Best King of the Hill Quotes


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1 I'll tell you what. - Hank Hill

The best recurring joke of the show. - queen11

2 I'll sell propane and propane accessories, I'll you what. Shut up, Dale! - Bobby Hill acting like Hank Hill

I laughed so hard when I first heard this. it's hilarious. - queen11

3 Hey. - Buckley
4 That boy ain't right. - Hank Hill

It's 60 and the boy just isn't right.
Computers don't make errors. What they do, they do on purpose.

5 Chicken butt. - Buckley
6 Min look. Bobby Hill marrying redneck cousin. Ha! I was right! You owe me five dollars! In your face! - Khan

From one of the greatest episodes. - queen11

7 He doesn't have a hostage. 'Rusty Shakleford' is the name he orders pizza with. - Hank Hill
8 I'll tell you what, man, I don't get anymore dang ol' free time, man. It's just work, Bill, work, Bill, work, Bill. I'll just take a dang ol' bullet into my head, man. - Boomhauer
9 Guns don't kill people; the government does. - Dale Gribble

I'm shocked Pocket Sand wasn't here - Absol

10 Quit screwing with my mower John Redcorn. Now get in there in start massaging my wife. - Dale Gribble

The Contenders

11 My shins got blown off by a Japanese man's machine gun. So don't come crying to me about your problems. - Cotton Hill
12 Bwahhhh - Hank HIll

One of the best running gags in the show.

Also a good one - Absol

13 Your dad got blown up - Stuart Dooley

Funniest stuart quote ever

14 That's my purse! I don't know you! - Bobby Hill
15 Oh, Shug - Nancy Gribble
16 Yep - Hank Hill
17 Outta my way, Rooster Boy - Hank Hill
18 If it gets one degree hotter, I'm gonna kick your ass - Hank Hill
19 Maybe I'll Just Take Bobby. (Bobby Squeals) Bobby I'm not taking you, I just want to get back at your father (Bobby: Oh!) - Peggy
20 I killed fitty men - Cotton Hill
21 Pocket Sand! - Dale Gribble
22 Shi-sha! - Dale Gribble
23 Squirrel Tactics! - Dale Gribble
24 Turbine! - Dale Gribble

I spammed 4 dale quotes - Absol

25 Under More Balls Than a Midget Hooker - Bobby Hill
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