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21 Burn

This song is AMAZING. It's one of their longer songs (from what I've heard), but every bit of it gives you a certain feeling that I can't really explain. May not be high on the list, but I do believe it deserves a listen by anybody who reads this.

22 Xmas Day
23 Live Again

Awesome song! Tells us about stories of our lives represented in the lyrics and especially in the instruments!

First song I heard from them so its hold a special place

Great track reminds me of Michael myers

Would have voted Burn, but the last third of the song doesn't appeal to me. This is the nevertheless a really full-on song with greath lyrics and raw vocals. Love it!

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24 Too Close to Hate
25 Licking Cream (ft. Skin)

Awesome beat, immense energy...kickass song

26 Unraveling

Why? Seriously. I thought this would be the favorite. Listen to this song people


27 My Ruin
28 Dead Set
29 Shadows In Red
30 Silence

Most underrated Sevendust song out there

The best song off of Next. - NuMetalManiak

31 Suffocate

Very underrated it should be in the top ten.

32 Feed
33 Grasp
34 Follow
35 Headtrip

No no no people... How many of you own the whole 7D catalog and have really listened? There are so many ho-hum songs in the top 20 here and so many killer ones like this song no one even mentioned. Headtrip belongs in the top 10.

36 Gone
37 Picture Perfect
38 Home

This one is the best!

39 Terminator

'I'm a terminator, determined to end your life! ' Such cool lyrics!

40 Prodigal Son
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