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1 Science

The reason I love Science so much is because we learn so much! From mitochondria to the solar system, to the anatomy and physiology of the human body, Science means the world to me.

Science equals Life, Life equals Science.

In Science, we carry out so many cool experiments and learn so much about our beautiful world. Think about how much Science impacts all of us. From building bridges we cross without thinking twice every day, to making vaccines so we are safe from disease, and to plants, which we pass by every single day but never spare a thought for them. Science teaches us so much about this world and what makes it up. Without Science, this world would have been equivalent to nothing at all.

But the biggest thing about Science, and the most beautiful, is how Science comes together. Science may be boring at times, I admit, but Science gives us hope. This is such an empowering thing to grasp and take hold of because it gives us the motivation to continue doing what we are doing and allows us to see the bigger picture in life. Science gives us hope that tomorrow will be better than today and allows all of us, from all walks of life, to look to a future without limits.

After all, they say, "The sky's the limit."

2 Math

Math is considered the best subject. Doing math is really good for your brain and helps you gain loads of knowledge and problem-solving skills. Math is also known for games and activities, which helps me in my ambition to become an engineer.

Participating in these games and activities encourages you to become smarter and a hard worker. Previously, when I was young, I didn't really like math. I started to hate it a lot and didn't even study well. But, when I started engaging with math through fun games and activities, I began to like it and it ultimately became my favorite subject.

Math is everywhere, and I like to solve problems. Studying math has become my hobby. Even after I graduate from university, I still want to do math and will never stop.

Maths is unquestionably an important topic that plays a significant role in our daily lives. It is the language of science, technology, and engineering, utilised in sectors such as finance, medicine, and business. Math provides a foundation for problem solving and critical thinking, as well as teaching us how to analyse, reason, and draw logical conclusions.

Maths is also a discipline founded on objective laws and concepts. In contrast to some other courses, there is frequently a correct answer to a maths problem, which can be soothing for students who prefer a clear set of rules to follow.

In conclusion, maths is a vital and valuable subject that promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

3 English

English has to be my favorite. I have no clue why math is second. It's the worst and most confusing and partially useless subject. English makes you love writing. On my homework, I always leave English for last because it's the easiest. But seriously, I don't adore reading, but writing is so amazing and makes you feel like a million bucks. All you have to do is think of characters and then think of a plot. Even though English has dumb stuff you will never need, it's so interesting. Like a contraction, you use this every day but you don't know the name. A contraction is a grouping of two words to merge into one, like do not becomes don't.

I'm not a huge fan of school, but English is my favorite subject. I'm committed to it, and all my English teachers have found joy in my work. I've won a lot of English awards, and my grades in English are always good. I'm really proud of that. Without English, we wouldn't be able to understand any word on TheTopTens.

My parents even said I shouldn't take a course in English at university because I'm already so good at it, and I agree with them 100 percent. I thank my Year 3 teacher, Laura Rodgers, a lot for my success in English. She really pushed me and encouraged me. My work was so good, she wanted me to live with her for a couple of days. I can't blame her. I was so sad when I didn't win the award for English in Year 6. I deserved way more than Frazer! But I admit, I didn't try my hardest that year. And I'm older now, so that depressing incident doesn't bug me anymore, except for this one time when I'm talking about it.

This might sound like I'm going overboard with my love for this subject, but I think English (the subject) has changed my life. I have a really strong passion for it, and it's the most important subject in the world. I don't care if Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language. English is better, more valuable, and easier to speak. Bottom line: English is the best language and subject in the universe!

4 History

History is beyond amazing! My favorite subject is WW2, and well, basically anything! How can you not love it? It can combine every single subject at once. We learn from its mistakes, and it helps (and helped) the world become what it is today. History can be treated like fantasy, for goodness sake! If you don't think about it as history, that is.

Plus, there are so many fun ways to learn history! In fact, my favorite genre of books is historical fiction, specifically on the Holocaust. I am obsessed. It's like a giant fantasy book! You can never stop reading it because history has been around since... well, I am not exactly sure. Just a long time. So, the basic point is, history (English and English are also pretty great too. Math too. Science, ugh.) is the best!

It shows us the key to building great civilizations like Rome and Egypt and helps us learn from humankind's mistakes in the past. I like to see how present-day countries were like back then and see how everything came to be. Plus, Egypt! It makes everything interesting! In 6th grade, there was a project where we made a pyramid out of paper, and it looked awesome because of the hieroglyphics on the walls! No wonder my interest in history started in 6th grade.

5 Art

Art definitely deserves to be on the top 10 list. Art is pretty much the only class where you can do anything and just be creative. Anyone can do art. There is no better piece, it's a matter of perspective, unlike math, where there will always be an answer that is definite. You can let your mind wander, and you won't have to spend nights cramming information into your head. You can let your mental self be free and express yourself in a way that is creative and shows your true self most.

Art is not merely some kind of lines and shapes on a piece of paper. It's much more than that. It's a medium through which we can express our minds, our feelings, and anything else, all on a plain white paper. Even though people often say that math is more fun (a perspective I don't really understand), I would choose art over math any day. I understand that different people have different preferences, and I respect that.

The point is, art is a form of life. We all start doing art as kids, even when we don't actually know what we're doing. But then, no one ever says that it's wrong. See! Art can never be a mistake. It can only be a masterpiece. To the art lovers out there, keep doing it if it brings out the best in you. Art is in our blood from the start. We just have to bring it out and practice to keep it alive. Art is beautiful. Art is life.

6 Music

I think that music is the one thing that can be enjoyed. One way to spend a rainy night is by sitting in your room, listening to music, and reading or actually playing an instrument. It's really enjoyable, and you don't have to know every single note in a scale to enjoy music. It's one of those carefree subjects that you can enjoy and relax. Music is an amazing subject, no regrets because it is worthwhile.

Actually, even though math is the most important thing ever, music is by far my number one subject. You know, music is something full of emotions, and it is also used to show people your feelings. I don't think a regular person or a nerd could understand. I need music to be a singer, but of course, it also has a few maths in it, such as the beats. 4/4 has four quarter note beats. Each measure with a 3/4 meter has three quarter note beats. And each measure of 2/4 time has two quarter note beats. It means each measure has only four beats. Since my brain isn't suitable for math, I have a creative part.

7 Computers

Computers help you to write essays and PowerPoint presentations, and these will help you get good grades. You'll also figure out how to write fast and learn about computers. Sometimes you get to play video games in class during free time, which is very exciting! So I'll say that the computer subject is a good idea.

Computing Education is increasingly more important in our modern day and age. Learning to program and build a website is dead important in our current world to build any sort of small success for yourself.

Computers are really fun to use. You don't waste paper on some random assignment. Instead, you can do it on the computer! And you can research for the next test on the computer!

8 Physical Education

If you're not from Australia, we call it PDHPE (Personal Development, Health, Physical Education). It is my favourite subject. I'm like the sportiest, most athletic one in my class, especially for a girl. I'm like Super Sonic and Super Shadow combined.

I also enjoy P.A.S.S (Physical Activity Sport Studies, which is similar to PDHPE), music, history, legal studies (or law, if you're not from Australia), business studies, commerce, and technology (food tech, agriculture tech, wood tech, computer tech, except for graphics, polymer tech, and metal tech). I don't know why this isn't in the top 3. In Australia, we dislike science (some people), maths, and English because they are boring. We are more inclined towards humanities, gym, and VET subjects.

PE is underrated. I love doing physical activity because it gives you a break from being in a classroom and also when you do physical activity, your brain releases endorphins in your brain and it feels nice.

9 Reading

Yes, math, science, history, and computers (etc.) are important for your health and education and can lead to great jobs, but what about reading? With reading, you can express every emotion and feeling you have, your problems, your life – anything, basically. Reading is in most of the subjects anyway. You read math formulas, review science, social studies, history, and other subjects.

Come to think of it, reading is pretty important. We need to learn how to read so we can study multiplication tables, formulas, etc. We need it to review science, social studies, and more.

Well, I think reading can cultivate temperament. Reading is really a great blessing in life. Read the books you like, the books you want to read, savor them carefully in quiet time and space, think carefully, so as to better understand the world, feel the ups and downs of life, and then have a pleasure and happiness.

10 Drama

Drama is by far my favourite subject. I love being able to express myself, my emotions, and just become whoever or whatever I want to be. The feeling of capturing an audience, even if it's just your class, with a performance and your transformation into a person or maybe an abstract concept is, well, magical. Most of all, it's the only time I feel confident. The confidence I feel when your class actually respects you (for once) is something I don't usually feel, and it's not something I could ever give up. In short, the ability to create an atmosphere and bring a performance alive is possibly the best feeling you could imagine. In fact, I love it so much, I'm actually excited for Mondays, as that is the day I have it on my timetable.

First of all, Drama is such a fun and interesting subject! It keeps me going for the whole lesson, and I just love being someone else for a change!

Second, Music is easy and fun! Just need to practice, practice, practice! Anyone can be good at Music, unlike Math. Music is unique, and it's great to hear that music coming out of the keyboard!

English has to be one of my favorite subjects. I love creative writing and making up stories. All you need to do is use your imagination, and you can never go wrong!

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11 Geography

Geography is connected to everything and about everything on earth - and even into space! From politics and economics to ecology, landforms, and the weather. Everything! It's both a natural and social science, and it is one of the first sciences. Geography is one of the most important subjects if we are looking forward to surviving as a species!

Geography is my favourite subject, hands down. Seriously, some kids who were not taught much geography thought that Canada was a US state! It is so important that geography is taught, or this world would have many idiots.

Geography is the best subject on the face of the Earth. Geography allows you to explore the world. If everyone knew more about geography, our world would be a better place. Geography is amazing! It should be number 1!

12 Chemistry

Chemistry is all around us. It is the study of how matter operates. This means that understanding everything from the food we eat to the materials we use to build our homes depends on chemistry.

Chemistry is a creative science. Chemists are continually innovating new materials and procedures, from new pharmaceuticals to new energy generation methods. Chemistry is a field where you can apply your creativity to tackle real-world challenges.

Chemistry is challenging. It is a tough discipline, but it is also extremely rewarding. It feels amazing to solve a difficult chemical problem or design a successful experiment.

Chemistry is vital in medicine. Chemists develop new pharmaceuticals and treatments for diseases and strive to improve the safety and efficacy of existing drugs. Chemistry is also a fundamental component of materials science. They create new materials with enhanced properties, such as strength, lightness, and durability. These materials are used in a variety of products, ranging from cars and airplanes to cell phones and medical equipment.

Chemistry is essential for energy generation. Chemists are working on new ways to produce and store energy more efficiently and sustainably. This includes the development of new solar cells and batteries, as well as methods for capturing and storing carbon dioxide.

Chemistry is crucial for environmental preservation. Chemists are developing innovative ways to clean up pollution and protect our natural resources. This involves the creation of innovative water treatment and waste disposal systems, as well as new methods to recycle and reuse materials.

Chemistry is a captivating and important field in addition to its practical applications. Chemists study the smallest particles of matter, atoms and molecules, and how they combine to form everything we see and touch. As all living things are composed of chemicals, chemistry is also the study of life. In conclusion, chemistry is a... more

13 Cooking

I can cook really well. It's one of my passions. I can cook a lot of different dishes spectacularly. I'm so good, I mostly cook for my family, and it's always a good dish.

I personally like cooking very much, which will be an indispensable thing in my future life. But unfortunately, only a few parts of our country have cooking classes, and I live in areas where there are no cooking classes. It makes me very sad.

Learning to cook is good. When your parents die of old age when you're older, or your wife/husband if you're older, or if you're single when you're older, you can cook your own food! Without cooking, you're dead!

14 Astronomy

Absolutely number one. I have always been intrigued about the beauty of space and wish to know more. I even want to go up there. In other words, I'm just too beautiful for this earth.

Astronomy rules! Doesn't everyone wonder what's up in the sky? The universe is such a vast, eventful place. We're a tiny Earth, surrounded by amazing planets, stars, and other kinds of matter! It's really too bad that not many kids my age enjoy outer space.

My best subject by far. I've always wanted to land on the Moon as an astronomer, and I hope I can do it. It's my dream to do it.

15 Physics

When you study physics, you study the underpinning of everything around you. You are one of the people in this world with a wild and powerful insight into the dynamics of nature itself. And who knows, you may one day crack the nut to reveal a mind-blowing principle which nobody would have thought possible. Whether you're working on gravitational interactions, quantum mechanics, or relativity, you're applying fundamentals to create a recipe of everything. So really, what could be better?

Physics is secondary to mathematics because it is a school of thought that derives its conclusions through mathematical proofs, but I agree that this subject is the best in the world. It connects the abstract ideas in math and gives a student proof that life and the world around them depend on the numbers they've always hated.

Physics is absolutely fantastic. The entire solar system, no, the universe, no, the entire EARTH, is dancing to the rhythms and laws of physics! We can tell so much about nature around us just by using physics, and it also uses maths, which is objectively wonderful.

16 Social Studies

Social Studies is a great subject. Social Studies allows people to learn about the past, the modern, and changing world that we live in, and how we can contribute to it. It is a wonderful subject that helps people connect with their world and helps them understand much more about human activity, world cultures, and the establishment of institutions and systems. Through this subject, people learn much about how people relate, work, and interact with each other.

Social studies is really one of the best subjects. Although it seems boring, it's really helped me a lot. Plus, you get to learn about people in the past, which can inspire you to do great things.

Social studies is probably my #1 favorite subject. It's really interesting, and I'm learning about the amendments. It's cool.

17 Biology

How could math possibly be number one?! It is my mortal enemy, and I thought I wasn't alone. Biology is way better anyway. Screw math!

I took bio this year, and it was amazing! I had an amazing teacher, and everything we learned about was really interesting.

Biology is very interesting, and you can learn about how the world lives and is put together!

18 Spanish

Spanish is a great language used in great countries. It's an interesting language, and the countries with it have interesting culture, history, etc. It's a shame many people dislike Spanish. It's a great subject, and I'm working on fluency in Spanish.

I'm currently in my first year of middle school, and I love Spanish class! My teacher is so nice and pretty funny too. I've made a hundred on basically every assignment, test, and hopefully projects. (We did them on Spanish-speaking countries.)

Not my favorite, but still pretty useful. This is also the only class at my school where you (might) use it in the real world.

19 Writing

I LOVE WRITING! I love to create my own stories, characters, and worlds. It gets less fun when you are FORCED to write something, especially when it isn't a narrative, but I can look past that easily because the positives TOTALLY outweigh the negatives.

I love to write stories. It lets your imagination run wild and it helps me to relax. You can make your own characters in your own world, and you can decide what happens to them, which I find really interesting.

In my opinion, writing is super awesome. You can express your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper. In my perspective, writing is half English and half art. I love writing, and it is one of my favorite subjects.

20 Technology

Easily the most important subject in all of school.

21 Psychology

Mental health, mental disorders, empathy, and emotions. I love this subject, and it is my #1. Even though I'm not a businesswoman, engineer, or whatever career that uses math, I can be a psychiatrist!

Psychology is awesome. Especially for me, because I want to work as a psychiatrist when I'm older. I love learning about the mind. It's just so complex.

Even if I am targeting for becoming a doctor, biologist, or something like that, this subject will surely help me communicate with others. Learning about our minds is simply wonderful.

22 Health

It is very important to keep healthy.

23 Earth Science
24 Band

Band is so much fun! You get to play cool instruments like the saxophone and trombone! There are also many other cool instruments to learn. It is basically like recess because you have so much fun, but you are still learning!

I love band! I'm a huge band geek and I love all the instruments. It sounds cool during class and is very fun!

I think band is a lot more interesting than music. There are instruments that sound better and are more fun to practice. I play the alto.

25 Political Education

Politics and Law is an important subject in our modern and changing world, where we can learn about the structures and principles of government in our society, as well as participate as active citizens in accordance with the democratic process and social justice. Civics and citizenship education means power to the people!

Are you telling me that there is a class about my favorite social topic? I swear I have weeks' worth of material that I shove into my friends' brains. I love political rants, and when my dad goes on a political rant, I actually get disappointed.

It is such a great way to learn about our Government and rights!

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