the lyrics and tone.

Best track on DAMN. Most wholesome song out there right now, the beat is awesome and the story told brings in so much emotion from the past and the present. I don't usually enjoy longer songs but this is 8 full minutes of captivation.

Why so low? It's the best track on damn.

Easily the beat track on damn

49 Buried Alive

So touching and beautiful

*Whats after 5 mins of drake whinnig* 15 seconds of silence and the MIND BLOWN!

50 I Hate You

Kendricks beat song about death and very creative on the third verse.

This song is so deep

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