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1 Livin' la Vida Loca Livin' la Vida Loca Cover Art

I love to watch Ricky Martin on the Voice because he is honest, natural and lovely to look at and listen to. I believe what he tells the singers that he is genuine, not false like the rest of the Judges. Thank you Ricky for coming to Australia

The best song by Ricky. This deserves to be on the top for the music, the lyrics, the beats.. Everthing is perfect and he owns the award for his effort. I mean there werent such songs in his time and completely hats off to him. He's a legend and always will be

Obviusly is the ricky's simbol song, I really wanna dance when I heard the song. But I think that now ricky has so mucho more to bring us.

He makes me dance on this song of his, ahahaaha he makes me laugh, since I was 3 years old, I was dancing on this always... it is like samba and belly dancing

2 Maria Maria Cover Art

What a song fresh beats... Feels that you are in a beach and playing with bamboo sticks...

My love able song... Best best best.. Ricky

This song is gives a life to dead and makes them a power full it's my own experience

I like very much Maria song if I hear very energetic

3 The Cup of Life The Cup of Life Cover Art

Full of inspiration love the line "steal your destiny right from the hands of fate"

The video of Ricky's music video is fantastic and inspirational too!.

I love this song from the FIFA world cup

A beautiful and loveable song

4 Nobody Wants to Be Lonely Nobody Wants to Be Lonely Cover Art

His best song and his best featuring: Christina Aguilera. Both are amazing!

The best song and I'm listening to it right now

One of my beloved singer ever

Nice pair with christina

5 She Bangs She Bangs Cover Art

Many people hate this song and I don't understand why. "She Bangs" is great, entertaining track.

We do a workout at the gym to his song "She Bangs" fantastic!

I hope he is shaking his bon-bon on this one as much as I do!

Its amazing the best song I ever heard

6 Ole Ole Ole

I love this song very much because of rickey martins dance. I love you rickey martin than my life. Nafisa and botul.

7 La Copa de la Vida

We love you rickey martin and this song for your dance. We love you very much than our life. I am nafisa 15 years and my sister botul 5 years only. Love you so much. Allah bless you always and you live long. We want to see you and your dance for long time and please come to Bangladesh soon

This song is very very energetic. I don't know why but it always cheers me up! Best ever from Ricky, after Maria.

I love the world cup but, in the Philippines there is football

It is awesome.

8 Frio Frio Cover Art

I love this song, when it is in Spanish, but besides I also speak the language

Best song ever!

9 Jaleo Jaleo Cover Art

My favourite song

Hii the most hunk man you looking awasomm in the world

10 I Don't Care I Don't Care Cover Art

He does look good on this song

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11 I Count the Minutes I Count the Minutes Cover Art

That great songs but I didn't count how many time I listen this song

This reminds that he knows the time!

12 Private Emotion Private Emotion Cover Art

One of the best songs by Ricky Martin and the video is awesome with amazing cinematography and story. One song to be remembered and cherished by anyone in love.

One of my Ricky Martin favorite song. Love the melody!

The song really fills me in the middle of the night.

Love this song my all time favourite

13 Be Careful Be Careful Cover Art

This duet with Madonna touched my heart. Both artists showed an incredible vocal.
Criminally underrated masterpiece

This reminds me that his heart could be broken when he lost the girl of my dreams!

I love this song

14 Come With Me Come With Me Cover Art
15 Loaded Loaded Cover Art

He brought me to a party on this song!

16 It's Alright It's Alright Cover Art

He really put me in a good mood for this song,
which is dancing of course

It's alright - very energetic song. I think it's REAL RICKY MARTIN and his good mood

17 Shake Your Bon-Bon Shake Your Bon-Bon Cover Art

How to download it

R you pepl crazy? Dis one belongs at the top..

Riiky is gret singr in word I want to with him

18 Bella (She's All I Ever Had) Bella (She's All I Ever Had) Cover Art

Come on guys.. this deserves to be in the top 5 at least. Wonderful song!

19 Drop It on Me Drop It on Me Cover Art

I sound sexy when I sing this song!

20 One Night Man One Night Man Cover Art
21 Tal Vez Tal Vez Cover Art

This is one song that makes me cry.

22 Freak of Nature
23 She's All I Ever Had She's All I Ever Had Cover Art

This reminds about a girl he really loves...

Love this song nice one

24 Come to Me Come to Me Cover Art

His song here makes me sad!

25 Vente Pa' Ca Vente Pa' Ca Cover Art

I don't know Livin' La Vida Loca is better but by far so I guess I decided to vote for this.

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