Top Ten Best Smosh Episodes

You know those two guys, Smosh? Here are the best youtube episodes by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox.

The Top Ten

1 Food Battle 2008
2 Food Battle 2006

where food battle first began - anthonybecerra831

3 Left Handed

Serieus this video is the bom. I don't get why people hate them there awesome.

4 Real Death Note

I also think Anthony is hot. HOTTEST GUY ON EARTH I DROOL OVER HIM! Real death note is hilarious cause smosh is the best!

Awesome has been shown

I don't know my mom's name too! But, I won't write her name. By the way in Ian death note book is written My neighbor? To Anthony write Ian's name so he will live again (^o^)�"/�'

Books are dangerous.
Play more video games.


5 If Movies Were Real
6 Stranded

No new episodes in the top 20! This list makes me happy

7 Bigfoot Is Gay

shane dawson is awesome in this one - footballanytime

8 Going to the Mountains
9 Cat Soup
10 Anthony Gets A Haircut

The Contenders

11 Mighty Smoshin' Power Rangers
12 Transformer's Rap
13 Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE!
14 The Haunting
15 My Hot New Girlfriend
16 Beef n' Go

The true winner.

17 License Test
18 Teleporting Fat Guy
19 Food Battle 2007
20 Paranormal Easy Bake Oven

Oh my god! This is funny! - Jetticus12

I love how he keeps saying "" laugh out loud

So funny everday anthony stops wearing clothes and gets less and the last day he is naked

Exsactly he stops wearing clothes each day and bwah

21 Man Spider

The end where Anthony raises his many middle fingers is so funny!

To quote Marilyn Manson: "I wasn't born with enough middle fingers."

"My roommate disowned me... My parents were killed in a freak thumb-wrestling accident... My life sucks a**. But this city needs a hero, someone who will bring justice to criminals, and it is I, Man spider, who will be the one to do it! " (Falls down slide) Best backstory ever! - puppylover

This is definitely on the top ten..

22 Ian's Birthday
23 Boxman 2.0
24 If Scary Movies Were Real
25 Parents Suck
26 Molester Moon

My first ever smosh episode

27 Playing With Guns
28 The Ditto - Movie Trailer

It's so unrealistic, but I think that's what makes it hilarious.

29 How to Be a Cop

I love this one! The cop says Bull****! Then shoots the guy its one of the funniest things I have ever seen ever!

30 Taylor Swift Dumped Me

It's so darn funny! - ancbiftpomlacnc

31 Anthony's Death
32 Mime Fail

Talking on the phone
(Says nothing)- hello?
MIME FAIL laugh out loud!

33 I Killed The Tooth Fairy

My first ever smosh video and always my favorite!

34 Smosh-Libs

Anthony woke up covered in Corn... Ratchet Cop... Slammed the door on his Fallopian Tube...

35 Stop Copying Me!!

Woof Woof! Even animal noises god! - istooduptoabully

36 The Legend of Zelda Rap

Come on this is there best video by far - winfreyb

37 How to Survive a Burglary

I like when he's putting a squash bazooka together, and they loop the video of the burglar walking toward him with the plastic bat, again and again, while the burglar is making the same dumb noise. Then, when the bazooka is complete, it fails, and the robber sees the squash as a superior weapon. HAHA!

Best rver

38 Murder Party
39 Carpticles: Fruit Battle
40 Boxman
41 We're in Super Mario

If I were playing Super Mario in real life, I wild probably be Ian. - puppylover

42 Google Glass Sucks
43 Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Rap

This song is so catchy one of my favorite smash videos

Come, ON! This is the best video they ever did! - higgsboson2142

I ment smosh not smash

44 Batman's A Bitch
45 Adult magic schoolbus
46 Google Shenanigans
47 Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3
48 Boxman's Christmas
49 Smosh Short 2: Stranded
50 Addicted to Honey Boo Boo Child
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1. Food Battle 2008
2. Going to the Mountains
3. Cat Soup
1. Food Battle 2008
2. Food Battle 2006
3. Left Handed


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