Best Movie Sequels (Second Movie Only)

What are the best second movies of any series? Star Wars counts as two separate trilogies.

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1 The Dark Knight

Batman Begins was a great introduction, but it wouldn't be Batman without the menacing and truly terrifying Joker, portrayed by Heath Ledger.

The only movie I've seen at the cinemas that has lived up to the hype - docghost

It was a tough call between the empire strikes back and this, but in the end, the dark knight wins hands down

Close 123 for me between Dark Knight, T2 and Aliens. But I can't get over Heath Ledgers portrayal of the Joker.

2 The Empire Strikes Back

This I have to say is the best sequel of all time and I know there's films out there like dark knight T2 return of the king and such but this I thought was amazing I love the way it has a way more darker tone than the first which was also great but I don't think it's as good as this film and this is also one of my favorite movies and I like the way this movie is trying too appeal to both kids and adults which that could be hard to do sometimes but it turned out that both kids and adults loved it and what I also like about this film is that challenges kids to get through the dark stuff in the film and that's what a lot of kids films that had come out around the time did and Jim henson creator of films and shows like the muppets sesame street the dark crystal and labyrinth who surprisingly worked on this film yeah he did the original puppet yoda and I think I read somewhere that he and don bluth said it's not healthy for anyone especially kids to not be scared and that I think is real ...more

LoL I just remembered that this is technically the second Star Wars movie - Mcgillacuddy

The movie had much more to offer than the first it gave us scenes that gave us chills introduced new interesting characters showed charcter development and we got to see scenes surprising like who Luke's father is and how Han got frozen in my opinion best sequel made

My favorite movie ever. enough said

3 Terminator 2

This is a great movie and one of my all time favorite. It is better then the 1st (it was also very good). But what is New Moon doing here, it should be on worst sequels.

I think it was even better than the first! - alexa

A great twist on a good original.

My favourite movie ever. Though the first was a classic, this is even better. Legendary. - EvilAngel

4 Aliens

Alien: 8 people, 1 Alien (Good)

Aliens: 12 people, buttload of aliens (AWESOME)

Aliens lives up to the hype that it got

This is one of the best triolgies ever, and this movie proves it. - theTwister

Should be in the top 3 at least. It's definitely a better sequel than Dead Man's Chest, Toy Story 2, or Superman II. - nallimcamybloc

This is "the" movie of the series. Its *the* best sequel because of the context it's in. - gaki

5 The Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers

A masterpiece created from a book that is even better than the awesome writhings of Tolkien. - Littlelogger

Yep this is number one - 2storm

6 The Godfather II

You can't be serious to be put the Godfather number 5. It is the first ever sequel to win Best Picture.

The fact that it is nearly on par with the original shows how good the movie is. - iliekpiez

This can be argued to be the best movie of all time.

What Godfather 1 was considered the best movie of all time. Even part 2 kinda sucks. Nothing can beat part 1.

7 Toy Story 2

Not as good ad the first, but still great! - MrGmo7

I like this one over number 3. Out of the 3 this one is the most underrated.

It has the smallest lack of originality, even though the Toy Story trilogy is very strong.

Better than the first in my opinion. - Smash64

8 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

A severely underrated movie overall but definitely an underrated sequel. I am glad to see it made the top ten. - BKAllmighty

I have the dunken swagger walk down packed. Captain jack sparrow is the best of the best. This is my all time favorite movie. Awesome job Johnny Depp. I just have to meet you one day. You did one hella job.

9 Spiderman 2

Better than the original with greater characters and a stronger plot. - Shadsilvson11

93 rating still underrated

This movie came out when I was about ten years old. and it still amazes me in its quality. good acting, good cinematography, good special effects, and above all else, compelling plot.

10 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Should be number 1 - kylebuschfan18

The Contenders

11 Back to the Future Part II

The first movie is undeniably an all-time classic, which has more class than any movie from the 00's. However, Part 2 delivers even more of a punch when you have to deal with a time paradox, in an alternate time-line. You can't beat these sequels!

Where's our hover boards

12 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Heck yes! Why isn't this above stupid Star Wars? - RedTheGremlin

I highly doubt that many sequels can top the classic "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" and compared to Harry Potter, Star Wars is the significant one. - BigDaddyPeach

13 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Ok this movie was not good but it not terrible or anything it just kinda of felt flat to me and it's really just a holiday cash grab I mean even the filmmakers admitted that their just trying to cash with the first film and that's what it feels like just the first movie it's just that they changed it a little bit I mean the first 15 minutes is like the first film and I thought the first film was at least 10 times better because it had a better story it was funnier not like this wasn't funny at all no the slapstick was funny at times some of the jokes were fine tim curry is hilarious in this probably one of his best and kevin played by macaulay culkin I thought was charming in some scenes but again I can tell he's not really trying his best because most of you know he was in a lot of movies when he was kid so I think up until this movie came along he was already like no I don't need to try I'm a star now but yeah that could be the case but even here I thought he was still a good actor ...more

This movie was good as the as the original. Too bad that this was already the last Home Alone movie that was great.

Almost as good and classic as the first. And, in some ways, better. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

Home Alone part 1 was better, part 2 is spoiling me New York, I'm going there in 2 days.

14 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

What is this doing under new moon? Vote this up!

cool movie

15 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Great movie - Triceratops

16 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
17 Shrek 2

It may not be my favourite second film, but I voted for it anyway because unlike most other sequels, I thought it was way better and more original than its predecessor. Unfortunately, the franchise went way downhill after that. - 3DG20

puss in boots really steps this movie up I loved it! - arsenal193

This one is the best Shrek title. In my opinion, it is way better than How to Spank Your Dragon 2 and the Butt Baby.

Childhood sequel. As good as the original.

18 The Lost World - Jurassic Park

very underrated movie.
All 3 JP movies were great! - Alexandr

I think part 1 and 2 sucks. But my rating is a tie breaker, so I don't which one is better, but Jurassic Park 3 is the worst. Its too short and boring.

In total agreement with the guy below me, execpt for all three, JP3 sucks! Regardless, check tis movie out!

19 Saw II
20 Superman II

Better then the first and the best in the series!!!!

21 Godzilla: King of the Monsters

The movie was really good. Critics mean nothing and they are clueless. This is what a true fan deserves. Better than the first movie (2014) and a million times better than Skull Island. Godzilla KOTM is already my favorite movie of all time! - asantalo

22 Avengers: Age of Ultron

I'll agree, this was better than the 1st.

23 The Road Warrior

I think the first is better

24 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
25 Finding Dory

It was way more better then the original plus we got to see some nemo and marlin relationship and there were many likable characters and amazing actors the first kinda barely focused on nemo I like how we got to see some more scenes with the trio

It was way better than I expected it to be. It was almost as good as the original.

I'd still take the original but this was great

I think this is better than the original. I just love it so much :D

26 Batman Returns

The best one made - Johnnyt800

27 Evil Dead II
28 Scream 2

I like movies were people die

29 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

No way; Phantom Menace was better.

30 Spider-Man: Far From Home

Aw yeah boi lets go apidey - sonictiger

I meant spidey - sonictiger

31 Ocean's 12
32 Rocky II

Like Rocky 1,Rocky 2 Rocks 2.

Does just about everything right. it's a masterpiece just like the first one. there are some moments that move you and moments of inspiration. it captures the atmosphere of the slams. it captures the determination of one human being not to lose at all againts all pain and mental suffer of being nothing in real life.

33 Die Hard 2 - Die Harder
34 The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Twilight sucks.

The second movie is as good as the first bella, edward, jacob make a good team,... And its true you can cry watching this movie, everyone should watch it...

Almost every one says it's a worst movie ever. I'm not sentimental I can cry only on 2 movies:New moon and Phantom of the opera! - Alejandro-Bantik

35 The Bourne Supremacy

It may not be the best movie in the world. but it deserves to be on this list for sure.

36 The Matrix Reloaded

I like The Matrix Reloaded the best among the Matrix trilogy.

37 Wayne's World 2
38 The Rescuers Down Under

Hey, it was a good sequel.

39 Child's Play 2

Not good, but it was alright for itself.

40 X2 - X-Men United

For fans who treasured the adult-themed story lines from the comics in the early 80's, Brian Singer nailed the x-men, finally giving us what we wanted.

41 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
42 Ghostbusters 2

I love this movie better than original! Why?
My favorite Sigourney Weaver had much more screen time in it - Alexandr

43 Transporter 2
44 The Wrath Of Khan
45 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
46 The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

Definitely not better than the original

It says best movie sequels not movie sequels better than the original - germshep24

Lives up to the original's name.

Amazing! - DaringXx

47 Rush Hour 2

I felt like Rush Hour 2 was too funny I laughed so hard. This was the best among the 3 films.

I thought this one was the best one! - MrGmo7

All rush hour movies are great - Sabbath

48 Resident Evil: Apocalypse
49 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Why I'd this at 20 this movie is worse than cancer, aids, and cheating on loved ones

As bad as this one (along with the rest of the films are), at least the only good thing about this one (compared to the first one) is that at least Starscream’s role is much bigger and better, and his voice in this one is way better than the first. And New Divide by Linkin Park is alright. The rest of the film, sucks. - asantalo

The first sucked. The second sucked even more. And if you voted for this, you're a racist - MojoSpaederman


50 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

This movie was better than the "Rodrick rules" book. It was better than the first diary of a wimpy kid movie.

It had some differences, but it's still good. - GehennaTheSecond

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