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1 Livin' la Vida Loca

Obviusly is the ricky's simbol song, I really wanna dance when I heard the song. But I think that now ricky has so mucho more to bring us.

This is a really good song and has a good beat in it

One of the best song I have heard


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2 Maria

My love able song... Best best best.. Ricky

What a song fresh beats... Feels that you are in a beach and playing with bamboo sticks...

It's a wonderful song

My favorite song

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3 The Cup of Life

Full of inspiration love the line "steal your destiny right from the hands of fate"

It can charge me to start working to keep fighting and struggle to live my life and resist the fear and stay in love.. Facebook Registed

Best song. Selected for 1998 FIFA World Cup Album.

I love this song from the FIFA world cup

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4 Nobody Wants to Be Lonely

His best song and his best featuring: Christina Aguilera. Both are amazing!

touching song... ricky is just awesome madonna too did a great job - hurricanex

That's A REAL N NICE 1

I love Ricky Martin

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5 Ole Ole Ole

I love this song very much because of rickey martins dance. I love you rickey martin than my life. Nafisa and botul.

6 Private Emotion

One of the best songs by Ricky Martin and the video is awesome with amazing cinematography and story. One song to be remembered and cherished by anyone in love.

Its the best dude... just listen n u'll agree...
ricky rockoss - hurricanex

It's the best song.. I like it very much

I love you as a senger

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7 I Don't Care

He does look good on this song

8 La Copa de la Vida

I love the world cup but, in the Philippines there is football

This song is very very energetic. I don't know why but it always cheers me up! Best ever from Ricky, after Maria.

We love you rickey martin and this song for your dance. We love you very much than our life. I am nafisa 15 years and my sister botul 5 years only. Love you so much. Allah bless you always and you live long. We want to see you and your dance for long time and please come to Bangladesh soon

It is awesome.

9 Frio

I love this song, when it is in Spanish, but besides I also speak the language

Best song ever!


10 She Bangs

Many people hate this song and I don't understand why. "She Bangs" is great, entertaining track. - Irina2932

Very good song I like it

I hope he is shaking his bon-bon on this one as much as I do!

Its amazing the best song I ever heard

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11 Jaleo

My favourite song - pitopang92

Hii the most hunk man you looking awasomm in the world

LOved the pep

12 Bella (She's All I Ever Had)

Come on guys.. this deserves to be in the top 5 at least. Wonderful song!

13 Be Careful

This reminds me that his heart could be broken when he lost the girl of my dreams!

I love this song

14 Shake Your Bon-Bon

How to download it

Riiky is gret singr in word I want to with him

R you pepl crazy? Dis one belongs at the top..

15 Drop It on Me

I sound sexy when I sing this song!

16 I Count the Minutes

That great songs but I didn't count how many time I listen this song

This reminds that he knows the time!

17 Loaded

He brought me to a party on this song!

18 It's Alright

It's alright - very energetic song. I think it's REAL RICKY MARTIN and his good mood

He really put me in a good mood for this song,
which is dancing of course

19 She's All I Ever Had

Love this song nice one

This reminds about a girl he really loves...

20 Come to Me

His song here makes me sad!

21 Vente Pa' Ca

I don't know Livin' La Vida Loca is better but by far so I guess I decided to vote for this.

That vibe..

22 Amor
23 You Stay with Me
24 La Isla Bonita
25 Vuelve

Love this song so much! Thank you!


26 Te Extrano Te Olvido Te Amo
27 Come With Me
28 One Night Man
29 Lola, Lola

Should be among the top 5!

30 Más

I love it so much

31 If You Ever Saw Her

Great Song... it is bomb...
- hurricanex

32 La Mordidita

Best ricky martin song ever heard

The best song ever

33 Save the Dance
34 The Touch
35 Si Ya No Estas Aqui
36 Perdido Sin Ti
37 Tal Vez

This is one song that makes me cry.

38 I'm on My Way
39 Donde Estaras
40 Disparo al Corazon
41 Adrenalina
42 Freak of Nature
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1. Livin' la Vida Loca
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3. Be Careful

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