Best Sixx:A.M. Songs

The Top Ten Best Sixx:A.M. Songs

1 Life is Beautiful

Dear god, this song is so beautiful. From the lyrics to the music, this songs is absolutely amazing. Not only my favorite sixx: A.M. songs, but my favorite song of all time.

When I hear this song it brings chills down my spine. Its amazingly written and deserves to be #1.

Just open your eyes and see that life is beautiful - Ajkloth

I Love this song... This has always been my favorite

2 Stars

I can only say: Great, great song!

3 This is Gonna Hurt

One of their heaviest songs. Great chorus too

Catchy tune, hard hitting.

4 Skin

First song I heard by Sixx:AM. Not only my favourite song by them, but one of my favourite songs by anyone. - Smeags84

It's unfortunate that the not famous songs by Sixx AM are so unknown. The famous ones like Life is Beautiful and Lies of the Beautiful People are great, but Skin is so great and passionate and potent that more people need to hear it.

This is honestly my favourite song of all time. It's so beautiful and is a song that I feel that a lot of people can relate to.

This song is so touching and spectacular, it deserves at least 2nd place next to "Life Is Beautiful".

5 Tomorrow
6 Pray for Me
7 Are You with Me Now
8 Girl with Golden Eyes

This is number 1.

It's awesome song I've ever's really a nice song.when you listen it's one wanna play it's over and over again.believe me

9 Rise

This should be our new American Revolution anthem. We are being devided and destroyed. Join together and RISE...we are almost out of time.

love it

10 You Have Come to the Right Place

Diamond Eyes by Shinedown lol

sooo god

The Contenders

11 Lies of the Beautiful People
12 We Will Not Go Quietly
13 Live Forever
14 Oh My God
15 Accidents Can Happen

This song is so beautiful. Helps me through tough times even if he's talking about something else you can relate to yourself. Underrated. - queenbutera

16 Hyperventilate
17 The Last Time (My Heart Will Hit the Ground)

Just awesome.

18 Codependence

Good song but hard to find

19 When We Were Gods
20 Van Nuys

Great Song! Deserves to be in the top ten!

This song deserves to be in the top 10!

21 Relief

This song is just... Indescribably AWESOME!

22 Smile
23 The Devil's Coming

Easily the heaviest riff in their catalog. Plus, this song has the best drumming from any Sixx A.M. song - never heard so much consistent double bass in a song by them before. Not to mention the chorus is absolutely top notch, probably my favorite. This song is the definition of a song that is not number one only because many people haven't heard of it.

24 Let It Haunt You (So Beautiful)

Their best work, hands down. The inclusion of the strings and the brass instruments was amazing. The lyrics are deep and powerful, and the timing impeccable. They could not have made this song better

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