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Immortal is an influential Norwegian Black Metal band from Bergen, Norway. The band was formed by vocalist Abbath Doom Occulta and guitarist Demonaz Doom Occulta in 1990 and currently consists of bassist Apollyon and drummer Horgh, alongside the founding members. To date, they have 8 studio albums.

Now, here is a list to vote for the best songs by Immortal.
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1 One by One

It's got this laugh in it. It's a laugh that...oh man, it's just incredible. This song is grey, and the laugh gives me chills every time.

Just outrageous and stunning guitar riffs and bang-bang drumming!

Love the killing riffs and the blast drum beats!

2 Tyrants

Stunning track live. It holds the style and elements from the rest of the album, and mixes them with a great sense of atmosphere to create a track that puts them ahead above the majority of black metal.

The Kashmir of Immortal. The similarities are endless. Besides, ask Abbath, and he'll tell you.

My personal favorite, nothing else to say.

3 All Shall Fall

Superb song! The title track from their latest album.
Just listen to it for a perfect mind blow and some very special black metal essence!

Immortal sound with black metal influence.

4 The Sun No Longer Rises

The riffing in this song is so cold your ears might suffer from gangrene after you've listened to it enough.
"Pure Holocaust" is Immortal at their finest moment.

This song has one of the coldest black metal riffs.

5 Withstand the Fall of Time

I was really expecting this to be higher on this list. Sure, there are many songs that are equally good or even better, but this one has such an epic title.

This song made me love black metal. The riff is epic, the voice fits perfectly for the story that it tells, and the recording is very clean.

It's on the Heart of Winter album. I mean, what more could one ask for? It's one of their absolute best albums, and one of their absolute best songs. Horgh is a BEAST!

6 Solarfall

This is the best black metal song. Nothing more must be said.

Very clean song, with ambiance and kick-ass speed riffs.

Not only the best of Immortal, but also the best of black metal, in my opinion.

7 Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)

I dare to say, this IS the best song, it picks up where its predecessor, Pure Holocaust, left off, with extreme speed and lo-fi production and lyrics about coldness and wintery landscapes. Like Pure Holocaust, Battles in the North is also one of the classic albums in black metal, or should I say, RAW black metal! AND this one is the best of it!

One of the scariest metal songs ever recorded. It's just beautiful.

8 Beyond the North Waves

This song creates the atmosphere you can completely connect with. The way it starts and ends, vocals, lyrics, guitars, bass, drums, so on and so forth, it's just unspeakable.

This song is very underrated. Some fans do not respect this track because it's not aggressive like Immortal normally is, but damn, this song sounds so dark and cold.

This song is so amazing. Not the heaviest, but it has such an evil, cold feeling. Love it!

9 At the Heart of Winter

The title song from their best album... And the first-ever Immortal song I heard.

The dark atmosphere in this song will take you to another world beyond mortality.

When I first heard this song, I felt chills all over me. That's how you distinguish a true masterpiece.

The riffs in this song are just simply amazing! The bass really adds to the riffs and gives the song an amazing atmosphere as well as the vocals.

My favorite Immortal song! M/

10 The Call of the Wintermoon

Yes, this isn't number 1 because people voting this list are more interested in the ambient style, but I'm sure if true Norwegian black metal fans were here, this could've topped the list.

Don't just forget those violent, infernal guitar riffs and blast beats that define black metal.

It's primitive, awkward, and beautiful. It's long but worth waiting for. It's groundbreaking, it sounds rubbish, and yet it's transcendent and difficult to listen to. It's been a gateway drug into death/black metal. I can hear the call... Of the Wintermoon.

The Contenders
11 The Rise of Darkness
12 Against the Tide (In the Arctic World)

I can't believe I had to add this. This is probably my favorite Immortal song.

13 A Perfect Vision of the Rising Northland
14 Sons of Northern Darkness
15 Battles in the North
16 Unearthly Kingdom

This song is just great! I love it! One of the best black metal songs out there. The rhythm guitar, drums, vocal, everything seems so perfect and flawless.

17 Nebular Ravens Winter
18 In My Kingdom Cold

It defines "Immortal". Very much underrated.

19 Storming Through Red Clouds and Holocaust Winds
20 Unholy Forces of Evil
21 Pure Holocaust

Blackened death riffs from hell! Better than The Sun No Longer Rises! Should be number 1.

22 Tragedies Blows at Horizon

I agree "Withstand the Fall of Time" is the best song from "At the Heart of Winter". This song comes next and is much better than the underwhelming and overrated "Solarfall", which is shockingly higher on this list.

The drumming here sounds like a machine gun's relentless blast.

23 A Sign for the Norse Hordes to Ride
24 Frozen by Icewinds
25 Mighty Ravendark
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