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Solo artist or leader vocal of a band, if he has a career in Japan, put his name here.

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1 Gackt Gackt

GACKT really puts 110% into everything he does - singing, acting, dancing, etc. He is able to weave stories throughout his albums and performances, which makes it all the more breathtaking. His lives have so much power, so much feeling. Even in his concert DVD's, it feels like you are there, watching. His music and voice is able to transcend languages and boundaries.

Many people might say Gackt's among the few Japanese that come close to a "celebrity" status, but I think, even if that's true, he deserves it. Whatever he does, it's always his absolute best, even if at times weird, other times sugary sweet. He's actually one of the very few people I call Artists: he's able to CREATE. Create worlds that you get sucked into every time you listen to his music. And the lyrics he writes are plain beautiful, often so multilayered, you discover new things even if you've known a particular song for years. And the way he can re-invent himself, recycle his old songs while making them totally new is fascinating too. Not to mention his stage presence, which sweeps everyone off their feet - it's been more than a month that he's been here and I still couldn't quite process that night. He really shows his soul - throughout his music.

His voice and songs and himself is amazing. He sings them with feelings and you can feel it. His lyrics are also very meaningful and he always come out with good songs.

I've never heard a voice as beautiful as Gackt's, and I listen to music from all decades and countries.

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2 Yuya Matsushita

He's voice is just AMAZING! I love it so much
You better listen to the sing bird by yuya it's so emotional and relaxing
Totally the best Japanese singer ever!

Amazing voice, good acting and dancing skills with good looks... A rising star in the making!

Very underrated artist. I think he deserves some real credit. As previously mentioned, he has the talent (can really sing, dance, rap and even play the piano) and the looks to boot with a pleasing personality. He may be the typical boy-next-door type, but he definitely has something. Matsushita Yuya is a rising star and will definitely be big as other J-pop artist out there.

He has an amazing voice! I love is singing! He is so emotional! I have been in total aw ever since I first her his voice! I'm at a lose of words!

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3 Ruki (The Gazette)

AWESOME! How can one guy has such an amazing voice! Unlike other singers he has a special voice which shakes our mind and let it loose free! The energy he has in his voice is unbelievable! At first, he had an emo look and now he changed his looks but I still love him! I don't care what others think of him, he is one in a million and everything that J-pop needs :D It will take another 1000 years to find another person like him with that special quality both in his voice and his personality :D

Ruki is the most wonderful vocalist ever to be. He will never fall. When he sings I feel like I can feel everything that he is feeling. In his lives there is nothing in this world that can stop him. If anyone says different they just don't have good taste.

.. Ruki is utterly fantastic! In every way possible. He's got such a mesmerizing and unique voice that entraps everyone. Most of his songs are so overflowing with emotions and it just makes you shed tears without even realizing it. I always cry while listening to Reila too, Cassis, Without a Trace, Guren and Calm Envy. His live performances are incredibly amazing and without equal. To sum all this up, Ruki's a marvelous vocalist and before that a marvelous human being. Thumbs up for him and the whole awesome band! GAZROCK 4EVR!

I really love him...invisible wall..amazing one

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4 Sakurai Atsushi (BUCK TICK)

I think Atsushi Sakurai is the best singer in JAPAN.
His voice is very very unique and very sexy too.
He can change his voice according to the song. I mean you can listen FLY HIGH and then Shanikusai Carnival then you will realise..
He is the best..

He is definitely the best singer in Japan. His voice is so unique and sexy.
(Most of the famous Japanese singers have the same voice, and they are just struggling with the high-pitched voice, so annoying. )

I love Atsushi Sakurai.. He can sing so sensually and clear...
He is so col I can't believe... That singers like him don't top world chats...

The BEST! Period.

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5 Toshi Toshi

You know? I would do just about anything just to have his voice. No, I wont kill for it. God might be upset if I do so. Anyway, Watching him and X Japan live was really awesome. He hits his high notes like no one else can. Great job Mr. Deyama - aeromaxx777

Most original voice. Excellent.
Listen to any X Japan songs.

Toshi is wonderful singer, but I also like T.T. revolution, Atsushi Sakurai and hide... I thought for a long time, for whom to vote... But Toshi chose, because he, along with Yoshiki is the founder of the legendary band X Japan, fathers of Japanese rock! It has a charming voice and crazy energy! I thank him for what he does! And let him continue to do so!

Toshi has a rather unique voice, but he's great. hide was a great singer too, though I like Toshi more...

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hyde's voice pours out his heart, such grand passion, sometimes the most touching tenderness, or poignant pain, sometimes soaring joy, and sometimes sheer sex! Shining spirit, then dark, charismatic creature.

His ability to maintain such high quality of vocals while singing rock n roll is unsurpassed, amazing.

Enchant us, inspire us, seduce us, move us, Dear hyde.

"Let's go to heaven. "
"Let's make love. "
"I'm hungry. "
- hyde

No one can ever match up to to him... Apart from his various singing styles... Hyde.. Has a calming effect in his voice..
his "secret letters" never goes outta my head...

Fell in love when watching his live performance. He can deliver an idealistic image to all the audience through his impeccable voice and passionate movement.

He's not a person in reality! He's more like a figure that all of us dream to be, an image exist only in unconsciousness.

No matter in L'arc or in Vamps, his performance is of great variety, yet beautiful. His voice can be both masculine and feminine, yet resonating like angel. He's got talent, but never shows off.

He's definitely one of the greatest artist in the world.

He is a good singer I love it!

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7 Yamapi

He got everything! Haha :) very versatile actor, singer and dancer :D

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8 Kyo (Dir en Grey) Kyo (Dir en Grey) Kyo is a Japanese musician, poet and singer-songwriter. He is best known as the vocalist of the metal band Dir en grey. He has been with the band since its inception in 1997 and was formerly in La:Sadie's.

Not only does Kyo and an amazing vocal range, from screaming, to growling and everything in between, the emotion he puts into his singing is incredible. Some songs he's sung have made me cry just from the feeling he put behind it. Music is my life, so I've heard some good vocalists and some not so good vocalists. Kyo is my favorite, and there is not one person out there like him. They can try all they want, but Kyo is the only person in the world who can do what he does, with the range and emotion that he does.

Over the years, I have listen to all kinds of music. I have never came across anyone as talented as Kyo. His voice is priceless for not only how well he sings, but also because he expresses so much raw passion and emotion in every lyric that comes out of that voice of his. There is really no category that you can put him into except for brilliance. I recently was introduced to Dir en Grey, and I have to say that I have never felt as connected as I do with Dir en Grey and the brilliance of Kyo's voice.

Kyo is one of a kind! No other vocalist can sing so deep and true like Kyo!

What I really enjoy about Kyo's voice, is that he expresses a lot of emotions, but above all, I hear a llt of rage in his voice. Dir en grey's music calms me when I'm mad, because I feel as if Kyo was mad too... I don't know, it's just what I think. Also he's really talented. I can't believe at first I hated them (The band). I got totally freaked out and grossed out too (It was Obscure's PV I was watching...) and hated them. Then I listened to it a second time, and a third, and it grew on me. I love the band and Kyo is a great singer (The others are great, but we're talking about singers, so...)

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9 Yasu (Janne Da Arc)

This man's versatility for writing beautiful, memorable songs and his voice are an inspiration. He sounds very much the same, whether it's during a live or on the CD. There aren't too many people out there for whom I can say the same about.

His voice same every live, recording or in video clip...
He have a different voice than another single every people will know its yasu if he sing a song

His voice touches my heart every time, sometimes brings me smile, sometimes tears... He's the most amazing singer I've ever heard!

He has the same voice live or in recording - Nitta

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10 Kamenashi Kazuya

Kazuya really has a great voice. every time I listen to his voice I really feel at ease and relax.

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11 Akanishi Jin

I like Jin especially when he's with Kamenashi Kazuya.. They're perfect duo for me... They almost make me cry because of joy when I see them together... More power to both of you.. God Bless.. Hoping you to visit Philippines..

He has such a sensual voice. I love it! His voice range is really wide. Even when he was in Kat-Tun, he usually gets the really hard parts because of his voice.

he really is the best japanese singer, during kat-tun time and even now he demonstrate it

I like Jin's voice and of course his smile.. He might not really good as a host but if he's only open his mouth once, it's bright the whole show, his acting naturally not to mention his ability to dance

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12 Matsumoto Jun

Matsumoto Jun is an awesome singer oh not only a singer but also an awesome actor!

! When I saw him on HanaDan, SERIOUSLY! My jaw dropped! He's one of the cutest, plus hottest japanese actor I've ever seen in my WHOLE LIFE! Plus the curly hair looks good with him!

Jun has a good voice and cam dance well.

He is so smart. Lovely smile, cute voice. My soul is matsu --- jun. L really love him.

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13 Yamada Ryosuke

His voice is so sexy, and he has pretty face, that's so kawaii! He can be a cute boy once and be a cool guy another. he won many awards for ideal lover. he began his debut in 2013. he's the center of idol group Hey! Say! JUMP

His voice is so sweet and cute and it makes me fell dream! I love you Yamada senpai keep on to reach the top

He didn't have the best singing voice in the world but his singing voice is very soothing, calming and sweet. The latest HSJ Smart Concert DVD has shown how he has transformed into an awesome complete package idol with impressive live singing skill. Ganbatte Ryosuke! Awesome Hey say jump!

Yamada your really kawaii. my sister and I like your voice but my sister still like yuto. just I really like you.

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14 Kamijo

I'm giving kamijo yuuji my beautiful gorgeous prince my full support i want to support him in everything he does kamijo is the true prince of my heart kamijo is the man of my dreams I'm so much in love with kamijo I want to be with him kamijo is the best he's the legend of music he's my master love tanya san

He have a good voice.. And the strong vocal that will make every single person melt with his voice.. He deserves to be at list on top 3..

Kamijo have an unique and elegant voice, he's Great in scream too.. And his voice become more and more developing now

I like his voice

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15 Ohno Satoshi

No way! I have to say that Ohno Satoshi is one of or is THE BEST singer in Johnny's! I have no idea why he is ranking so low but this ranking definitely doesn't show his worth.

I honestly feel that the control he has over his voice is really highly commendable. He is able to do the vibrato easily thanks to his training when he was younger doing stageplays. He knows when to sing from the diaphragm, head or throat. The way he sings high notes and holds them there can give me goosebumps too. Some people who have gone to Arashi concerts say that his recording voice is so similar to his live singing voice that they can't tell them apart. He has great flexibilty too whether he needs to sing high or low. His voice is also very stable and wont "break". His singing voice is very wholesome like it's a very complete like its not too airy its probably because he often sings uses his diaphragm and he is the lead singer too...

He has amazing control in his voice even when it's a live performance! And his vibrato is... HNNG! His dancing is excellent too! He's perfect I swear.

I think he had a amazing voice.Have u ever seen some of ARASHI's video? It was surprising for me.everybody has to watch it!

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16 Yuta Furukawa

Yuta Furukawa is new and fresh to the Japanese music scene. He is extremely unique in the way how he can relate and connect with people all over the world and not just in Japan with his beautiful melodies and amazing lyrics that don't need translating to connect with the Western audience. Yuta Furukawa is a terrific musician specialising not just in singing but in guitar playing as well. He deserves to be more recognised in the music world not only in his own beautiful country of Japan but worldwide as well. If you want new and exciting music that connects with all aspects of life you can't go past the brilliance that is Yuta Furukawa. You wont be dissapointed! -

! Yuta Furukawa! He's my first favorite japanese male singer ever. I've never listen to japanese songs before. And when I first listened to Yuta's 'Origin of Miracle', I immediately found it awesome and powerful. Then I started to search and listen the other songs of his.I really love his songs!

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17 Sakurai Sho V 2 Comments
18 Atsushi (Exile)

He has a very good voice, see him singing and you will know, how good this MR. Exile voice is.

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19 Masaki Aiba

His voice is so unique and great to listen to. His voice really stands out from the rest of Arashi. I hope other people can agree with me

20 Tatsuya Ueda

I think he's voice is so wonderful that make me happy.

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