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1 Eminem / Stan / Verse 3

Even though lose yourself is his best song, there is no doubt that this verse is just amazing. Always and will be the best rap verse of all time.

This verse is great, but it's not amazing. The flow and lyrics are a bit off at some points, where as other verses in this song are a bit more on beat. Don't get me wrong, this is a great verse, but definitely not number 1.

This verse has one of the best flow and lyrics compare to any other rap songs. Competing and trying to give this verse some competition might be one of the hardest things to do.

So creative, he's turned the most obscure subjects into such incredible verse. Comedy, drama and rhythm unprecedented. Truly extraordinary.

2 Nicki Minaj / Monster / Verse 3

The hardest female rap verse of all time period. She wrote this herself and out rapped Kanye and Jay z without effort, and they're considered some of the greatest MC's of all time. She's the queen of rap

The most memorable female rap verse of all time. The now Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj showcased her unmatched versatility, creativity, and rap skill.

Definitely best female rap verse I ever heard, nicki became official after this one. "Besides, Ye they can't stand besides may"

If you can wash Jay Z and Kanye on the same song, the verse must be one of the best ever...

3 Nas / Memory Lane / Verse 1

This should be number 1! Nas was 18 year Old Lyrical Genius! He's the Best lyricist in the Game all time!

Such a lyrically complex, intricately crafted verse, Nas at his pure best.

Poetry in motion.

Best but sick

4 Wu-Tang Clan / Triumph / Verse 1

INS is the best leadoff spitter in hip-hop history. This verse is on another level! He says so much in such a short time that it all means something: metaphors, delivery, flow, and lyrics. If I say "I bomb atomically" all true hip-hop fans know what I'm referencing.

Listen 2 that album 4 the first time in years the other day. As soon as I played that song, I recited that verse word 4 word. No matter how long I go without hearing that song I can't still remember that verse. That's what makes a great verse, you can always remember it.

Inspektah Deck destroys the song when it's just begun. Every TRUE hip-hop head knows what you're referring to when you approach them and say 'I bomb atomically... '. This verse has everything one needs in the perfect rap verse. Lyrics, references, flow, delivery, smoothness, and more.

Not even his best verse but definitely the best on this list... INS is no where as near as popular as anyone above him on this list, in my opinion that's the reason for the lack of votes. if everyone took the time to listen to his stuff he would be #1 no doubt

5 Kendrick Lamar / Control / Verse 2

How is this not number one? This honestly has everything that the others ahead of it has just written better. The speed, the meaning, the "diss", the lyrics. This is the single greatest verse ever.

I don't see why his control verse is a great diss. What did he say that would hurt anybody.

How is this not the best ever?! A Stan Verse on number one, REALLY?

This is easily the greatest rap verse I have ever heard.

6 Big L / Da Graveyard / Verse 1

If big L was more well appreciated, this verse would be much higher.

Big L is not human

7 Immortal Technique / Dance with the Devil / Last Verse

This verse, it's actually amazing. This song is one of the best lyrical songs ever. But I actually don't listen to this song, because it's actually messed up.

Chilling all the way through, but it's the last verse that will leave an everlasting impression.

The entire song is the best rap song in my opinion but it would be nearly nothing without this verse

This song changes people..

8 Hishaam / All I Do / Verse 1

Timeless piece of inspiration by the boy from Port Elizabeth

Hishaam honzo's finest verse, this verse is hot yho, don't believe me? Listen to it

9 Killer Mike / Reagan / Verse 2
10 Nas / Verbal Intercourse / Verse 1

Nas's "Escobar" persona usually feels empty to me (lacking the depth that makes Illmatic so strong), but he kills it on this verse. It takes a rare talent to outshine Rae and Ghost on a track. Nas does it here.

Crazy! Has to be top ten.

How is this not higher?!

The Contenders
11 Nas / N.Y. State of Mind / Verse 1

"I never sleep 'cause sleep is the cousin of death, beyond the walls of intelligence life is defined" this verse is the greatest verse of hip hop history, and Nas wrote the bible of hip hop #Illmatic.
and this verse is better than Nicki Minaj's whole career.

The best rap verse in history, its got everything from storytelling, metaphores and is lyrically untouched, his flow in this is also mindblowingly good, and NaS delivery on this song is pure energetic, coupled with hard-hitting sample and crispy N.Y street drums. The perfect verse

The insane rhyme scheme he uses and flow are perfect all the while painting an incredibly detailed picture of life on the streets. Easily the best verse ever

Best rap verse ever

12 J Cole / Born Sinner / Verse 1

I think most of us as black people can relate to this verse.

13 MF Doom / All Caps / Verse 1
14 Jay-Z / Dead Presidents II / Verse 1

This song summarizes the first 26 years of his life before he dropped Reasonable Doubt.

Love the verse, and the beat is unreal.

15 Proverb / Writer's Club / Verse 1

Top ten song of all time

Proverb is just a beast

16 Konfab / Runonsentence / Verse 1
17 Notorious B.I.G. / Ready to Die / Verse 1

Awesome Hardcore and Brutal Delivery, sick flow, and nice rhymes.

No one is as ill as Smalls!

18 Jay-Z / Da Graveyard / Verse 4
19 Earl Sweatshirt / Oldie / Last Verse

The complex word choice and rhyme scheme makes this one the greatest rap verses ever. Bars like this don't come around too often

20 Jay-Z & Eminem / Renegade / Verse 1

A seriously heavy hitter. Em's verse is undoubtedly the best on the song, and each of his verses complements one another and sticks to the subject masterfully. Definitely in my top 3 for sure!

I'm a poet to some/ a regular modern day Shakespeare/ Jesus Christ / the king of these Latter Day Saints here. Epic.

Eminem's first verse is untouchable in this track. Greatest ever.

Jay Z and eminem compliment each other so well in this song. Lyrics are insane

21 Eminem / Bad Guy / Verse 4

The first 3 verses builds up the story. The storytelling was awesome. But the last verse was epic. Probably the greatest verse of all time surpassing every other verse in rap history. Lyricism at its best & Em goes all out in that.

This verse is legendary. The song itself also is, but in this verse Matthew becomes a voice in Eminem's head and talks to him, as the last comment said you can feel the raw emotion. Its amazing.

Throughout the 4 minute verse, power and anger build continuously, climaxing with Em absolutely shredding lyrically in a overflow of emotion. If you haven't listened, make sure you do.

The first 3 verses have great storytelling but this is unreal it's like a diss track to himself, a brilliant way to show an apology rather than just tell people "sorry" which would obviously be cringe, this is a brilliant example of poetic lyricism and such a creative, unique way to do it, there are no words to describe it really

22 Golden Shovel / Father / Verse 1
23 A Tribe Called Quest / Butter / Verse 1

Not even the best verse in that album. Q-Tip's verse in Check the Rhime wipes the floor, or pretty much any of Scenario.

24 Big L / Put it On / Verse 1
25 Kendrick Lamar / The Heart Pt 3 / Verse 1
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