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1 What Makes You Beautiful What Makes You Beautiful Cover Art

I love this song! Is amazing and is in the top of the list! Is the best song of the album up all night!

I'm a guy and I hate to say that I love this song and One Thing. They are very catchy songs and its fresh from all the generic crap so that's why I probably like it. This song is a little bit better than One Thing but they are both great but vote for this song ok

I like almost of them... But this it's like a rain of positive things that you can't ignore with this voices.. And they Harry's mini solo at finish it's amazing!

So sad Louis didn’t get a solo in this because this song is good

2 Best Song Ever Best Song Ever Cover Art

Best Song Ever really is the best song ever. The boys' voices sound more mature and it is very catchy. I've actually been singing it all day since I saw the music video. But its a really great song and should at least be in the top 5! I love it so much

This song should be number won because it is really catchy and it makes you watch it again and again... And it makes me like the band more... Also it makes me like harry styles more... And the future Mrs. Styles

This is the best song of one direction

I love this song so much! I really like when zayn says "Best Song Ever"but he goes really high!

3 One Thing One Thing Cover Art

Every songs are wonderful and amazing, but when I heard this song I cry! I love this song and I love ONE DIRECTION! And I love Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Luis! Every day I listen this song! Sunny

This is the song which I like to sing every second of every day. They did a nice job here. The best of all they sang from the start. But I think they have done a good job in Forever Young but I think originality is better. Go One Direction! Your fans are always here to support you!

Love it! Such a great up beat song! The video to go with it, really brings out the lyrics of the song the boys personalities really shine through! Amazing!

Louis carries the chorus the whole way throughout this song :) Such a fun song

4 Live While We're Young Live While We're Young Cover Art

Well, this song is awesome
I just listened to it yesterday and I think this is best of "one direction"
If you haven't listened to it I must say that guys you must listen to this awesome song! I just love it ♥♥♥

It's amazing, cool, crazy, nice, and whatever! It maybe the best song in the planet, Oh my GOD I keep on watching the music video... For a zillion times, this song is hot

I love this song! It is my favorite song! This is the best song ever! I listen to this song 100 times a day!

I love one direction they are coming back 2020
i love song live while we're young my favorite part when Louis was jump to the water.
go one direction go

5 Story of My Life Story of My Life Cover Art

This song is just amazing! Can't stop listening to it!

THE LYRICS ARE JUST SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! This should seriously be in the top 3! And contrary to popular belief, the lyrics aren't about a girl like most of their other songs. in fact, the song is about the past memories that made them into who they are today. watcth the video :) its brilliant

I can't believe that it is ranked this low! This song is amazing!

The first song that I loved from them, it always makes me cry. The lyrics are amazing and their vocals are on point. I just think that Harry should exercise to not strain his voice in performances because his vocals are already amazing and I don't want him to damage his throat. This song reminds me of so much memories, it is so nostalgic

6 They Don't Know About Us They Don't Know About Us Cover Art

This song is so romantic it make me so happy, it calms me when I am nervous

The best song of 1D..
Best lyrics & song
Should be voted..
Listen it once.

This song is fabulous! How is it 24?!

Zayn is amazing in this he just sings from the heart and it’s beautiful... Louis is still my bae though

7 Night Changes Night Changes Cover Art

Their voices are amazing! This song makes them sound even better

Such a good song! I love harry, niall and liams part the best cos the are the best 1D guys ever. It is so much better than backstreet boys and new kids on the block (COS THOSE BANDS SUCK LIKE HELL)

Night Changes is my favorite song off of FOUR (underlined) Ha! Oh, Niall. The lyrics are so romantic and sweet and the video is PERFECT! But are they trying to give their fans heart attacks?! It was like I was ACTUALLY on a date with each of them! Laugh out loud

Not a big fan of 1d, but this song is REALLY good, The music video is also pretty great, when I saw their presentation at the AMA's I thought that they sang it really well, they surprised me

Listen to "Summer Love". They have many hidden gems that are overshadowed by their big hit singles. "Summer Love" is a personal favorite of mine, a masterpiece.

8 Little Things Little Things Cover Art


You want something that is actually beautiful? Listen to John Lennon's Imagine. - SammySpore

It is amazing, and so sweet!

Great, it's perfect! I really love their voice here, and the lyrics is so touchy and really can make girls 'melted' laugh out loud

Hey everyone, it's Madison again. This song makes me cry because it is super romantic, especially Niall's solo part. Please like my comment or I will cry for real.

9 I Would I Would Cover Art

Great song! I can't get it out of my head. It's also good for the guitar!

Love this song... So much
Love... Niall, zayn, louis, liam and harry
There great hope they will do more and more songs


Amazing song! The lyrics are just so sweet and the tune is very catchy! Never got tired listening to this rocking song... Very sweet, very cute, absolutely fantastic! Go One Direction!

10 More Than This More Than This Cover Art

One of their best songs! Nialls solo is my favorite his voice is so amazing.
I love one direction, I've been up all night listening to their music ore an over again.

This is a really great song and I just love the whole song. But the part that I love the most is zayn's part. They are amazayn! I pray that you will see the light, that shining from the stars above

I love more than this harry styles is so hot. I just love harry styles and zayn malik and louis tommilson

I'm broken do you here me I'm blinded cause you are everything I see I'm dancing alone I'm praying that your heart wheel just turned around and as I walk up to your door my head turns to face the floor cause I can't look in the eyes and say. When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight it just don't feel right cause I can't love you more than this. When he lays you down I might just die inside it just don't feel right cause I can't love you more than this. If I'm louder would you see me. Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me cause we are the same. You save me when you leave it is gone again. And then I see you on the street in his arms I get week my body fails I am on my knees prayin
(chorus) sorry I didn't finish the song! Niall is mine! Love you one direction!

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11 Kiss You Kiss You Cover Art

This is an absolutely amazing song! I can play it again and again and again and never get tired of it. It's really happifying, and I love it even more than What Makes You Beautiful!

Best of their new album..
One Direction Rocks!

Awesome Song from Take Me Home..! Must listen, I just Love it!

I think Kiss You is One Direction's best song especially because it is so upbeat. Everybody likes What Makes You Beautiful and Little Things, but to me, those songs are so overused. On the contrary, Kiss You never gets tiring. I used to love the songs Up All Night and Live While We're Young, but now I think that Kiss You is the best! Even my stick in the mud sister likes this song. Also, what I love about this song is that it NEVER gets tiring! Everyone should at least know it!

12 Rock Me Rock Me Cover Art

This song is so awesome it should be #1 or something. Who wouldn't like this song. I think everyone should vote this song.. And listen 24 7 like I do.

Rock me... Rilly rocks me... Awesome song.. Awesome beats and music

Lyrics and melody are SOO catchy! This is one of their bests for sure!

THIS SONG IS AMAZING! Why is it all the way down here? I like the fact that they have taken an original and well known song and turned it into something amazing! I think this song deserves to be 1st! The lyrics are amazing and Louis is given enough solos whereas in other songs I think he maybe doesn't get his fair share.

13 You & I You & I Cover Art

I love this song because their truly shown their vocal skills but I've seen the vocals only video and I think that their amazing harmonies should have been highlighted in the final version

One of my favorites on Midnight Memories! My other favorites are Midnight Memories and Half A Heart

This song should definitely be one of the top, along with Story Of My Life.

This is one of my favorite songs. This is better than another songs from the top. I love Zayn's high note and the way Harry sings his part. All of the boys have so beautiful voices in this song. It's one of their best songs.

14 Gotta Be You Gotta Be You Cover Art

This song actually made me feel each and every word said... Truly great song... If you have not heard this then you don't know what you are missing.

I love this song so much! Love ya niall! Love 1D! But this song makes me happy and sad at the the same time because happy: it's really nice that 1D made this song for her! Sad: Imagine if she rejected them!

Awesome me and harry hit the note real good!

This song is by far my favorite! Harry can go so high in this song and it just makes me so happy to listen to it! It just has an empowerment to it when the chorus starts. I could listen to it over and over again and never get tired of it... But, I am like that with all of their songs!

15 Happily

Its simply awesome! Can't stop listening to it. 1D rocks

This song is the BEST

I love this song and it's my personal favorite from the album Midnight Memories.

My favorite from Midnight Memories! Awesome song with a fun beat!

16 Forever Young

An awesome cover they out their own spin on the song without ruining it! It's just plain awesome!

I love how they sing this! I'm so sad that you can't buy it on iTunes because it's a cover. But I have it recorded so it's still good. They sound amazing and sometimes it brings me to tears cause it just totally fits them!

Way better than the original song. This song should be at number one on this list! This song is definitely my favorite and in my opinion the best song they've ever sung

I love this song. It is so amazing and even though that it is a redone version of a song, it is still the best song ever. It completely describes how you feel when you think about growing old. And how much you want to just stay young forever. I love this song. And if you don't... Like go search it up on YouTube or something. It is a phenomenal song.

17 Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome Cover Art

This song is literally my favourite song in the entire world. In front of every other song I've listened to. Stockholm needs to be up in the top ten cause it is just amazing. The lyrics are winded together so well and the beat is so different and cool. Ten out of ten.

I love this song very much and it should be on top of this list. I love the line " baby I'll never leave if you keep holding me this way... ! "

THIS SONG. Amazing.

Their voices in this are incredible, and the 80's vibe is great. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. It should be 1.

This song shows how much the boys have grown in their music. The lyrics and their voices in this is perfect

18 Nobody Compares Nobody Compares Cover Art

I love the music of it in the song when it starts saying, "Cause no one ever looks so good in a dress, and it hurts, cause I know you won't be mine tonight" awesome. I could replay it over and over again.

This song is the boom digity! This song never gets old! Common guys vote for this song! Should be top ten!

It's really an awesome song, I liked it 'and its one of my favorite songs I'm addicted to it <3 xx

I love one direction and in this song I like niall horan's part he has the best voice in the group of boys I think even louis and zayn have a nice voice they all are my idols inspiration

19 Moments Moments Cover Art

I love the boys' voices in it. It's a really cute song and it doesn't seem as autotuned as the others. I also like the lyrics. I think it's a very real song, and I love that Ed Sheeran wrote it. In my opinion it's a high quality song! I don't think a lot of people would have expected this from 1D.

All their songs are great, but there's something about this song that I just love. The lyrics are really meaningful and are about a girl that died and the boy committed suicide because he can't live without her, which makes the song even more meaningful. All in all, this is definitely my favourite song &

This is amazing song, every single time I listen to it I can't help but cry, they are really, truly amazing. This isn't my favorite song but it's up there with it. My favorite song is One Thing. I love them and all of their songs though...

This song is so sweet! Its about a girl who commits suicide and the boyfriend is so sad he commits suicide himself! It's so good and so sad!

20 Last First Kiss Last First Kiss Cover Art

Come on, this song is like the best one of the new album!

I love this song! It's about a boy having a crush on a girl that he is friends with!

This is a really good song! It has meaningful lyrics and everyone in the band has at least one solo, they each have the same amount of solos. It's also really catchy and fun to dance to.

Heart touching song.
I mean how could be this song at No.28?
It is a kind of song what should be voted.

21 Drag Me Down Drag Me Down Cover Art

This is one of their songs that correspond the most to my music taste and I love it'

its good... and the official video is awesome too. I love how niall gets to sing a lot in this one

I love this song. My name is Madison and I am 19. I am a huge Directioner. Harry had super long curly hair. I'm typing this in 2019 because he looks different now. I still love One Direction to this day


22 Everything About You Everything About You Cover Art

I love this song! Why is it here? It's so catchy and all the solos are perfectly done. Its everything about you, you, you. Everything that you do, do, do. From the way that we touch baby, to the way that you kiss on me. Awesome, you should listen to it guys. And, I'm absolutely in love with zayn's voice. He's an amazayn singer and so are the rest


It is so good! The solos are beautiful, their voices are incredible (like usual), so why not number 1 on this chart? I absolutely love it!

It is really a great and beautiful song it should be the first and number one

Vote to it and I love it I listen to it every single day so let us make it on top


The solos of each member are just pure perfection. And the lyrics are enough to make me swoon every time I listen to it. It's just so upbeat, catchy and fun. And by the way, why is Glad You Came on the list? Wrong artist, loves. But, anyway, vote up for EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. Underrated, but honestly, it's wonderful.

23 Up All Night Up All Night Cover Art


It's so cool!
I really like this song!
the best song by one direction! Really love it!

Cool tune and really amazing music!

I liked this song very much! I mean it's so active and so col!
The best one direction song I've ever heard!

Mmmhmm! I could just listen to this song for hours and hours without getting bored. I personally think that this is the BEST one direction song ever! This song is just WOW, how could it be at the bottom of the list?

24 Back for You Back for You Cover Art

I think that one direction are awesome

It's a song by One direction that I can never forget. A melody in my heart forever. Love it! And One Direction!

Love this song by One Direction. It is track #11 from Take Me Home. The Best Song Ever!

I thought this song was in the top ten after hearing it! It's so so catchy and it doesn't go out of your head! It's so amazingly catchy!

25 I Want I Want Cover Art

I love this song my favourite one direction song because tom fletcher wrote it and plus it's a really good and the best song on their album

I love this song so much! It exposes the honesty of relationships today. Also, One Direction's voices are breathtaking. Back to my most important point of why it is best, many people in relationships are spoiled. Relationships are about love, the little gifts and things are simply little bonuses. This song is great. It doesn't have the popularity it actually deserves, as well.

It's the best, so well compose and balanced, love that song, it's amazing! Every time I listen to it I fell in love with it!

I LOVE this song! The beat is real catchy and it makes you want to sing along! My favorite member of the band would HAVE to be Louis Tomlinson! I WANT him because he's go that ONE THING! (See what I did there? ) Over all, this is one of the best songs by them in my opinion and I hope others think so too.

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