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1 What Makes You Beautiful

I love this song! Is amazing and is in the top of the list! Is the best song of the album up all night!

I'm a guy and I hate to say that I love this song and One Thing. They are very catchy songs and its fresh from all the generic crap so that's why I probably like it. This song is a little bit better than One Thing but they are both great but vote for this song ok

I like almost of them... But this it's like a rain of positive things that you can't ignore with this voices.. And they Harry's mini solo at finish it's amazing!

It is really great song

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2 Best Song Ever

Best Song Ever really is the best song ever. The boys' voices sound more mature and it is very catchy. I've actually been singing it all day since I saw the music video. But its a really great song and should at least be in the top 5! I love it so much

This song should be number won because it is really catchy and it makes you watch it again and again... And it makes me like the band more... Also it makes me like harry styles more... And the future Mrs. Styles

This is the best song of one direction

Cute as a button, every single one of you

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3 One Thing

Every songs are wonderful and amazing, but when I heard this song I cry! I love this song and I love ONE DIRECTION! And I love Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Luis! Every day I listen this song! Sunny

This is the song which I like to sing every second of every day. They did a nice job here. The best of all they sang from the start. But I think they have done a good job in Forever Young but I think originality is better. Go One Direction! Your fans are always here to support you!

Love it! Such a great up beat song! The video to go with it, really brings out the lyrics of the song the boys personalities really shine through! Amazing!

I love this song so much! I have this song on my music and it's on my top 25 most played songs. That is how much I love this song. I also really like drag me down but it's not about that right now.

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4 Live While We're Young

Well, this song is awesome
I just listened to it yesterday and I think this is best of "one direction"
If you haven't listened to it I must say that guys you must listen to this awesome song! I just love it ♥♥♥

It's amazing, cool, crazy, nice, and whatever! It maybe the best song in the planet, Oh my GOD I keep on watching the music video... For a zillion times, this song is hot

I love this song! It is my favorite song! This is the best song ever! I listen to this song 100 times a day!


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5 Kiss You

This is an absolutely amazing song! I can play it again and again and again and never get tired of it. It's really happifying, and I love it even more than What Makes You Beautiful!

Best of their new album..
One Direction Rocks! - BiswasBijoy

Awesome Song from Take Me Home..! Must listen, I just Love it!

Reminds me of summer surfing and beaches

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6 Story of My Life

This song is just amazing! Can't stop listening to it!

THE LYRICS ARE JUST SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! This should seriously be in the top 3! And contrary to popular belief, the lyrics aren't about a girl like most of their other songs. in fact, the song is about the past memories that made them into who they are today. watcth the video :) its brilliant

I can't believe that it is ranked this low! This song is amazing!


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7 Little Things


You want something that is actually beautiful? Listen to John Lennon's Imagine. - SammySpore

It is amazing, and so sweet!

Great, it's perfect! I really love their voice here, and the lyrics is so touchy and really can make girls 'melted' laugh out loud

This is so true and genuine! The feels!

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8 They Don't Know About Us

This song is so romantic it make me so happy, it calms me when I am nervous

The best song of 1D..
Best lyrics & song
Should be voted..
Listen it once.

This song is fabulous! How is it 24?!

Lyrics are just amazing

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9 More Than This

One of their best songs! Nialls solo is my favorite his voice is so amazing.
I love one direction, I've been up all night listening to their music ore an over again.

This is a really great song and I just love the whole song. But the part that I love the most is zayn's part. They are amazayn! I pray that you will see the light, that shining from the stars above

I love more than this harry styles is so hot. I just love harry styles and zayn malik and louis tommilson

I love this song. I love all of them actually. The lyrics are beautiful and make me emotional.

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10 I Would

Great song! I can't get it out of my head. It's also good for the guitar!

Love this song... So much
Love... Niall, zayn, louis, liam and harry
There great hope they will do more and more songs


Awesome..just awesome.I don't know if he would say he's in L-O-V-E with this song but I definitely would

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11 One Way or Another

Its amazing I don't know y people are not voting fo this

Really love this song! This is the only you can laugh, cry, and smile or any expressions.. Haha. I love the Niall's part in the music video, especially when he is in the bathroom. He is funny and the boys are all amazing.. Vote this song guys!

This Song is Amazing!
But if you see on YouTube, The Songs are Copied from a very old Singer,
Blondie. Go Internet and search One way or another Blondie. It's the same!
But Anyway This Song's Rock! With some sort of Comedy;It's Just Quite Weird
How they Have done their Video But Still I LOVE the Song. One Way Or Another... I Gonna... GettaGettaGetta...

This is a CHARITY SONG you brainless dimwits who say that they ruined this song. Don't you know what Red Nose Day is?

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12 Moments

I love the boys' voices in it. It's a really cute song and it doesn't seem as autotuned as the others. I also like the lyrics. I think it's a very real song, and I love that Ed Sheeran wrote it. In my opinion it's a high quality song! I don't think a lot of people would have expected this from 1D.

All their songs are great, but there's something about this song that I just love. The lyrics are really meaningful and are about a girl that died and the boy committed suicide because he can't live without her, which makes the song even more meaningful. All in all, this is definitely my favourite song &

This is amazing song, every single time I listen to it I can't help but cry, they are really, truly amazing. This isn't my favorite song but it's up there with it. My favorite song is One Thing. I love them and all of their songs though...

Best song I love one direction

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13 Rock Me

This song is so awesome it should be #1 or something. Who wouldn't like this song. I think everyone should vote this song.. And listen 24 7 like I do.

Rock me... Rilly rocks me... Awesome song.. Awesome beats and music

THIS SONG IS AMAZING! Why is it all the way down here? I like the fact that they have taken an original and well known song and turned it into something amazing! I think this song deserves to be 1st! The lyrics are amazing and Louis is given enough solos whereas in other songs I think he maybe doesn't get his fair share.

MASSIVE SONG! It's really Rocking me!

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14 Gotta Be You

This song actually made me feel each and every word said... Truly great song... If you have not heard this then you don't know what you are missing.

I love this song so much! Love ya niall! Love 1D! But this song makes me happy and sad at the the same time because happy: it's really nice that 1D made this song for her! Sad: Imagine if she rejected them!

Awesome me and harry hit the note real good!

Nialler Forever

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15 Up All Night


It's so cool!
I really like this song!
the best song by one direction! Really love it!

Cool tune and really amazing music!

I liked this song very much! I mean it's so active and so col!
The best one direction song I've ever heard!

This song is really nice. I vote for this song because the mood makes me feel exhilarated and happy whenever I am sad. the most important 1d song and it's def my favourite GUYS PLEASE MAKE THIS TO A TOP 5

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16 Forever Young

An awesome cover they out their own spin on the song without ruining it! It's just plain awesome!

I love how they sing this! I'm so sad that you can't buy it on iTunes because it's a cover. But I have it recorded so it's still good. They sound amazing and sometimes it brings me to tears cause it just totally fits them!

Way better than the original song. This song should be at number one on this list! This song is definitely my favorite and in my opinion the best song they've ever sung

This song and "Summer Love" are honestly 2 of One Direction's masterpieces. Fits them almost too perfectly, and it's beyond beautiful. - Anggun

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17 Night Changes

Night Changes is my favorite song off of FOUR (underlined) Ha! Oh, Niall. The lyrics are so romantic and sweet and the video is PERFECT! But are they trying to give their fans heart attacks?! It was like I was ACTUALLY on a date with each of them! Laugh out loud

Not a big fan of 1d, but this song is REALLY good, The music video is also pretty great, when I saw their presentation at the AMA's I thought that they sang it really well, they surprised me

Listen to "Summer Love". They have many hidden gems that are overshadowed by their big hit singles. "Summer Love" is a personal favorite of mine, a masterpiece.

I had to double check if I missed this song in the top ten, then checked down in the contenders but it still wasn't there. This is unbelievable because this a really good song although I'm not a big fan 1d but this song so good, it tells the truth and the video is like a footage of my life, this should be in the top 3..songs that I really like are (in order)-
1. Night Changes
2. Story Of My Life
3. Steal My Girl

Best 1d song. Great lyrics and beautiful melody.

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18 Happily

Its simply awesome! Can't stop listening to it. 1D rocks

This song is the BEST

I love this song and it's my personal favorite from the album Midnight Memories.

Best song ever it is literally the most catchy thing ever. could listen on repete 24/7

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19 Last First Kiss

Come on, this song is like the best one of the new album!

This is a really good song! It has meaningful lyrics and everyone in the band has at least one solo, they each have the same amount of solos. It's also really catchy and fun to dance to.

Heart touching song.
I mean how could be this song at No.28?
It is a kind of song what should be voted.

This is the best song ever

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20 You & I

One of my favorites on Midnight Memories! My other favorites are Midnight Memories and Half A Heart

This song should definitely be one of the top, along with Story Of My Life.

This song is amazing, it's by far the best song on midnight memories- all of the songs are great though. The only other song what beats this is "got to be you".

This is better more best song ever

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21 Summer Love

This song makes me cry it's so amazing they boys sing like angels and Niall wrote it's so perfect

It makes me want to cry. And the fact that Niall wrote it makes it that much better.

I love this one of my favorites don't hate them

Perfect... but deserves to be in top 10

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22 Diana

Beautiful song! Niall is a wonderful writer! It's so amazing how much they care about their fans!

Such a sweet song

Absolutely love this song!

This song is just so beautiful, it should be ranked much higher than this!

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23 Midnight Memories

Its amazing song with the good music and vocals
Directioners forever

Everybody listen to this it it awesome

This is my favorite song by 1D! I was so shocked when I saw thatvit was ranked so low. it should be in the top 20 at leazt, if not in the top 10. if it were up to me, this would be ranked #1. please change this list

Its very catchy, with amazing' vocals and it keeps you up all the time like it will be a great somg to cheer me up with

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24 Nobody Compares

I love the music of it in the song when it starts saying, "Cause no one ever looks so good in a dress, and it hurts, cause I know you won't be mine tonight" awesome. I could replay it over and over again.

This song is the boom digity! This song never gets old! Common guys vote for this song! Should be top ten!

It's really an awesome song, I liked it 'and its one of my favorite songs I'm addicted to it <3 xx

I just love it...

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25 Irresistible

Zany's part is the best. I love it endlessly

This song is so catchy. And is a nice song for that special someone in your life. Harry and liam sing their heart out on this one. I wish that this was an orginal song on the album so they could have a video for it. I listen to this song on repeat all the time and never get tired of it. It makes me not want to be single anymore and settle down with a special lady

Someone explain to me why this song isn't at #1? This is honestly one of the best songs of all time by them.. I could listen to it over & over again!

It makes me feel good

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26 Tell Me a Lie

I love zayn Malik and all the zayn Malik fans out there MUST listen to this song. This song made me INZAYN for Malik because he is just AMAZAYN. Don't for get the other guys. One direction is AMAZAYN, BRILIAM, EXTRAORDIHARRY, PHENOMINIALL and FABULOUIS.

-siti loves zayn Malik

Zayn Malik is such an amazing singer and the beat is so cool and I think Harry has like a small part in it so all those people who really like Zayn Malik will really love this song

I reall love this song so please vote this song guys
to all the directioner all over the world

Lovely Zayineee song hope it was in top 10.

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27 I Want

I love this song my favourite one direction song because tom fletcher wrote it and plus it's a really good and the best song on their album

I love this song so much! It exposes the honesty of relationships today. Also, One Direction's voices are breathtaking. Back to my most important point of why it is best, many people in relationships are spoiled. Relationships are about love, the little gifts and things are simply little bonuses. This song is great. It doesn't have the popularity it actually deserves, as well.

It's the best, so well compose and balanced, love that song, it's amazing! Every time I listen to it I fell in love with it!

This song makes me wanna dance to it and just sing it out loud. I never had listened to a better song. Better than 5SOS!

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28 Everything About You

I love this song! Why is it here? It's so catchy and all the solos are perfectly done. Its everything about you, you, you. Everything that you do, do, do. From the way that we touch baby, to the way that you kiss on me. Awesome, you should listen to it guys. And, I'm absolutely in love with zayn's voice. He's an amazayn singer and so are the rest


It is so good! The solos are beautiful, their voices are incredible (like usual), so why not number 1 on this chart? I absolutely love it!

It is really a great and beautiful song it should be the first and number one

Vote to it and I love it I listen to it every single day so let us make it on top

This should be in top 10..come on man!

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29 She's Not Afraid

Literally I have no idea why this song is number 29!
I'm not a directioner.
I repeat I am not and never will be a direction, personally I could go on and on about how much I Dislike them, not hate dislike but I think ZAYN's part is like to die for (:
And this is coming from a nondirectioner; check it out

I love this song it makes me feel powerful and like I can do just about anything I don't know why but it makes me feel like I am more that just a girl living in a small town in the middle of no where like I have a chance to do something greater than what I am doing now if you feel the same way vote for She's Not Afraid

This song is awesome I love harry and louise


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30 Strong

This is my favorite song. It speaks from the heart and there is so much emotion in their voices. This should be in the top ten. The lyrics touches my heart and it's just plainly incredible.

This is impossible! How can this song be so low in the list? If not the top 5, this should at least be in the top 10! It's amazing and deserves to be much higher!

This song should definitely be in top 10! It's quite underrated. It deserves much more! Its meaning and melody are so excellent! And the way the boys sing it makes it even more magnificent! This song should be in top 10! - inhundredsoffandoms

Most underrated 1d song in my opinion.
Should be in at least top 15

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31 Another World

This song is very fun to listen too!
It's very catchy and it's a great song!
This song is amazing, fun and great to dance too.
I think this song is worth 10/10!

This should NOT be all the way down here! This is by far One Direction's best song because not only does both Niall and Louis get solos but it is an extremely catchy song that is easy to make up loads of dance moves to!

This song is super cool even the people who don't like one direction enjoy this song and it just proves that it is an amazing song it takes directioners and directionators to another world

I think this should be in the top ten

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32 Drag Me Down


I really do think Drag Me Down is a great pump-up song. It came out right after Zayn left the band, and it made people take them seriously again. It has become quite a hit with its classic repeated lyrics. No other 1D album has a song quite like Drag Me Down:

Honestly this should be way higher! Different than their other songs and much easier and good on the ears with pump up tune!

I think it should be in top 10

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33 Stole My Heart

Awesome!... I love them so much!... Liam's voice is amazing... I wish Niall and Louis had more solos!

One of the catchiest song in the album.. Too bad they never performed this song live because I totally love it

Why is this song at the bottom? I think this song isn't like the others cause it had a little bit of the oomph that the other artists would do or use.. Well, that's my opinion and we all have to respect other directioners like us as well... And the lyrics are so divine! Why would some people on twitter and facebook post nasty comments? Just keep loving one direction DIRECTIONERS! Pilipino ako laugh out loud


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34 C'mon, C'mon

I just love this song very much

Lovw this music I am so addicted.. ,.

Why is this song not in the top 10?.. It's brilliant!

Drag me down is best

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35 Stand Up

This is such a cute song! It's so dancey and fun to listen to! I love all of the One Direction songs, but this song stands out. Haha! I1D!

So different compared to all the other songs its got a catchy dance vibe to it that makes you just smile. I find its like the ultimate rave song! LOVE'EM FOREVER!

Whenever I hear this song, I can't help but dance and feel happy :) this song should NOT be #11, it has amazing lyrics and their voices are beautiful as always.

The song's chorus might sound generic, but this song. Is truly sweet and memorable. Whenever I listen to its verses and guitar riffs a huge smile comes on my face.

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36 Na Na Na

This song is really good and catchy. I love it so much. If you listen to it you can't get it out of your head and you will end up singing it everyday! One direction you are the best band ever and I look up to you guys and hope to be like you one day

Amazing! But Louis and Niall need more solos and Harry and Liam need to back off some. No offense, guys!

I love this song! It's like a summer song - it reminds me of the beach. It's really catchy and great. I can't get it out of my head. Even though it's not on the US album, it's on YouTube. Great job boys

Is this qesader

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37 Over Again

Its amazing. All the boys sound amazing. When louis tomlinsons voice gets rapsy that raps it up. It was amazing. My favorite all, I can play this song all day everyday, I mean it. Listen to this song and you will agree.

This song is actually so beautiful, the vocals are fantastic, definitely my fave song on the 'Take Me Home" album and one of my fave songs all together, truely beautiful.

B E A you T I F you L, this song makes me cry every time it sums up how most teenage girls and boys have felt at one time or another. And its good to actually hear Louis' voice for once they all sound amazing

Bitch this song is the grea Ever 36 my ass

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38 Truly Madly Deeply

It's a very touching song for me and its also romantic it is my 5th or 6th favorite song in one direction

I totally love this song

Everything about this song is perfect, personally I think it should be number four because it has good harmonies and a very good pitch range, have you ever tried singing it, because it's not simple, but you know whatever, just my opinion! Though my opinion IS often right.

This song truly deserves no. 1 title

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39 Stockholm Syndrome

This song is literally my favourite song in the entire world. In front of every other song I've listened to. Stockholm needs to be up in the top ten cause it is just amazing. The lyrics are winded together so well and the beat is so different and cool. Ten out of ten.

I love this song very much and it should be on top of this list. I love the line " baby I'll never leave if you keep holding me this way... ! "

THIS SONG. Amazing.

Their voices in this are incredible, and the 80's vibe is great. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. It should be 1.

This is why I love Harry styles he wrote this song it's my favorite

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40 Heart Attack

This is like there best song EVER

I fell in love with this song! This song seems so pure and anyone who listens to it would catch on and get addicted instantly! I recommend this song over even "What Makes You Beautiful"! Listen to this song sometime and you will know why it's the best...

This song is like one of the best songs of 1D! Fell in love with it the first time I heard it! All of their voices sound so full of life! Can't stop listening to it! <3 :-D

It is sooo catchy!

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41 Save You Tonight

I love this song! Why is all the way on the bottom? Some of the songs on hear aren't even One Direction songs and they have better reviews. I don't know why because this song is definitely one of my favorites

THIS SONG IS SO AWESOME! WHY IS IT AT THE BOTTOM? The funny thing is they say I can't be no superman... But what about Louis?

I love it's so up all night! My sis said what! :) m mkkl, K. Mk, krh

This song is the best. Put it first place, always.

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42 Same Mistakes

That song is really awesome to hear.. :)) I love Zayn..

I have no idea why this song is the at the bottom. I absolutely love it. Its very very meaningful. It made me so emotional the first time I heard. I love the tune and I definitely love Zayn's voice. He's amazayn. And so are the rest of the boys.

This song is so well thought out. The lyrics are amazing and the boys sound terrific! Not only that but I love singing it. How on Earth could this incredible song be at the bottom?

Good song
very good song
fantastic song
amazing song
awesome song
fabulous song
nice song
beautiful song
should in top 12 at least

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43 Back for You

I think that one direction are awesome

It's a song by One direction that I can never forget. A melody in my heart forever. Love it! And One Direction!

Love this song by One Direction. It is track #11 from Take Me Home. The Best Song Ever!


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44 I Wish

This song just says something to me somehow. It's really touching ;) should definitely be higher up the list

Not my favorite song (moments is, love their solos) but how is this the bottom of the list? I love it, I love their voices, and they're all amazing And I can relate a bit, haha.

This song truly deserves to be in the Top 5 and if not then it should at least be in the Top 10. You know some songs which make you think of your first love, it is one of them.

One of the Best songs ever...

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45 Little White Lies

Oh God! These 5 Boys are rocking the world. This is one of their best song! Just amazing! I listen to it almost 100 times a day... Please do listen this thrilling song of One Direction from their album Midnight Memories!

Why is this not higher? The bass drop. WOW. Gets me every time. Better than words is a close second but this is just amazing. Spread the word! But don't tell no little white lies. (You see what I did there? )

49? Are serious! This song is so much better than #49! This song is #1! - CourtneyM17

I love this song! I

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46 Still the One

This song is just fantastic, this is the very song that made me a directioner!

I think this song really really awesome, people should listen this and don't forget to vote.

Love this Song! So beautiful!

47 Change My Mind

It's such a beautiful song. Also, It's extremely underrated. I mean, come on, 45? On the entire list? It's my favorite song by One Direction and it doesn't get enough credit. Shame.

Great song. Great lyrics. Come on people it such a heartfelt song with meaningful lyrics and imagery. I can totally relate to this song, same as "I Wish".

The tune is really awesome! And even the lyrics are really nice.



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48 Taken

I love this song... Why on earth is this at the bottom of the list?!? What is wrong with you people this song iss so great!

Why is this song the 17th?
It should be the first
Well at least that's MY opinion...
Anyway, I hope that this will be the number 1 song on this list!
Thanks anyway, I hope you read this...

I love this song! I really love all of their songs, but this one should really be higher up in the list! It is just so touching and catchy and the same time. I love this song. Please listen to it. You'll thank me.

I really like this song why is it #51?

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49 Perfect

Like it say in the title it's PERFECT. Just remember so is everyone!

This song touched my heart when I first saw one direction perform. This song is in particular is my favourite one direction. This song should be number 1

I cried when I first heard this song. It literally is PERFECT the best ever and so super duper sad I'm crying because I love then and there songs so much exspecilly perfect they are perfect no matter what. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

Best song to tell your feeling to any girl

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50 Through the Dark

Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like a Pocahontas song? Laugh out loud

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. This song is AMAZING, I think everyone should go listen to it. The lyrics are really powerful and I cried the first time I listened to this. This should be so, so, so, so much higher.

This song is great shouldn't be here it deserves to be a little bit up
One of my favorite songs ever

Better than magic

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