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Red is a great christian rock band what songs are their best?

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41 Of These Chains

This song is definitely one of their softer songs, but it's still beautiful none the less. It has a good mixture of piano and violin throughout the song, with probably the prettiest soft male voice I think I've ever heard. The song itself is absolutely enchanting, and I wish that this was somewhere on the actual list.

Great song.. Michael has a Magical voice

One of the best song I've ever heard...
Guys listen and vote for this one.. Please... @zilkad

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42 Damage

Totally awesome song, it completely abandons Red's original sound and takes a more industrial approach. Most of the time when a band changes their sound like this is does not work but this song turned out great. best Red song in my opinion.

Heavy as hell. My favorite track off Release the Panic, which is undoubtedly their worst album. This is not their best song, but it deserves to be in the top ten in my opinion.

43 Take It All Away

This song is the best example of a suspense song: Red nailed it. Listening to Michael whisper solemnly for a few minutes, then go into an orchestral/ drum build-up, and finally to smash into an epic Red guitar riff of pure awesomeness---this is one of Red's best. Why is underrated? Probably because of how long the build-up is. People are too impatient with songs.

It breaks my heart how underrated this song is. I love the emotion in his voice and how the music is soft throughout most of the song then builds near the end. Beautiful, in a sad sort of way.
Move this up!
(My favorites, in no particular order: Take it All Away, Out From Under, Pieces, Ordinary World, and Let Go. )

A very underrated song. It's my second favorite song ever. The lyrics are beautiful and haunting and the violin and the electric guitar towards the bridge is amazing.

Best tension build up! Just love that song, it's a shame how underrated it is… And at the end, waiting, the final musical explosion.

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44 Run and Escape

Its really low on the list atm because it's the most recent song. But it is so great, takes RED right back to innocence&instinct where they were at their best. Love it

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45 As You Go

As always, the last song on a Red album will leave you in tears, except this one has positivity throughout the end. Definitely worth listening to.

One of the Best songs on Release the panic.

Absolute favorite song! So underrated!

This song is one of my favorites! It's just perfect.

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46 What You Keep Alive

This song is amazing. Hypnotizing. Should be in the top 10

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47 Nothing and Everything

I love this song but I have a question: isn't this song basically the slower version of fight inside? Anyway, this song is amazing, beautiful, haunting, and pulls you into deep thought. It just haunts you it lingers in your mind even after the song is done.

This song is one of their slower ones, but none the less the sound in haunting. I love this song. It's how I found the band! This should at least be within the top ten!

A stunning song that I can repeat over and over again without tiring. So beautiful!

48 Same Disease
49 Gravity Lies

What? 47? How is that even possible to be that far down This is my first and favorite song by RED! The vocals, The screams, the beat.. Its just wonderful. Give this a try you will not regret it I promised.

This amazing song should easily be I'm the top ten soon.

A song from their new album Of Beauty and Rage.

In my opinion top 5

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50 Breathe Into Me (Remix Acústica)
51 Gave It All Away

I don't know how this song doesn't have any votes. Between the choir in the background, the strings, and how perfectly its put together. Its probably my favorite RED song ever. And the first one I ever heard

Wow...Number 41? That is all I have to say...

I'm perplexed. This is, in my opinion, the best one. One of their only songs they have done that has the most emotion put into it.
1. Gave it all away
2. Gravity lies
3. Out from under
4. Lie to me (denial)
5. Breathe into me
6. Damage
7. If we only
8. Take it all away
9. Yours again
10. Forever

52 Fight to Forget
53 Yours Again

I Don't Get Why people don't like this song that much, it's the best song and I can't stop listening to it!

I don't know why this is so low. One of my personal favorites. It reminds us that we need God and are His forever

The first single of their new album OF Beauty and Rage.

It should be first

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54 The Moment We Come Alive

It should at least have been top 15. Infact the first 10 songs should have been tied to first. Such a magnifient band. When I first heard them I stopped following Linkin Park!

55 Impostor

Very underrated song and probably the closet song that is the most similar to their first two albums.

Don't think I've ever had so many chills

Only heard this song today lol and its simply amazing it's my new favorite song by red!

56 Losing Control

Absolutely Amazing,... one of my all time favorite top three RED songs which includes Let It Burn & Feed The Machine...Let Go, Darkest Part, Death Of Me,. Oh Man! top was extremely difficult to choose one particular song as favorite as 95% of their discography are literally chock-full of exceptional songs.. - Arhaan95

Just listen to this song it's the best song off of Reds new album GONE and it's better than Still Alive


57 Still Alive

Amazing Song from REDS New album "GONE" hope for some more soon

This song blew me away. It's incredibly fast-paced and is just simply phenomenal. - BillyBobJoe

To be honest, "Losing Control" should've featured in the list instantly and is better than Still Alive (which itself is quite a meaningful song if you give it a listen multiple times). But in the end Losing Control eclipses it in terms of greatness, the initial part is slow, but the progression, after that particularly the goodnesss! feels like an explosion of thousands of atomic bomb...screeams, vocals, and the instrumentation..causes my body to experience a powerful rush of adrenaline after every occasion of listening..and also reminds me of my all time favorite Metal Song "Feed The Machine".
Thumbs up guys you are the sole reason why I' Feel Alive after having Lost Control of my mind...

58 Love Will Leave a Mark

This song describes Love, it always leaves a mark, this song is just Awesome it deserves at least to be in the top 20, I am really shocked finding this as number 44, it deserves more than that, I mean come on guys, just hear this song and judge.

Who would be dumb enough to put this song on #44. If they would only listen to this song before the judge it.

This song isn't my favorite song by red but its really amazing and it deserves a much higher rank than 47

I Love this song

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59 The Ever

Love the intro to this song

60 Take Me Over

This song is one of my favourite Red songs. I gave it my vote because it really needs it. I can't believe it isn't even in top 20.

Wow! This is a great song... Reminds me the past Linkin Park... This song will go high 4 sure!

You can feel the emotion in the song

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