Best Bo Burnham Songs

One of the funniest artists on the internet, Bo Burnham's songs are classic. Here are my ten favorites!
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1 Art is Dead

As much as I love Art is Dead, I don't feel like it's his best for one reason: it's not a true showcase of all of Bo's talents.

It's an outstanding example of how serious Bo can get despite being a comedian, how he can tackle mature topics without turning them into jokes. It's also good for showing his skills at singing and playing music. However, it doesn't show his ability to make clever and funny jokes in his music, which is his key talent.

Art is Dead wasn't meant to be funny, and I'm not saying it should've been funny. I think that he approached the topic the way he should've, and that Art is Dead is amazing the way it is. I don't think it's his best, though, as it doesn't show Bo's full capabilities.

I feel like Bo Burnham did the exact opposite of sell out. Like his early stuff is pretty tacky run-of-the-mill edgy™ comedy which was his way of breaking into the business, but now he's just like "hey, do you guys want to hear about how celebrities are products manufactured by a capitalistic society preying on the marginalized, also art is dead *funky synth noise*"

The fact that this veers away from most of Bo's music is the reason why this is my favourite song by Bo, it tells the story about what Bo didn't want to become, and hates that he did.

One of my favourite songs.

2 Words, Words, Words

It's really hard to choose a favorite but while a lot of them are about equal the wordplay in this song is awe-inducing...not only is bo my favorite comedian but one of my favorite artists (this is coming from someone who listens to a ton of music from a ton of genres)

Burnham is a genius. His rhymes and phrases are not only hilarious but amazingly clever and nifty

3 From God's Perspective
4 New Math
5 Kill Yourself

It is a song that has a deep emotional foundation masked by many thick layers of comedy. It explains the complexity of life while making you laugh very hard.

So much emotion put into a song about Killing Yourself. Awesome Song!

This song is hilarious, one of the best twists in his songs.

6 Are You Happy?

Just listen to the song. You will understand

Amazing song. Feel so much emotion with it.

7 What's Funny
8 I'm Bo, Yo
9 My Whole Family
10 Men & Women
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11 Nerds

Less of a joke, more of a reflection on how things are. Great song.

12 Can't Handle This (Kanye Rant)

Absolutely belongs at the top. While mildly funny, he disguised himself in plain sight, making a comedic song about his struggles with the audience, while giving them what they want. Truly brilliant.

It was hilarious but it also felt more real than any other song he has made.

13 Ironic

This is a hilarious song

14 We Think We Know You

One of the best pieces of art I've ever witnessed. No joke.

15 Oh, Bo

It's a really good best.

16 Rant
17 Straight White Male
18 Sad
19 A World on Fire
20 Repeat Stuff

THis is the best oNe

21 Love Is...

Turns out love is all about... whistles!

22 #deep
23 Left Brain, Right Brain
24 Pandering

I really like this song. It doesn't have as much meaning as some of his others, but it was the first Bo Burnham song I ever heard and I think it's quite funny.

Amazing song! Definitely should be higher

25 Lower Your Expectations

This is one of my favorites! How is it so low!?!?

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