Best My Darkest Days Songs

The Top Ten Best My Darkest Days Songs

1 Every Lie
2 Porn Star Dancing
3 Casual Sex
4 Save Me
5 Move Your Body
6 Set It on Fire
7 Come Undone

Best song of them - TuhindeFreak

8 Gone
9 Goodbye
10 Cant Forget You

The Contenders

11 Save Yourself

100% relatable.

12 Sick and Twisted Affair
13 Still Worth Fighting For

best one

14 The World Belongs to Me
15 Like Nobody Else
16 Perfect
17 Stutter
18 Sorry

This is the first song of My Darkest Days I've heard. Still my favorite^^

19 Nature of the Beast
20 Without You
21 Rolling Stoned

Their best song so far

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