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1 Siamese Dream

Maybe the best album of the 90's.

Literally the best album that has ever went in my ears. Whoever doesn't like this, or hasn't listened to it, they are missing out.


Pure 90's rock.

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2 Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness

Better experience.

This album may have more filler than "Siamese Dream'', but overall it's just a better album. The opening piano is beautiful, and the way the album flows is perfect. You have emotional, epic orchestrated pieces like "Tonight Tonight'' and hard rocking songs like "Jellybelly'' or "Bullet with Butterfly Wings.'' This album got me through some tough times, and changed my life more than any album ever had.

Best Alternative Rock album ever. - JCHOW

One of the best albums ever created.

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3 Gish

Very underrated to Siamese Dream but here you get the real Smashing Pumpkins sound in perfection. A timeless classic.

Siva and rhinoceros, best tracks

4 Adore

This is a hated album by people. I don't get it! It's great! This is one of the most personal, delicate, and emotional albums I have ever heard, with great songs and ideas. Adore deserves more recognition.

Quite experimental but a classic if actually use your eyes

5 Machina: The Machines of God

So underrated, the sound of Machina was unique. But Heavy Metal Machine (great song, check it live version of 2000) deserves better production. If you look at the body of songs they had created together with Machina II, and had switched some of the fillers like the Crying Tree of Mercury and Blue Skies Bring Tears with Machina II gems like Home or Slow Dawn this would have been their best album. The singles were amazing: I of the Mourning, Stand Inside Your Love, Everlasting Gaze and Try Try Try. - Agent_Cooper

6 Zeitgeist

Best Rock album of the zeroes. So what if it does not sound like the old Pumpkins. While the older records still trigger some nostalgia because they connected with the teenangst of the adolescent me, this is the record I mostly listen too because it resonates with the man I've have become and my current musical tastes.

Not as bad as many like to call it, but certainly not up there with their older material - United States and That's the way were the exceptions though. - Agent_Cooper

Doomsday Clock is extremely good and could be the best track on Zeitgeist.

Best album I think post- Mellon Collie

7 Pisces Iscariot

This one has to be up with gish and S Dream

Almost as good as Siamese Dream! - Agent_Cooper

8 Oceania

Is the new album gonna be on this list?

For me, it's the best SP album since Mellon Collie - mtndewlord

As a Pumpkins fan, I remember loving three tracks on it: Quasar, Pale Horse and Pinwheels. The rest is so-so. - Agent_Cooper

Track by track back to back is amazing, this has one of my favorite smashing pumpkins songs on it "panption"

9 Machina II / The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music

Slow Dawn (that solo! ), Home, White Spyder, Cash Car Star, Dross, Here's to the Atom Bomb, Innocence, Vanity... So many fantastic tracks! Unique in its eclecticism. Check it if you haven't done so already. - Agent_Cooper

10 Monuments to an Elegy

This album goes back to the same sound of the Pumpkins hay day and is a progression from where Oceania left off.

Tiberius is very good, the rest is a story of what could have been... Cheesy synths drowning out monumental guitars, really? - Agent_Cooper

Great album

The Contenders

11 Teargarden by Kaleidyscope
12 Greatest Hits
13 Shiny and Oh So Bright Vol. 1
14 Earphoria
15 The Aeroplane Flies High
16 Judas Ø
17 Live at the Riviera
18 Live at Cabaret Metro 10-5-88
19 Bonus EP
20 Rotten Apples
21 Siamese Singles
22 Rarities and B-Sides
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