James Hetfield

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James Alan Hetfield was born on August 3, 1963. He is an American musician, singer and songwriter known for being the co-founder, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for the American heavy metal band Metallica.


Dude when will people realize Avenged Sevenfold Crap is some of the easiest stuff I have ever played not that the songs aren't good same thing with malcom Young... Really, Really the Guy that plays rhythm for the bands 11 year olds play lead on when they first start come on guys Jesus Christ not that ac/dc isn't good cause they are but from a guitar stand point no lie my 11 year old cousin can play Ac/Dc Lead and Avenged Sevenfold lead no problem like no crap But don't think I don't like em cause I do but Avenged Sevenfold are crappy musicians good POPULAR song writers not even good song writers but they can write mainstream song and every one in a while a metal anthem but as far as guitar goes X

Well, no doubt of his presence at the top. Truly deserves it! Sometimes his riffs overshadows even Kirk's part.

The tightest metal rhythm guitar player of all time hands down. The main riff of Battery is a fantastic example, those triplets are so damn tight and he double tracked it all. To think he can play it and sing while keeping it so tight, blows my mind. Disposable Heroes is another great example, he plays the main riff just so effortlessly. Just have a look at the Metal Allegiance cover of the song on YouTube and you'll understand how difficult the riff is to play tight for mere mortals. I love his lyrics, they are such a refreshing break from the usual cringey, violent metal lyrics, the lyrics play on your mind. I could watch him riff along all day. The riff after the solo in Dyer's Eve is my favourite and probably Metallica's heaviest riff ever.

I know James will be at top... He is my favourite rhythm guitarist as well as vocalist and song writer... He is in Metallica and its name is enough... Love his work in every album and lives of Metallica... He is best and he and other members of Metallica have inspired me a lot... I love James, rob, Lars, Kirk... They all are best please vote for all of them in every list...
Metallica is best band of the world and I only like to listen to there songs every day...
Please launch one more album

Hands down the greatest. The first solo in Master of Puppets. Listen to it. It is the most melodic solo of Metallica, and such a smooth, calming solo.

Every time I listened, my life would flash before my eyes, and I would get watery eyes each time. James knows how to combine bad ass with power, soul, and melody. Zacky Vengeance knows how to sound bad ass, but the reason James Hetfield wins, is because he adds that touch of soul to any riff he's ever made.

Het is not just the best rhythm guitarist in the entire world, he's also the best song writer and frontman. His style cannot be comparable to others, he lifted Metallica concerts to a much higher level. His talent showed up on the first record and throughout the years he's tried different kind of things, which made Metallica diverse. I personally can't get bored of listening to Metallica, because they have many many sides and I love all of them.

Definitely one of the best metal guitarists ever in my opinion. His downpicking in songs like battery are absolutely insane! Not to mention he writes all of metallica's riffs and some of kirk's solos. Mustaine is also amazing and deserves second. And to the person who said that mustaine taught Hetfield how to play that is just a rumor and is not even close to true. He played guitar in his previous band Leather Charm before he ever even met mustaine.

james the coolest rhythm guitarist the solo for nothing else matters, interlude for suicide and redemption and master of puppets speed for the day that never comes he's a badass allrounder

His is one of the best rhythm guitarist ever. The aggression in his playing is unmatchable. And he user only down picking mostly and hence the riffs are very accurate crispy and clear. And GOD! He can sing along :-)

Hands Down - James' down-stroking is just the best. No one can ever be compared. If I could vote for 2, the other option would surely have been Dave Mustaine.

Man singing while playing such interludes is really tough job, no doubt he is the best

james rocks great rhythm great vocals and definitely great band

who doesn't know METALLICA dude?!
- thrashhead29

The greatest metal presence in history. He is a leader of the greatest thrash band in history and is as humble and flawed as the rest of us. I am heterosexual but can admit that I love this guy in the spiritual sense.

The riff machine... he wins by default.
he wins because he's flawless...
he wins by no contest... he wins because Hetfield is God!

Hetfield's riffs are heavy, fast and so damn strong... Which built the very notion of Metallica identity, he is the greatest rhythm guitarist of heavy metal now, LONG LIVE Metallica

Ya man this guy influenced my mom and my cousins even though my mom plays bass it is a disaster cliff burton died the music they played together was just totally epic man come on dude off the charts

Everybody knows why he tops the list. You can find the reason after you here this great man's great voice along with super technical oriented riff in master of puppets and one. James actually ROCKS!

he even plays solos! like nothing else matters and master of puppets interlude solo - kameel

Hetfield is a rhythm guitar god. He is the one that got me wanting to play the guitar. The way he pounds out the upper Es on his guitar was all but truly amazing!

James just radiates dominance when he plays. Brilliant technicality and skills both on guitar and with the vocals. Genius.

James hetfield and Metallica are the best band of all time, END OF. Love you guys. By the way, please come to England in 2017. I'll be their wherever your playing. You rock.

Master of Puppets, a perfect display of James' skill, not just the main riff but the beautiful solo he pulls off after the second verse.

Man the greatest rhythm guitarist of all time! Long live james! Long lice Metallica!

He is the greatest musician I've ever known a true genius the meaning of the lyrics he wrote is too very deep it reflects the true pain and the music that goes with it is just too great he has struggled in his life with lot of things but he found a way to come over all the problems and masterpieces we hear today is the result of all his struggles.
Somehow he found the most inner deepest and evil feelings a man carries with him and this makes him greatest of all just listen to the songs like bleeding me unforgiven trilogy untill it sleeps fade to black and try to understand the true meaning of these songs and eventually you'll understand what I am trying to say...respect JAMES HETFIELD

Never have I heard such awesome riffage by a guitarist... So James hetfield is definitely the best out there, hands down!