Best Girl Bands in Indonesia

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1 JKT48

I love "New Era" of JKT48. "Flying High" has been my earworm song since single's released date. Huge respect to Shani (Captain - 3rd Gen) and Zee (My Oshi - 7th Gen)

They're prove that Indonesia can sing too! This is a friendship of Indonesian and Japan! And they're not Girl Band, they're Idol Group! GO JKT48!

JKT48 is one of the best girls group in Asia. They are one of the biggest sensation in Asia especially Indonesia. Keep support them..

Very talented! Can sing as well, and professional dance. So cute, humble, and low-profile. They always try to perform as best as they can, especially DANCE <3 Not just ordinary dance like most other Indonesian girlbands.

2 Cherry Belle

Based on its content, Cherrybelle has more positive aspect than others girl band in Indonesia.
Most of its songs, contain positive lyric and give certain and clear message.
Its songs are not only the translation from foreign songs.
Though some of its songs' notes have similarity to foreign songs, they are still acceptable and no more than the maximum limit.

Cherrybelle twibies dear boys always are, and always support Cherrybelle even blocked the Atlantic ocean hurricane..

Cherry belle is beautiful.

Cherry Belle is stupid!


The Best Girlband in Indonesia. They are consist from 4 girl that have their own talent. Ify can play Piano, guitar and other and Also her Beautiful voice. Sivia with her Mellow Voice. Pricilla with her Guitar and Febby with the Dance and Acting. But, eventhough they have their own talent, they keep compact as a girlband with high quality

The best girlband ever in Indonesian! The one and only girlband who consist with their quality voice no matter happen. All of member blink have their own talent. Always calm, humble and have a great attitude

I think Blink it's the best Indonesian girlband, because all personil of Blink have a great voice, especially Sivia, her voice is very soft, and has a great Improvisation, GO.. GO.. BLINK you are the best

They have a Good Voice and have many Experience. Ify have a many skills, like playing piano n Guitar. Even he has performed in front of the president as much as 4 times. Sivia even has performed in Kesultanan Brunei Darussalam. Pricilla ever has performance in France and many other skill

4 S.O.S

Based on audition in Korea, I think this's one of top girlband in Indonesia. Their dance, their song, and their voice really good.

They was awesome. It would be great if they win and be a best girl bands at Indonesia.

S.O. S Is the best girl group in Indonesia, you must try to listen their new album, especially "TIK TOK"

They actually train very hard, 12 hours a day, and their videos aren't cheap. tehy're all finalists in singing shows and are managed by Korea company

5 7icons

Cut! Still in my heart...

7icons is a totally, completely the BEST!
They are so popular even Korea also a fan of them! They also cute, pretty, and attractive! Proud to have 7Icons! And proud to be ICONIA!

7Icons is the best

Why 7 icons top 5?!

6 Super Girlies
7 Princess

I like princess. Best girl band ever

The cute girls...
I love them.

9 Be5t
10 Tina and The Girls

Tina Toon I love you

The Contenders
11 Winx

I love winxs! Especially steffi! I just can't wait for winxs to come to Singapore because I'm a winxsy from Singapore! I will support winxs, the bangs, coboy junior, swittens and super 7 all the way! No one can stop me!

Winxs are so beautiful and has wonderful songs! My favorite winxs member is bella 'cause she's so cute!

12 D'Girls Indonesia
13 5 Bidadari
14 Queen Bee
15 Lollipop
16 Yang Lain
17 Tenebelle
18 Icil Diva
19 Doraemon Crazy
20 Vierratale
21 Annabel

So beautiful and naughty

22 Soulsisters
23 SNG
24 Zirius Girls
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