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141 Final Goodbye
142 Kisses Don't Lie

Come on guys it's the best song of her and it's penultimate... It has such a catchy beat, listen this song

143 Pour It Up

Best song I am Justin Drew Bieber and Have a crush On Taylor Alison Swift Babe

Haah :o this is such a dope track what's it doing all the way down here

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144 Sex With Me

I haven't heard the song but the title is horrible. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

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145 Numba 1 (Tide Is High)

& kardinal offishall and rihanna wow

146 Cockiness (Love It)
147 Numb

What the hell its doing here at #76. It must b in top 10. Love it.

This song is amazing but if Eminem is not in the song this song would be boring

It has to be in like the top 5. So addicted to this song.

Good song but widout eminem the song is nothing... Eminem simply kills..

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148 Bitch Better Have My Money

This song rocks unlike Chris brown Rihanna can pull off a rap song

I don't like the swearing but it is a fantastic song!

The rhythm bangs so hard. Makes me wanna go beat someone up. - Mcgillacuddy

I love that song

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149 Birthday Cake

Great Work, Great Lyrics.. Great Meaning as well.. ;) True Fans Will Get Its Meaning very clearly.. And yeah Great Work by Chris Brown as Well.. Awesome Song Great Re-Union.! Wondering Why its not in top 10!...

I Have to say that I Love this song. Not only is it good but Chris Brown is singing! It Has it's meanings and only True Fans Will Understand Like I Do! It should be like In the Top Ten! Vote

The song would be catchy if Chris Brown wasn't in

I love the song you just think I want to eat cake and work work work work for it

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