Best Pinoy Guitarists of 2012


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21 Joshua Montecillo
22 Dennis Binas

Love this guy so much

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23 Audie Avenido

Greyhoundz guitarist and hands down one of the most talented riff masters in the music industry today

24 Leevon Cailao

Leevon Cailao of Side A. BEAST!

Simple lang pero mamaw

25 Boggs Cruz

A great jazz/rock guitarist. He plays classical guitar too. A former bandmate of sid pablo and sid says that this guy is really a great musician. And his phrasing is unbelievable. A good balance of technique and musicality makes him one of the best. I just hope he upload his videos on youtube.

He should be ranked higher. He is very accurate with his phrasing. And have one of the best jazz lines for a filipino guitarist

Very underrated guitarist... But in my opinion, he should be ranked higher.

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26 Antonio Allagadan III

He can play a decent Fingerstyle Arrangements like Sungha Jung.

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27 RJ Jacinto

One of the greatest guitarist who plays good old rock and roll in the mold of Chuck Berry and Hank Marvin!

28 Pepe Smith
29 Adel Fajardo
30 Aaron James Mollo

Avaya Down guitarist! Kustom Artist roster together! Plays what the song needs not the flashy kind but his licks are so infectious. His playing is that of Eric Johnson and John Mayer combined! - estongman666

31 Roi G Bumaltao "Metal"

He is ambitious! That's a good work. probably a self taught future metal guitar player

Even at beginner level, he attempted to play metal in his own hands

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32 John Dinopol
33 Port Marion Arnedo

He's a home player but he plays really hard. His looks does not match his beast playing.

34 Mong Alcaraz

Good showmanship, all the time!

35 Enrico "Ric-Ric" Diamante
36 Paolo "8" Toleran
37 Pixel Magtanong
38 K-viz
39 Darryl Valencia
40 Enderson Luna

You may not also know him but this man gratefully knows what he likes. He is simply the Undeprived music man since birth...

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